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It Specialist Resume

Mebane, NC


  • IT/Engineering/Public Relations/Project Management professional with extensive international marketing/administrative and project management experience who is innovative, enthusiastic and flexible while being values driven. Considering roles that merge customer interface, high technical ability with extensive international experience with a passion for serving clients and colleagues.
  • 20+ years of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th level hardware and software technical support for Intel based Desktops and Servers.
  • 13+ years of Intel based Server Product Engineering/Development Engineering with storage and systems management emphasis.
  • 28+ years of international relations, technical representation for the Summer Institute of Linguistics and IBM; Brazilian, etc.
  • 15+ years of overt or implicit Project Management for IBM System x Product Engineering or High Performance Server Group.
  • 15+ year of overt or implicit asset management with several development labs, complete servers and option hardware or planar configurations with option hardware in the hundreds sent around the world (Europe and Asia), firmware and software license management of Windows and Linux configurations, database access management of the Alternate Source Qualification Database (hundreds of varying levels of access from read only to full edit capability), etc.
  • 40+ years of training/mentoring: Wrestling, USMC Field Radio Operator School, Bible Theology, Commercial Desktops, System x Servers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Technical Support and Field Support


Operating Systems: Windows (since 3.1 to Windows 10 and everything in between...), Linux since 2.0 (Red Hat, SuSe, Ubuntu, Centos), Limited (but more than passing) MAC OS's, Netware Distributions and VMware

Virtualization: VMware ESXi

Windows Services: Active Directory, Exchange, DHCP, DNS, Group Policy, Renasas Systems Management Interface (IBM), regedit

Applications: MS Office 2010, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Lotus Symphony, BOM Assist, ClearQuest/CMVC Defect Tracking, Product Manager, eXplore, LEAD's, Visio, Sharepoint, XenDesktop ( Confidential ), Service Manager, MFG Pro, AutoCAD 2014 - 2017, Jabber, WebEx MeetingLanguages: Python

Build Tools: GITHub

Application Servers: Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, Beta Windows 2016, Linux 2.0-6.5

Web Technologies: XML, HTML,CSS

Databases: SQL, IBM DB2

Scripting Languages: Shell, Perl, CLI (Windows, Linux, DOS), FPGA code

Testing/Analysis Tools: Wireshark, SolarWinds, MEMTestTerminal Emulation Programs: HyperTerminal, Tera Terminal Pro

Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP, BOOTP, SNMP, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, Telnet, NFS,ping, Rlogin, Modbus, i2c, SPI, uEFI

Storage: SSD, SAN, Flash, IBM Storwize 7000, N5500

Hardware: IBM x3690, x3750 M4, all System x and PSG Intel based Servers since 1995, LSI 2208 & 3108 micro controllers, Renasas micro controllers, FPGA, 16/32 bit microcontrollers (various), iBMC, BMC, H8, DSP based circuit designs, ADC's, DAC's, 110/220w power supplies, various Cisco, Netgear, Brocade, Linksys, IBM, etc. switches, hubs and routers from 2003 on, EMC design verification and validation, Intermec CK71, C3a1, C3b and CK3x Handheld Computers, PM43 Printers.

Hardware Design Software: Allegro 16.5, Cadence SPB 16.6

Module Programmers: BPWIN 1610 and 1710

Interfaces: RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, 4-20mA current loop, PCI, PCI-e

Hardware Rework Equipment: Metcal MX-500P-11, Nikon NI-150

Hardware Analyzers/Oscilloscopes/Multimeters: Agilent, Tektronics and Fluke of various vintages and capabilities


Confidential - Mebane, NC

IT Specialist


  • Intermec RF Scanner and Printer support/configuration/ inventory organization.
  • Dell Laptops and desktops, Cisco network interfaces Layer 1, 2 and 3, enterprise level Active Directory Administration. iPhone support.
  • Executive support for all IT systems, hardware and software, including remote support.
  • Vendor support, US based and international, 24x7 as required.
  • Team Employee of the Month - July, 2017

Confidential - Mebane, NC

IT/Personal Computer Consultant


  • Printer installation/configuration to office network for Faro de Gracia in Burlington, NC.
  • File transfer assistance .
  • Other lesser projects as needed including OS (Windows) configuration.

Confidential - Morrisville, NC

Hardware Development Engineer


  • Completed initial implementation of Systems Management hardware design for a future Intel based high performance server resulting in an easy technology hand off to my replacement.
  • Coordinated and completed EMC testing of a new x3750 M4 customer configuration for a pending sale.
  • Asset management of Department spare parts, including full server configurations, to be assigned as required to supporting Test/Verification Teams resulting in 100% tracking of all parts without loss during lab moves.


Hardware Development Engineer


  • Implemented and verified the LSI RAID On Mother Board (ROMB) 3108 and 2208 controller for the x3690 X5 and x3750 M4 (and refresh) High Performance Servers meeting quality improvement goals. This included initial OS (all supported versions) /driver/application verification for all Pre-Release HW versions before handing off to Test Teams.
  • Planned and executed the development of the Redundant Power Interposer for the x3690 X5 High Performance server, managing Mechanical and Power Development Teams participation in schematic reviews, initial HW bring-up, debugging and resolving of all Sev 1 and 2 defects until launch of program.
  • Managed the successful completion of the Marketing Team's DAU pre release and the Product Engineering Team's Early Experience Group post release programs of the x3690 X5, the x3750 and x3750 M4 servers, managing the shipment of early development passes of hundreds of servers and peripherals with accompanying firmware and software updates as required.
  • Represented System x Server Development in quarterly Brazilian customer briefings at the IBM Briefing Center, advising over 100 customers on server purchases and other equipment possibilities.

Staff Hardware Engineer



  • Participated in schematic reviews to verify electrical routing, performing initial bring-up, debugging various problems, and working on defects of the integrated Base Management Chip (iBMC)/Integrated Management Module (IMM) developed for the next generation BladeCenter Blades and Series x Servers scheduled to be released into the marketplace in 1Q 2009.
  • Supervised all aspects of Lab Management for Department, including security compliance and equipment tracking, spare component organization, etc.
  • Executed hardware re-engineering for prototype IMM platforms.

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