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Arcsight Siem Engineer (tier 2) - Resume


  • A certified IT professional with experience in the areas of ArcSight SIEM technology, UNIX - AIX, and HRIS platforms. A recipient of multiple VIP awards and EPIC awards for excellent customer service. I’m looking to obtain an IT position that will allow me to provide support and protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems as well as building a rewarding career.


ArcSight SIEM Engineer (Tier 2)


  • Perform maintenance and upgrade to ArcSight SIEM appliances: ConApps, ArcMC, and Loggers.
  • Implement backups for ArcSight appliances: ESM, ConApp, ArcMC, and Logger for Disaster Recovery
  • Content and rules tuning. Create and tweak conditions, filters, queries, trends, active lists, etc.
  • Installation of SmartConnectors, set configurations, conditions, filters, aggregations, and correlation for the flow of events.
  • Monitor Nagios alerts for network outages and remedy the issue effectively. Monitor for license violation, IPS/IDS host events or EPS abnormalities.
  • Conduct daily health checks and handle daily service tickets.
  • Troubleshoot and install connectors to prevent disruption events flows.
  • Gather ArcSight ESM data and EPS activities to formulate monthly reports for the clients.
  • Complete special project for clients.
  • Provide training and document SOP for the junior levels.

Senior Operations Analyst


  • Monitored network outages and scheduled plan maintenance. Resolved service tickets.
  • Supported and monitored client’s applications and client’s network related services.
  • Provided Jurisdictions and Central sites NMVTIS/ CDLIS application support and standardize best practice.

Senior Systems Analyst


  • Led a small team to provide management and administration for all over 400 AIX IBM pSeries servers.
  • Updated firmware, microcode, and release codes.
  • Conducted server health checks and maintain consistent daily and mksysb backups.
  • Performed UNIX-AIX disk replacement and disaster recovery efficiently and effectively.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity, printing issues, and interfaces running on a Linux platform between third party applications and Property Management Systems.
  • Administered IP address distribution and provide security control of MetaIP for the entire company.
  • Performed and monitored data transmission of Micros9700 (POS) to Property Management System.pe drives.

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