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Sr. Linux/unix Systems Administrator Resume

Bellevue, WA


  • Around 9 years of IT experience in Unix/Linux Systems Administration and Server Virtualization, worked closely with Software development, application and database teams to meet business and technical demands.
  • Professionally sound within installation, configuration, backup, recovery, maintenance, and support of RedHat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, SUSE CentOS and AIX on Virtual (VMware) and Physical (HP, Dell and IBM) environments.
  • Around 3+ Years’ Experience in Deploying and Administrating Splunk Across the Organization.
  • Experience in Splunk 5.x and 6.x product, Distributed Splunk architecture and components including search heads, indexers, forwarders, etc.
  • Prepared, arranged and tested Splunk search strings and operational strings.
  • Troubleshooting and resolve the Splunk - Performance, Log Monitoring Issues; Role Mapping , Dashboard creation, Data models etc.
  • Experience in building Red Hat Network Satellite Server for automated installation of Linux boxes and creating image of Linux system with System Imager that automates Linux installs.
  • Experience with high-end enterprise servers like HP ProLiant DL 380, 385, 580, BL400c, BL480c, IBM HS22, HS12 Blade center Servers and Sun T2000, T5240, M4000.
  • Experience working on Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database, which provides highly available database solutions and supported MS SQL Server and DB2 teams.
  • Experience on Live Upgrade, migrating from UFS root file system to ZFS file root system in Solaris.
  • Expert in installing, upgrading and configuring RedHat Linux 4.x, 5.x, 6.x using Kickstart Servers and Interactive Installation.
  • Experience in Installation, Configuration, Implementation, up-gradation, Maintenance and Creating and maintaining user accounts, profiles, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • Experience with Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), Veritas File System (VxFS), Veritas Net Backup, Veritas Clustering with SAN, NAS environment.
  • Experience in configuring Zettabyte File System (ZFS) pools, file systems, snapshots and clones in Solaris and Global File System (GFS) in Linux.
  • Experience in User & Security administration, multiple backup & recovery technologies (Snapshots, Disaster Recovery plan) and maintenance of various activities.
  • Experience using cloud providers and API’s for Amazon (AWS) with Cloud Sigma(EU).
  • Expertise with creating and managing user accounts, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring Red Hat Linux.


Operating Systems: RHEL 5.x/6.x, SUSE 10.x/11.x, Solaris 8/9/10,11, Fedora 22/23, IBM-AIX 5.X, IBM power7/6/5 p520s, p550s, p570s, p595s, p760s, p770s, Windows 98/2000/NT.

Hardware: HP Proliant, Blade servers, Sun Sparc Enterprise M3000/ M4000/ M5000/ T2000/ T4-2, Sun Servers E450/ E3500/ E4500/ E5000/ E6500, Sun Fire V210/ V280/ V490/ V890, Sun Blade T6300, HP Proliant BL 460c Gen6,8/DL 360p Gen8/DL 380 Gen 9, SUN Desktops (SPARC 10, 5), DMX3 and DMX4 Storage Arrays

Software: Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 5.1/6.2, Veritas Volume Manager 3.5/4/5, Veritas File System, Veritas Cluster Server, PL//SQL, Veritas NetBackup 6.0, SolarWinds &Ground works monitoring, MS-Office/MS-Project, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Cacti, Nagios, App Dynamics, Splunk 5.x/Splunk 6.x, MongoDB, Docker, Aws, Dynatrace.

Web/ Application Server: Tomcat, Apache DB2, Oracle Database, Oracle HTTP servers

Network Protocols: DHCP, DIG, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, Ethernet, IOS, Net Start, NFS, NIS, RIP, OSPF, BGP, TCP/IP, and TCP dump, FTP, TFTP.


Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Sr. Linux/Unix Systems Administrator


  • Worked as Administrative support for 2200 odd Linux running Weblogic Suite applications, variety of business applications.
  • Performed Installation, configuration of RHEL 4/5/6/7, Centos 5/6, and Solaris operating systems.
  • Performed live as well as manual OS upgrade from red hat 4 to red hat 5 and 6.
  • Creating and managing shared disk groups in clustering environment.
  • Installation of local yum repository and package administration using yum and rpm.
  • User, Group management for all the Linux Servers.
  • Setup and management of SFTP server for file transfer services.
  • Installed/configured/maintained the Linux servers NIS, DNS, NFS, Sendmail, apache, ftp, sshd
  • Installed host firewall Iptables for RedHat Linux
  • Implemented chroot jailing for users to have restricted access to the SFTP server.
  • Setup LDAP Client services on Linux Servers.
  • Created SCCM OSD for automated server deployment of Hyper V environment reducing time to deploy by 7 hours.
  • Configured Linux Kickstart on multiple servers for network installation.
  • Creating and cloning virtual machines in VMware environment using Virtual Infrastructure client 3.5 and Vsphere 4.0.
  • Installed Oracle Database 10g and 11g, Oracle Application server 10.x and E- Business Suite 11.5.10 application. Assisted the DBA team with various tasks like creating database instances, cloning of databases, monitoring oracle services and performing RMAN backups.
  • Installed and configured Veritas Enterprise NetBackup (NB 5.1.3, 6.5.1) and setup policies and schedules for backups and restores. Created RMAN templates for Oracle backups using NetBackup.
  • To achieve Continuous Delivery goal on high scalable environment, used Docker coupled with load-balancing tool Nginx.
  • Worked with config management tool like CHEF and ANSIBLE.
  • Virtualized the servers using Docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs, also configuration automation using Docker containers.
  • Monitoring CPU, memory, iSCSI disks, disk controllers, physical disk, HW and SW RAID, multipath, file systems, network using the tool NAGIOS.
  • Extensive experience in installing, integrating, tuning and troubleshooting Apache, Tomcat, and WebSphere servers.
  • Implemented SUDO, SSH and other security tools and implemented SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) security compliance.
  • Developed scripts for automation and monitoring purpose in PERL and Python.
  • Monitored and troubleshot different performance related issues using performance monitoring utilities like IOSTAT, VMSTAT, TOP, NETSTAT and SAR.
  • Worked on Bulk Write operations in MongoDB .
  • Implemented LDAP authentication mechanism in MongoDB cluster.
  • Performed Volume Management using Logical volume management (LVM).
  • Migrated rails applications from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services ( AWS) services including Elastic Beanstalk , RDS and Elastic cache .
  • Configured and managed source code using Git and resolved code merging conflicts in collaboration with application developers Provided consistent environment.
  • Optimized the EC2 instances run time using Lambda functions and Cloud Watch events.

Environment: Red-Hat Linux Enterprise servers (HP ProLiant DL 585, BL 465/485, ML Series), HP-UX, AIX Solaris 8,9, 10, AIX 5.3, 6.1, SAN(NetApp), BladeLogic, Veritas Cluster Server 5.0/6.0, Windows 2003/2012 server, Shell programming, GIT, SVN, JBoss 4.2, JDK 1.5,1.6, VMware Virtual Client 5.1, VMware Infrastructure 5.1, Splunk 5.x, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, Ansible, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

Sr. Linux Admin/System Admin


  • Building, administering, monitoring and troubleshooting RHEL4.x/5.x/6.x,7.x AIX 6.1, HP BL460, DL 380 Dell and IBM X Series, Solaris (Solaris 9,10,11) and OEL (5.x, 6.x)
  • Extensively Worked on RHEL Provisioning, Upgrades, Patching, Configuration and Performance Tuning in Linux environment using satellite server.
  • Configured Kickstart server and updating/applying patches to the servers using RedHat Satellite server.
  • Installation, configuration, administration of RHEL 5, 6, 7 & Solaris 10, 11 using Kickstart, Jumpstart, custom configuration like package management, volume management of servers.
  • Providing production support for multiples applications residing on Linux and Windows environments. Making sure Zero-Down time for enterprise critical applications by raising outages, escalations whenever necessary.
  • Troubleshooting and resolve the Splunk - Performance, Log Monitoring Issues; Role Mapping , Dashboard creation, Data models etc.
  • Experience developing Splunk queries and dashboards targeted at understanding application performance and capacity analysis.
  • Worked as Splunk developer to setup Splunk app for a critical new launch.
  • Analyze business processes to Customize, configure and adopt Dynatrace in Production environment.
  • Creating a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project with Monitoring of Dynatrace .
  • Experience in Installation and configuration of Solaris 10, 11 with virtualization Zones, clusters.
  • Experience in migrating a production infrastructure into an Amazon Web ServicesVPC utilizing AWS Cloud Formation, Chef/Ops Works etc.
  • Leveraged AWS cloud services such as EC2 , auto-scaling and VPC to build secure, highly scalable and flexible systems that handled expected and unexpected load bursts.
  • Designed and implemented Chef, including the internal best practices, cookbooks, automated cookbook CI and CD system.
  • Installed Chef-Server Enterprise On-Premise and established WorkStation.
  • Built new servers using chef cookbooks on premise cloud, modified cookbooks in ruby and rails.
  • Debugged the cookbooks using Kitchen to rectify the errors.
  • Working with JIRA for creating Projects, assigning permissions to users and groups for the projects & Created Mail handlers and notification Schemes for JIRA.
  • Scanning the newly assigned LUNs to the serves and assigning them to volume group and increasing the file system using Red Hat volume manager.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts using SQL *Loader, SQL *Plus and PL / SQL programs that run as nightly interfaces.
  • Mounting & un-mounting the LUNs to the Red Hat Linux servers and troubleshooting the issues encountered.
  • Worked on Ansible for automated script generation and deployed on the servers as per the deployment policies of the institution.
  • Worked with Storage Area Networks (SAN) which consisted of Hitachi and EMC storage.
  • Add, remove and resizing Logical volumes using LVM in Linux and implementing software RAID at installation time.
  • Define/setup network protocols, Network File Services (NFS), and Network Information Services (NIS) in Linux Environments.
  • Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, Sharing, replication, schema design.
  • Worked with troubleshooting and tickets related to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with vendor.
  • Designing and deploying multitude applications utilizing the AWS stack (Including EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, SNS, SQS, IAM ) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto scaling in AWS Cloud formation.
  • Developed, deployed and managed several MongoDB clusters whilst implementing robustness and scalability via Sharing and replication, including automating tasks with own scripts and open-source tools for performance tuning and system monitoring.
  • Created LVMs on the Linux servers for disk management and configuration of email protocols like sendmail and postfix.

Environment: RHEL4.x/5.x/6.x,7.x, AIX 6.1, HP BL460, DL 380 Dell and IBM X Series, SAN, LVM, RPM, Tivoli endpoint, BMC patrol, WebSphere, VERITAS Net Backup, Jenkins, Shell and Perl Scripting, Bash, Groovy, BMC Remedy 8.1, 8.1.0x, ColdFusion 9, 11, AppDynamics, Splunk 5.x,6.x, MongoDB, Dynatrace, Ansible.

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Sr. Linux/Solaris System Administrator


  • Supporting Linux System Administrator customers with RHEL/SUSE a combination of systems architecture, systems development.
  • SAN support from a directory standpoint, technology scaling, server builds, migration and/or transition planning, project planning, and standards validation/development, troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Installed OAS (Oracle Application Server) on Solaris 9 and its configuration with oracle database.
  • Installed and configured of hardware and OS (Solaris 10 and RHEL 4/5) on x86 servers.
  • To provide ongoing support in systems management and administration of LINUX/UNIX in global-scale environment.
  • Installed and Configured both Kickstart and Jumpstart Servers for the Infrastructure Server Deployments.
  • Solaris OS Hardening as per company security standards.
  • Installation and use of different Business packages on Solaris Platform.
  • Applying OS and security patches for Solaris Operating Environment.
  • Administered multiple IBM power7/6/5 p520s, p550s, p570s, p595s, p760s, p770s running AIX 5.3/6.1/7.1.
  • Co-ordinated application team to Upgrade AIX 5.2 to AIX 5.3, AIX 5.3 to 6.1, AIX 6.1 to 7.1
  • Design, build, install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers and workstations.
  • Administrating and managing windows servers including configuration and troubleshooting of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS.
  • Installation and support of various applications like Web logic server 10, WebSphere 6.1 JBoss 4.x, Apache 2.x, Oracle 9i, 10g, MySQL on Solaris 10.
  • Configured Microsoft Active Directory domains and managed Active Directory users on Windows Server 2003 along with LDAP user management with sendmail email configuration.
  • Worked on Linux x86, Windows 2003 Advance Server, Samba, Squid, Active Directory Create and administer RedHat Enterprise Linux operating systems to implement on the existing network.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and integrity of a distributed, networked AIX based environment.
  • Migrated Linux based machines and Power off Machines to virtual machines using VMware converter boot CD. PowerHA 6.1 and 7.1 or Cluster Node or later - HACMP.
  • Creating and building AIX LPAR by PowerVM Tool and VIO mapping.
  • Used shell scripting (Including Korn, Bash and Perl) for system/application in automating server task, installing and monitoring applications and data feeding file transfer and log files.
  • Good knowledge on BMCBlade Logic Console, worked on IBM Frames p740, p750, p770.
  • Started working on POWER 8 Frames - see difference between P7 and P8.
  • Data migration at Host level using Red Hat LVM, Veritas Volume Manager and Solaris LVM
  • Performed 6.1, 7.1 AIX OS Installation manually and through Blade-logic Console.

Environment: RedHat Linux 3,4,5,6 Sun Solaris 8,9,10 Sun V440, V890, T5220, T5240 Sparc M4000, Switches, VMware ESX 5.1, oracle 11g, Veritas Cluster Server 5, VMware Virtual Client 5.1, VMware Infrastructure 5.1.

Confidential, Scottdale, AZ

Sr. Linux/Unix System Administrator


  • The company seeks to continually develop and sell new, high-quality, innovative pharmaceutical preparations, which together with clinical data and medical education create new value for patients and the health care system.
  • I worked as a technical developer in the PeopleSoft HRMS division of the company to support various PeopleSoft applications.
  • Major part of support is dedicated to Production Application Environment.
  • Analysis, Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution.
  • Provided 24X7 support for large number of Production, Development and Test systems.
  • Involved in Reviews and Meetings & Teleconferences with clients.
  • Data Centers support contains 500 + servers.
  • Created, Modified and deleted user accounts using REMEDY AR system tool.
  • Supporting various applications on UNIX environment.
  • Managing Task plans and uploading into database
  • Software Deployments on request basis for production environment.
  • Building Task Plans for all S/W deployments and review with Application teams.
  • Involved in applying patches and Bundles using Tivoli.
  • Backup Monitoring Using Control-M Tool.
  • Coordination with offshore team to implement any changes in production Environment.
  • Installation of SSH and configuration of keys bases authentication.
  • Install and configure Jumpstart Servers.
  • Integrating UNIX Directories and file systems using packages like SAMBA. Setting up printers on UNIX / NT machines to work seamlessly across platforms.
  • Working with Development team to troubleshoot Web logic issues.
  • Troubleshooting the problems related to Apache web server.
  • Working closely with Vendors on Hardware Problems, software fixes.
  • Installed and Configured EMC SAN Power path.
  • Expertise in use VMware virtual infrastructure.
  • Co-coordinating with HP-Unix engineers to resolve high priority issues.
  • Setup, maintain and management of user accounts and groups according to the security needs and adding the packages and patches when needed.
  • Initiating Backups on daily basis and monitoring the scheduled Jobs backups.
  • Clarify Ticket based problem management.

Environment: : Red hat 4,5,6 Solaris 7, 8, 9,10, HP-UX 11i, Windows Server 2000 and 2003, Sun Enterprise 10000, 15000, Apache Web Server 1.3.x, 2.x Oracle 8i,9i2, Perl, KSH, Sun v480, v880, E220, IBM p630, p550, power 4 Dell POWEREDGE 700,2650,6650.

Confidential, Little Rock, Arkansas

UNIX/ RedHat Linux Systems Administrator


  • Categorize all incidents and alerts and preparing knowledge articles following ITIL best procedure.
  • Installation Red hat Linux Enterprise Server 5/6 on Dell and HP x86 HW.
  • Monitoring system logs and root's email for important messages such as errors and warnings or hardware failure errors.
  • Window Administration & UNIX/Linux User ID Administration.
  • Installation and configuration of database like Oracle 10g and MySQL
  • Security implementation by using ACL's & special file permissions.
  • Creating File system and configure to available network through NFS.
  • Managing disk file Systems, Server Performance, Users creation and granting file access permissions. Creation of groups, adding Used ID to a group as a primary or secondary group, removing Used ID from a group.
  • Trouble shooting User's login & home directory related issues. Managing (adding/removing) disks and partitions (LVM).
  • Installed and configured the Red Hat Linux 5.1 on HP-Dl585 servers using Kick Start.
  • Monitored day-to-day administration and maintenance operations of the company network and systems working on Linux and Solaris Systems.
  • Installed and configured the RPM packages using the YUM Software manager.
  • Configured logical volumes using logical volume manager (LVM) and configured mirroring.
  • Involved in developing custom scripts using Shell (bash, ksh) to automate jobs.
  • Merged the generated reports as per request. Formatted data into required format using UNIX Shell Scripts, SED and Awk.
  • Implemented Networking communication skills and protocols such as TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, NDM, SSH, rlogin.
  • Configured Logical Storage Manager (LSM) for root disk encapsulation and implemented root disk mirroring for fault tolerance.

Environment: Red Hat Linux (RHEL 4/5), Logical Volume Manager, Veritas Cluster Server, Global File System, Red Hat Cluster Servers, Oracle, MySQL, Sun Solaris 8/9, AIX 5.3L, Windows, Sun Fire 3800/4800/6800, V890, V880V490, V480 and V210, VCS, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas Net backup, Ksh/Perl programming, DNS, NIS, NFS, Apache, Tomcat.


UNIX/LINUX Administrator


  • AIX 5.x, Red Hat Linux, RHEL and Solaris servers’ administration.
  • UNIX Administration- maintaining around 1000 Production environment including IBM AIX & RHEL 4.x and 5.x servers. Managing their memory/CPU load, Disk Space, swap space, processes etc. running on them.
  • Installation, configuration and administration of RHEL 4.x,5.x, AIX 5.1/5.2 and Solaris 8/9 servers.
  • Extensive experience on installation, configuration and maintenance of Squid proxy.
  • Manage servers using HMC/WebSM and create LPARS and building servers using NIM.
  • Configure servers to use HTTP, DNS, NFS, NetBackup, and Storage Disk configuration.

Environment: IBM AIX 4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2, Solaris 8/9, RHEL 3.X, 4.X, Oracle 8i, 9i, MySQL, Apache 2.x, LPARS, VMware ESX Server, Veritas Volume Manager, NIM, Kickstart, HACMP, HMC, WebSphere, IBM P510, P670, P690, P550, P570, P590, HP DL320, HP DL330, HP DL 380s, EMC Symmetrix, Hitachi, IBM arrays, Linux Satellite Servers, Informix 7.x, 11.x, Nagios.

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