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Network Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • High performing and self - motivated, extensive professional experience in implementing, managing and designing a network, and also in providing network support.
  • Strong expertise in the areas of Routing, Switching, security and troubleshooting.
  • Experience of cisco routers including 1800, 2800, 3700, 7200 series and cisco catalyst switches including 2960, 3500, 3750, 6500 series.
  • Strong experience in Networking, including hands-on experience in providing network support, installation and analysis for a broad range of LAN/WAN communication systems.
  • Configuring routing protocols and deployment of OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and performed traffic filtering by implementing policy based routing, standard and extended access lists, distribute lists and route manipulation using offset lists over Cisco routers.
  • Hands-on experience with TCP/IP, LANs, WANs, and WLANs (Wi-Fi).
  • Cisco VPN Concentrators, F5 Fire pass SSL VPN, 6509 Core Datacenter designs.
  • Experience with layer 2 security and different kinds of attacks.
  • Verify the layer 2 WAN PPP authentication using PAP-CHAP and PPPOE.
  • Knowledge of configuring the WAN protocols including HDLC, PPP, Frame Relay.
  • Configured the advance Spanning-Tree concepts like uplink fast, RSTP, PVST, Port-Fast features for fasting convergence.
  • Enable the First Hope Redundancy Protocol (FHRP) including HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP.
  • Knowledge of VTP modes and VTP Pruning.
  • Knowledge of the VPN technology and tunneling protocol including GRE, DMVPN, L2TP, MPLS, IPsec.
  • Knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting complex layer 2 technologies such as VLAN Trunks, VTP Ether channel, STP, RSTP and MST.
  • Working knowledge of frame relay, MPLS services, OSPF, BGP and EIGRP routing protocols, Netting, Subletting, also including DNS, WINS, LDAP, DHCP, http, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, OSPF, RIP, IPSEC, PPTP, VLAN, STP (Spanning tree Protocol), RTSP & Multicasting protocols.
  • Configured traffic filtering using standard and extended Access-List, Prefix-list, Distribution-list, and Route-map Technique.
  • Demonstrated abilities in working with team to deliver projects to clients within specified timeframe and as per specifications.




LAN Technologies: VLAN, VTP, Inter-VLAN routing, STP, RSTP

WAN Technologies: Frame Relay, ISDN, PPP, ATM, MPLS

Infrastructure Services: DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, SMTP

Network Managements: Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, SSH

Tools: GNS3, Packet Tracer, Net Scout, Cisco Works, Ethereal, TCP dump, Wire shark, Putty

Others: C, C++, HTML, Python, Windows family, Linux, Mac OS, Cisco IOS, MS office


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Network Engineer


  • Responsible for the installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the client network and partner WAN connectivity.
  • Involved in the Team of Data Center Operations to perform duties like administration and monitoring of Cisco Routers and Switches according to the organization requirements.
  • Performed network administration tasks such as creation and management of VLANS, Port security, Trucking, STP, Inter-VLAN routing, and LAN security.
  • Worked with Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, 3560, 2960 switches and Cisco 2800, 3600, 3800, 7200, 7600 and ASR series Routers.
  • Configuring, Maintaining the Routers and Switches and Implementation of RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP routing protocols and troubleshooting Remote infrastructure management of offices in different locations nationwide.
  • Installed and configured Cisco switches to merge voice and Data network infrastructure
  • Integration of branch sites to eliminate the cost of T1 WAN links.
  • Standardized site surveying, positioning, and configuration for WLAN upgrades for coverage in office areas, large-scale manufacturing warehouses, and outdoor layouts.
  • Executed configurations for routers, switches, wireless AP's, and WLAN controllers using Cisco/HP hardware.
  • Carried out network performance monitoring and planning and troubleshooting and end-user support.
  • Stood as primary support contact for all test teams regarding architecture, network topology and connectivity.
  • Coordinated new site integration with customers and provided router configuration scripts as needed.
  • Created and maintained network topology documentation as new sites were integrated.
  • Create and maintain documentation and Visio diagrams as it relates to network configuration, network mapping, processes, and service records.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Network Engineer

Responsibilities: -

  • Worked on the design and architecture team with creating network design, IP space allocation, procuring PO's for devices associated with the network infrastructure performed virtual lab based testing of network before deployment and implementation.
  • Configure switch ports connecting to the WAN and LAN networks with separate subnets and VLAN.
  • Configure the Static IP routes.
  • Troubleshooting with field technicians on access points, Small cell switches issues and backhaul connectivity issues with ISP.
  • Configuring AAA for Cisco Routers and Switches using TACACS+.
  • Used Network monitoring tools to ensure network connectivity and Protocol analysis tools to assess and pinpoint networking issues causing service disruption.
  • Optimized performance of the WAN network consisting of Cisco 3550/4500/6500 switches by configuring VLANs.
  • Negotiate VPN tunnels using IPsec encryption standards and also configured and implemented site to site VPN and remote VPN.
  • Configured policy based routing for specific traffic, route filtering with route maps and route.
  • Configured and troubleshoot default route and implemented DNS, DHCP, SNMP and FTP.
  • Responsible for service request tickets generated by the helpdesk in all phase such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, patches, fixes.
  • Planning & Implementation of different Network activity for streamline the Network Services with proper approval from Change Management.
  • Designed configuration and layout of WAN to include IPT, Internet facing VPNs and wireless subnet.
  • Responsible for researching new technology directions and making recommendations for improving the reliability & functionality of LAN & WAN.
  • Prepare Design documents Visio diagrams & Implementation plan for all projects on network environment.

Jr. Network Engineer


Responsibilities: -

  • Administering & designing LANs, WANs internet/intranet, and voice networks.
  • Analyzing & developing key components using methodology prescribed techniques.
  • Communicating and negotiating with users, specialists, other staff and suppliers.
  • Network connectivity troubleshooting, ping, tracert, telnet.
  • Responsible for communication protocols, configuration, integration & security.
  • Investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems.
  • Maintaining pre-packaged software applications on the LAN.
  • Upgrading and repairing faults on CIS systems, networks & peripheral equipment.
  • Cisco & HP switch configuration in particular VLAN configuration/troubleshooting.
  • Working with multiple technical platforms i.e. mainframe, two-tiered client-servers and three-tiered client-servers.

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