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Database Administrator Resume


  • A Certified Database Administrator specialized in IBM DB2 UDB with nearly 8+ years of experience in various aspects of DB2 UDB including physical and logical design, performance monitoring, maintenance, query analysis, optimization, backup and recovery and migration.
  • Strong technical skills on end - to-end support as a DBA for development, pre-production and production environments.
  • Specialized in installation of DB2 UDB and Fixpack Upgrades on UNIX and Windows machines, Environment builds Creation and maintenance of databases for highly demanding environments. Establish standards, controls, and procedures to ensure data integrity and security.
  • Performance tuning of databases including query tuning and optimization. Hands on various monitoring utilities and tools.
  • Defining best practices for project support and documentation.
  • Skilled in Backup and Recovery of database
  • Skilled in mapping the requirements, custom designing solutions and troubleshooting complex problems in database and application.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal & presentation skills, can easily adapt to new environments and proven excellence to work in a team in achieving common objectives along with personal ones.
  • Worked on database Engineering and automation.


Operating Systems: AIX .Linux

ERP Packages: PeopleSoft HCM 8.9, ESA 8.9

ERP Tools: People Tools 8.4x, Application Designer

DBMS: DB2 V 8.1, V8.2, V9.7, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Quest Central for DB2



Database Administrator


  • Perform DB2 Installation and fix pack upgrades and creating new test environments.
  • Deploying the hardware and software (setting up the Operating System, Database, Web server, application software etc.)
  • Backup and Recovery - Framing suitable backup and recovery strategies for various environments.
  • Supported applications by handling and determining the root cause analysis for issues as they come up, and provide with optimum solutions.
  • Provided technical support, troubleshooting, resolving and working on preventative actions related to data (setup)
  • Developed and maintained shell scripts to improve and attend to the team's needs
  • Proactively monitor performance, diagnose problems and tune queries and database.
  • Took up additional responsibility and provided daily, weekly and monthly reports to Business Head on tickets handled by the entire project and the relative data.
  • Taking snapshots and creating event monitors for gathering necessary data and solve performance issues.
  • Maintenance of objects (Tables, Table spaces, Schemas, Indexes, views, Packages)
  • Interface with business analysts & developers with regards to application, logical & physical database design, create and maintain logical entity relationship diagrams, transform logical models into physical data models.
  • Ensuring high availability of the application for the business users and Self-service users, provide 24X7 on-call support to troubleshoot issues.
  • Assisting the users in report verification and tallying


Senior Database Administrator/ Technical Specialist


  • DB2 Installation, Fixpack upgrades, Creating new database environment, creating and maintaining database objects based on application team requests
  • Involved in production setup, configuration & support.
  • Provide technical support for production issues.
  • Interacting with business users, application users and analyzing systems.
  • Monitor, maintain and tune of DB2 databases.
  • Sanity check for all the db2 databases in the environment
  • Database monitoring, reporting and optimization of SQL Queries assist in performance tuning application in DB2.
  • Created EXPLAIN tables and ran the visual explain utility on SQL statements for SQL Tuning
  • Database backup and Recovery, Framing backup strategies for various environments.
  • Import/Export, Load utilities to move data across systems.
  • Involved in day to day database administration tasks like Reorg, Runstats, backup, Restore, tablespace usage, db2advis, taking snapshot, Checking the memory etc., creating users, granting and revoking privileges.
  • Monitoring and tuning for most of the database configuration parameters like Bufferpool size, Logbufsz, Appheapsz, Sortheap, Sortheapthres, Locklist, Maxlocks, Locktimeout, Maxappls etc …
  • Housekeeping of critical tables.
  • Maintaining of consistent data model across the environment
  • Implemented LBAC.
  • Handling production based severity Issues.
  • Support during Cut Over and DR Drills.
  • Perform database size reduction techniques for restored development and test environments, data masking..
  • Ensure the SLAs are met and handle tickets preventing any escalations according to the severity.
  • Preparing documents related to DB and DBM parameter changes and reviewing them.
  • Automation of Installation and fix pack upgrades for various platforms.
  • Automation of existing logging strategies based on criticality of the environments and framing new logging strategies.
  • Automation of backup and recovery strategies for development and production environments.
  • Automation of database monitoring.
  • Perform POCs and implemented LBAC for databases.
  • Implement data security guidelines while making data available to those authorized to have access
  • Create and maintain documentation such as Functional design documents, detailed design documents, data flow diagrams, data entity relationships documents for all the internal projects.


Infrastructure Analyst


  • Responsible for installing and administering the PeopleSoft environment
  • Handle all system technical aspects of PeopleSoft including Change Assistant, migration, tuning migrations/upgrade scripts, application/web server architecture, integration broker and general DB troubleshooting
  • Installed third-party products for use with PeopleSoft, including those products that are packaged with PeopleSoft shipment.
  • Work with system admin and application group to resolve technical issues
  • Worked on all phases of the project development, testing, go-live and configure databases to ensure successful upgrade jobs provide support by troubleshooting and fine tuning performance issues related to entire PeopleSoft batch and application server environments
  • Work on versioning and change management of PeopleSoft objects, Create and maintain upgrade related checklists to ensure a smooth completion
  • Manage PIA, tuxedo application server domain, weblogic and process schedulers
  • Ensure PS environment health by resolving issues from system and data dictionary audits
  • Configure application, web and process scheduler alerts and notifications
  • Maintaining Incident ticket/ Problem management and active participation in root cause analysis
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools: Crystal Reports and SQRs for PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler


Associate Engineer


  • Installation and fix pack upgrades for various platforms.
  • Configuring communications setting up the environment variables, node and database configuration parameters and cataloguing the database in clients for connectivity.
  • Implementing backup strategies for development and production environments.
  • Database maintenance activities like table level backups and restores, reorg, runstats, monitoring logs, performing database health checks.
  • Analyse the best suited backup methods to ensure high availability, Strong in performing all kinds of backup and recoveries.
  • Monitor the database during various phases like UAT and performance testing.
  • Provide valuable input to the team by collecting Costly SQL, Locking SQLs by using the utilities like snapshots monitoring, event monitors and generating Explain plans, db2advis etc.
  • Performance tuning - Provide Index recommendations, Optimized query recommendations to developers and also provide system level recommendations for performance improvements during performance testing and promoted them to production system.
  • Written shell scripts to monitor the system to collect reports on hit ratios, sorts, I/O etc, automated the same
  • Monitor the system using IBM Tivoli Monitoring, creating situations and configuring the data collectors and Quest Central for DB2.
  • Monitoring the system using IBM Performance Expert, Installing Performance expert and cataloguing the remote instance.
  • Good Knowledge about the storage objects.
  • Granting / revoking various authorizations to different Users/Groups.
  • Responsible for installing and administering the PeopleSoft environment
  • Manage PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, tuxedo application server domain, weblogic and process schedulers
  • Manage Application level basic support during roll outs and other Maintenance.
  • Involved in the datacenter activities with the datacenter team members which includes server maintenance, network monitoring, storage solutions like SAN, BLADE etc,

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