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Voice Engineer/network Services Resume

Boston, MA


Confidential - Boston, MA

Voice Engineer/Network Services


  • Senior support engineer responsible for supporting operation and ongoing expansion of Cisco VOIP technology to include telephony, voice mail, and enterprise call center, across Confidential offices
  • Plan and execute the ongoing migration of legacy TDM environments (Nortel, Avaya, and Siemens) to Cisco VOIP technology.
  • Responsible for oversight of remote administration and record keeping operations of IMACS (install, moves, adds, and changes) across Confidential .
  • Assisted in deployment of our internal 10 - digit dialing infrastructure allowing us to dial interoffice anywhere within the VOIP environment across our existing MPLS/WAN infrastructure, eliminating PSTN charges between locations.
  • Execute site surveys in conjunction with office migration/expansion projects, to determine infrastructure requirements for voice needs.
  • Make recommendations as necessary based on business needs pertaining to capacity requirements for upgrading voice equipment infrastructure.
  • Manage job pertinent functions of build-out to completion.
  • Responsible for the troubleshooting and break/fix maintenance of all VOIP related equipment deployed at all facilities.
  • Provide support for both voice outages and issues as necessary. Escalate issues to LEC's and LDC's as necessary.
  • Investigate network alarms generated by ORION network monitoring system and troubleshoot to resolve issues as necessary.

Confidential - Portsmouth, NH

Technical Consultant/Project Management


  • Supported and directed all aspects of the nationwide data/voice system network upgrade to VOIP for all of Confidential 's personal market business offices.
  • Essential functions included reviewing each individual site network to determine necessary upgrades and make recommendations to support new equipment implementation.
  • Ordered and tracked necessary data/voice equipment and services from vendors, and LEC's, ensuring that upgrades at each individual site were completed before network cutover.
  • Supported the implementation of each data/voice network upgrade via telephone and data network. Performed testing and turning up of new Sprint T1 voice trunks, installed at all locations.
  • Provided help desk support and network configuration of newly installed components including, but not limited to: Avaya 4620 VOIP telephones, Avaya G3 PBX, Avaya S8300/G700 VOIP switches, Intuity LX voice mail server, Cisco 2950, and 3550 data switches, Cisco 2650 routers, Paradyne Framesaver CSU 9124 and 3160, in preparation for network upgrades.
  • Maintained accurate Peregrine, Visual Basic & Excel databases containing all critical site pertinent information
  • Verified network connectivity and configuration of installed voice/data equipment through various access routes such as DSA, RAS, Ping, Telnet, and Hyperterminal. Made any IP address changes, set passwords, configure and/or reconfigure equipment as necessary, verify ARS routing tables, vectors, trunking, and translations in both phone switch and voice mail. Performed call flow testing and monitoring using Avaya CMS Supervisor/CentreVu.

Confidential - Salem, NH

Network Integration Engineer


  • Executed field integration operations and mentored new engineers to follow proper optical integration practices.
  • Integrated optical networking equipment including: DWDM, ATM/STM, TDM, SDH and SONET, used in backbone networks for transport of voice and data. Products include: the latest OC - 192 DWDM systems, various bandwidth management platforms, optical cross-connect products, Gigabit multiplexers and routers.
  • Incorporated and tested transport products and data networking equipment, used in both long haul and metro capacity, for telecom carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, MCI Worldcom, Qwest, Time Warner, Telia, and many others across the U.S.
  • Turned up and integrated optical networking solutions for customer networks, based on drawings and specific implementation plans developed for each customer solution.
  • Installed and tested electrical and optical equipment utilizing various measurement devices
  • Installed equipment software and administered customer specific provisioning of equipment, and end-to-end transmission testing of network, ensuring error-free connectivity.
  • Performed FOC (Fiber Optic Characterization) to determine fiber type and quality before starting an installation.
  • Calculated link and span losses between sites applying engineering rules, OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) readings and pertinent formulas related to the distances involved, and specifications of equipment and fiber type used.
  • Resolved customer turn-up issues .


Telecommunications Department Site Coordinator


  • Administered all IMAC's in Nortel PBX switch and Octel voice messaging systems.
  • Provided helpdesk support for 3600+ active voice lines at 658,000 sq. ft. Tewksbury Engineering Facility.
  • Maintained accurate, up-to-date cabling infrastructure database and user database. Revised facilities blueprints (Autocad).
  • Provided monthly status report to upper management.
  • Coordinated site installations with telecommunications vendors, i.e., ISDN lines, BRI/PRI circuits and fiber optic cable.
  • Directed and assisted employees with problem solving.
  • Maintained inventory and hardware replacement stock including: telephones, cabling, fiber, related peripherals, etc.
  • Operated VTC equipment for internal and external broadcasts of live streaming video via internal video network for major events (i.e., town meetings, executive broadcasts, major announcements, etc.)
  • Projected facilities voice/data pre construction requirements. Advised and directed facilities engineering group.
  • Managed deconstruction of existing networks for mapping and beginning new construction. Implemented new installation of both standard and secret network infrastructure.
  • Ensured that IT present and future growth plans were considered with all cabling infrastructure .

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