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Senior Devops Engineer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Experience in Configuration, System Administration Installation and administration of CentOS, Rhel & Ubuntu.
  • Automating and managing applications using configuration Management Tool Puppet.
  • Proficient in creating, maintaining and versioning puppet manifests and modules to operate system operations and applications.
  • Shared knowledge sessions across teams to leverage capabilities of puppet DSL, ERB templating system and Hiera.
  • Experience working with all aspects of software development life cycle (SDLC) such as Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing and Implementation.
  • Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment and RPM builds using Jenkins to reduce human error and speed up production processes.
  • Administration/Maintenance experiences for Jenkins including HA installation, backup, and hardening, with addition of Jenkins plug - in.
  • Integrated Maven with Jenkins for the builds as the Continuous Integration process.
  • Experience in Setup Jenkins distributed build and configure master and slaves.
  • Automated nightly build, test, and reporting mechanisms using Jenkins.
  • Expert in Installing, configuring and maintaining Application Servers.
  • Experienced in Configuring and Monitoring using New Relic.
  • Experience deploying and managing EC2 instances, Elastic Load balancer, VPC deployment and management and setting up of S3 bucket leveraging power of AWS.
  • Experience with scripting in bash shell.
  • Creating and maintaining user accounts, profiles, rights, disk space and process monitoring.
  • Networking and Communication devices, Server Utilities, TCP/IP, FTP. Expert in Data center operations including hardware, software setup monitoring, troubleshooting on a 24x7 basis with Smart trouble ticketing Systems: Remedy and Jira.
  • Experience working with Docker containers for portable deployment & rapid development with minimum run time requirements.
  • Refining monitoring to ensure we have increased visibility using NewRelic and AWS cloudwatch.
  • Experience with application porting to Kubernetes.
  • Experience in leveraging (IAAS and PAAS) capabilities of public and private cloud.
  • Writing Ansible playbooks and Roles as per requirement of applications and automation deliverables.
  • Apply OS patches and upgrade and configure system software that supports enterprise infrastructure applications
  • Experience working in Agile/Scrum Environments.


Database Servers: MySQL, Cassandra

Configuration Management: Open Source Puppet & Puppet Enterprise and Ansible

Orchestration tools:: Mcollective, Terraform, Kubernetes

Virtualization: VMware Esxi 5.1 & 5.5, vSphere, Vagrant, EC2

Webservers: Apache, Nginx

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Icinga and New Relic

Scripting: UNIX shell Scripting, BashCI/CD: Jenkins, Maven

Version Control System: GIT, Bit Bucket.

Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes (Container orchestration)

Load Balancer: Nginx, Haproxy & ELB


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Senior DevOpS Engineer


  • Providing L2/L3 Support for DEV, QA, UAT and Prod Environments for Internal and External customers.
  • Configuring Nginx as load balancer for applications for internal & external customers.
  • Securing applications at OS, Networking and Application level.
  • Extension and maintenance of internal PAAS Platform for internal and external customers.
  • OS installation, patching and maintenance for WSO2, Cassandra & Nginx Technologies hosted on RHEL 6 & RHEL7.
  • Automating daily tasks using Puppet by writing manifests, modules, ERB templates and by writing Ansible playbooks.
  • Application and OS patching for maintaining latest security standards.
  • Configured, Administered Jenkins Master and slaves and respective plug-ins as per project requirement.
  • Used Ansible paired with Jenkins for automation of CI/CD process.
  • Creating Jenkins piplelines for CI/CD in order to reduce cycle time.
  • Administration of Jenkins Masters and Slave servers including various Jenkins plugins to enhance CI/CD.
  • Generating reports from hosted applications using Python Scripting.
  • Installation, upgrading and maintenance of Datastax Cassandra database.
  • Coordinating with monitoring, networking & dev teams to ensure maximum availability of service.
  • Assisting developers how to leverage containerization and fast Vm deployment on local machines for easy code sharing and application testing.
  • Dockerization of applications for container enabled rapid development and deployment with minimum run time requirements.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Senior Linux Administrator


  • Managing Physical servers & Virtual Machines for various environments for HLT, Engineering and Science Teams.
  • Maintenance of physical GPU machines and various open source packages used for Computational research and Machine learning packages like Caffe, Cuda, Cudnn, tensorflow etc.
  • Deploying Machine Translation models into Production developed by Science team manually and by using internal PAAS service.
  • Managing LVM for extending storage for huge GPU processing & closely working with Storage team to resolve storage issues.
  • Automated internal deployments using Puppet, Hiera on Openstatck based private cloud.
  • Automating daily tasks using scripts.
  • Configured Jenkins build pipelines using Jenkins master and slave architecture.
  • Deploying immutable infrastructure using Terraform.
  • Installed & configured VMware Esxi 5.5, vSphere for Virtual guest provisioning and management.
  • Tested applications requiring GPU support on Amazon cloud for performance analysis.
  • Worked with Storage team to setup high speed SAN mounts for the development clusters.


Linux Administrator


  • Providing L2 support for 250+ servers.
  • Coordinating with L1 team to resolve the issues.
  • Monitored day to day system administrator’s activities which includes performance monitoring, tuning, disk space issues, Network related issues & user management issues.
  • Working with senior administrators and developers to troubleshoot the core issues.
  • MySQL new server installation, administration and migration.
  • Managed and monitor like day to day backup.
  • Coordinating with Incident Management and configuration management teams to streamline the processes required to maintain maximum uptime thereby reducing escalations.
  • Configured clusters to provide fail over, load balancing and deployment of Charging System application servers.
  • Troubleshooting of IN applications to ensure maximum uptime.


System Administrator


  • Monitoring more than 240 Linux servers for performance ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Managing and monitoring IN nodes using Nagios to support infrastructures.
  • Investigating the cause of issue and performing First Level troubleshooting.
  • Monitoring and providing support for Ericsson Charging System 3.0.
  • Following the defined process to achieve the SLA.
  • Documenting the process as per instructions following company policies.
  • Executing the process (running manual Linux commands) for checking services and raising trouble tickets.
  • Raising Trouble tickets to 2nd LA via Remedy tool.

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