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Administrative Specialist Resume


Administrative Specialist


  • Provide on - site contract work at Department of Commerce (DOC) in the International Trade Administrative (ITA)
  • Transfer legacy data from Lotus Notes, Excel, and SharePoint into CMS applications.
  • Research historical data to ensure companies are current on the Salesforce platform.
  • Analyze and edit data for the clean-up process into Salesforce.
  • Clean-up case files on the Salesforce platform.
  • Proofread all data in the CMS applications to determine what actions will be taken.
  • Identify duplicate information once the data is uploaded from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ensure accuracy of addresses and zip codes provided on the Salesforce platform.
  • Retrieve, create, modify, update, quality check, verify, service list and records in Oracle and Access.

Support Specialist 1


  • Provided on-site contractor administrative support to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), U.S Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Reviewed data to determine reporter-provided information on products and services are correctly entered into the Janus database.
  • Reviewed and processed 12K or more schedules monthly.
  • Audited and corrected data entry by co-workers using TeleForm Verifier, the last application in the data capture process. Made instant decisions on borderline characters in displayed scanned images of a form needing review by an operator.
  • Generated and maintained reports including monthly electronic data collection reports and statics for the Producer Price Index (PPI).
  • Stuffed and reviewed 4K pieces of mail monthly and then performed quality control on the mailings for content and timeliness.
  • Monitored facsimile machines, to include retrieving about 5K incoming faxes monthly. Reviewed facsimiles for legibility and completeness and identified item codes. Performed office equipment maintenance by adding paper, changing toner cartridges, clearing paper jams, and ensuring that all machines were operational.

Budget Assistant/Analyst


  • As a local government employee, supported the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) . Performed data entry of budgetary transactions (i.e., budget modifications and reprogramming funds).
  • Regularly performed data entry, update, extraction, and reporting using the System of Accounting and Reporting (SOAR), the financial (accounting) system of record.
  • Position required accurate data entry skills, proven organizational abilities, and strong attention to detail along with knowledge of spreadsheet and database programs.
  • Held responsible for the completeness and accuracy of data entered.
  • Data entry rate and accuracy enabled OCFO staff to meet internal and external reporting deadlines.
  • Maintained files and logs to track financial transactions in support of budget staff’s budget development process.
  • Compiled spending plans to ensure a match of budgetary amounts within different comptroller source groups.
  • Upon request, performed research to verify fund availability for budgetary adjustments.
  • Gathered, analysis, and formatted fiscal data, and then prepared routine and adhoc reports for the Grants Manager.
  • Demonstrated a high ability to work independently in a team environment.
  • Maintained confidentiality regarding data.

Customer Service Representative


  • Worked both alone and with others, demonstrated reliability in terms of accuracy and efficiency, finished tasks within agreed to deadlines, and demonstrated the ability to successfully work under pressure.
  • Responded effectively to changing workloads and priorities.
  • Extensively used a computer in daily functions. Performed a variety of administrative and office support activities such as preparing standard correspondence and reports using a computer, maintaining computer-based and paper files, answering and routing phone calls, receiving and directing visitors, and sending/receiving facsimiles.
  • Established and maintained an Excel tracking system for service tickets. Performed data entry and updates. Provided required data tracking and reporting.
  • Used the internet for research and analysis of complaints on damaged and/or defective warranted merchandise.
  • Performed liaison function between the customer and the service technician on service call follow ups. Researched and performed data entry to order parts.
  • Created an effective work flow and follow up on service tickets until each ticket was closed.
  • Created spreadsheets with large numbers of figures without mistakes. Assisted management in recording and reconciling very detailed part and merchandise data as part of the annual physical inventory.

Administrative Assistant


  • Provided general office administrative support in both a customer and management facing position.
  • Extensively used a computer in daily functions. Performed data entry and quality control checks on work produced.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets to track tasks and for reporting.
  • Compiled and maintained case sensitive documents in compliance with the established safeguarding and security policies.
  • Effectively communicated on issues with various levels of management and staff, customers, visitors, business associates, and vendors.

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