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Sr. Cloud/devops Engineer Resume

Raleigh, NC


  • Over 8 years of professional IT experience as Cloud, DevOps, Build & Release Engineer and Linux administrator with major focus on Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Configuration Management, Cloud Migration & Implementation.
  • Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations involving AWS Cloud platforms, EC2 , EBS , S3 , VPC , RDS , SES , ELB , Auto scaling , Route 53, Cloud Formation , Cloud Watch , Red Shift , Lambda , SNS , DynamoDB , Beanstalk , AWS Import/Export .
  • Experience in Migrating on - premises production infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, utilizing AWS Cloud formation, CodeDeploy, Code Commit, Chef, EBS and OpsWorks .
  • Experience in configuring Logstash input, filter, output plugins such as Amazon Cloudwatch, Amazon S3, Nagios and elastic search.
  • Experience in working with Multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balancer and AMIs , Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available systems.
  • Tested private storage cloud using OpenStack and worked as well with OpenStack Multi-node installation, Configuration and Administration.
  • Experienced in Azure IaaS , PaaS , Provisioning VM's , Virtual Hard disks, Virtual Networks, Deploying Web Apps and creating Web-Jobs, Azure Cosmos DB , Active Directory, Azure Windows server, Microsoft SQL Server , Microsoft Visual Studio , Windows PowerShell , Cloud infrastructure .
  • Migrating On-premise infrastructure to cloud platforms like Aws, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and involved in virtualization using (VMware, VMware ESXi), OpenStacks (Nova, Neutron, Swift, Cinder, Glance) and infrastructure orchestration using containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Expert in deploying of Pivotal Cloud Foundry ( PCF ) on Azure platform. Solving issues related to RDP of Azure infrastructure.
  • Experience on automation tool like Ansible where-in I configured systems, deployed the software and orchestrated tasks by writing Ansible Playbooks.
  • Experience in using Ansible tower to manage Web Applications, Configuration Files, Data Base, Commands, User Mount Points, and Packages and used Ansible to assist in building automation policies.
  • Production experience in large environments using configuration management tools like Chef , Ansible and Puppet supporting Chef Environment with 500+ servers and involved in developing manifests and developed Chef Cookbooks to manage system configuration.
  • Experience in Continuous Delivery setups with Puppet by creating manifest and maintain templates for different environments.
  • Managed Linux and Windows virtual servers on AWS EC2 using Chef Server. Configured and monitored distributed and multi-platform servers using Chef .
  • Experience working on several Docker components such as Docker Engine, Compose, Swarm, Machine, Creating Docker Images, Docker Hub and handle multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configuration.
  • Used Docker and Kubernetes to manage micro services for development of continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Experience in using Kubernetes to create Pods, ConfigMaps and deployments into the cluster.
  • Used Kubernetes to automate the deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts.
  • Built Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from GitHub repos containing terraform code. Integrated Jenkins with Docker container using Cloud bees, Docker pipeline plugin and provisioned the EC2 instance using Amazon EC2 plugin.
  • Experience in developing CI/CD system with Jenkins on Kubernetes container environment, utilizing Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy.
  • Used Jenkins API to query the Jenkins server state and change configuration and automate tasks on nodes and jobs.
  • Worked with an agile development team to deliver an end to end continuous integration/continuous delivery product in an open source environment using chef and Jenkins to get the job done.
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in ANT and shell . Modified build configuration files including Ant's build.xml.
  • Experience in using ELK (Elastic Search, Log Stash, and Kibana) stack for network and server monitoring, storing the logs and visualizing them using Nginx .
  • Experience in deploying Java applications using Maven . Monitoring, maintaining and upgrading Java application servers and MySQL databases along with configuring replication.
  • Experienced in branching, tagging, and maintaining the versions of the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN) and TFS on Linux and Windows platforms.
  • Experience in bash and python scripting with focus on Linux , DevOps tools, CI/CD , and AWS Cloud Architecture .
  • Experience in installing, trouble shooting, upgrading and configuring SUN Solaris on Sun/Oracle servers and RedHat, HP-UX, SUSE Operating Systems, Mail Server/ Proxy Server, and Windows.
  • Configured JIRA as defect tracking system and configured various workflows, customizations and plugins for the JIRA bug/Issue tracker.
  • Experienced in implementing and maintaining an Apache Tomcat, MySQL, PHP, LDAP, LAMP web service environment.
  • Participated in the release cycle of the product which involved environments like DEV , QA, Staging and Production .
  • Actively Involved in Building and configuring of Red Hat Linux servers remotely using Kickstart Servers .
  • Experience in System Administration, OS builds, Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Migration, Trouble shooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Performance Monitoring and Fine-tuning on different distributions like CentOS , Ubuntu , RedHat Systems.


Cloud: AWS, Azure, PCF, OpenStack

Configuration Management: CHEF, PUPPET, ANSIBLE

CI/CD: Jenkins/Hudson, Bamboo

Build and Release: ANT, MAVEN, GRADLE

Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos.

Source Code Management: GIT, SVN, Bit Bucket.

Monitoring and Logging: Nagios, Splunk, Cloud watch, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK), CloudTrial

Scripting: Bash/Shell, PowerShell, Perl, Python, Ruby, YAML, JSON

Databases: My SQL, DB2, NoSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB

Application/Web Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere, JBOSS, HTTP/Tomcat, Nginx


Operating Systems: Linux, RHEL, CentOS, SuSe, Debian, WINDOWS, Mac OS.

Virtualization: VMware ESXi, Windows Hyper-V, Virtual box, KVM, vCenter, vSphere


Confidential - Raleigh, NC

Sr. Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Responsible for implementing AWS solutions and setting up the cloud infrastructure with different services, like EC2 , S3 , VPC , ELB , AMI , EBS , RDS , DynamoDB , Lambda , Auto Scaling , Route53 , Subnets , NACL's , CloudFront , CloudFormation , CloudWatch, CloudTrail , SQS and SNS .
  • Created, managed and updated collection of AWS resources by provisioning them using Cloud Formation templates and Cloud Formation Stacks .
  • Managed AWS Lambda Functions configuration information based on requirements and built lambda functions using Python and Java .
  • Written Cloud Formation Templates (CFT) in JSON and YAML format to build the AWS services with the paradigm of Infrastructure as a Code.
  • Used CodeDeploy to automate code deployments and to run updated scripts for instances on AWS cloud and on-premise instances by eliminating the need for error-prone manual operations.
  • Worked on deploying AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) as part of the CDN solution for the ALB (Application Load Balancer) that fronts the web server on EC2 instances.
  • Maintained logs of all API calls using Amazon CloudTrail . Written templates for AWS Infrastructure as a code using Terraform to build staging and production environments.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java , Python and Docker web applications on familiar servers like Apache .
  • Worked with OpenStack and Open Shift cartridge technologies and tools as well as managed their integration with application.
  • Implemented automated local user provisioning in instances created in OpenStack cloud.
  • Created playbooks for OpenStack deployments and bug fixes with Ansible .
  • Used Knife and Chef Bootstrap processes and worked on chef server management console with proficient knowledge on all different components like chef server , nodes and workstations.
  • Written multiple cookbooks in Chef using Ruby scripting language for various DB configurations to modularize and optimize end-product configuration, converting production support scripts to Chef Recipes .
  • Used Bash and Python , to supplement automation provided by Ansible and Terraform for tasks such as encrypting EBS volumes backing AMIs and scheduling Lambda functions for routine AWS tasks .
  • Implemented and designed AWS virtual servers by Ansible roles to ensure deployment of web applications.
  • Worked on Ansible and Ansible Tower to automate repetitive tasks, to deploy critical applications quickly, and proactively manage the changes.
  • Created Docker images using Dockerfile , worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images and managing Docker volumes.
  • Virtualized the servers using the Docker for the test environments and dev-environments needs, and configured the Docker containers using kubernetes .
  • Designed and implemented CI (Continuous Integration) system, configuring Jenkins servers , Jenkins nodes , created required scripts ( Perl & Python ), and created / configured VMs (Windows/Linux).
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling/naming conventions using GIT .
  • Maintained build related scripts developed in the shell for Maven builds . Created and modified build configuration files including POM.xml .
  • Used Jenkins and pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes.
  • Created Jenkins builds and deployed to the application server using udeploy for java applications.
  • Installed & configured Jenkins master that served 34 different slaves supporting 8 different applications with various release life cycles and multiple CI pipelines setup on the project branches.
  • Used Nagios as a monitoring tool to identify and resolve infrastructure problems before they affect critical processes and worked on Nagios Event handlers in case of automatic restart of failed applications and services.
  • Maintained JIRA Tool for Issue tracking and bug tracking. Created JIRA issues to prioritize and take an action on what's important, and stayed up to date with what's going on around the project.
  • Configured Logstash input, filter, output plugins such as Amazon Cloudwatch , Amazon S3 , Nagios and elastic search .
  • Created multiple Perl , Python , PowerShell and Unix Shell Scripts for various application level tasks.
  • Performed WebLogic server administration tasks like configuring both horizontal and vertical cluster environment, deploying applications, configuring JMS servers and JDBC data sources.
  • Installation, Configuration of NFS , DNS and APACHE severs in Linux Servers.
  • Troubleshooting Linux network, security-related issues, capturing packets using tools such as IP tables , firewall , TCP wrappers, NMAP .

Environment: Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, PCF, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Java, Node.js, Bash, Python, Perl, Ruby, PowerShell, Nagios, JIRA, ELK Stack, UNIX/Linux.

Confidential - Pittsburgh, PA

Cloud/Devops Engineer


  • Provisioning of IAAS & PAAS Virtual Machines and Web\Worker roles on Microsoft Azure Classic and Azure Resource Manager .
  • Configured and deployed instances in Microsoft Azure environments .
  • Designed and configured Azure Virtual Networks ( VNets ), subnets, Azure network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, and security policies and routing.
  • Deployed an Azure instance for a hybrid based authorization and encryption system.
  • Established connection from Azure to On-premise datacenter using Azure ExpressRoute for Single and Multi-subscription connectivity.
  • Implemented hybrid connectivity between Azure Cloud and on-premise using virtual networks and VPN .
  • Assist with configuration of network infrastructure within Azure including, storage, load balancing, virtual machines, access control lists, network security groups, and various other cloud based technologies.
  • Created Azure Web application projects , updated and deployed ASP.NET Web Apps , Node.js using Visual Studio , GitHub and Azure Resource Manager .
  • Deployed application on PCF using Build pack and Docker and Integrated Active Directory Federation service (ADFS) with PCF for SSO. Developed spring boot applications for REST services and deployed in Pivotal Cloud Foundry ( PCF ).
  • Used Docker to virtualize deployment containers and push the code to Azure Cloud using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
  • Installed and configured configuration tool such as Chef Server , workstation and nodes via CLI to Azure nodes.
  • Used Chef as Configuration Management Tool & created Chef Cookbooks using recipes to automate system operations.
  • Developed a continuous deployment pipeline using Jenkins , and Ruby , shell scripts. Administered and Engineered Jenkins for managing weekly Build, Test and Deploy chain GIT with Test/Prod Branching Model for weekly releases.
  • Implementing CI/CD with VSTS as well as other open source solutions providing the pipeline that integrates with various SAAS providers for Source code version controlling, Code testing, Artifactory, Docker private registry.
  • Build scripts using MAVEN build tools in Jenkins and Build Forge to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Employed Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers .
  • Managed Clusters using Kubernetes and worked on creating many pods, replication controllers, services, deployments, labels, health checks.
  • Worked on Kubernetes to manage containerized applications using its nodes, ConfigMaps, selector services and deployed application containers as Pods.
  • Created Elastic Load Balancer ( ELB ), configured Health Checks and assigned security group.
  • Worked on creating the Docker containers and Docker consoles for managing the application life cycle.
  • Developed client Network Environments via PowerShell ISE Scripting to include, Cloud Services, Storage, provisioning Virtual Machines with Hard Disk across Availability Sets with Load Balancing.
  • Ensuring deployments, maintenance and troubleshooting applications on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.
  • Worked extensively with our Network Team for configuring VLAN id, Port groups , Switches .
  • Configured automated VM migrations using automated scripts in PowerShell . Standardized network cable runs for VMware hosts across multiple data center.
  • Implemented Shell and Python scripts for release and build automation. Manipulated and automated scripts to suit the requirements.
  • Worked on MS SQL database objects tables, views, sequences, triggers, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Cursors, Exceptions Partitions, analytical functions, views, Indexes and global temporary tables etc.
  • Installed and Configured WIN , TCP/IP , DNS , DHCP , IIS and Terminal Services .
  • Created, deployed and managed Linux and windows VM using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager, which includes moving and migrating VM from one cluster to another cluster or within the same cluster.

Environment: MS Azure, PCF, TFS, SQ, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, PowerShell, Visual Studio, GIT, GITHUB, Java, Node.js, Bash, Python, Perl, Ruby, PowerShell, Bash, Nagios, JIRA, Windows, UNIX/Linux Environments.

Confidential - Longview, TX

DevOps Engineer


  • Worked on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB (Load Balancers), RDS, SNS, SWF, OpsWorks, Auto scaling groups, Optimized Volumes, AZ VPC instances, LAMBDA and EBS etc.
  • Managed IAM users, groups, policies and roles and their access to AWS accounts and services.
  • Worked on release automation to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI and CD).
  • Installed and configured an automated tool Puppet that included the installation and configuration of the Puppet master, agent nodes and an admin control workstation.
  • Expertise in Installation and configuration of automated tool Puppet which includes Puppet Master, Agent Nodes and an administration control workstation, thereby setting an automated platform.
  • Good experience in using Puppet, which helps in site-redundancy and Release Management activities for large Enterprise Applications.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration and deployment using various CI Tools like Jenkins, and working knowledge on other build tools like MS Build.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT/MAVEN and Gradle as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Maintenance of documented modules, manifests, Hiera configurations and Git repositories for Puppet on RHEL platforms.
  • Created/configured many jobs in Jenkins to help CI/CD pipelines using many plugins like DSL plugin, parameterized Trigger plugin, pipeline view plugin, Extended email plugin.
  • Used GIT version control to manage the source code and integrating GIT with Jenkins to support build automation and integrated with JIRA to monitor the commits.
  • Worked on version control tool GIT to assist developers and programmers in branching, merging and revert code.
  • Defined branching, labeling, and merge strategies for all applications in Git.
  • Used built tools like ANT and Artifactory for the building of deployable artifacts such as jar & war from source code.
  • Analyzed the ANT build projects for conversion and converting to Maven Involved in building and configuring Red Hat Linux Servers using Kickstart server as required for the project.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with Python and Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Using Nagios for monitoring network/infrastructure and alerting for web applications and services.
  • Used Splunk for log analyzing and improving the performance of servers.
  • Used Puppet, Git and Run deck to install and configure Linux environments with successful production.
  • Created Bash, Shell scripts to monitor system resources and system maintenance and Performed administrative tasks such as system start-up/shutdown, and Backup strategy and scheduled Cron jobs for job automation.
  • Built and Deployed Java to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.
  • Executed user administration and maintenance tasks including creating users and groups, reports and queries.
  • Worked on Logical volume manager (LVM), creating disk partitions, setting up file systems and mounting the file systems and unmounting them.
  • Administrating and managing windows servers including configuration and troubleshooting of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, NFS, SAMBA, IIS.
  • Knowledge of using Routed Protocols: FTP, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS and Connect direct.
  • Configured Kickstart servers and booted the images using PXE in Red Hat Linux and used Red Hat Satellite server extensively.

Environment: JENKINS, GIT, SVN, SPLUNK, LINUX, Puppet, ANT, MAVEN, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Solaris, AIX, VMware, New relic.

Build and Release Engineer



  • Wrote Puppet manifests for deploying, configuring, install shield and managing collected for metric collection and monitoring.
  • Constructed the Puppet modules for continuous deployment and worked on Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Deployed applications using Jenkins server and Troubleshoot build & release job failures, resolve, work with developers on resolution.
  • Used Maven tool to do the builds and integrated with Jenkins for the builds as the continuous integration process. Modify build configuration file including pom.xml .
  • Configured Jenkins to build Java Code using Meta Case Software and executed CI process on the Java code generated.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day GIT support for different projects and Responsible for designing and maintenance of the GIT Repositories , views, and the access control strategies.
  • Used GIT as source code repositories and managed GIT repositories for branching, merging, and tagging.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers .
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according the Agile process .
  • Collaborated with Architects, Systems, Network, Software and QA Engineers, and to continuously improve the efficiency and reliability of Build and Deployment processes to support all phases of development including production releases.
  • Integrated with leading CI servers and kept builds reproducible with exhaustive build information to track and protect all artifacts used by your CI build using Binary Repository Manager / Nexus Build System .
  • Installed and configured Nexus Repository Manager to distribute build artifacts between the teams in the organization.
  • Used Nagios to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems in various components including applications, services, servers and network protocols.
  • Worked on customization of existing Python scripts of some of the internal applications and Worked on writing multiple Python , Ruby and Shell scripts for various companywide tasks.
  • Developed automated processes that run daily to check disk usage and perform cleanup of file systems on UNIX environments using shell scripting and CRON .
  • Responsible for the management and continuous improvement of the release process for internal and external web applications .
  • Maintained and coordinated environment configuration, controls, code integrity , and code conflict resolution .
  • Linux System & Middleware Administrator responsible for the day to day administration and administration of RHEL, CentOS which includes installation, testing, tuning, upgrading and loading patches, troubleshooting.

Environment: Linux, Perl, Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, JIRA, GIT, Docker, SVN, Maven, Bash, PowerShell, NT Command Shell.

Linux Administrator



  • Installation, maintenance, administration and troubleshooting of Sun Solaris and RHEL .
  • Developed, customized and build packages on Solaris and RPMs on Linux for deployment on various severs through software development life cycle.
  • Created and deployed LVM , resizing the logical volume and volume group.
  • Configuration and administration of LDAP , NFS , FTP , SAMBA and POSTFIX servers in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Wrote Bash and Perl scripts to automate application and system management activities, these scripts provide the following functionality application startup and shutdown, monitored systems and application health, and web site management .
  • Performed automated installation of OS using Jumpstart for Solaris and Kickstart for Linux .
  • Installation, Management, Configuration of LAN / WAN systems utilizing Cisco switches and routers.
  • Worked in User admin groups, maintained account and monitored system performance using Splunk .
  • Installed and configured a LAMP server on CentOS (Red Hat) as well as configured firewall rules utilizing iptables to harden the environment.
  • Deployed a LAMP server from the command line, and migrated the MySQL database and PHP code from Windows Server to CentOS ( Red Hat ).
  • Configured various service, devices as well as application of LINUX servers and worked with application team to customize the environment. Worked with apache and developed several LINUX scripts to automate web tasks.
  • Worked on installation/configuration/administrated VMware ESX and migrated existing servers into VMware infrastructure.
  • Able to handle most of basic to advanced calls in User, group management, system start-up, service modification, crontab entries, ACL modifications, file system management, root & OS backups.

Environment: Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Subversion (SVN), NAGIOS, NetBackup, Shell, Bash Scripting, LDAP directory, VMware.

System Administrator



  • Performed installation, configuration and administration of system network components (Windows Server, Active Directory, VPN connectivity, DHCP, SMTP, LAN/WAN, NAT, IPsec VPN, FTP, POP, IMAP, NIC's, WIC's).
  • Monitored Microsoft System Center Operations manager (SCOM), to collect and document day to day company’s infrastructure state, health and performance data.
  • Troubleshooting Linux network, security related issues, capturing packets using tools such as IP tables, firewall, and TCP wrapper and NMAP.
  • Worked on network connectivity, SAN storage, creating LVM and taking TSM backup.
  • Monitored installation, configuration for Active Directory systems, includes policy implementation, DHCP and DNS.
  • Managed File systems and Disk management using Solstice Disk suite.
  • Installed, upgraded and managed packages via RPM and YUM package management.
  • Installed and configured Kickstart Configurator application to create kickstart file.
  • Provided day to day operational support for the LDAP infrastructure.
  • Worked in User admin groups, maintained account and monitored system performance using Splunk .
  • Responsibility for security and documenting the configuration of the system.
  • Troubleshooting any reported problems and System performance tuning FTP, DHCP, DNS telnet.
  • Developed automated processes that run daily to check disk usage and perform cleanup of file systems on Linux environments using shell scripting and CRON .

Environment: Kickstart, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, RIP, FTP, TFTP, Terminal Services, SNMP, SMTP, NFS, NIS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware workstation, virtual box, Red Hat.

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