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Server Administrator Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 and Unix - AIX operating systems
  • Responsible for the setup, Configuration and deployment of servers
  • Managed domain controllers, performed promote/demote operations for Confidential ’s in a domain using the DCPromo tool
  • Configure and managed various server roles including DNS, DHCP and WINS
  • Configured and managed IIS 6.0 web server and other IIS 6.0 installations used in web-based management interfaces, OWA and Sharepoint installations
  • Create and manage network shares on all servers
  • Trouble-shoot, repair and install hardware/software issues for all servers
  • Performed disk management tasks for basic/dynamic disk types
  • Set up and manage print servers for the domain
  • Configured Remote Desktop as a means of remote administration of servers across the network
  • Configured third-party server tools to assist with monitoring and troubleshooting tasks. Tools include, but are not limited to, Confidential Openview monitors (OVO), BMC Patrol and Cisco Works monitoring devices.
  • Planned and performed an in-place NT 4.0 domain upgrade to a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain
  • Designed and implemented a new Active Directory domain for Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 network
  • Designed and implemented an AD Organizational Unit (OU) infrastructure based on department and/or site location including user and computer groups, to streamline user/computer management
  • Created appropriate AD name space (.com and. local) and set up and managed AD integrated DNS zones for the domain
  • Configured new AD sites and IP subnets through AD Sites & Services
  • Create and manage AD domain space through AD Domains & Trusts
  • Set up and managed domain trust relationships with resource domains through AD Domains & Trusts
  • Responsible for creation/management of all user/computer accounts and placing them into appropriate management groups (Domain Local, Global or Universal)
  • Created Group Policy Objects (GPO’s) to manage user/computer accounts and assigned policies to their respective OU’s to enforce company policy
  • Responsible for trouble-shooting and repair of GPO using GP Manager and RsoP tools
  • Managed, trouble-shoot and repair all aspects of the Active Directory environment using tools such as, but not limited to, NTDsUtil, DCDiag, NetDiag, Replmon and others
  • Microsoft Exchange versions 5.5 and 2003
  • Performed Exchange migration/upgrade from version 5.5 to version 2003
  • Configured and deployed a new Exchange 2003 installation on the domain
  • Set up Small Business Server 2003 Exchange server as an SMTP and POP3 server to provide external mail services and support ISP based mail services (POP3)
  • Responsible for user/alias and mailbox creation and management
  • Configured and managed external routing including Smart Host for external mail scanning (SPAM)
  • Manage, trouble-shoot and repair all problems involving SMTP/POP3 functions
  • IMF configuration and management
  • Created and managed multiple Information Stores (public and private)
  • Developed and implemented Exchange server policies
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) configuration and management
  • Responsible for employee training in use of Outlook 2000, 2003 and OWA mail clients
  • Installed, configured and administered a Watch Guard Firebox X hardware firewall
  • Responsible for maintaining all security patches up to date for servers and workstation computers using Patchlink patch deployment software and Confidential RADIA versions 4.5 and 5.11
  • Configured WUS for patch management in a Small Business Server 2003 environment
  • Install, configure and administer corporate Anti-Virus solutions using Confidential Corporate Anti-Virus version 10x and responsible for version upgrades and Live Update
  • Performed server upgrade, client deployment and configuration of Confidential Endpoint Protection 11.0. Created, tested and deployed SEP policies across the network
  • Created the written company security policy for acceptable email and Internet use standards and company best practices for safe computing
  • Planned, deployed and maintained data security using Confidential permissions to regulate user access to networked data shares across the network
  • Configured Group Policy (local and domain) to restrict user access to computers and servers throughout the domain
  • Used ADUC’s Delegation of Authority tool to delegate restricted administrative rights to key department managers
  • Deployed and configured ISA server firewall for Small Business 2003
  • Installed and administered an ACE/RSA server to provide two part authentication for remote network user access
  • Responsible for tracking and securing mobile devices (laptop computers) and creating safe computing policy for mobile workers
  • Managed the Linear Access security systems at all company buildings
  • Administered a Verint security camera system using SmartSight Viewer
  • Responsible for maintaining physical security of all servers and networking equipment
  • Performed full data backups (weekends) and daily incremental backups using Confidential Backup Exec 11d suite and Confidential (Veritas) Net backup Enterprise backup solutions.
  • Maintained server snap-shots of all Windows servers using Confidential Live State Recovery component of the Backup Exec 11d suite. Responsible for periodic testing of images
  • Implemented the company backup strategy using both a Backup-to-Disk and Backup-to-Tape technology
  • Developed the company backup/restore policy and an off-site tape strategy
  • Created bootable system images for Unix/AIX 5.2 server on scheduled intervals and following all major server upgrades
  • Performed daily backups for Unix servers using on-board DAT drive and CRON script
  • Tested data integrity of backup tapes for Windows and Unix backup sets by performing scheduled data restore testing on regular scheduled intervals
  • Deployed Backup Exec 11d RALUS agent for Unix/Linux servers to existing Unix and Linux servers on the network
  • Responsible for the administration, trouble-shooting and repair of Confidential 122T LTO1 and 124T LTO3 Auto Loader tape devices
  • Responsible for the creation of a written DR policy
  • Experience running backups using Windows built-in backup tools (NTBackup)
  • Protocols including TCP/IP, NetBeui, DNS, RIP, OSPF
  • Created IP subnets for remote sites and firewall zones using public and private (NAT) IP addressing schemes
  • Configured Microsoft RRAS routing and demand dial connections on a Small Business Server 2003 network to provide Internet access, site to intra-site connectivity and user remote access
  • Performed basic configuration of Cisco 2600 series routers and 3750 series PoE switches
  • Configured and administered Confidential and 3Com switches
  • Familiar with VLAN functionality and configuration
  • Responsible for trouble-shooting an repair of Cisco networking devices such as 3750 intelligent switches, 2600 series routes and MDS 9516 Fabric switches
  • Microsoft SQL server 2000, 2005 and MSDE installations including clustered environments
  • Responsible for all new deployments of SQL across the company
  • Created and managed ODBC client/server connectivity to support stand-alone SQL reliant applications
  • Trouble-shoot and repair client/server connectivity and/or authentication issues
  • Maintain and manage all stored SQL databases including performance of clustered server Fail-Over testing
  • Responsible for SQL backup and restore procedures using SQL backup and network backup tools
  • Configured XP-Pro w/ SP2 computers for Remote Assistance to assist users with questions and/or remote training
  • Created specialized computer images or builds, using Confidential Ghost and Microsoft Sysprep tool, to support departmental Confidential installations and for use in system recovery of workstations
  • Created and deployed custom Group Policy security templates to lock down Confidential ’s deployed to general user groups
  • Performed patch management tasks using Patchlink Patch Management software
  • Set up computers for all new hires based on department assignment
  • Provided basic end user Confidential training for new employees and existing employees as needed
  • Applied and configured custom build packages using Confidential Ghost to hardware systems as part of an approved Hardware Refresh project for all GM Plant Floor systems
  • Administered an EMC CX320c and CX500 SAN device on the network
  • Responsible for the creation and deployment of RAID groups (1 & 5) and LUN assignments to the host servers
  • Deployed Host Bus Adapters (HBA’s) to all servers attached to the SAN device
  • Performed all necessary hardware upgrades to existing servers in support of the SAN deployment
  • Worked directly with an EMC installation team to install and bring on line, the SAN device
  • Performed Clariion Flare Code upgrade on CX500 Storage device along with IOS upgrade on supporting Cisco MDS 9516 Fabric switch (2)
  • Responsible for performing all daily health checks on hardware and software systems, including monitoring functions such as the ‘Dial-Home’ functionality
  • Deployed and administered a Confidential 745n and 755n NAS device with external storage
  • Installed, configured and administered a Juniper SA1000 remote access gateway device for safe VPN access into the company network
  • Managed RSA two part authentication along with Windows authentication, in order to secure remote sessions
  • Installed and configured ACE server to support RSA authentication
  • Responsible for configuring and supporting all client/server connections and user profiles
  • Created and managed custom user Logon scripts using Desktop Authority/Script Logic automated scripting tools
  • Prepared custom Confidential builds using Confidential Ghost and MS Sysprep tools, for mass computer deployments and/or disaster recovery for Confidential ’s
  • Deployed new software packages and upgrades (.MSI file types) automatically using Group Policy’s Software Installations tool
  • Installed, configured and administered Right Fax desktop faxing system and deployed clients to all Confidential ’s
  • Administered a Sprint/ Confidential Blackberry Mobile communications fleet
  • Responsible for the installation, configuration and administration of a Blackberry Enterprise Server version 4.1
  • Set up all Blackberry devices for the company (models 6510, 7510, 7520 and Sprint 8830)
  • Performed all trouble-shooting tasks for mobile devices and BES
  • Responsible for end user training of the Blackberry devices
  • Performed BES upgrades and managed all security patching and hot fix deployments as needed
  • Worked as part of the implementation team tasked with the preparation and deployment of a Mitel VoIP phone system
  • Administered a Telrad analogue PBX phone system
  • Responsible for setting up new cross connects for locations
  • Performed various trouble-shooting and repair tasks including use of tone generators to test locations and rewiring locations
  • Responsible for support and maintenance of IBM, Confidential, Xerox and Confidential printers and/or fax devices
  • Administered Xerox multi-function Workcentre Pro 35 and 245 devices
  • Administration of DTN satellite system
  • Managed and maintained a variety of automated and digital devices such as fuel pumps, gauges etc.


Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003/2000/NT4.0, Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, Windows 2000/2003 Storage Server, Unix/AIX 5.2, Linux

Workstation OS’s: Windows 95/98/ME/XP-Professional/Vista

Server Systems: Exchange 2003/5.5, SQL 2000/2005 (including clusters), IIS 6.0/5.0, ISA 2000/2003 server Sharepoint Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

Disaster Recovery: Confidential Backup Exec 11d suite w/ Live State Recovery, Net Backup, Patchlink patch management software, WUS

Security: Watch Guard Firebox X hardware firewall, Windows Firewall, ISA Server, Juniper SA1000 remote access gateway, Confidential Anti-Virus Corporate edition 10x and Endpoint Protection 11x

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Cisco 2600 series routers, 3750 switches w/PoE, Confidential and 3Com switches, Ethernet, Netbeui, IPX

Storage: EMC ( Confidential ) CX320c and CX500 SAN device, Confidential 745n & 755n NAS devices

Telecommunications: Telrad, Mitel, Blackberry, Confidential


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Server Administrator


  • Responsible for configuration, support and administration of the local Active Directory (Windows Server 2003) domain.
  • Domain consisted of 18 Windows servers including AD Domain Controllers, file and printer servers, application servers and SQL Server 2000 (clustered).
  • Performed daily-weekly-monthly heath checks of all servers and application systems following documented Confidential procedures and take all necessary measure to diagnose and fix any detected problems. Used GM approved monitoring software such as Confidential Open View (OVO), BMC Patrol and Cisco Works packages to detect new and existing conditions. Installed and configured new software (OS, GM approved and local unique) on servers as needed.
  • Participated in a network wide server refresh project, which included migration of existing server systems to new hardware platforms.
  • Tasked with in-place upgrades of existing servers (non-refresh candidates) to the latest GM approved OS, software and hardware (driver, firmware) build.
  • Performed routine and as needed Disaster Recovery tasks such as daily - weekly incremental, full and synthetic backup routines.
  • Applied software, patch and hot fix applications using Radia version 4 and 5.11. Performed an in-place upgrade of the Radia server advancing the server application from version 4 to 5.11. Participated in a plant-closing project of an on campus engine plant.
  • Tasked with maintaining accurate inventory status of all hardware assets in the plant.
  • Organized equipment based on status (active or expiring lease, GM owned or retired) and coordinated movement of assets to a staging area and separated by category (redeployment or scrap). Organized scarping of retired, damaged hardware assets and updated inventory status using eInventory.
  • Additional tasks included Confidential and peripheral support of all on campus equipment, level 2-helpdesk support for users and some application support tasks.


Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for the development, maintenance and administration of nine Windows 2003 servers and one Unix-AIX 5.2 server.
  • Servers included Exchange 2003, SQL 2000 & 2005, Windows Storage Server 2003, IIS 6.0 Web Server and two Active Directory domain controllers.
  • Regular tasks include, but not limited too, the monitoring and management of an IP network and all server and computer operations throughout the network and domain.
  • Responsible for identifying network and/or server/ Confidential problems, then taking all necessary actions to correct problems (including OS, software and break/fix) in order to prevent and/or minimize network/server downtime.
  • Handled all issues pertaining to Active Directory and Group Policy, and developed and tested new policies to support the companies’ acceptable computing standards.
  • Administered the companies Exchange e-mail organization and addressed all problems relating to mail flow, Spam and mail storage issues.
  • Performed all backup and DR tasks for the domain’s Windows and Unix servers and key stand-alone systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe and secure computing environment through proper firewall administration, server/computer patching programs, maintaining an up to date Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware initiative and managing all levels of user/group Confidential permissions.
  • Managed 50-plus Windows XP-Professional Workstations including mobile devices and operated a successful helpdesk solution to support three physical locations (main office and two remote sites). Responsible for various project planning and management tasks as well as the timely completion of projects and assignments.
  • Managed the companies Blackberry fleet performing all Blackberry Enterprise Server administration, device programming and support and maintenance of Blackberry mobile devices (models serviced, BB6510, BB7510, BB7520 and BB8830). Trained new and existing employees in proper use of various software applications, computers and peripheral equipment, as well as other equipment required for use by employees ( Confidential cell phones and Blackberry devices).
  • Planned and conducted periodic training programs in computing etiquette and safe computing standards.

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