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Storage Engineer Resume

Vacaville, CA


  • Total 9+ years of experience in Designing and Maintenance of SAN (storage) and Backup System Administration.
  • Expertise in design and administration of Confidential Storage, Netapp C Mode,7 and Symantec (VERITAS) NetBackup.
  • A technocrat with extensive SAN management, administrative expertise with, VSP G - 1000, VSP Gxx series (800, 600, 400), VSP Fxx series, HUS, HNAS 4000 series and Knowledge on Confidential UCP, HCP
  • Setup of Remote Replications (HUR, True Copy Sync) and IN-System Replications
  • Virtualizing Storage using HCS, UVM (Universal Volume Manager), Managing replications with HORCM.
  • Strong experience in data migration using Storage Navigator
  • Analyzing performance bottle necks and Define, monitor, store critical performance and capacity thresholds by using HTnM (Tuning Manager)
  • Configuration of Dual Fabric SAN environment for Load Balancing and Failover using HDLM, HGLM
  • Managing HNAS servers by using SMU (Storage Management Unit), File Service Operations like CIFS Shares, NFS Exports, User Mappings, Storage Management Operations like Data Migration, File System Relocation, Storage Pools, Virtual Volume, Quotas & Migration.
  • Experience in administering and maintaining NetApp Filers FAS 900, 2000, 3000 and 6000, 8000 Series.
  • Worked with NetApp tools like Snap Drive, Snap Vault, SnapManager for Exchange, SnapManager for MS SQL, SnapManager for Oracle, etc.
  • Proficient in creating Aggregates, Volumes (Traditional, Flexvol and Flex clone, Qtrees and Quotas) in NetApp filers using CLI.
  • Experience in planning and maintaining provisioning requirements such as creating LUNs, Zones and iGroups.
  • Proficient in implementing NetApp NAS technology, including configuring shares, CIFS and NFS administration.
  • Responsible for maintenance and operations for NetApp Filers which serve data via CIFS and NFS Protocols, ISCSI and Fiber Channel Luns to over 5000 users across Local and Wide Area Networks.
  • Experience in NetApp SnapMirror, SnapVault, SnapDrive, & SnapManager for Data Backup and Recover.
  • Performed Data Migrations and Restorations using SnapMirror.
  • Performed Data ONTAP upgrades.
  • Hands on experience with VERITAS NetBackup operations like Backup policies creation, and Restoration.
  • Managing Brocade DCX 8000 series through CLI and BNA, Web Tools, Fabric vision. Creating Zoning, troubleshooting hardware related errors and Firmware upgrades.
  • Expertise in Cisco MDS 9000 series and used Cisco CLI and Fabric manager, Device Manager to manage the switches.
  • Experience in Fabric management with Cisco VSAN, IVR, ISLs, configuration backup and upgrade Firmware.
  • Addressing Vulnerabilities
  • Experience in designing and planning of Disaster Recovery solutions for the 24*7 environments and implementing.
  • Storage/system administrator experience in VMware, Solaris, Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, HP-Unix platforms.
  • Knowledge on EMC, IBM storage systems like VMAX, DMX, CLARiiON, XIV, DS 8000 series
  • Comprehensive knowledge to optimize storage networking environments to address the widest range of requirements including data accessibility, migration, and expansion.
  • Experience in implementation and design for Fabrics Cisco and on Brocade.


Management Tools:: command suite, HORCM, Tuning manager, Device manager-Storage navigator, HORCM, HNAS-SMU, NETAPPS CLI, Brocade Network Advisor (web Tools), Cisco Fabric Manager, Device Manager, CLI

SAN Storage:: VSP Gxx series, USP-V, USP-VM, HUS/HNAS 4000 series, DATA ONTAP v7.x.x, v8.0.3 & 8.1, Brocade 8510, Cisco MDS, VERITAS NetBackup.

Disaster Recovery/Migration:: HORCM/CCI, RAIDCOM, Replication manager, Virtualization, HTI, HUR, True copy, Shadow Image, Snap Mirror, Snap Vault, Snap Drive, & SnapManager for Data Backup and Recover.

OS:: Windows XP, 2003/2000/NT, Solaris, IBM-AIX, Linux, HP-UX


Storage Engineer

Confidential, Vacaville, CA


  • Provide Senior Level Storage Systems Server setup, administration, configurations, and automated implementations.
  • Help support State Fund’s Confidential and NetApp environments services and resources for optimal efficiency, functionality, security and management.
  • Migrated more than 3 PB of data from USPV,AMS to VSP G1000 using SN
  • Configured Shadow Image relation among the Unix, Linux servers
  • Created remote replication tunnels and relations for open Systems Using HORCM CCI
  • Configured SMTP alerts, Alarms Using HTnM performance reporter for tuning the storage performance
  • Upgraded HCS along with Tuning manager firmware to 8.5.0
  • Configured HCmD to define SLO(service level objects)
  • Experience in implementing NetApp NAS technology, including configuring shares, CIFS and NFS administration.
  • Created New V-Filers on the Physical Filers.
  • Experienced in Snapvault and OSSV to back up data.
  • Troubleshooting of CIFS, NFS and SAN issues on NetApp filers.
  • Performed Data migrations from one filer to another using Snapmirror.
  • Configured CIFS in the filer.
  • Using DFM to generate reports and to check the server status.
  • Configured Thin Provisioning on NetApp storage arrays.
  • Upgraded from current Data ONTAP 7.3.3 to 8.1.1 Version.
  • Upgraded Brocade BNA from 11.x 12.x 14.0.x 14.2 14.3.1
  • Assisting CE on replacing faulty parts in datacenter, Degaussing drives and send to recycle.
  • Acting as the primary infrastructure design, contact on projects, providing leadership, advice on Confidential and NetApp systems
  • Trained State fund employees on Confidential and Netapp storage systems

Storage Architect

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Design and implementation of disaster recovery solution for customer MIHS(Maricopa integrated Health systems)
  • Installed & configured HCS (command suite) 8.4.0 in VSP G1000 at production site and in G800 at secondary site.
  • Implementation/design of actual DR tests in the time of disaster on VSP using HUR ( Confidential universal replicator).
  • Installation/setup of HTnM (Tuning manager) to provide Performance and Capacity reports on environment.
  • Installation/setup of HCmD (command director) to analyze future storage trends.
  • Installation/setup of HRpM (replication manager) and CCI (Command control Interface) for data protection and redundancy.
  • Implementation of Journal groups and consistency group during HUR configuration.
  • Created UR (universal replication) and Shadow Image copies between Primary and secondary sites
  • Creation of HDP & HDT pools.
  • Troubleshoot issues related to Parity group’s High utilization, and performed root cause analysis of storage issues.
  • Installation and Configuration of HNAS 4060 and 4080 file servers.
  • Created EVS (Enterprise Virtual Server).
  • Created V-Vols, CIFS Shares and NFS Exports.
  • Configured NDMP
  • Configured FC Zones in Cisco MDS 9396S 16G Multilayer Fabric Switch
  • Created High end documentation for Storage Run Book at Customer Location
  • Given KT (knowledge ) to customer on Confidential Tools work flow and regular operations.

Environment: VSP G1000, G800, G600, G400, HNAS 4060, HNAS 4080

Storage Systems Analyst



  • Maintaining of Confidential VSP G series, USP-V, VSP G 1000 and EMC DMX storage arrays by using Confidential command suite7, Storage Navigator, Storage Navigator Modular2, SYMCLI
  • Managing Confidential Dynamic provisioning pools
  • Virtualizations of AMS 1000, AMS 2500 and USP storage frames behind the USPV and VSP using Universal Volume Manager
  • Performed migrations between pools using Tiered Storage Manager.
  • Implemented remote migrations using True Copy Sync and Confidential Universal replicator.
  • Performed In-system level replications using Shadow Image
  • Evaluating the performance of the storage frames using Tuning Manager, Performance Manager, and HCmD
  • Documentation of the operational procedures and processes on how to use the Confidential Management tools.
  • Experience in implementation of DR solution.
  • Vendor management. Managing iSCSI/FCP Networks.
  • Physical Storage Management: Assigning disk ownership,
  • Configured, managed and monitored top tier and middle tier storage that comprise of NetApp FAS 6070, NetApp FAS 3070, FAS 3020.
  • Installing and troubleshooting Qlogic and Emulex HBA’s to provide SAN access for Host integration.
  • Deployment and implementation of NetApp FAS 6070, NetApp FAS 3070, FAS 3020.
  • Upgraded from current Data ONTAP to 8.1.1 Version.
  • Installed and configured the Device Manager on different fabrics like Cisco, McData and brocade on different environment for Zoning mapping & LUN masking purpose.
  • Configured Storage Provisioning on NAS 6070 cluster (CDOT).
  • Used operations Manager for managing and monitoring SnapVault and SnapMirror.
  • Created Aggregates, in NetApp FAS 3040 and FAS 3020 using command line.
  • Created Volumes, Qtrees and Quotas in NetApp FAS 3040, FAS 3020 and FAS 3270 using command line.
  • Experience in implementing NetApp NAS technology, including configuring shares, CIFS and NFS administration.
  • Experience in Systems Administration of NetApp’s FAS 3140 and FAS 3170 for UNIX and Windows clients over Fibre Channel, NAS and iSCSI.
  • SnapDrive and SnapManager expertise linking MS SQL to NetApp storage.
  • Configured, managed and monitoring storage capacity infrastructure that comprised of VSP, USP-V, NetApp's FAS storage arrays, Cisco MDS 9506/9216 using Fabric/Device Manager, Filer View and Brocade DCX 8000 series.
  • Storage provisioning from VSP and USP arrays to Windows and Solaris hosts using HCS, including zone creation, zone set activation and assisting SA’s to access the storage including updating persistent bindings
  • Performed installation of Power path software on windows and Solaris servers and performed failover, load balancing actions on host side
  • Trouble shooting issues like one path down or host unable to access its storage
  • Installed and configured VERITAS NetBackup client, Master and backups
  • Creation of thin pools, thin pool size expansion.
  • Involved in migrating data between NetApp filers using the SnapMirror, this was again mirrored to the second system for disaster recovery.

Environment: USP - V, VSP, VSP G1000, FAS 6040, FAS6080, FAS6040, DMX, VMAX3, IBM XIV, VERITAS NetBackup

Storage and Backup admin



  • Hands on experience in provisioning storage with USP-V/VM, AMS, Clariion, IBM DS 4000 series, DMX Storage Arrays
  • Creating Snapshots and restoring
  • Scheduling Change and implementing tasks
  • Storage reclamation.
  • Hands on experience in configuration and maintenance of Dynamic Provision volumes
  • Hands on experience in installation of Alert tools such as Hi-Track for proactive identification and resolution of issues occurs in the SAN environment
  • Creating COW (snap shot)
  • Experience in upgradation of storage management tools and patching
  • LUN publishing, expansion and shredding across Datacenters
  • Experience in Confidential Tuning manager(performance monitor) for identifying the underlying the issues in SAN
  • Fabric management, Merging of various fabrics, Zoning, Modifying Configuration, FW upgrades
  • Hands on experience in identifying fabric issues, SAN connectivity and Provides resolution

Environment: USP - V, USP-VM, AMS, DMX, VMAX3, IBM DS4000 series, VERITAS NetBackup.

Process Associate



  • Maintenance of DNS and DHCP servers.
  • Network and Server monitoring.
  • Status reporting of network and server monitoring.
  • Interact with the users to resolve the problems and request regarding Complex system issues.
  • Maintained an enterprise backup infrastructure (NAS, tape libraries and backup software).
  • Coordinate with Sr. Storage Engineer to build new solutions to enhance Performance, security, reliability and scalability by enhancing
  • Internal processes and make suggestions on upcoming hardware.
  • Managed Netapp FAS Series storages.
  • Assisted the implementation of DAS using Super Micro and Tyrone Storages using LVM.
  • Document storage infrastructure and analyze system logs.
  • Responsible for windows software upgrades and patching.
  • Windows management and troubleshooting.

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