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Transmittals Engineer Resume

Lanham, MD


  • Fourteen years of experience on Configuration Management, Release Management, Administration of applications in database, client/server and Web/Internet environments under Unix/NT/2000 platforms.
  • Strong experience in Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest Administration.
  • Strong experience in GitHub, Perforce and Subversion Administration.
  • Designing expertise in ClearCase UCM components, PVOBs and VOBs.
  • Migration expertise in migrating code from different version control tools like Perforce to GitHub.
  • Build/Release experience in multiple Build and Deploy tools (Visual Source Safe, Build Forge, Hudson, TeamCity, Jenkins and JenkinsCloudbees).
  • Experienced in writing triggers for ClearCase and hooks for Subversion.
  • Installing and configuring GitHub, Subversion, Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest.
  • Experienced in creating scripts for Backup and restoring.
  • Created, administered and enforced detailed standards around, source code repository management and configuration and stream strategies.
  • Good knowledge in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment(CD) methodologies.
  • Managed and automated all aspects of our AWS infrastructure (compute, storage, network, permissions, cost).
  • Experienced with installation of AWS CLI to control various AWS services through SHELL/BASH scripting.
  • Automating, configuring and deploying instances on AWS cloud.
  • Create and manage S3 buckets and policies for storage and backup purposes.
  • Experience with AWS API Gateway and Rest APIs, VPC's and Security Groups.
  • Experience in working on several Docker components like Docker engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker registry.
  • Extensive knowledge on creating and managing IAM management, Users, EC2 instances, EBS, S3 storage, VPC architecture, security groups and RDS resources on AWS.
  • Dynamic, creative thinker and energetic implementer.
  • Team player. Excellent management and communication skills.


Version Control: Rational ClearCase (Base & UCM), Rational ClearCase Multi - site, Subversion, VisualSourceSafe, GIT, CVS, Perforce

Languages: C++, Java, Abinitio, .NET, Hyperion, Perl, Ruby and Python

Operating System: Linux and UNIX, Windows (all flavors), Sun Solaris

Tools: Visual Source Safe, Rational ClearQuest, Visual Studio 6.0/ .NETWeb sphere 3.5/4.0, RequisitePro, ANT, MAKE, PERL, Apache Tomcat, Jetty

Databases: Oracle, SQL server


Confidential, Lanham, MD

Transmittals Engineer


  • Conduct pre-build and build meetings to validate VDDs and transmittal docs before deployments.
  • Perform deployments to all lower environments and validate latest changes and application.
  • Automate the deploy process for lower environments to validate Kisam status and other applications.
  • Work closely with the Dev team and the Infrastructure team to understand the Tier1 and Tier2 process of deployments.
  • Created deployment concepts, project flow, and project scope to migrate to AWS.
  • Setup and configured initial Client account and policies on AWS.

Confidential, Bristol, CT

Build, Release and DevOps Engineer


  • Administration of Github, Perforce, TeamCity, Nexus, Jira and Confluence and JenkinsCloudbees
  • Extensively used Perforce and Github as a Configuration Management tool to manage source code.
  • Experience with P4 Command line to automate admin tasks.
  • Creating Github organizations, repos and setting up groups and giving push\pull access to repositories.
  • Migrate data from Github Cloud to Internal Enterprise server.
  • Migrating Github repositories from Disney to Confidential Enterprise server.
  • Migrated source code from Perforce to Github enterprise using GitFusion tool and sunset Perforce.
  • Setting up service hooks and webhooks for all Github repos to auto trigger builds in TeamCity.
  • Upgrade all CM tools on a regular basis.
  • Integrated SAML Authentication for Github from external authentication.
  • Automate nightly GitHub backups from Prod to Dev through github backup utils.
  • Maintain continuous Integration build process and automation in TeamCity.
  • Created Builds and deployed builds to different environments based on requests.
  • Setup Maven Remote Internal Secure Repository with access restricted to team members.
  • Supported Java and .NET development teams with build requests and troubleshoot any build related issues.
  • Involved in upgrading\setup of Jira as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plugins for the Jira bug/issue tracker.
  • Provisioning of servers for configuration management using Chef and Docker on VSphere\Amazon Web Services
  • Actively participated in the automation effort. Created and wrote Opscode Chef cookbooks using Ruby to build Openstack and AWS environments.
  • Extensive knowledge on creating and managing IAM management, Users, EC2 instances, EBS, S3 storage, VPC architecture, security groups and RDS resources on AWS.
  • Manage multiple AWS accounts with multiple VPCs for both production and non-production.
  • Provisioned elastic and highly available infrastructure on AWS, including EC2s, RDSs, Bastion Hosts, NAT Instances, Elastic Load Balancer and AutoScaling groups.
  • Designed and provisioned cloud backup and storage solutions using AWS S3.
  • Helped in the migration of on-premise application to AWS
  • Design AWS CloudFormation templates to create VPC architecture, EC2s, Subnets and NATS to meet high availability application and security parameters across multiple AZs
  • Trouble-shoot Continuous integration and automated deployment using TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven, Chef, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Created custom VPC configurations, Cloud Formation for rapid deployments and high availability framework on AWS.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Senior Release Engineer


  • Upgrade and administration of SVN and GIT repositories.
  • Upgrade and administration of Atlassian Fisheye / Nexus / JIRA.
  • Responsible for maintaining build scripts and maintaining all projects enhancements and changes and setup new projects for builds and deployments in Hudson.
  • Clearing space on all LE servers (logs and older release versions).
  • Written scripts in Perl and Shell to enhance build process.
  • Written scripts to Backup version control system (SVN and GIT).
  • In the process of writing hooks for GIT to Integrate with JIRA.
  • Provided applications and systems support for Development, QA and Production Environment.
  • Worked closely with Development and QA team to analyze build failures and resolve the build issues.
  • Running deployments for multiple project daily to Dev, QA, Staging and Production environments.

Confidential, Herndon, VA

ECM Administrator


  • ClearCase and Subversion Administration of interop environment for Windows and Unix servers and applications (setup, installation, maintenance, implementation, etc.)
  • Support multiple users over multiple projects using UNIX, NT clients and the Web Interface. Involved in daily maintenance, support and upgrades.
  • Worked with the Project Managers to create and implement UCM Models.
  • Created and maintained Rational ClearCase UCM objects including PVOBs, components, streams and baselines.
  • Conduct net meetings with developers to resolve issues during build and deployment process.
  • CM lead for 20 applications that fall under the HAMP program which is managed and funded by the Treasury under the Obama administration.
  • Create and implement policy through documentation, scripts and triggers.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for problems with Rational tools on user’s workstations.
  • Responsible for builds and deployments of software applications into all environments using internal build tool iCART.
  • Created ClearCase triggers and updated CM scripts.
  • Generated custom scripts written in Perl to automate collection of metrics reports on build information, vob owner, element owner, locked vobs notification through email setup in autosys and elements owned by other users.
  • Setup perl scripts in autosys to generate reports on a daily basis.
  • Trained and assisted analyst, developer, QA and support teams on software tools and general release and deployment process.

Confidential, Shelton, CT

Software Configuration Manager


  • Administrator of Rational ClearCase and Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Ensured integrity of released software as well as reproducibility of past releases.
  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a new build environment in Build Forge.
  • Involved in hardware recommendations and assisted with the design of network architecture regarding the placement of VOB, View, and database servers.
  • Provided training to developers on most commonly used ClearCase functions, explained the significance of branching and labeling.
  • Provided end user support, performed baseline builds, code merge activities, software release management and other SCM activities.
  • Supported ClearCase Multi-site administration in a large windows environment.
  • Involved in Managing the Branching Strategy
  • Created needed branches and labels and config specs for developers and activities like branching and merging.
  • Designed and supported ClearCase Branching models based on the project’s requirements.
  • Created ClearCase triggers to advance development processes and enforce CM policy.
  • Involved in rolling out a in-house self service tool to create meta-data, apply labels and perform merges from Integration branch to main.
  • Troubleshooting of developers for accidentally deleting directories and files by restoring them from lost and found or by merging from previous version.
  • Involved in upgrade and tuning ClearCase environment from v6.15 to v7.0.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day ClearCase support for all in-house projects.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Build and Release Engineer


  • Setting up the SCM standards/processes and CM system for development groups, designing branching and labeling strategies, implementing triggers to enforce the corporate SCM policies and managing third party library binary files for controlling vob space.
  • Re-engineered the SCM environment for existing applications, and divided projects and migrated to new vobs for better performance.
  • Provided applications and systems support for Development, QA and Production Environment.
  • Closely worked with Development and QA team to analyze build failures and resolve the build issues.
  • Assisted developers in doing daily and weekly build. Resolved issues related to build failures like baseline view, build script problems and syntax errors.
  • Provided daily support to developers for effective use of ClearCase and Subversion as a member of SCM support team.
  • Provided support and maintenance to the ClearCase and Subversion infrastructure for both UNIX (Solaris and Linux) and Windows (NT).
  • Implemented Shell and Perl scripts for release and build automation. Manipulated and automated scripts to suit the requirement.
  • Enforced Software Configuration Management policies through Subversion hooks written in Perl, in order to meet Audit requirements.

Confidential, Durham - NC

SCM Administrator / Build Engineer


  • Installing, configuring, troubleshooting and modifying software.
  • Developed and documented all the processes for the migration.
  • Involved in installation, configuration and maintenance of Rational ClearCase on Windows and Unix environments.
  • Build/Release Continuous integration through Hudson.
  • Provided support for other software development environment for Subversion.
  • Responsibilities also included, managing Systest, UAT, PROD and CONT Environments.
  • Written hooks for designing ClearQuest schema.
  • Created scripts and documented process for build and release.
  • Responsible for maintaining build scripts and checking build status.
  • Interact with the System Administration Engineers in issues relating to Hardware and Networking.
  • Co-ordinating different tasks with different teams, e.g. for creating usage models for different project, co-ordinating code movement from different projects in Subversion.

Confidential, Jersey City - NJ

CM Tool Administrator


  • Successfully migrated code from Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) to Rational ClearCase.
  • Involved in setting up Rational ClearQuest as defect tracking system.
  • Involved in setting up baseline, created branches managed parallel development and performed merges and code roll outs
  • Involved in periodic archiving and storage of the source code for disaster recovery.
  • Suggested and implemented the process of nightly builds and auto deployments, for fast paced applications.
  • Audited the current process of build and deployment to come up with a more efficient and manageable approach.

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