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Computer Consultant / System Administrator Resume

Orangeburg South, CarolinA


  • A dedicated and talented IT professional with an extensive history in hardware/software, network administration, systems engineering, computer operations, implementations, field services, customer service, upgrades, troubleshooting, technical support, and end - user support. Proven aptitude in working closely with cross-functional departments and key stakeholders to ensure timely completion and successful delivery of projects and support in a performance-driven environment. A resourceful and focused contributor who positively impacts an organization to reach and exceed short-term and long-term goals.


HillRom NCM & NNC Nurse Call Information, Microsoft Windows Server, Centrax, Active Directory, SQL, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, TCPIP, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Exchange Server, 3CX


Confidential, Orangeburg, South Carolina

Computer Consultant / System Administrator

  • Collaborated with customers’ needs to research, design, and implement software packages for various platforms.
  • Planned, purchased, and implemented hardware upgrades utilizing items such as routers, switches, motherboards, hard drives, and operating systems.
  • Provided a single point of contact via 24-hour support for customers.
  • Supported sever vertical software/ hardware platforms for hospital use such as Hill-Rom Nurse Communication Module and Navicare Nurse Call.
  • Built and maintained many small business networks.

Confidential, Cary, North Carolina

Field Service Engineer

  • Worked with engineering drawings and customer needs to install a complex hardware-software application using multiple hardware devices incorporating SQL databases, motion tracking, patient management, as well as handwashing protocols.
  • Installed and configured Centrax Nurse Location system comprised of infrared devices, Wi-Fi devices, and multiple ethernet type devices.
  • Provided proactive maintenance inspections on all products annually for each hospital Nurse Call System.
  • Crafted operating systems, both on server and client to support all applications using Active Directory, SQL, IIS, and other protocols.
  • Served customer 40 hours of support each week, as well as 24 hours per day on-call emergency on-site assistance.
  • Oversaw all Hill-Rom hospitals within a 3 State radius of home with 24-hour support.

Confidential, Columbia, South Carolina

Senior LAN Administrator

  • Responsible for maintaining more than 200 clients running Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP, Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation, and 12 Servers running Windows NT Server 4.0, 6 Windows 2003 Server, 6 Unix Servers 1 Novell 4.0 Server. Configure install, test and evaluate new software.
  • Troubleshooting all (WAN) problems related to connectivity between different sites in 5 other cities. Coordinate implementation of Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Trusting Domain Network. Monitoring databases CPM and EMR. Duties include maintaining Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and Changepoint & Softrack Servers and all Virus Protection. Maintaining Backup & Recovery Strategy using Tivoli Storage Manager (ADSM).
  • Created and maintained a computer lab for testing and developing a plan for migration from Windows NT to Windows 2003 Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange 2003. Assist in troubleshooting remote users Wireless Networks and VPN access. On-Call 24/7.


Senior LAN Administrator

  • Designed and built customers computer center. This included purchasing systems, ordering systems as well as doing all the implementation.
  • Installed and configured their Cisco routers as well as the Meriden PBX phone system. This included multiple VLANS as well as voice mail and voice mailboxes.
  • Responsible for deploying over 14 windows 2003 Servers along with several types of SDLS/XDXL modems.
  • Administration and maintenance of Microsoft Exchange Servers and
  • Upgrade and maintain the Local Area Network (LAN) equipment to Gigabit from the desktop to the routers.
  • Implementation of an IP based video security system.

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