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Network Engineer Resume

New Jersey, NJ


Tom has a diverse experience and knowledge in Network Design and Information Technologies, from designing complicated IP networks to the utilization of DS0 compression technologies for voice routed calls.Design and configured Hub and compressed networks using fiber, microwave, Sonet Microwave, DS-3, and ATM, along with DS3-DS0 devices.

Network Engineer

  • T-1, DS3 to DS1 to DS0 on digital cross connects, ISDN, DSL, ADPCM and ATM, Frame Relay, Fiber, and Voice designs ( 4wire E&M and 2wire configurations). To monitor all the circuits, cell site, ring node, 3B20 computer and 5ESS Switch, a GUI NMS was provided with the Lucent Switch for diagnostic purposes.
  • Capacity planning using CCI and Erlang B & C tables for Analog, TDMA, GSM, Proprietary TDMA ( Air to Ground Telephony ), CDMA, iDen networks that included cell site, network, switch, BSC and ring node growth.
  • Microwave, E-1, DCS / DACS design for a 200 cell site system in Australia, using hub and spoke methodology.
  • Provisioned Mesh equipment using granite at Metrofi.
  • Designed DS3 to DS1 and DS1 to DS0 digitial crossconnect systems for backhaul efficiency and redundancy. Some circuits were nailed up to provide PBX circuits to remote cell sites to eliminate the high cost of POTs lines. Many of these DSCs were part of the Microwave systems that I had designed. All to the circuits went through a Lucent 5ESS switch, providing more options for alternative routing.
  • In 1990, I designed one of the first PCS systems in the country, using BDF lasers at a distance of 20 miles( longest reach ) using analog Fiber low powered sites in Asland, Or.
  • At Claircom ( McCaw’s Air to Ground Service – Telephones in Alaska, American, Northwest and South West ). I design several Voice over Frame DS0 circuit to British Columbia, which save us quite a bit of money. I also backward engineered the European 9 Port E-1 (SS7), Switch ( partially developed by Claircom ) utilizing SS7 for signaling to discover the problem in one of the contract software modules. After thorough analysis of the hardware and software, there were 3 software modules that could be at fault, which were developed by HNS ( Hughes Network Systems). It turned out that one E-1 would lose sync and the pointer would never return forcing the switch to be rebooted. The other problem ( losing sync ) turned out to be the E-1 gitter attenuator / DAC and a new unit had to be utilize.
  • He was also was instrumental in the ISDN design on the narrow body equipment ( MD80 or 737 ). In the narrow body aircraft, the radio terminal would communicate somewhat directly to the handset in the back of the seat using a modified ISDN network.
  • Set up the Criteria for the switch and DAP architecture in the Philippines and Australia on the iDen system. The iDen network uses Frame Relay with psuedo IP’s to for connectivity and communication. The Voice packet resides on the frame relay packet, which is then directed to either go to the DAP for PTT connectivity or to the Voice Switch to make cellular type calls.
  • At Advanced Radio Telephone ( 39 GHz PTP and PTMP Communication ) they decided to use 3 different manufacturers of small ATM switches ( the cells contained only data ). I had to configure up the switches so that they would communicate with each other and to split the cells out to the customers ( original turn and design). The problem was that some of the ATM switches did not use ATM direct, so we had to encapsulate the FR by the ATM. Then the TCP/IP on some locations were encapsulated by the Frame Relay ( FR). The final ATM switch terminated into a 7200 Cisco router.
  • AT Covad I setup the Cisco 2500’s and 7500 routers, along with the ATM switch. Again ATM was the transport, which encapsulated the TCP/IP data.
  • Again at Covad, I would have to instruct the technicians of Qwest and GTE ( now Verizon) on the configuration of the ISDN terminal, so that it would work with the Covad 144 kbps circuits. Essentially Covad would Bind all three circuits 2B+D and provide 144 kbps rather than the 128 kbps that a ISDN circuit provides ( 2B).
  • With my co-location experience from Covad, I was able to smooth the process and have the original DSLAM installed into the Verizon CO for Sandynet. The Original network included a Linux Server ( mail, web and router ), fiber with TCP/IP converters, TCP/IP managed switch for VLAN’s and on DSLAM. Sandynet then bought another DSLAM, which I configured to work through the TNT DSLAM over a ATM backbone ( terminating on ATM DSL and FRAME Relay Circuits ) , which Lucent ( who made both switches ) told me would not work. They then added a router with two WAN circuits for redundancy utilizing BGP, which I configured. The internal routing protocols were OSPF to reduce load.
  • I also wrote scripts to aid the customer in the analysis of their system.
  • Additional configurations included 3 data cell sites, static routes and public IP’s to both the Stinger customers and TNT customers using static routing for the Stinger customers.
  • Configured VPN’s on remote offices using Linux IPSEC, Sonic and Linksys.
  • Configured TCP/IP routes and Voice over Frame on Motorola / Vanguard routers ( similar to a Cisco 3600. This same customer called me back after the original contract was finished to help them with their cut-over to a complete AT&T solution. Apparently the time delays had greatly increased from the original network to the AT&T network ( they had a west coast office, east coast office and a England office). AT&T was at a loss and so was the customer in determining the problem. I had AT&T check the ATM switches for improper configuration, which it turned out to be.
  • With all of the technologies, I have used the QOS that was provided to diagnose network problems, if there were frame errors, CRC errors or packet losses or timing losses.
  • Designed, installed, and configured a 4 site 900 MHz TCP/IP wireless broadband system and a 30 site MMDS using 2.3 GHz system. The configuration included IP Network design along with routing tables.
  • Designed and deployed and IP CCTV – cameras, lenses, DVR, Video – IP CARDS, video switch, tape back-up.
  • T-1 to Fiber design with converters – single mode ( cell site ).
  • TCP to Fiber converter Design and deployment– 2 mile runs
  • IT

    Set-up, maintained Linux Servers and routers – DHCP, Radius, Networking, Apache Web Server, Routing, DNS, Bind, Pop Mail, Smtp Mail, SSH, SMTP, Samba ( Windows Networking ), NAT, PTP, MPLS, SNMP, and FTP servers.

  • Wrote Scripts using shell and perl, to monitor and switch interfaces during outages, monitoring of mailbox sizes, and security monitoring of intrusions.
  • Modified ‘C’ Programming in Phone Terminals to improve Air Terminal Hand-offs.
  • Configured and Maintained Motorola, Linux, Cisco Routers and Switches, using OSPF, DHCP, BGP, EIGRP, RIP and Telnet.
  • Reconfigured and maintained Windows Networks and Computers – Windows Networking, Win 2000 and 2003 Server, XP, Pop Mail, FTP server, DNS, DHCP, Quick Books Server and Network, Inventory Database using MsSQL, including the elimination of virus and malware.
  • Configured Broadband management ( QoS ) using Sitara Network equipment.
  • Configuration of VPN networks and remote login.
  • Built , rebuilt, and repaired desktop and laptop computers.
  • Developed databases using MySQL and PHP 4.
  • Designed, Configured and Optimized several Broadband Wireless networks from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz – both in-building to the metropolitan level.
  • Installed and Configured Firewalls using software (Windows, Zone Alert ) and hardware ( Sonic, Linux, Checkpoint, Linksys, Cisco ).
  • Wrote Windows Shell and VBA programs.
  • Develop spreadsheets for Link Budgets, Co-Channel Interference and MW Database.
  • Use MS Access to for various record keeping.
  • Lucent DSLAM( TNT & Stinger ) installation and configuration ( routing, ATM-DS3 , FRAME Relay).
  • Growth Engineering, reconfiguration, and maintenance on 3B20 Mainframe computer and 5ESS switch.
  • Cisco Experience 3660, 3620, 2924, 7200, 2960, 1605, 1800.
  • Vanguard / Motorola router – 6000 series.
  • Employment History

    Consulting 2001 - Present

    Designed and optimized 802.xx Wireless Networks 2.4 to 5.8 Ghz
    Design and Maintain 900 MHz Data Wireless Networks – Waverider
    DSL Deployment, Wireless ISP Deployment ( Lucent DSLAMS with ATM protocols).
    Microwave Engineering / Telco Engineering ( including TCP/IP MW)
    Wireless Data Acquisition
    TCP/IP Firewalls – routers ( Linux, Cisco, Motorola, IPTABLES, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, SNMP, BGP)
    Scripting - Bash, Perl, Windows Scripting
    In-Building Wireless Systems and Wireless ISP Design
    Linux Administration - Linux Servers ( Apache, FTP, SSH, MySql, DHCP, DNS, POP, CYRUS, Radius)
    Microsoft IIS and AD for Win Server 2000 and 2008
    Voice over Frame Engineering and VPN networks.
    Windows Servers – 2000 and XP.
    Working knowledge of MsSQL, Access, and MySql.
    Consulting on Start-up Businesses and Business Plans – VP of Product Development
    Project Manager for Cell Site Construction, Network Cut-overs and CO DSL Installation.
    Microwave Design 5.3 GHz to 18 GHz
    Win 2000 IIS
    Interface with FCC ( 601 ), FAA, and Microwave frequency Clearance
    Developed link budgets for Microwave and PTMP equipment from 5.3 GHz to 18 GHz.
    Develop Co-Channel Interference Calculators for systems from 5 GHz to 18 GHz.
    Site Acquisition, negotiated lease costs and space locations for DSL and Wireless companies.
    Cell Site Battery and Rectifier test and turn-up for Verizon Wireless.
    Interference Analysis for Tower Consolidation
    Fiber Network Design
    Microwave Path Design and installation
    Project management for Cell site Construction, Construction CD’s, building Departments.
    Muni-WiFI 802.11a&b design ( 2.4, 5.3, and 5.8 GHz ) and optimization

    RF Manager & Operations Manager, Confidential, 2000 – 2001
    RF Engineering
    Operations Manager for Architects, office personnel, Site Acquisition, Project Managers and Construction Managers.
    Site Design Qualification
    Business Planning
    Linux / Network Administrator
    Sales ( Consulting Services)

    Operations Manager / Project Manager, Confidential, 1999 – 2000

    Central Office Manager
    Field DSL Manager
    ILEC Technical Interface - Qwest
    Warehouse Manager
    Capacity Planner

    RF Engineering Manager / Project Director, Confidential, ( Australia ) 1998 – 1999

    RF Manager and Project Manager for 200 Site System
    Chief Digital Transmission Engineer ( MW & E-1)
    Sun Administrator ( Solaris 2.6)

    Sr. Microwave Engineer / Project Manager, Confidential, 1997 – 1998

    Microwave Engineer (5 – 40 GHz)
    Project Manager ( ATM Switch / Microwave / routers)
    Sun Administrator ( Solaris 2.6)

    Technical Specialties

    Radio Engineering, Switch Engineering
    Microwave Engineering, Project Management
    Network Engineering – Cisco, Motorola, Linux, Windows Servers

    Technologies that were used, debugged, developed or analyzed.
    IS-54, IS-136, IS-41, IS-95, iDen, GSM, ESMR, TDMA( OQPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM), IEEE 802, ISDN, TCP/IP,
    Frame Relay, ATM, DS1, DS3, DS0, E-1, T-1, MFRC-R2, MF, SS7, PTUP, TUP, 4wE&M, 2wE&M, ADPCM,
    DCS, 8kb and 9.6 voice coders, ring nodes, X.25, RS-232, SNA 3270, Unix System V, \'C\', Fiber networks,
    Windows/NT, Linux, Oracle, Access, Firewalls, Routers, Visual Basic, C++, and MsDos, DHCP, RIP, OSPF, DNS,

    Registration - Certificates

    FCC General Class License – Radar Endorsement
    Lucent AutoPlex 1000 ( Switch, Ring Node, Cell Sites )
    Ericsson Cell Site Design

    Education and Short Courses

    BS Electronic Engineering Technology
    Ericsson Switch and Cell site programs
    Project Management Courses
    TCP/IP courses
    Frame Relay and ATM Courses, Oregon Institute of Technology
    Completed CISCO CCNA, Linux / Unix Courses
    AS400 and iSeries

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