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Network Consultant Resume



  • 8 + years of IT experience of Migration, Installation, Administration, Planning, Implementation and Designing of various computer network architecture and telecommunication systems
  • Worked on Cisco 2300, 4000, 6500,7200 series Router and Cisco 1600, 2900, 6500 series switch
  • Advanced WAN configuration: MPLS, BGP, Frame Relay, PPP, ATM, HDLC, Traffic Shaping and Load Balancing
  • Worked on F5 Local Traffic managers (LTM), Global traffic manager (GTM) of series 6400, 6800, 3400, 5100, 3600 and 3DNS migration to GTM
  • Proficient using the F5 based profiles, monitors, VIP’s, pools, pool members, iRules for virtial IP’s
  • Inovled in scripting the iRules using TCL (Tool command language) and PERL for HTTP redirection
  • Deployed F5 Enterprise manager of 4000 series for the all cluster devices over the network for easier management of configurations like ssl certificates, disable and enable of nodes states.
  • Advanced LAN configuration: VLANs, NBAR, and VTP, STP, RSTP and wireless connectivity.
  • Configuring Internal Routing Protocols on Cisco Routers include: RIPv1, RIPv2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, TCP/ UDP, SNMP, SMTP and IPX.
  • Configuring HSRP, AAA, Tacacs+ and Radius servers.
  • Network monitoring and testing from Operation Center (NOC) from a network management perspective.
  • Advanced Router Technology: IP Access list, NAT, VPN, VoIP.
  • Quality of Service: Congestion Management and Avoidance, Policing, Shaping, and Link Efficiency.
  • Extensive Experience of Operating Systems including UNIX, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, Linux and Novell.
  • Configuration of ACLs on a Cisco Router.
  • Expertise in TCP/IP, AD, DNS, DHCP, Content Load Balancing.
  • Managing and monitoring Access lists and monitoring firewall, dealing with Malware, Spy ware. Knowledge of Secure Platform (SPLAT), Raid and SNMP.
  • Good understanding of services running on copper and fiber to node.
  • Black-Box, Back-end, Front-End, System and Functional Testing

    Sr. Network consultant Oct 08 – Present

  • Worked on Data Center Network migration planning & implementation project.
  • Provide Layer 3 and Layer 4 support regarding DNS , DHCP and Load Balancing
  • Worked with Cisco CNR, Cisco works 2000, Cisco ACH TACACS solutions, implementation of Cisco CNR, DHCP & DNS Solution in an enterprise environment.
  • Commissioning & de-commissioning with Cisco 7500, 7200, 6500 with SUP 720 module, 3550, 2950 switches for the Data Center migration & operations.
  • Worked with Test Lab environment on evaluating Cisco 6500 modules & IOS.
  • Configuring LAN, WAN & MPLS Network, co-ordination with the service desk & service provider for Network changes.
  • Working with the Cisco CSS, CSM load-balancers & Cisco ACE Module.
  • Configuring Inter VLAN Routing, SNMP, TACACS & syslog on Cisco 6500 Catalyst switches.
  • Implementing DNS changes on Windows, Solaris & UNIX environment, configuring zone transfer & resource records, handling traffic on primary, secondary & tertiary servers.
  • Have handled various network changes for email server & critical server migration.
  • Worked with Lotus notes & notes based databases including ICE, Ops Tracking, ICM & others.
  • Understanding the business requirement, evaluation of enterprise network solution, documentation of Network changes & audits.
  • Involed in migration of Cisco based Content switches (CSS) to F5 LTM of 6900 series and 6800 GTM series for wide area load balacing
  • Proficient in using the iRules for redirection of HTTP based traffic to HTTPS traffic, HTTP acceleration irule, GTM selective persistence iRule
  • Worked with the Disaster Recovery projects implementing Network changes in Cisco switched environment.
  • Configuring TFTP, FTP Servers, scheduling device configuration backup with Cisco Works & co-ordination with Cisco team for the critical issues.
  • Environment: Cisco 2600, 6500 series routers, Microsoft Windows Server, UNIX, PIX Firewalls, CSM, CSS, ACE and Cisco CNR

    Sr. Network Engineer Jan 08 – Aug 08

  • Migration of Frame relay to MPLS for Deutsche BankBranches across North America and Canada.
  • Work with Verizon Network group during the migration of the network.
  • Dealt with F5 migration of 3DNS to Global traffic managers (GTM) of BIG 540 series to GTM 6800 series
  • Deployed BIG IP Enterprise manager to cluster all the F5 LTM, GTM, ASA devices for easier management and common configurations
  • Involved in migration of F5 Local traffic managers of LTM 5100 series to LTM 6800 series for higer capacity of data process and loadbacling the webtraffic within the data center
  • Provide Layer 3 and Layer 4 support regarding DNS , DHCP and Load Balancing
  • Documenting and Approving the RFC on a daily basis for the changes scheduled.
  • Plan ahead and Prepare scripts for every site to be upgraded.
  • Continuous tests during Pre and Post migration, through the extended ping and maximum load test.
  • Worked on change management documentation of Network infrastructure design using Microsoft Visio.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Change Management Processes for Citi and also created support documentation when required.
  • Run the Cisco command scripts backing up the existing configuration to TFTP server and prepare audit logs for the management.
  • Run scripts to implement, upgrade and test the services.
  • Clean up all legacy devices and insure all systems in the environment have been cleaned up.
  • Measure the application performances across the MPLS cloud through various routing and switching methods.
  • Implementation of HSRP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, MRTG
  • Designed, developed, maintained and supported wired and wireless networks.
  • Configured L3 protocols (IP, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP, ISIS), redistribution, summarization, Filtration (using distribute list, route map, prefix list, access list).
  • Implemented network security using PIX Firewall, VPN with IPSec and GRE Tunneling.
  • Good understanding and Knowledge of Investment and Consumer Banking, and industry standard financial applications.
  • Environment: Cisco 2600, 6500 series routers, Microsoft Windows Server, UNIX, PIX Firewalls, NetInfo, Infoman, Virtual change and Putty

    Network Consultant Aug 07 – Dec 07

  • Monitor the traffic coming through the various communication services and stock market.
  • Administration of DHCP servers for simplification of network tasks through its support of IP addresses leasing and centralized configuration and management.
  • Involved in the migration of F5 3DNS to Global traffic manager (GTM) for the wide area based load balancing environment of the datacenters
  • Involed in updating the F5 wide ip cnfiguratios, persistence profiles, updating the SSL certificates across the F5 devices for the resourse updates
  • Installed WINS server and administration of WINS.
  • Implementation of HSRP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, MRTG
  • Implemented L2 protocols Frame Relay, ATM, PPP, ISDN, Dial Backup, STP (802.1d/s/w), MLS, MPLS, VTP, VLAN, Trunking using 802.1Q and ISL, IP Multicast and Quality of Service.
  • Designed and implemented complex routed and switched LAN and WAN using Ethernet Technology.
  • Reviewed the requirements document and the design specification.
  • Responsible in documenting the Test plan and Test case documents.
  • Designed and analyzed networks using Microsoft Visio.
  • Deployed Voice over IP and video using Cisco Unified Call Manager or CME with Cisco Unity Express.
  • Managed and configured VoIP devices which include gateway and gatekeeper.
  • Implemented dial plan, dial peer, digit manipulation, IP Telephony IP addressing with DHCP option 150, PC addressing and Subnetting.
  • Configured voice ports (T1 and ISDN PRI).
  • Configured interpod connectivity, GUI and IOS administration.
  • Implemented H.323 and SIP gateway protocols.
  • Environment: HP OpenView, Visio 2006,Windows Server, Active Directory, UNIX, Cisco 2600,6500 series Routers, PIX Firewalls ,Cisco call manager , Sniffer, DNS/BIND and NOC

    Network Engineer Sep 05 – Jul 07

  • Recommended acquisition of required hardware/software/networking elements.
  • Designed customer’s network infrastructure.
  • Understanding user requirements, converting them to design, diagrams and handing them off to implementation team.
  • Designed the internetwork component diagram depicting the network and its communications infrastructure of local branches to the head office using Microsoft Visio.
  • Include Scalability, security, Reliability and performance while routing and Automation in the design feature
  • Documented step by step procedure to install network servers, routers, modems & switches and configure them.
  • Performed layer 3 configurations of routing protocols EIGRP, RIP, IGRP, and OSPF.
  • Network Migration from RIP to OSPF.
  • Developed a work breakdown structure and risk management plan using principles from PMBOK.
  • Implemented SNMP on devices to allow for network management
  • Implemented HP Open View Server for network management.
  • Analyzed, designed the traffic requirements of corporate, branch and ISP in different networks using standard access list, hence providing additional security features.
  • Coordinated and assisted in Troubleshooting LAN connectivity problems and hardware issues while testing and Outage process, using Cisco pix firewall for security.
  • To liaise with telecommunication suppliers to co-ordinate their work at installation.
  • Coordinated the efforts of ISP in creating a user friendly e-commerce.
  • To design and develop plug and play environment for TCP/IP network.
  • Analyzed hardware requirements, servers for hosting servers and also directory services.
  • DNS namespace and Domain name registration.
  • Installed Active Directory to promote Domain Controller and security implementation.
  • DHCP configuration, using DORA and RFC 2136 standards.
  • Network Engineer Aug 04 – Aug 05

  • Provided DSL service to business customer using L1 protocols ADSL, CHSDSL and SHDSL technologies.
  • Provided support in choosing the most suitable type of above application for customers mainly depending on distance of site, speed and quality of service.
  • Handed over DSL capacity related issues at any exchange to the relevant design team for further capacity expansion.
  • Configured Multinet ATM Access Link using physical access and virtual circuits using frame relay or ATM layer 2 protocols.
  • Handled the above orders as per the customer request, Add, Change, Terminate, Relocate etc.
  • Implemented remote design process of setting up complete loop from customer end to ISP from different nodes using ONPS design system.
  • Monitored DSLAMS equipment installed in third party service providers premises and also acted as an interface with them for prompt communication.
  • Involved in configuring / troubleshooting issues relating to routers, switches.
  • Monitored and troubleshoot the protocols RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF and MPLS.
  • Liaise with client and product development staff in the design and implementation of new or modified telecommunications networks.
  • Worked on F5 LTM 6400, 6800 and GTM for the application load balancing.
  • Based on the request from the application owners of the enterprise
  • Configured Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator to allow VPN clients.
  • Hardware troubleshooting support for Cisco equipment.
  • Primary Link and redundant Backup Links (single/dual router/switch sites).
  • Planned, documented and updated existing system procedures, for installation and Outage process at clients premise.
  • Keeping track of the customer network at NOC 24x7, Prepare forecasts of network traffic and capacity, and recommend modifications to the network configurations which reduce costs or improve quality of service.
  • Environment: BORIS, Routers and Switches- Cisco 800 series modular router, 2600, 3600 mobile access router, Trouble Tickets management, Capacity check-Gizmo

    Network Administrator Apr 04 – Jul 04

  • Systems Integration in Wide Area Network using Cisco Routers, Switches, and access servers over E1 leased Lines and ISDN as per the request from the business based on the application need.
  • Interact personally with local and central Telecommunication exchanges to install a data circuit for customers requesting leased Line connection.
  • Routing Protocols (RIP, RIP V2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF), Virtual LANs, LAN, WAN and Ethernet.
  • Frame Relay, ISDN, PPP, HDLC, Network Troubleshooting using CLI Show commands, PING, Trace route, telnet.
  • Interacted with internal clients to resolve basic help desk connectivity issues
  • Monitoring and keeping track of the Network traffic analysis through the routers using MRTG.
  • Maintained good Customer Relation Skills & Troubleshooting skills in a production based environment.
  • Involved in group & individual presentations to corporate clients about the company’s internet based products like leased lines and modular routers.
  • Carrying out risk assessments, associated with capacity management, shifting traffic patterns and the impact of rolling out new applications or adding new geographic areas to the serving footprint.
  • Environment: UNIX, Raid, SNMP, PIX Firewalls, MRTG-Monitoring Tools, Cisco 2300 Series Router, Avantel Modem

    Education: B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering

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