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Consultant, President, Ceo Resume

San Jose, CA


  • VMware certified professional with more than 18 years’ experience (which includes 17 years of US experience) in Administration, Virtualization Technology, Cloud, IaaS, Storages Architecture, Systems Engineering, Lead, and Architect in large environments.
  • Solid design, build, manage, architect, administration experience in Cloud, IaaS, VMware vSphere 6, 5, 4, VI3, Virtualization Technologies, including CISCO, Microsoft, Linux, Nexus environments.
  • Key role person in cloud infrastructure, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, automation and saving 200K per month.
  • Migrating existing virtual environment to Cloud, to manage resources on demand and to manage several activities by clients. This will save resource timing and IT cost.
  • Manage multiple projects, finalize, decision maker behalf of all technical aspect perspective such as networking, storage, OS, LB, Security, performance.
  • Manage offshore teams, internal teams, and internal/external customers and lead multiple projects/POCs.
  • Solid experiences in VMware vSphere, ESXi 6, 5, ESX 4.1, 3.5., 3.0.2, 2.x, VI3, P2V, V2V, vCenter Server, vCloud, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, View 4.5, VDI, design, build, installation, patch, update, tuning, and administration.
  • Planed, executed and migrated existing ISP service to new ISP service while maintaining 99% uptime in in - house hosted websites.
  • Virtualized plenty of physical servers and reduced power consumption by 60%, reduced air cooling requirements by 50%, and reduced hardware maintenance costs by 75% annually.
  • Solid experience Windows Server NT/ 2000/2003/2008/2012 , Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, AD, OU, GPO, design, build, installation, day-to-day administration activities.
  • Solid experience in Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, OWA, Blackberry Enterprise Server, POSTINI, Google G-Suite and administration including patching, and update.
  • Extensive experience in Redhat Linux 4, 5, 6 Fedora, OpenStack, SUSE, Ubuntu, MAC, SUN SOLARIS.
  • Recommended, designed, and build, SAN, NAS, iSCSI, NLB Clusters, Server Cluster, Redundant and Fault Tolerance configurations. Designed and configured LUNs, RAID, SAN Snapshots, and SAN Mirroring in various environment such as Brocade, CISCO MDS, HP SAN, EMC CX Series, and NetApp FAS Series.
  • Solid experience in large installations administration of Backup solutions including Disaster Recovery solution. Expert in LTO Tape Libraries and File System Storages.
  • Configuration and maintenance experience in CISCO Switches, UCS, UCSM, Nexus, N1K, VSG, VNMC. Firewall PIX, ASA, Routers, and Catalyst, and CISCO Aironet Wireless Access Points.
  • Expert in monitoring solutions such as Compaq Insight Manager, HP Insight Manager, IBM Director, DELL OpenManage, Nagios, UPS Monitor, Temperature Monitor & Device Monitors.
  • Expert in database installation & configuration such as SQL Server 6, 2000, 2005, 2008, Oracle 6 -11g.
  • Software deployment tools such as Ghost, McAfee, ePolicy implementation and administration. Deploying RPM packages in Linux, DMG packages in MAC. Patching solutions such as PatchLink, WSUS, and Kaseya.
  • Extensive experience in configure and setup of Web Servers, IIS 4,5,6,7, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, SSL, LDAP, DNS, NAT, Zones. Installation and configuration of Websphere, Apache, and Tomcat in Linux, Windows.
  • Scripting, development, experience in C#, ASP, VB, .NET Frameworks, WMI, Power Shell, Shell, PowerCLI, VMA, Bash, Perl, Active Perl, Crystal Report 8, 10, 2008. Researching and resolving coding issues.
  • Ability to understand complex technical problems and introduce innovative solutions independently. Ability to pickup new technologies, handle multi task and multiple priority tasks, and provide best practice solutions with maintaining SLAs. Having ability to work with and manage large team.


Virtualization/Systems Engineering: 12+ years experience in: VMware ESX/ESXi Server 2.5.1/3.0/3.5/4.0/5/6 , Virtual Center 2.5/4.0/5.0/6 , VI3, vSphere 4/5, HB, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Virtual Switches, Trunk Ports, NIC Teaming, VLAN Tagging, V-Motion, DRS, HA, Capacity Planner, VMware Convertor, VDI, VMware View, CapacityIQ, AppSpeed, P2V, VCB Backup, Hyper-V, MS Virtual Server, MS Virtual PC, VMware FUSION, VMware Workstation, VMware Lab Manager, VMware Lifecycle Manager, Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenAPP.

Operating Systems/DCs/Active Directory: 16+ years experience in: Microsoft Windows® NT/ 2000/2003/2008/2012 /2016, Windows 7, Domain Controllers, Active Directory, Group Policies, Roles, DNS, DHCP, WINS, and IPs.10+ years experience in Redhat 4, 5, 6, 7 Fedora, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, SUN Solaris, MAC.2+ years experience in IBM AS400, AIX, HPUX, IBM Client Access Express, and JDE.

Email Collaboration: 8+ years experience in: Exchange 5.5 & 2000 & 2003, 2007, OWA, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Exchange Front-End/Back-End Servers, RPC-HTTP, CAS, Certificates, POSTINI.

Database: 14+ years experience in: MS SQL Server 6, 2000, 2005, Oracle 6, 8, 9i, 10g, 11g and Quest TOAD.Experience in DB2, MySQL, File databases such as Microsoft Access, CSV, XML, Excel, and RSS.

Servers/SAN/NAS/Storages/Clusters / Fabric Switches: 12+ years experience in: Building UCS, Dell, IBM, HP, SUN, Blade Servers, Zero Clients, Thin Clients, Setup and Configuration of Devices (backup, KVM, storages, UPS, Wireless). Rack installation, Temperature and Power Management, Configuring Integrated Light On, DRAC, 7+ years experience in: Setup and configuration of SAN, NAS, iSCISI, EMC CX4 480/CX3-80/NS480/DMX/VMAX, NetApp FAS 3050/6080, HP, Fiber Channels, Qlogic HBA, Brocade Switches, and CISCO MDS 9134/9124, Analyze and configure LUNs, RAID, Volumes, Snapshots, Mirroring with Redundant and, fault tolerance, Experience in configuring NLB Cluster and Server Cluster.

Networking/Switches/Security: 6+ years experience in: LAN, VLANs, WAN, CISCO Catalyst 6509, 4000, 3500, 2600 and 3600, N7K, N5K, N1K, VSG, VNMC, ACE, PIXs 515E, ASA 5510, CISCO Aironet Wireless Access Points and NLB Clusters, Protocols such as TCP/IP, DHCP, Telnet, FTP, SFTP, CHAP, MS CHAP, MS CHAP V2, FCP, NFS, CIFS, SMB, SNMP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, AppleTalk, RDP, PCoIP.

Expert in: Upgrade CATOS, IOS of various Switches. Manage Switches and configurations.

Scripting /Software Development: Expert in: VB Script, VB.NET, C, C#, ASP, .NET Framework 1-4, C++, Power Shell, Active Perl, Perl, PHP.m Expert in Windows Scripting and automate the scripts using scheduling tasks or windows services, Linux Bash, Shell Scripts and automate process using Cron Jobs, MS Visual InterDev 6, Visual Studio 2003-2010, MS Expression Studio 2, SharePoint, Visual SourceSafe, MS SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VB Script, Crystal Reports, API, MAPI, Web Control, ActiveX Control Programming and Plug-Ins, COM, DCOM, Adobe Photoshop 5-CS4, Flash, CSS. Administered Visual Source Safe and Version Control.

Websites Configuration: Apache, IIS 4,5,6,7, FTP sites, SSL, Adobe Graphic Server, SharePoint Server, LDAP, DNS, NAT, Zones, and MX Records, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Podcast, RSS Feed, Streaming, Google Apps, Google Analytics. Microsoft OfficeLive, Installation and configuration of IBM Websphere, Apache Tomcat.


Consultant, President, CEO

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • IT Administration, architect, reorg, migration support. Provide solutions to move businesses to cloud infrastructure. Support Managed, Self-Manage, Linux, Windows infrastructure.

Cloud Systems Administrator /Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Built and support end to end process.
  • Build/support/maintain Cloud environment, IaaS, ESXi, vCloud Director, OpenStack, VC, N1K, VSG, VNMC, UCS, ACI, APIC NewScale, CPO/TEO, StackStorm, Oracle DB, Linux VMs, Windows VMs. Support vCloud VDC tenants.
  • End to end cloud operation architect /build/support which involves various tools. Handle multiple projects.
  • Perform various infrastructures such as hardware/cloud/vCloud/Oracle DB/IaaS, architect and benchmark standards and limits.
  • Extended support of managed Linux/Windows and self-managed infrastructure as well design and automate.
  • Linux Administration - performance, P1/P2, networking, IO, LVM, POC, provision, support, automate.
  • Windows Administration - AD, OU, GPO, Domain controllers, provision, support, automate.
  • Build and manage Cloud environment in multiple locations. And expand infrastructure on demand.
  • Suggest multiple teams, tenants, PMs, POCs to improve the Cloud /IaaS / SaaS / PaaS environment.
  • Built and configured plenty of UCS, ESXi, N1K, VNMC, VSG, vCenter Servers, IaaS environment. Understand clients requirement, analyze, provide solutions and implement.
  • Providing solutions building infrastructure to migrate existing environment to Cloud.
  • Plan, architect, migrate VMs, storage, NAS, VIP across buildings as well across states. Perform mass migration without downtime or with minimum downtime.
  • Ran multiple POCs, RAC on VM, FalconStor Storage, Cloud/IaaS self-provisioning.
  • Support multiple projects, find the root cause of issues and fix. Any projects where issues occurs, issues could be from storage, network, 6509E, ACE LB, N1K, N7K, VSG, VNMC, vCloud, VC, SQL Server, Oracle, UCS, MDS Fabric, CNA, UCSM, UCS Central, auto provisioning tools, workflow etc.
  • Scripted to add VLANs, port-profiles, multiple configurations and capacity reports.
  • Support multiple locations DC such as Allen, Richardson, SJC, RTP, Europe, India, Singapore, test lab.
  • Support multiple environments such as Prod, Non-Prod, DMZ, Sim-DMZ, Internal, External, Protected-Internal, Client Side, Server Side network. Our IaaS clients can order VMs using any of above network.
  • This environment includes with nearly 1800 UCS Chassis, 58000 VMs and plenty of N1K, N7K, N5K, VSG, VNMC, PNSC, and ACI. Environment is keep growing on demand.
  • Planned, performed P2P, P2V, and migrate HP to UCS and recorded several key activities in WebEx.

Virtualization Solutions Architect / Systems Lead Engineer

Confidential, Mountain View, CA


  • Responsible to split datacenters and migrate to Confidential and Confidential along with virtualization, design, architect and integration.
  • Responsible key person to analyze environment, run capacity planner, give assessment, and recommend solution including virtualization.
  • Consolidate, virtualize and migrate datacenters across west coast to east coast as well as building to building in Mountain View.
  • Analyzed, Designed, defined, installed, and configured plenty of VC, ESX, Linux, Windows, RAC hosts.
  • Mange and Responsible to architect/re-engineering/upgrade infrastructure. Built plenty of ESX servers, View, Composer, Zero Clients, P2V plenty of physical servers in multiple datacenters.
  • Built, manage, migrated SAN storages. Environment including CISCO Unified Systems, UCS 5108, NS120, NS480, vblock 1, vblock 0, LUNs, Volumes, Fabric switches, Zoning, Snapshot, and Mirroring.
  • Responsible to install, configure, Administrate, lead, support VMware products, Linux, Windows.
  • Responsible to re-engineer, architect Storages, Fabric Switches.
  • Day to day activity in VMware vSphere 4, VI3, View 4.5, SAN, Linux, Windows, SUN Solaris, Infrastructure such as administration, patch, update, tuning, scripting.
  • Provided virtualization and migration solutions and plan across the team.
  • Trained team in virtualization and administration to manage the infrastructure.

Sr. Solutions Architect/ Technical Service Lead Engineer

Confidential, Morgan Hill, CA


  • Performed Domain Controllers migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008.
  • Day to day activity in Email Systems, Exchange Servers, OWA, POP3, SMTP, Blackberry, RPC Over HTTP, Certificates, and POSTINI. Merging & extracting mailboxes.
  • Performed Exchange DB special backup, Patching, User level backup. Implemented new Exchange Front End server and decommissioned old Exchange Front End Server as part of hardware recycle policy.
  • Implemented Exchange Direct-Push with high security policy to send/receive emails using mobile devices.
  • Analyzed, configured, implemented, documented, backup and Restore solutions. Disaster Recovery plan for Servers, Switches, VMs, Applications, APP Components, Databases, and Exchange DB. Implemented Backup Offsite Storage Policy.
  • Performed Scheduled Maintenance, Upgrade, and Patching in VMware ESXs, Windows OS, Linux, Application Servers, and Databases with rollback scenario where applicable.
  • Performed Scheduled Maintenance, Upgrade, and Patching of vendor applications such as EPolicy, Ghost, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Backup Applications, ADP Payroll, Avaya eCAS, LENEL OnGuard Security.
  • Applying vulnerability and security patches using services such as PatchLink, WSUS, and Kaseya.
  • Performed Firmware Upgrade of Servers, BIOS, Devices, and Switches.
  • Build, configured, SAN Storages with redundant and fault tolerance, FC, iSCSI, Qlogic HBA, FC Switches. Analyzed and configured LUNs, RAID, SAN Copy, SAN Snapshot, Zoning, and Volumes according to the requirement and future growth plan.
  • Build, configured, and managed Servers such as Compaq, HP, IBM, SUN and Dell. Build, configured NAS, Backup Storage Devices, and Tape Library.
  • Build NLB and Server Clusters.
  • Setup and configuration of monitoring solutions and alerts such as Nagios, HP Insight Manager, IBM Director, DELL OpenManage, SNMP trap.
  • Monitoring Temperature, service failure alert, Websites, Databases, APC UPS batteries.
  • Performed troubleshooting issues in CISCO 6509, 4000 Series Switches, PIXs and ASAs. 24/7 availability for all IT related issues and enhancement. Configured CISCO Aironet Wireless Access Points.
  • Implemented Site-To-Site VPN between corporate and branch offices. Implemented AnyConnect VPN.
  • Discontinued PPTP VPN and implemented L2TP VPN with pre-shared key, MS CHAP and MS-CHAP V2 Authentication Protocols.
  • Architected and migrated from old CISCO PIX 515E to new ASA 5510. Upgraded IOS and ASDM.
  • Maintaining LAN, WAN, VLANs, VTP Domain, IPs, Fiber Network, Wi-Fi, and Access Points. Re-Engineered VLANs, VTP, Trunks.
  • Implemented Monitoring Network using tools such as Network Probe, Solarwinds Products.
  • Scripted Nagios to monitor servers, switches, devices, services, websites, and FTP sites.
  • Scripted to backup switch configurations periodically.
  • Scripted to truncate SQL Server database log file and scheduled to run this job periodically.
  • Scripted to check database file sizes and send email with severity level periodically.
  • Scripted AWSTATS, to get web statistics of website from W3 Logs.
  • Scripted to get reports from KIWI Syslog, RADIUS VPN logs.
  • Scripted Interwoven MediaBin application to authenticate using Active Directory Users, Local Users, and our Dealer Portal users located in Oracle database using LDAP.
  • Architected and leaded to implement customized Windows XP images to Desktops and Laptop using Ghost.
  • Resolved high level / escalated technical issues with documentation and root cause analysis for datacenters and IT related issues.
  • Architected, implemented new Gilroy branch location with datacenter, new ISP, PIXs, Switches, and Trust Network communication between datacenters.
  • Architected, led to move to new ISP with maintaining few websites from in-house.
  • Provided Reports to management using Crystal Reports 8, 10, 2008 to management with backend database such as SQL Server/Oracle/DB2/Exchange DB/Excel/XML/CSV. This is web based reports, secured and tied with Active Directory users.
  • Installed, configured, administrated Oracle 9i/10g/11g, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008. Created and managed schemas, databases, privileges, OLEDB connections with Reports and web applications.
  • Handled import/export schemas, DBA/Users tables. Implemented SQL Server database maintenance plan to backup database.
  • Configured, Developed, Managed, Supported, Web Applications, Storefront Applications, customized MediaBin, multiple websites, SSL, FTP Sites, SMTP Server.
  • Managed Web Servers with Databases and multi tire architecture, App Servers, SSL, B2B, B2C websites.

Technical Service Lead Engineer /Systems Administrator

Confidential, Dayton, New Jersey


  • Installed, configured, Microsoft Products, Vendor Applications, and Repositories.
  • Provide day to day support to PC, MAC, Linux users including troubleshooting, assistance and fault corrections.
  • Managed database resources, perform installations and upgrades, and implement space management procedures.
  • Responsible for monitoring clients websites and URLs ensuring 24/7 availability.
  • Installed OS, application, hardware, upgrades, and patches.

Systems Engineer/Software Engineer



  • Performed pre-sale and post-sale activities including in international projects along with multi-national travel. Built, administered, and supported NT 3.0/3.5/4.0, APP/DB for various customers.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues in workstations and servers (Compaq, HP, IBM blade servers).
  • Provide day to day support to PC and UNIX users. Also provided 24/7 on call support to clients.
  • Implemented and supported ISP, Applications, Systems, to various customers including SPIC & Hospitals.
  • Installed and Configured Oracle 6.0, 7.0, SQL Server 6 to various customers including Schools.
  • Managed backup and policies using ArcServe 6.0, 6.5, 6.6 for NT.
  • Migrated data from MySQL to Oracle and migrated website from Linux to Windows IIS.
  • Created reports using Crystal Report for client server application (Visual Basic 5, MS Access).

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