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Pc / Network Technician Resume


  • Graduate of Rowan College at Burlington County’s CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Informatics. Additionally, I am CompTIA A+ and CCNA certified.
  • The combination of my education and employment history has professionally developed me into a highly - energetic and skilled with advanced computer networking and network security experience. In the PC/Network support role, I have demonstrated a proven ability to identify network requirements, install updates, and monitor performance to ensure network reliability for optimal performance and reduce network delays.


Certifications: CompTIA A+ and CCNA

Software: Microsoft Office, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word

Networking: Network Essentials, Internetworking with TCP/IP, Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks, Ping, Ipconfig, IP Addressing and Subnetting, OSI, IPV4, IPV6, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SMTP, LAN, WAN, Ethernet, Cisco Routers and Switches’ configuration, RIP, OSPF, VLAN, STP, and firewall.

Administration: Active Directory Configuration, Network Infrastructure Server Administration, Windows 7 and 8 Configuration, Administrating Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Implementing Windows 2000 Professional and Server.


Confidential, NJ

PC / Network Technician

  • On-site networking and technical support to internal customers providing Network Cabling, TCP/IP Intra-Networking.
  • Other duties included: overseeing and managing a little over 100 desktops / work station, monitor network connectivity, configuration, cloning and image of Hard Drive, update software.

Confidential, NJ

Seasonal IT Equipment Coordinator

  • Repairing and managing the IT inventory.
  • Solving more than 5 tickets in the IT queue every day.
  • Transferring the equipment to other buildings as needed.
  • Installing the software for manager’s laptops as they requested.
  • Re-imaging the laptops and desktops after they were isolated.
  • Collaborating with team members that sets up the Gift Wrap Stations during peak time.
  • Configuring basic network troubleshooting for Network devices.
  • Checking the four areas’ equipment that are functional every day.
  • Maintaining and auditing the equipment every month.

Confidential, NJ

Business Developer

  • Created and managed the medical database using Microsoft Access which decreased the time lapse to accessing information from 2-3 hrs. to instantly (within seconds).
  • Troubleshot computer hardware problems, used Dreamweaver to maintain the official website.

Confidential, New York, NY

Portfolio Manager Assistant

  • Performed data collection,
  • Analyzed data from a variety of sources
  • Developed reports using Excel and Internet while ensuring accuracy of data.


System Administrator

  • Provided systems administration support for 3 branches in He Xi District including server and workstation upgrades, backup and disaster recovery monitoring, user account setup and security administration.
  • Helped resolve virus outbreak, isolated and removed virus that had infiltrated systems to ensured that the installed applications and network functioned properly and sorted out minor issues such as insufficient speed and crashes.

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