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Customer Engineer Resume


Seeking an administrative position where I can apply my knowledge and further develop my skills in RedHat Linux


  • Around 6.2 years of experience in system, security and network administration in Confidential.
  • Redhat Certified Security Specialist
  • Redhat Certified Engineer
  • Redhat Certified System Administrator
  • Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
  • Red Hat of expertise in Directory Services and Authentication
  • Red Hat of expertise in SE Linux Policy Administration
  • Red Hat of expertise in Services: Network Security
  • Red Hat of expertise in Deployment, virtualization and system management(RHN Satellite server)
  • Red Hat of expertise in System monitoring and Performance Tuning
  • IBM AIX 6.1Certified administrator
  • Trained in Red Hat of expertise in Clustering and Storage management
  • Trained in Redhat Certified Virtualization Administrator
  • Experience in Data Centre management and operations - Support
  • Experience on all the Red Hat products implementation and administration - RedHat Active Directory Services, SE Linux, RedHat Clustering and storage, RedHat Satellite server and client deployment, RedHat XEN Virtualization.
  • Experience in handling product issues with Vendor & clients.


Hardware: Red - Hat Linux Enterprise servers (HP Proliant DL 585, BL 465/485,ML Series), Dell Power edge 1300/1500 server, IBM Xseries, Blade server, Oracle RAC.

Operating systems: Red Hat Linux (RHEL) 4/5/6/7, Solaris 9/10, IBM AIX 5.3/6, SUSE 10.x

Naming Services: DNS, NIS, and NIS+

Script, Programming Languages: Shell scripts, C C++

Web Technologies: Apache 2.x/3.x, WEBLOGIC 8, WebSphere 4.0/5.0

Storage: SAN, EMC Symmetrix / Clarion, iSCSI, SNAP, NAS, DAS

Software and Tools: LVM, SNMP, Nagios, MRTG, GNUPlot, IBM Tivoli, TCSmonIT, Redhat Luci cluster console, Redhat Virt Manager,CCM.net, Nagios and Cisco Trade Tool,HP server automation tool,Autosys

Cluster: Red Hat Cluster

RDBMS: Oracle, MS SQL Server


Antivirus: Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, Trend Micro Messaging Suite for Exchange, MacAfee Virus Scan Engine 7.1 / 8i, AVG (Grisoft)

Remote Access Tools: Terminal Services, Net Meeting, Web - Ex, mstsc



Customer Engineer


  • Enterprises application support of Java based Applications (that process financial transactions), on Linux platform
  • Develop ad-hoc reports using Oracle SQL and PLSQL
  • Automation of different tasks using Shell script.
  • Installation and Administration of Application servers and Web servers.
  • Installation and configuration of SSL s in Linux servers
  • Automatic and Manual deployment of environment specific software releases.
  • Responsible for performing Incident Management, Service Request, Problem Management and Change Management for Prod and Non-Prod environments.
  • Implement change requests, deployment of new releases and engineering tasks in Prod and Non-Prod environments.
  • Responsible for handling Security vulnerabilities in applications and upgrade software’s as required.
  • Responsible for establishing Root cause analysis for high severity Incidents.
  • Perform System Monitoring (server system logs, messages, and alerts).
  • Plan, participate and support the activities related to the Disaster Recovery testing, Data center migration and documentation of the results.


Linux Systems administrator


  • Installation, configuration and upgrade of Redhat Linux 5/6, Redhat Satellite 6.1, Cent OS 5.7, Windows 2003, windows 7,windows 8.1,windows 10 & Solaris 11 operating systems. Extensive experience with Domain Name systems, Active Directory, Windows Internet Naming Service and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Create and maintain YUM satellites for package management
  • Perform software maintenance release updates for systems management
  • Engage in Service Center Change & Problem Management
  • Review OS vulnerabilities and recommend patches
  • Implement Unix Security and hardening practices
  • Contribute to and maintain Standard Operating Environment standards
  • Research and recommend/develop innovative approaches that automate admin tasks (shell scripting for routine admin tasks - user administration, security compliance and janitors )
  • Build Kickstart based Physical & VMWare guest Linux Servers
  • Develop/contribute/maintain installation and configuration procedures
  • Provide L1,L2,L3 escalation support for Distributed Systems
  • Involved in day to day health check of servers of virtual and physical servers.
  • Automation and developed scripts using BASH scripts.
  • Involved in of Memory, CPU, Devices and network using ps, vmstat, iostat, netstat, SAR, nfsstat and SAR commands, tuning the performance.
  • Scheduling the jobs by creating Crontabs, Autosys and at jobs.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting VMware vCenter, VCOPS, vShield related alerts
  • Managing VMware environment using Virtual Center Server and ESX host administration in various locations across the globe .
  • Experience working on web applications like Apache, HTTP headers Load balancing, DNS, and DHCP.
  • Managing VMware environment using Virtual Center Server and ESX host administration in various locations across the globe .
  • Managing Cisco blades and chassis using the Cisco UCS Manager
  • User/Server Administration along with Performance tuning and monitoring in Linux servers
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting VMware vCenter, VCOPS, vShield related alerts
  • Upgrading the vBlock environment(UCS, vSphere


UNIX OS Analyst


  • Analyze the hardware processing capacity in unix flavours AIX and HP-UX and create the functional server in Redhat with applications installed and configured.
  • Hardware and software functionality will be tested for its maximum capacity and upgraded if needed to get the future requirements.
  • Carried out End to End migration from HP-Unix and AIX to RedHat Enterprise Linux.
  • Created a script to analyze the hardware components and its capacity.
  • Deploy the Redhat server in VMWare environment with the same capacity of processing and storage capacity.
  • Schedule the Cronjobs associated with every application.
  • Finetune the Linux Server to enhance performance of existing environemnts.
  • Deploy the application and its tunables.
  • Cutover the prod environment and bring up the newly built linux server.
  • Decommission the older environments after dry run after a scheduled runtime.


Linux System Engineer


  • Configuring a high-availability cluster, using either physical or virtual systems, GFS filesystem, SNMP to provide cluster monitoring, ISCSI targets and initiators, Managing software RAID and LVM.
  • Installation, Configuration of Red Hat Directory Server for TLS communication, Export/Import user information from/to an Confidential file, configuring a system to authenticate using LDAP, configuring a system to authenticate using Active Directory.
  • Configuring an NIS server to provide directory services, configuring NFSv4 server, configuring a network client to use NIS for directory information, configuring a network client to mount an NFSv4 export, Kerberos configuration and maintenance.
  • Installing an RHN Satellite server, Creating custom software channels, configuration channels, Kickstart configuration, Cloning channels.
  • Using utilities such as vmstat, iostat, mpstat, sar, gnome-system-monitor, top and others to analyze and report system behavior, configuring systems to provide performance metrics over a network via SNMP, query system performance metrics using SNMP, configuring graphical SNMP client utilities such as MRTG, RRDtool, etc, using /proc/sys, sysctl and /sys to examine, modify and set kernel run-time parameters, using utilities such as dmesg, dmidecode, x86info, sysreport etc. to profile system hardware configurations, analyze system and application behavior using tools such as ps, strace, top, and Valgrind, choosing which version of the application to run on a system based on its observed performance characteristics.

Linux Admin



  • Providing 24X7 Monitoring supports to Windows, AIX, Network & Linux systems
  • Network and OS issues will be intimated to the perspective teams Handling monthly maintenance activity
  • Applications will be encountered for issues.
  • Updating data to all the customers at frequent intervals.
  • Creation and frequent updating of SOP documentation.
  • Work with hardware vendor in getting parts replaced.

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