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Firewall Engineer Resume

Orlando, FL


  • Over Seven Plus years of Experience in Designing, Security, Deployment and Operations of complex enterprise and service provider networks. Adept in managing service functions & streamlining the working standards operating system for project rollout, design and development of Telecom solutions.
  • Strong hands on experience in installing, troubleshooting, configuring of Cisco ASR1002, 7600, 7200, 3800, 2800, 2600 and 1800 series Routers, Cisco switches Nexus, 6500, 4500, 4900, 3600, 3800 etc.
  • Proficient in Cisco IOS for configuration & troubleshooting of routing protocols: MP - BGP, OSPF, LDP, EIGRP, RIP, BGP v4, MPLS.
  • Design and Configuring of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers (MX960, MX480) and SRX Firewalls (SRX240, SRX550).
  • Juniper Networks specializes in routers, switches, firewalls, data center solutions, cloud services, and VPN solutions.
  • Configured new F5 Application Security Manager ASM security policies.
  • Deployed Juniper switches EX4500 and EX4200, routers M7i and M10i and Junos OS
  • Experience with configuring Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender (FEX) which acts as a remote line card (module) for the Nexus 5000
  • Expert in design, configuration and deployment of F5 Solutions with extensive experience working with APM and ASM technologies.
  • Experience in virtualization technologies, Cisco ACI, AWS.
  • Experience configuring and troubleshooting on Citrix NetScalar Load Balancer.
  • WAN circuit systems design, configuration, implementation, troubleshooting and support.
  • Advanced knowledge in installation and configuration of Juniper Netscreen Firewall.
  • Shell Scripting for automating tasks using Python.
  • Experience with Firewall Administration, Rule Analysis, Rule Modification.
  • Experienced in handling and installing Palo Alto Firewalls with exposure to wild fire feature of Palo Alto Networks.
  • Configuring, Installing and troubleshooting on Check Point Devices.
  • Experience working with OTV & FCOE on the nexus between the datacenters.
  • Responsible for Checkpoint and Cisco ASA firewall administration across global networks
  • Steered efforts for providing presentation and seminar to the customers for in-house projects to introduce about the projects Implemented traffic filters using Standard and Extended access-lists, Distribute-Lists, and Route Maps.
  • Creating object, groups, updating access-lists on Check Point Firewall, apply static, hide NAT using smart dashboard.
  • Managed Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager, Airwave, Aruba Controller 72xx, Aruba Instant AP
  • Migrated firewall rules from Cisco ASA to Palo Alto and Checkpoint Firewalls.
  • Experience in working with load balancer for converting CSS to ACE.
  • Managed inventory of all network hardware, Management and Monitoring by use of SSH, Syslog, SNMP, NTP.
  • Working knowledge with monitoring tools like Solar Winds and network packet capture tools like Wire-shark.
  • Good knowledge of using Microsoft VISIO/Office as technical documentation and presentation tools.


Cisco Platforms: Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K, 1K

Cisco Routers: 1700,1800,2500,2600,2800,2900,3600,3800,3900,7200,7600

Cisco L2 & L3 Switches: 2900,3500,3560,3750,4500,4900,6500

LAN, WAN Technologies: VLAN, VTP, Inter-Vlan routing, STP, RSTP, PVST, 802.1x, Frame Relay, ISDN, PPP, ATM, MPLS, Leased lines

Routed Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX

Routing Protocols: RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, HSRP

Network Security: NAT/PAT, VPN, Filtering, IDS/IPS, IPSec, ACL

Infrastructure Services: DHCP, DNS, SMTP, MIBs, Syslog, POP3, FTP, TFTP

IP Telephony: VOIP, FXO/FXS/E&M/T1/ISDN/PRI, Call manager Express

Network Management: SNMP, SSH, Telnet, ICMP

Network Tools: Solar Winds, Gigamon, E-flow, SNMP, Cisco Works, Wireshark, TIRKS, LIMS

Languages/ Tools: Python, Linux Red Hat

Protocol Analyzers: OPNET, Wireshark.

Comm. Protocols: Wi-Fi, WiMax, CDMA, 3G

Wireless Managed Networks: Cisco Meraki

Load Balancers: Cisco CSM, F5 Networks (Big-IP)

Firewall: ASA Firewall (5505/5510), Checkpoint, Cisco ASA

Documentation: Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure

Operating Systems: Windows Vista/XP/NT/2003, MS DOS, UNIX, Linux


Confidential, Orlando, FL

Firewall Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Experienced working with security issues related to Cisco ASR 9K, Checkpoint and Juniper Netscreen firewalls.
  • Responsible for design & management of Juniper Netscreen Firewalls, Juniper Switches, Cisco Switches.
  • Provided 24x7 Cisco WAN resolution support and Change Management (CM) for an MPLS statewide IP/ATM WAN core backbone consisting of 6 NAPs, 13 POPs, and more than 150 end sites.
  • Troubleshoots Different technologies problems involving to Cisco routers, Firewalls, APs, Switches, Fortinet and Meraki.
  • Configured Cisco ISE tunnels with Fortinet to enable secure transport and cloud based/site-site VPN to AWS.
  • Network Monitoring - ExtraHop, Gigamon, Riverbed,Solarwinds, netscout, wireshark,CiscoWorks, Cisco Prime/Security Manager.
  • Working knowledge of: Microsoft Operating Systems, Active Directory, Linux, Shell & PowerShell scripting, Networking (e.g. Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Packet capture and analysis, etc.), AWS, encryption.
  • Configured VSS, VPC and HSRP on Cisco Switches.
  • Hands on experience with new next generation Palo Alto appliances serving as firewalls and URL and application inspection.
  • Experience with convert Checkpoint VPN rules over to the Cisco ASA solution. Migration with both Checkpoint and Cisco ASA VPN experience.
  • Worked on F5 LTM, GTM series like 6400, 6800, 8800 for the corporate applications and their availability Checking and configuring Cisco 7600 routers at data center for remote sites’ issues.
  • Knowledge of JUNOS platform and worked with IOS upgrade of Juniper devices.
  • Working on Cisco 6500 and 4500 switches for LAN requirements that include managing VLANs, Port Security and troubleshooting LAN issues.
  • Handled technical configuration for F5 Application Security.
  • Expertise in physical infrastructure like structured cabling, IP address management, racking, stacking and Data Center concepts
  • Managed Check Point Firewalls from the command line using Putty sessions. (cpconfig and Sysconfig).
  • Strong working knowledge of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, VPN, VLAN, LAN/WAN, SDWAN, networking concepts.
  • Deployed F5 ASM security policies across the enterprise.
  • Configured, deployed, and managed SD-WAN and networks in Azure.
  • Troubleshoot traffic passing managed firewalls via logs and packet captures.
  • Configuration and Administration of Palo Alto Networks Firewall to manage large scale Firewall deployments.
  • Good Hands on experience in Aruba clear pass administration, troubleshooting and management
  • Firewall filtering and NAT, Adding and modifying the policies in juniper SRX.
  • Advanced knowledge in installation and configuration of Juniper Netscreen Firewall.
  • Automated the cloud deployments using Puppet, Python and AWS Cloud Formation Templates
  • Design, install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain varies load balancers including Citrix Netscaler.
  • Configuring VPN, clustering and ISP redundancy in Check Point Firewall.
  • Experience with Firewall Administration, Rule Analysis, Rule Modification
  • As storage administrator propose Implementation and management of ISCSI and SAS direct attached SAN storages.
  • Manager ASM design and operational changes
  • Modified endpoints using Aruba clearpass Policy Manager.
  • Load balancing Virtual IPs on F5 EBL (LTM and GTM) A10 EFL (SLB and GSLB).
  • Supported the design, development and implementation of the Riverbed Steelhead and Interceptor architecture for WAN optimization.
  • Configured local policies in the LTM to connect to the ASM.
  • Asset management, keeping inventory of every device in the data center
  • Backup and restore of Check Point and Cisco ASA Firewall policies.
  • Performed Backup F5 ASM WAF security policies.

Environment:: Cisco ASA 5505/5510/5520, Cisco Routers 2900 series, Cisco Switches 2950/2960/3750 HSRP, Ether channel, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, STP, RSTP, PVST, VTP, MPLS, ATM, PPP, HDLC, SNMP, DNS, DHCP, MS exchange 2010, Xenserver 6.0, xcenter, Hyper-V 2008/2012

Confidential, FL

Sr. Network Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Design and configuring of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers and SRX Firewalls.
  • Configuring RIP, OSPF and Static routing on Juniper M and MX series Routers.
  • Performed OSPF, BGP, DHCP Profile, HSRP, IPV6, Bundle Ethernet implementation on ASR 9K redundant pair.
  • Performed real-time system monitoring, traffic tracking and trend analysis using Network Management Tools (e.g. SolarWinds, Splunk, Open View, Heat)
  • Mutual redistribution of OSPF and BGP routes using route maps for WAN optimization.
  • Hands on in deployment of GRE tunneling, SSL, Site-Site IPSEC VPN and DMVPN.
  • Configured VSS, Port Channels, L2 and L3 VLANS, Routing on L3 Cisco Switches.
  • Worked on cisco Nexus 5000 series switches for data center.
  • Identified opportunities for implementation of network best practices, particularly F5 load balancer implementations.
  • Installed high availability Big IP F5 LTM and GTM load balancers to provide uninterrupted service to customers.
  • Provided Load Balancing towards access layer from core layer using F5 Network Load Balancers.
  • Experience with working on Palo Alto Next-Generation firewalls security profiles and Cisco ASA VPN.
  • Monitoring Traffic and Connections in Check Point and ASA Firewall.
  • Deploying, configuring, and administering Checkpoint EndPoint firewalls and hands on experience with network protocols.
  • Configuring rules and Maintaining Palo Alto Firewalls & Analysis of firewall logs using various tools.
  • Remote access and site-to-site VPN administration using Cisco ASA/ASR and Palo Alto
  • Managed and configured NAT's on the Juniper Netscreen SSG firewalls.
  • Failover, OSPF and Any Connect VPN technologies
  • Configuration of firewalls 5520 series ASA for business to business connectivity and application of ACL rules for network traffic.
  • Experience working Juniper T-Series, M-Series, MX-Series, J-Series Routers
  • Worked on commissioning and decommissioning of the MPLS circuits for various field offices.
  • Responsible for service request tickets generated by the helpdesk in all phases such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, patches, fixes, and all around technical support.
  • Worked on F5 LTM, GTM series like 6400, 6800, 8800 for the corporate applications and their availability
  • Responsible for Checkpoint and Cisco ASA firewall administration across global networks
  • Migrate studies from the Cisco ACE Load Balancer appliance to the Citrix NetScaler Load Balancer appliance.
  • Daily monitoring of network traffic using sniffers (Wireshark) and access logs to troubleshoot and identify network issues.
  • Creating and maintaining reference architectures, technical standards and network diagrams for LAN/WAN/Data center networks.
  • Managing Data Center and assisting other engineers with troubleshooting from network device, storage, and blade servers.

Environment: Cisco 3750/3550/3500/2960 switches, Cisco 3640/12000/ 7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, Cisco ASA5510, Checkpoint, Cisco Nexus 7K/5K, 2248/3560/5020/6509, ASA, Checkpoint, LAN, OSPF, BGP, RIP, EIGRP.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Network Security Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • WAN circuit systems design, configuration, implementation, troubleshooting and support.
  • Network consists of Heavy Cisco equipment such as Cisco 2500, 2600, 3640, 3945, 7200 series Routers, Cisco 6500, 4500, 3560, 2950, 2924 Switches, Cisco Pix firewall 500 series and Wireless Access points Cisco 1230.
  • Providing daily network support for national wide area network consisting of MPLS L3VPN and point-to point site.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco Routers such as Cisco 3640, Cisco GSR 12000 (with PRP and RPR processors.
  • Worked on UNIX workstation operation, particularly Solaris and LINUX.
  • Configuring HSRP between the 3845 router pairs for Gateway redundancy for the client desktops.
  • Working on Network design and support, implementation related internal projects for establishing connectivity between the various field offices and data centers.
  • Negotiate VPN tunnels using IPsec encryption standards and also configured and implemented site-to-site VPN, Remote VPN.
  • Configuring STP for switching loop prevention and VLANs for data and voice along with Configuring port security for users connecting to the switches.
  • Configuring rules and Maintaining Palo Alto Firewalls & Analysis of firewall logs using various tools.
  • Provided technical assistance for implementing IP, MPLS, Multicast, layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS VPNs, on Alcatel, Cisco and Juniper routers/switches, Cisco ASA, VSAT, MPLS), F5 BIG-IP LTM VIP configuration.
  • Worked with Juno OS and Juniper M&T series switches.
  • Configuration, Installation and troubleshooting of Juniper Netscreen.
  • Experienced with Juniper: EX-2200, EX-4200, EX-4500, MX-480 and M Series, SRX210 and SRX240.
  • Worked on WAN Accelerator "River Bed "for optimization of the bandwidth and file sharing on the WAN Circuit.
  • Juniper Network and Security Manager (NSM) to synchronize, maintain and support security gateways.
  • Configuring F5 Load Balancers: Adding virtual IPs, nodes, pools and health monitoring.
  • Upgraded load balancers from Radware to F5 BigIP v9 which improved functionality and scalability in the enterprise. Managed the F5 BigIP GTM/LTM appliances to include writing iRules, SSL offload and everyday task of creating WIP and VIPs.
  • Scaling of IGP and BGP in the core.
  • Involved in Migration of Cisco firewalls to Juniper SRX firewalls.
  • Managed inventory of all network hardware, Management and Monitoring by use of SSH, Syslog, SNMP, NTP.

Environment: EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, VPN, CSM, SUP720, Ether Channels, Cisco 7200/3845/3600/2800 routers, Fluke and Sniffer, Cisco 6509/ 3750/3550/3500/2950 switches, Checkpoint firewalls (SPLAT).


Network Engineer

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designed MPLS VPN and QoS for the architecture using Cisco multi-layer switches
  • Configuring and implementation of Juniper Firewall, SSG Series, Netscreen Series ISG 1000, SRX Series.
  • Implemented and configured Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, CAT-OS and Nexus hardware and software: 1000v to 7000 series.
  • Configure Firewall, IPS and QOS by SDM and provide security by Prefix list, Access- List and By Distribution List.
  • Designed and configured the commands for QoS and Access Lists for Nexus 7K, 2K and 5K.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting issues related to STP, RSTP and VLAN's allocation in Organization for maintaining Layer 2/3 Switching intact.
  • Worked on 4500 Catalyst switches for the purpose of LAN requirement and for troubleshooting LAN issues.
  • Maintaining Checkpoint security policies including NAT, VPN and Secure Remote access
  • Responsibilities included configuration and installation of software and hardware.
  • Performed routine network maintenance checks as well as Responsible for gathering and compiling data for special projects as well as prepare weekly status reports.
  • Figure and manage printers, copiers, and another miscellaneous network equipment.
  • Handled the tasks of documenting network problems and resolutions for future reference.
  • Utilized VMware ESX configured and installed it properly to implement Cisco, Microsoft Server 2008, Linux, MySQL builds, designs, throughout the entire Network Infrastructure.
  • Managing enterprise BGP setup by configuring and troubleshooting BGP related issues. My responsibility was also to add new BGP peers for remote branch offices and business partners.
  • Create and troubleshoot VDC, allocate resources, interfaces, NTP
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of LAN connectivity problems using Ping, Trace route.
  • Experience on a mesh 6500 and 5500 series switches to support the core trading system.
  • Implemented cable multi-service operator (MSO) to capture traditional Telco subscribers with IP telephony and provide relevant QOS.

Environment: Router 2800,3800, Cisco catalyst switch 3550, 2960. Fiber and Ethernet cabling

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