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Windows Engineer Sccm Resume

Boston, MA


  • Over 9+ years of professional experience in SCCM Architecting and Administration, Imaging using MDT 2013, Software Application Packaging, Flexera Adminstudio, InstallShield, Requirements Gathering, Testing of Packaged Applications and Applications Distribution.
  • Experience in deploying Windows 10 from Windows 7 using wipe and load as well as experience in deploying Windows 10 Inplace upgrades.
  • Experience with working on alternate content provider for SCCM like Adaptiva One Site Infrastructure.
  • Experience in standing up Adaptiva Onesite infrastructure from scratch and integrating it with SCCM.
  • Proficient experience on SCCM1802, SCCM1702, SCCM1602, SCCM2012, SCCM 2007.
  • Expertise in writing custom powershell scripts using powershell and also creating graphical user interfaces with Powershell Studio.
  • Experience in standing up MBAM infrastructure from the ground and integrating with SCCM and also automating encryption process along with operating system migration.
  • Good experience and understanding on Windows Active directory and group policy.
  • Created operating system images and packages for Kiosk machines.
  • Created auto logon scripts as well as created lock down machine GPO.
  • Use logs, and other debugging tools to analyze problems and develop solutions to meet
  • Assisted customers with all the phases (Initiate, Assessment, Remediate and Deployment) by holding weekly conference calls with them.
  • Create SCCM management reports as required to support daily operations and staff tasks on the state of the information technology enterprise
  • In - depth understanding of SCCM and its core/role based functionalities
  • Sound understanding on of SCCM site server roles (DP, MP, SHVP, CAS, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge in troubleshooting server side as well as client side issues
  • Able to handle test and release of applications and Patches using SCCM
  • Working knowledge to generate custom reports using SQL queries.
  • Worked on SCCM Operating System imaging management and deployment. Experience using Microsoft tools (Windows Automated Installation Kit, Task Sequences of SCCM). Troubleshoot OS deployment to clients.
  • Worked on reporting with SCCM. Can modify/create reports.
  • Evaluated SQL Server concepts and queries as they relate to SCCM 2012.
  • Expertise in using packaging tools like WISE Package Studio 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, Flexera InstallShield Adminstudio 2018, Microsoft Orca, APP V 4.2, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0,5.1 VMware Thinapp 4.6
  • Good Knowledge in Distribution tools like Altiris, LANDesk and SCCM and expertise with Sequencing Tool AppV 5.1 sp3 and Citrix Xenapp
  • Credited with successfully installing, configuring and maintaining corporate Citrix environment, as well as both physical and virtual servers
  • Good understanding of Application Virtualization and Virtual Bubbles.
  • Experience with VMware Work Station.
  • Experience in using Windows Installer SDK development tool ORCA for editing and Validation purpose.
  • Worked on Exchange Messaging System (Exchange 2010/2013 and Exchange online).
  • Experience on migrating mailboxes from Exchange On-premises to Exchange Online.
  • Strong Knowledge on SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business Online and Yammer services.
  • Strong experience in Scripting. Extensively used VBScripts, PowerShell scripts, MSI Scripts, Wise Scripts and Batch Scripts as and when necessary.
  • Co-ordinate with application development team and IT business team to gather requirements and establish standards and installation & deployment strategies.
  • Expert knowledge of TCP\IP networking and Active Directory Services.
  • Experience with SCCM/SCOM migrations .sccscc
  • Integration of SCOM alerts / ticketing with Service Management tools (Service Now).
  • Develop and maintain documentation, training, and SLAs for managed infrastructure
  • Manage a MS Exchange mail Server.
  • Responsible for the administration of Antivirus - System Center Endpoint Protection and Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), by installing and maintaining infrastructure tools and related system software, continuously improving the application through proactively
  • Strong experience and exposure to Azure cloud environment.
  • Good at design, architecture and handling migration projects to Windows Azure.
  • Compute experience - WebApps, Virtual Machines, Hyper-v, Service Fabric
  • Networking experience - On premise/Hybrid connectivity using Express Route or Virtual Network/VNet, Traffic Manager, Load balancing techniques
  • Experience in talking to customers about their environment and assist customer’s in taking necessary steps for better source environment
  • Working knowledge on cloud services such as Azure, Intune, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, O365 ProPlus, Yammer, AADP (Azure Active Directory Premium) and ARMS (Azure Rights Management Services).
  • Good experience in O365 administration.
  • Expertise on Enrollment of Mobile devices (Windows, IPhone and Android) through Intune Company portal.
  • Experience in deploying applications, policies and profiles (Email profiles, Wi-Fi Profile and Certificate Profiles) through Intune and Intune Hybrid (Intune integrated with SCCM).


Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows Vista, Window XP, Windows Server OS 2000/20, Windows NT Server 4.0 and Workstation, Windows 95, Windows 98 and MS-DOS

Packaging: Wise Package Studio 8.0, 7.0, 6.0, 5.6, Install Shield AdminStudio 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 10.0.

Scripting & Languages: VBScript, MSI/Install Script, Wise Scripting, Power Shell, Batch

Databases: Oracle 7.x/8.0/9. i/10.0, SQL, MS Access

Management & Deployment Tools: Altiris, SCCM 2012/1606/ 2007/2012/1511 , Active directory, Group policy

Imaging tools: WAIK, DISM, ImageX, VMware 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, Symantec Ghost 9.0

Programming languages: C, java, HTML

Cloud(Azure) Management and Deployment tools: Azure Active Directory, Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium(AADP), Azure Rights Management Service(ARMS), Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Yammer


Confidential, Boston, MA

Windows Engineer SCCM

  • Developing custom .Net integrated power shell scripts for automating virtual machine deployments in Microsoft Azure.
  • Managing and supporting Microsoft SCCM 1802 environment, including creating or editing security groups, application deployments (collections, advertisements, task sequences, and Power Shell scripts), patch management, general troubleshooting, log analysis, upgrading and recommending improvements within the existing infrastructure.
  • Creating/managing/updating Operating System images (Windows 7 and Windows 10 1809) for different personal computer (PC) hardware models supported in the City including the creation of task sequences, injecting drivers into existing images, and/or creating driver packages.
  • Creating and implementing upgrade strategies for the current environment with specific attention to Microsoft SCCM, GPOs, and WSUS.
  • Creating and deploying custom scripts to be used for upgrades and deployments of software through GPOs and SCCM.
  • Deploying GPOs including the build, configuration and testing of various PC settings/policies.
  • Developing custom reporting in SCCM as needed to accurately identify PC application deployments and configuration characteristics within the enterprise.
  • Patching all servers and desktop computers with Microsoft Software Security updates and other third party application updates.
  • Creating, updating, deploying, troubleshooting, and removing objects in the SCCM environment, sites, distribution points (DPs), and clients based on established architectural guidelines and project requirements.
  • Developing and using Pre Boot Execution Environment (PXE) and using other migration tools such as Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT), for PC file backups.
  • Creating macros and templates to evaluate, maintain, modify and document desktop application packages.
  • Conducting and participating in the testing, implementation and evaluation of new PC packages and hardware prototypes and Providing Tier 3 technical support.

Confidential, Cyprus, CA

Windows Engineer SCCM

  • Participate in the engagement kick-off meeting, manage and lead participants from customer’s organization.
  • Documented the process scenarios and created playbook for Windows 10 migrations.
  • Assisted clients in for in place upgrade and wipe and load scenarios.
  • Created migration plans from windows 7 to windows 10.
  • Created Inplace migration approach for Windows 10 and migrated PC’s from Windows 10 .
  • Modified Task Sequences for a more personalized build.
  • Tested various drivers for Lenovo - T460S, T470S, T560, Yoga’s, IdeaPad X1, HP, Dell hardware’s.
  • Create custom reports utilizing the SCCM DB using custom SQL queries and SQL Reporting Services Develop and manage Operating System Deployment in SCCM including best practices for maintenance and updates to OS packages.
  • Strong knowledge in SCCM client deployment methods and procedures.
  • Worked close with VM and Citrix teams to resolve issue based of improperly provisioned SCCM Agent and updated the golden image to pre-provision the SCCM Agent and ensure that devices has a unique GUID.
  • Created a process to capture Applications, Printers along with User data using USMT process and loaded them back on Windows 10.
  • Created include and exclude rules for profile migration, to include or remove app data, files & folders and profiles as per company’s requirements.
  • Download and deploy Software Updates within SCCM to include both operating systems patches and 3rd party application software.
  • Scripting experience including batch files and PowerShell.
  • Created application packages using Flexera Adminstudio and deployed them using SCCM application model.
  • Involved in entire packaging process i.e., requirement gathering, developing packages, peer reviewing and distributing on to UAT machines.
  • Packaged applications product-based Adobe, Microsoft Visio Studio, Trend Office Scan Agent, Trend Office scan XG, Trent Venerability Protection Agent, Pulse Secure, Bomgar Jump Client, Pulse Secure VPN, VC++ runtimes, Printer logic and others.
  • Testing packaged applications in different windows systems by using VMware and on separate physical lab machine for locked-down environment.
  • Assisted in managing and deploying applications purchased through the Windows Store for Business portal for both online and offline licensed apps
  • Worked with end users to troubleshoot problems with packaged applications.

Confidential, Rosemount, IL

Windows Engineer SCCM

  • Architected Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration with wipe and load scenario and bare metal build scenario.
  • Created the migration plan, Runbooks and documentation required for the Windows 10 migration.
  • Developing enterprise builds and deployment solutions for Windows 10 migrations.
  • Building and remediation of SCCM environments, Deployment (DP) and WSUS servers.
  • Created a process to capture Applications, Printers along with Userdata using USMT process and loaded them back on Windows 10.
  • Building and deploying SCCM and MDT task sequences and image files.
  • Architected deployment of Office 365 from Office 2013/2010/2008.
  • Created process for identifying Application compatibility against Windows 10 operating system.
  • Created PowerShell scripts to automate various jobs in and around SCCM and Windows 10 migration.
  • Incorporated Dart remote connection in to the boot image to remote in to the machines in WinPE stage for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Configured GPO’s as well as SCCM Client policies for Windows 10 PC’s.
  • Created Inplace migration approach for Windows 10 and migrated PC’s from Windows 10 and also implementing SCCM2012 to SCCM 2018
  • Created application packages using Flexera Adminstudio and deployed them using SCCM application model.
  • Deployed Wifi profiles using SCCM.
  • Implemented UE-V across the organization for Windows 10 infrastructure.

Confidential, Fresno, CA

FastTrack Engineer/ SCCM

  • Worked as a Fast Track Manager and Fast Track Engineer for customers in assisting them in onboarding EMS (Enterprise Mobility Services) and O365 services.
  • Assisting customer’s in activating their volume of licenses for their Microsoft cloud service tenant(O365) and adding users to customer’s cloud subscription and defining their IT admin roles.
  • Configuring customer’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) Authority depending on their management needs (Microsoft Intune set to MDM or SCCM 2012/1511/1602 set to MDM)
  • Assisting in configuring management policies and services in Intune and SCCM as application deployment through web links, conditional access policies, e-mail profiles, setting up Microsoft Intune Exchange connector, enrolling supported devices and usage of Hardware and Software Inventory reports.
  • Assisted in bulk provisioning and management solutions in Intune that are integrated with the major corporate device management platforms, including the Apple Device Enrollment Program and the Samsung KNOX mobile security platform.
  • Deploying Email Profile and Wi-Fi Profiles through Intune Hybrid (Intune integrated with SCCM and Intune) to mobile devices.
  • Enrolled Windows 10 Devices ( Corporate Devices) to work either by joining the device to an Active Directory domain or an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) domain.
  • Deploying Intune Clients to PC’s through Intune.
  • Configuring Conditional access for Mobile Devices which involves Exchange Messaging Systems.
  • Assisted in configuring the On-Premises Exchange conditional access policy from the Configuration Manager console.
  • Assisted in managing and deploying applications purchased through the Windows Store for Business portal for both online and offline licensed apps.
  • Configured and assisted in deploying Work policies to domain-joined Windows 10 PCs managed by the ConfigMgr client as well as mobile devices managed by Microsoft Intune.
  • Assisting in MAM (Mobile Application Management) Policies on both Intune admin console and admin portal, setting up targeted user groups in deploying MAM policies and installing Intune client software on PC’s with the help of Intune services.
  • Configured in enabling access to mobile apps that require secure access to on-premises data, like a line of business app server
  • Installing Office 365 ProPlus using Click-to-run from O365 portal and deploying using SCCM with creation of SCCM package.
  • Assessing the messaging infrastructure, which includes overall mail flow, routing principles and source messaging environment for integration needs.
  • Planning and configuring Exchange Deployment with Exchange Messaging System depending on the requirement of the customer.
  • Migrating mailboxes from Exchange On-premises server to Exchange Online (O365).
  • Onboarding Yammer Environment for the customers Organization.
  • Configuring and Enabling SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype for Business Services for the Customer.
  • Assist customers in onboarding AADP services as self-service password reset, Azure Multi-factor authentication, deploying SAAS applications, Self-service group management, application proxy and customized login screen for all the users depending on the location.
  • Assist customers in onboarding ARMS services as configuring ARMS template for directory; provide guidance in setting up SharePoint and Exchange online integration with ARMS and configuring on-premises server with RMS connector.
  • Provide guidance about assessment activities like setting up DNS, network and other infrastructure needs and enabling all eligible service that has been purchased by customer.
  • Assist customers in running tools to identify and provide remediate checklist for the customer to remediate all the necessary issues in their environment.
  • Assist customers in going with Azure Active directory connect or ADFS for directory synchronization from on-premises to cloud depending on Customer’s environment.
  • Worked on migrating accounts and groups from on-premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.
  • Assisted clients in gold image task sequence for in place upgrade and wipe and load scenarios.
  • Implemented WSUS/SCCM integration and created a monthly phased patching process
  • Configured Branch Distribution point, Asset Intelligence, and Windows Deployment Services/PXE.
  • Upgraded Core Server systems from SCCM 2012 to SCCM 2012R2 and then to SCCM 1511/1602
  • Created customized WinPE for using MDT and ADK for windows 10 for various customers.
  • Created migration plans from windows 7 to windows 10.
  • Documented the process scenarios and created playbook for Windows 10 migrations
  • Implemented LAPS for Local Admin Password Management for various clients.
  • Implemented MBAM for Bit locker protection and sync it with AD.
  • Utilization of XenApp and XenDesktop machine and user polices; including printer policy.
  • Experience in deploying application through Citrix Xenapp 5 including Application Streaming Process, Application Delivery Criteria and User Profiles
  • Assisted customers in integrating the applications (internal applications and cloud applications) with Azure.
  • Troubleshooting customer’s environment for any issues with mobile device enrollment, PC Enrollment, application deployment and device management issues.
  • Prepare documentation on customer’s information as per company’s requirement and saving in internal SharePoint sites for future reference.
  • Provided documentation to customers for end user training and requirements necessary for their source environment to get ready for successful onboarding.
  • Participate in the engagement kick-off meeting, manage and lead participants from customer’s organization.
  • Testing packaged applications in different windows systems by using VMware and on separate physical lab machine for locked-down environment.
  • Used VB Script for creating Custom Actions and Implemented automated procedures for deployment of applications via SCCM.
  • Created, modified and customized MSI, MST and MSP using Orca.
  • Used Install Shield Editor 2012 for editing and building MSI (Microsoft Installer) files for the application.

Environment: SCCM 2012/1511/1602 , Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, Windows phone, IPhone, Android, Intune, AADP, ARMS, PowerShell, Exchange Online, Exchange 2010/2013, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Windows Server 2008/2012, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, O365, Orca

Confidential, Ohio

SCCM Administrator/SCCM Engineer

  • Demonstrated experience in SCCM 2012 Implementation to servers and workstations
  • Worked with SMS/SCCM Admin Console features & functions and comprehends the SMS/SCCM client logs in relation to SMS/SCCM client installation, software distribution, remote control.
  • Worked on Intune integration with SCCM.
  • Managed the deployment of applications and policies through Intune Hybrid.
  • Monitoring hardware and software inventory though Intune Hybrid.
  • Assisted in enrolling mobile devices through Intune.
  • Created and deployed Wi-Fi profiles certificate profiles through Intune Hybrid.
  • Experience in troubleshooting IPhone, Android and windows devices with the help of logs if there are any issues with enrolling devices or deploying applications.
  • Knowledge on migrating objects from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.
  • Worked on Azure Active Directory in configuring features like Multifactor Authentication and Self Service password reset
  • Worked on reports in Azure Active Directory which gives the admin visibility of possibility security risks.
  • Managing licenses for all the users in the cloud through O365 and Azure.
  • Experience in running scripts which helps in assigning the licenses and synchronizing the accounts automatically.
  • Worked on enabling dynamic group feature which helps in adding new users to the group automatically.
  • Creating/managing Operating System images for different hardware models supported in the company. This includes task sequences, injecting drivers to image or creating driver packages
  • Provided for enterprise-scale, third tier support for the help desk techs for software deployment, patch management, & client-health, asset management, problem resolution and/or collection of metrics.
  • Responsible for creation of SCCM 2012 packages, programs and package distribution, pretesting deployment & functionality.
  • Worked in SCCM application configuration and task sequencing.
  • Prepare and execute infrastructure test plans and test cases and tracking defects
  • Crafted proactive and automated scripts and tools
  • Migrating applications from Windows XP to Windows 7 64-bit environment.
  • Worked with Flexera Admin Studio 11.0 to repackage various applications and build MSI packages and Transforms (MST) and Patches (MSP).
  • Worked on virtualizing the applications using App V 5.0 and publishing them to users using SCCM 2007 and 2012.
  • Coordinating UAT (User Acceptance Test) with users and Business Analyst groups.
  • Built and deployed SCCM infrastructure.
  • Administration experience of large environment SCCM infrastructure with multiple Primary Sites and Secondary Sites.
  • Installed and configured SCCM roles.
  • Performed and maintained SCCM Site Servers.
  • Defined and maintained tasks and daily checks.
  • Deployed Windows 7 images through SCCM-OSD,
  • Task sequencing & troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot and fix SCCM site connectivity issues.
  • Strong knowledge in Software Metering
  • Create custom queries and reports.
  • Strong knowledge in SCCM client deployment methods and procedures.
  • Strong knowledge in SCCM client troubleshooting
  • Through knowledge in Software deployment and patch management procedures including server patching.
  • Troubleshoot software and patches deployments.
  • Site status monitoring and fixing any issues noticed in site status.
  • Troubleshoot SCCM clients and assist other teams involved in maintaining SCCM client health.
  • Backup and recovery of SCCM Primary and Secondary sites.
  • Used SCCM 2007/2012 as a deployment tool for deploying applications to user machines and coordinating User Acceptance Testing.
  • Used SCCM 2007/2012 for advertising, deploying and creating distribution points.
  • Edited Tables, Created Components, and Created MSI’s in Admin Studio for Windows Installer
  • Used beyond Compare tool to compare the installation of setup and repackaged MSI.
  • Coordinated with different groups to deploy software packages.

Environment: SCCM 2012/2007, Orca, PowerShell, VB Scripting, Batch Scripting, BMC Remedy, VM Ware 8.3.2, VB Script, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 , Active Directory, Admin Studio 11.0, Install Shield 2012SP1, App-V 5.0, Azure Active Directory, O365, Intune


SCCM Administrator/SCCM Engineer

  • Worked experience as a Windows System administrator supporting a large enterprise.
  • Supported production and test environment servers (Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012) and related business applications.
  • Experience in Active Directory: OUs and policy inheritance. Created and edited policy. Manage user objects.
  • Management of Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Operating Systems (i.e. settings, services, roles, security)
  • Worked with virtualization technologies, such as VMware.
  • Worked in managing 5000+ endpoints.
  • Evaluated the risks and effectiveness associated with software deployments, updates, etc.
  • Participated in enterprise wide projects. Provided expertise related to client management using SCCM 2012.
  • Scripting experience including batch files, PowerShell.
  • Deployed applications using SCCM 2012. Target collections of users.
  • Monitored application and package deployment for success or failure. Troubleshooting if necessary.
  • Configured Security Patch Deployment Packages using SCCM 2012.
  • Remediation of SCCM client health issues including monitoring for Patch Compliance.
  • Worked on SCCM Operating System imaging management and deployment. Experience using Microsoft tools (Windows Automated Installation Kit, Task Sequences of SCCM). Troubleshoot OS deployment to clients.
  • Support a variety of workstation hardware models (desktops and laptops). Configure, install, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Worked on reporting with SCCM 2012. Be able to modify/create reports.
  • Evaluated SQL Server concepts and queries as they relate to SCCM 2012.
  • Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting Microsoft System Center 2012 Products.
  • Provide Tier 3 level support for servers related to the System Center environment.
  • Evaluated current procedures and processes for accomplishing department objectives and continuously develops and implements improved practices.
  • Provided Tier 3 level support for field technicians as it relates to application installation, basic troubleshooting hardware and or OS.
  • Responsible for proper escalation, communications, and management of production system problems
  • Contacted vendors for problem and incident resolution.

Environment: SCCM 2007, 2012, AdminStudio InstallShield 2012, Wise Package Studio 8.0, VMware Workstation 8, VB Script, Windows 7(x64), Windows XP SP3, Process Monitor, App-V Sequencer 4.6 SP1.

Confidential, CA

SCCM Administrator/SCCM Engineer

  • Operational support in application deployments via SCCM
  • Desktop and server patch management
  • Worked within a cross-functional team to provide operational expertise in the support of legacy solutions as well as support the deployment of new technologies
  • Created customer ready technical documentation
  • Configured, maintained, and operated the SCCM infrastructure for the production, testing, and development environments.
  • Created packages for operating systems and application deployment using SCCM and Automation tools.
  • Created and monitor reports for inventory and security compliance.
  • Anticipate and respond to changing business/technical requirements from multiple business divisions
  • Provided assistance as a level three-escalation point for complex troubleshooting items.
  • Created and maintained workstation images
  • Managed SCCM application deployments
  • Monitored and reported on deployment status
  • Monitored and managed distribution points
  • Maintained/enhanced the SCCM system currently implemented as well as participate in the design, implementation, and migration to future versions of SCCM. Candidate must also be able to plan, create, deploy, and monitor SCCM packages and OSD task sequences to devices on the network.
  • Deployed monthly Microsoft security updates using SCCM and maintained compliancy of all networked systems.
  • Developed custom reports and inventory data as it is requested as well as custom queries.
  • Developed and maintain SCCM system documentation.
  • Be a backup to the Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) engineer
  • Assist remote IT support teams with using SCCM tool for compliance reporting

Environment: SCCM 2007, Wise Package Studio 8.0, VMware ThinApp 4.6, Windows 7, Windows XP, VMware Workstation 7.0,8.0 Orca, Test Director, Process Monitor, Filemon, Regmon

Confidential, TN

SCCM Administrator/Software Application Packager

  • Developed custom deployment scripts (VBS, batch, PowerShell)
  • Troubleshooting server side as well as client side issues
  • Tested/Released applications and Patches using SCCM
  • Used SCCM Client Management Suit to manage all clients
  • Generated custom reports using SQL queries.
  • Resolved the tasks escalated by L1 and L2 teams
  • Implementation/Set-up various access controls/permissions in App Portal
  • Managed SCCM database and optimization to DB through performance tuning
  • Performed all tasks related to Windows 2003/2008/2012 Active Directory
  • Basic knowledge of MSI technology & Good working knowledge of SQL Server and associated components
  • Performing, upgrading and restore of SCCM Infrastructure and Database
  • Worked on all tasks related Active Directory, Windows Server & Workstation OS
  • Documentation of all work for future proof
  • Can drive Client’s value and its methodology
  • Involved in entire Packaging Process i.e., requirement gathering, developing packages, peer reviewing and distributing on to UAT machines through Altiris deployment tool.
  • Created Windows Installer Packages (.MSI) using Wise Package studio 6.0, 7.0
  • Worked on Creating/Testing New application packages in MSI format
  • Used SCCM 2007 for distributing and deploying the application on to the test environment.
  • Maintained the database for the status of the Packaging with MSI packages.
  • Worked with App V 4.2 for sequencing the application.
  • Virtualized the applications using App-V and Testing them
  • Created Custom Actions those add additional functionality to an MSI using VB Script, Wise Scripts and Install Scripts.
  • Created batch files and wrappers for automated installs.
  • Used debugging tools such as Process Monitor, Filemon and Regmon to investigate the permissions on files and registries in order for the application to function properly
  • Involved in Peer Review process, to validate the packaged applications for standards and functionality before actually submitting to the Testing Team.
  • Monitored SCCM package distribution and execution status. Reported the status when required or as requested.
  • Worked with the end users to troubleshoot problems with the packaged applications
  • Used VMware 6.0 Software for having clean base OS for packaging and testing.
  • Involved in documenting the standards and procedures employed for packaging and testing the packages
  • Involved in managing and implementing Active Directory and Group Policy Objects on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 server.

Environment: Wise Package Studio 8.0/7.0, App V 4.2, Windows 7, Windows XP, VMware Workstation 6.0, Orca, Test Director, Filemon, Regmon, SCCM 2007


System Administrator

  • Involved in entire Packaging Process i.e., requirement gathering, developing packages, peer reviewing and distributing on to UAT machines through Altiris deployment tool.
  • Developed Windows Installer packages (.MSI) using InstallShield AdminStudio 9.5.
  • Customized the packages using transforms (.MST) developed with Tuner and Developer to run alongside the original vendor Windows Installer setup package (.MSI).
  • Created Custom Actions that add additional functionality to an MSI using MSI/VB Scripts.
  • Worked with the Ghost Imaging software for creating the images.
  • Used third party tools Utilities like Filemon, Regmon and InCntrl to resolve the issues with MSI packages.
  • Tested the applications on Lockdown environment.
  • Utilized AutoIT v3 to automate tasks in a way not possible or reliable with other scripting languages (e.g. VBScript and Wise Script).
  • Analyze complex system and system configuration issues and provide solutions
  • Worked closely with the administrators in setting up and preparing the machines for packaging and testing.
  • Performed quality assurance analysis on all the packages before distributing them to production environment
  • Documentation of troubleshooting & issue resolution along with strategic planning, scheduling, and tracking of software distributions.

Environment: Installshield Admin Studio 8.0/9.5, Windows XP, Windows 7, Altiris, VMware, VBScript, AutoIT V3, Filemon, Regmon

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