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Ldap Administrator, Resume

Plano, Texas


  • Having 6 Years of IT industry experience in LDAP solutions, Access Management solutions, Single Sign - On Capabilities in LINUX, UNIX and Windows environments
  • Solid understanding of UNIX environments such as Linux, Solaris, RHAS, SUSE OS.
  • Strong administrative experience in SunOne/Oracle LDAP Directory Services (DS5.2, DSEE6.3, ODSEE 11gR1)
  • Extensive Experience in Multi-Master / Single-Master, Replication directory server environment
  • Experience with configuring multiple Web Agents with IIS and Apache web servers and Siteminder Policy Server for Authentication /Authorization
  • Strong at configuration and administration of Policy Servers, Policy Stores, Key stores, User Stores, Affiliate Agent, Application Agent
  • Strong understanding of LDAP, ciphers, X500 and encryption standards
  • Strong experience in writing complex Access Control Information rules for Oracle/Sun ONE Directory Server
  • Experience in creating manual entries for Oracle/Sun One Directory Server using command line, GUI and LDIF files
  • Experience in setting up various Administrative activities like NFS, NIS, DNS, DHCP Server, RAID, Samba Server, Send mail, Web Mail, CVS, Web Servers - Apache, Web Logic 8.0, Web Sphere on Solaris Platform
  • Hands on experience Sun Fire 15k/10k. Ultra Enterprise class servers (E450, E420R/220R, E250) and Sun Clusters Enterprise 6500 and Disk Array Sun A5200
  • Extensive experience in UNIX Shell Scripting, TCL/TK Scripting and Perl programming for system performance, automation and enhancement activities in a real time environment
  • Experience in hardware, software installation, testing, and operation of Windows and Solaris environment.
  • Experience in configuring User Sessions to support for Single Sign On over single / multiple domains.
  • Strong experience in trouble shooting, Performance Tuning and Optimization activities
  • Strong Analytical, Organizational, Inter-personal and Communication Skills. Possess team player and leadership qualities.
  • Strong time management skills and multi-tasking capabilities


  • Directory Servers: ODSEE 11gR1, Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE 6.0, 6.1, 6.3, 6.3.1), SunOne 5.2 Directory Server,, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Tivoli Directory Server (TDS), Active Directory
  • ACCESS MANAGER TOOLS: CA SiteMinder Policy Server 6.0, IdentityMinder 5.6.
  • Application Servers: Websphere, BEA Weblogic,
  • Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, JSP, Servlet,
  • Web Servers: Apache 2.x, IIS 5.0/6.0.,
  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: SuSe Linux, RedHat LINUX, Solaris10, HP UX, UNIX SVR4, Windows NT 2003/ 2000/ 4.0 ,
  • LANGUAGES: Perl Scripts, UNIX Shell Scripts, XML, HTML.
  • HARDWARE: Sun Enterprise Series Servers, HP Servers, Compaq Servers, DEC Alpha, NEC-S1000,
  • NETWORKING: TCP/IP, ATM, Frame Relay, Routers (configuration), Switches and Hubs,


LDAP Administrator,

Confidential, Plano, Texas,


  • Upgrade/Migration of Sun DSEE-6.3.1 to Oracle11gR1 (ODSEE 11gR1) in all 6 PepsiCo environments across data center.
  • Coordinated the complete Planning & Migration of DSEE6.3.1 to ODSEE11gR1
  • Involved in the Planning & Implementation of PepsiCo’s High Availability (HA-DR) of Directory Enterprise Infrastructure.
  • Designed & implemented Directory Proxy Server (DPS) architecture in all PepsiCo environments.
  • Installation & Maintenance of LDAP servers (ODSEE11gR1/DSEE 6.3.1) on various Linux machines.
  • Creation and maintenance of multiple LDAP instances on various servers used by Siteminder, IDM & UNIX (PAM).
  • Installed Hot fixes, Patches for performance & memory leak related Issues.
  • Created complex replication streams by enabling replication on replica’s with replication agreements on master/replica directory servers
  • Configured MMR between all servers across datacenters using both CLI and GUI.
  • Replication status monitoring (activity, conflicts, synchronization) & troubleshooting various replication related issues & errors
  • Used Access Control Instructions (ACIs) to create access permissions for entries in directory server
  • Performed addition and modified bulk entries in directory server
  • Added/modified dynamic groups and roles to entries in directory server.
  • Added/modified security permissions for entries, groups and roles using ACI’s in a directory server
  • Configured performance tuning on operating systems and Directory Servers (System cache, operational size limits, indexes, and import, database, entry cache).
  • Fine Tuned Directory Indexes to increase the performance of Directory Server
  • Performed various tests & through analysis on determining the optimal Cache Values for Directory Servers to improve performance
  • Experience with performance/load testing using SLAMD, Jmeter to evaluate the performance of Directory Servers.
  • Troubleshooting of various LDAP related issues, sudden crashes, & Memory leaks.
  • Performed log analysis on the directory servers for inefficient searches and un-indexed entries for performance enhancements and search conflict resolutions between common attribute entries in directory server.
  • Performed auditing of access, audit, and error logs to provide troubleshooting solutions involving connection failures, unattainable searches, and permission issues.
  • Involved in troubleshooting issues related to major SAP releases.
  • Directory Server monitoring (process, response, access logs, errors logs).
  • Automated the health monitoring of Directory Servers (DS), DPS & other administrative activities.
  • Executed Backup and Recovery Strategies for Directory Server data (offline, online, binary, LDIF).
  • Resolving backup and recovery issues in a high availability and replicated environment (backup files, change log, transaction log).
  • System status monitoring (CPU usage, memory usage, swap activity, process size, disk activity, and usage).
  • Executing Monitoring and Recovery Strategies using key performance measures, monitoring tools.
  • Enforce account and password policies using the DS utilities
  • Manually re-activating the accounts using DS tools
  • Provided support for various applications to troubleshoot LDAP integration
  • Created cron jobs for redundant routine tasks & for generating reports for various applications based on the requirements
  • Encryption & decryption of key LDAP attributes
  • Worked on setting up LDAP & SM Disaster Recover System
  • Providing On-call & daily support on LDAP & SM
  • Installed & configured DPS on various machines in all environments
  • Configured DPS (Directory Proxy Server) to isolate & route traffic from specific applications to dedicated servers based on the bind Dn, Clients IP address & user entry search filters.
  • Created Request filtering Policies in DPS to limit specific operations such as BIND/ADD/SRCH/MOD/DEL.
  • Created Resource limit Policies in DPS to limit resources based on operations, connections, IP’s, size, & time limits.
  • Fine Tuning of JVM profiling & configuration of DPS for better performance.
  • Troubleshooting of various DPS issues & errors.
  • Installing and configuring SiteMinder Policy Servers to authenticate and authorize access to enterprise resources
  • Created and configured connections to Directory server and web agents by creating host and agent configuration objects with respect to IIS and Apache web server requirements
  • Installed and configured of Siteminder Web Agents with IIS v5/6 and Apache web servers & Weblogic.
  • Created security permissions by creating rules, realms, and policies with in multiple policy servers for protecting resources stored on web servers.
  • Created activity and intrusion reports for policy server by monitoring Authentication logs.
  • Enabled rollover of encryption keys in key store to maintain integrity of agent and session keys
  • Provided Backup support for siteminder tasks.
  • Performed Bulk loads using Sun IDM, & performed server tasks such as IDM Synchronization of HR Data
  • Adding user objects & Troubleshoot Registration issues in IDM

Environment: ODSEE 11gR1, Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE6.3.1), Directory Proxy Server, CA SiteMinder 6.0, Sun IDM 8.1, SuSe Linux, Directory Admin, Slamd, Jmeter, Apache, Weblogic, shell & perl scripting

LDAP Administrator,

Confidential, Boston, Massachusetts,


  • Installation & Maintenance of Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 & 6.3.1 on various Linux Machines
  • Adding Patches & Hot fixes on top of DS 6.3.1 for performance related Issues
  • Installation and configuration of Directory Servers to store and maintain application-based data to provide simultaneous support for multiple real-time applications as well as other data elements.
  • Installation of Sun & Tivoli Directory Servers on Solaris & Redhat Servers
  • Troubleshooting the sudden crashes of LDAP servers due to Heap Corruption during Aci’s modifies.
  • Coordinated & supervised the major Password Change Implementation for all the applications & accounts existing in LDAP.
  • Written many perl & shell scripts for high level Security Monitoring & Audit Projects.
  • Monitoring tasks involving checking unauthorized access to LDAP directory from both Campus & On campus
  • Monitoring Anonymous binds & searches from Off-campus IP addresses.
  • Enforce account and password policies using the DS utilities
  • Installed & configured LDAP on VM Servers to troubleshoot various issues related with memory & performance.
  • Worked on setting up LDAP Disaster Recovery System.
  • Provided for a group of 3-4 people on Sun LDAP Directory Services (DSEE 6.3)
  • Involves Complete building of LDAP directories involving through analysis, planning, & maintenance of LDAP Servers in Multi-Master Deployed Environments.
  • Provided on installing the software, creating suffixes, restoring data through Binary backups, Exports, Aci Modifications, Replication concepts in a Multi-master Environment, Debugging & troubleshooting major LDAP issues
  • Troubleshooting LDAP integration problems with various applications
  • Deployed & Installed Sun Open SSO in Dev environment for Single Sign-On solution.
  • Configured sessions, ldap searches, enabling access manager & customized Open SSO schema to Directory Server.
  • Implementing & Testing CAS (Central Authentication Service) a enterprise Single Sign-On Solution for web services in Dev environment to verify the feasibility of using Open SSO in BC Environment
  • Installed Siteminder webagents & configured LDAP policy stores on Dev Environment.
  • Provided Backup support for siteminder tasks.
  • Providing daily support on LDAP tasks
  • Installed LDAP connectors for Arcsight archiving tool in order to monitor ldap logs as well as system logs.
  • Providing Backup support for F5 Big IP Load balancing tasks
  • Installing Directory Servers 5.2 & DSEE 6.3 on various Unix Machines.
  • Migration of Directory Server From DS 5.2 to DSEE 6.3
  • Created New LDAP Instances & populated data using ldif files & binary Backup files
  • Installed, configured and troubleshoot Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE 6.3)
  • Created various types of ACI’s to create access permissions for various users & application administrators.
  • Troubleshooting memory related issues such as memory leaks, lack of memory etc
  • Monitored & Modified Cache sizes for increasing performance of Directory Servers
  • Involved in configuring & designing LDAP schema, attributes, custom attributes, custom classes, and the directory tree structure (DIT) for LDAP Directory Server.
  • Performed Daily backup & exports of LDAP Directory Server
  • Enabled replication and created replication agreements between Masters & Consumer directory servers.
  • Rotated directory server backup and log files for enhancement of allocated storage
  • Monitored replication status and maintained replica and master synchronization in order to maintain integrity of searches on replica consumers.
  • Created & modified groups such as Dynamic & Static groups in directory server.
  • Performed auditing of access, audit and error logs to provide troubleshooting solutions involving connection failures, unattainable searches and permission issues
  • Applied patches and hot fixes for DSEE 6.3, RHAS 4, Linux machines.
  • Prepared many Perl & shell scripts to monitor LDAP Directory Server Performance
  • Installed TDS (Tivoli Directory Servers) on VMware to test the compatibility & for integration purposes.
  • Created many Assembly lines to populate & sync data from mainframe to LDAP & Active Directory using Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI)
  • Provided backup support for Active Directory tasks such as schema modifications, installations & other configuration tasks
  • Configured F5 BigIp Load balancers for local traffic management of Ldap systems configuring the virtual servers, pools, and profiles, ensuring that traffic passing through the BIG-IP system is processed quickly and efficiently.
  • Balanced traffic to tune and distribute server load on the network for Scalability & High Availability.
  • Monitored the health and performance of servers on the network for availability.
  • Performed load Generation stress testing and performance analysis of network-based applications using Slamd, Jmeter
  • Debugged and fixed various platform performance and stability problems.
  • Monitored UNIX boxes to optimize performance and memory usage
  • Monitored & Maintained Oracle Internet Directory for Portal applications.

Environment: Sun One Directory Server 5.2, Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) 6.1,6.3,6.3.1 RHAS 4,5 Unix Administration, Solaris 10 System Administration, Tivoli Directory Server (TDS), Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI), F5 BigIp, Oracle Internet Directory (OID), UNIX Shell scripting, Perl scripting, IDM, Arclogger, Central Authentication Service (CAS), Sun Open SSO

LDAP Administrator,

Confidential, Overland Park, Kansas,


  • Installing Directory Servers and creating new Ldap instances
  • Migration of Directory Servers 5.2 to Sun DSEE 6.x
  • Reconfiguring directory server replication between multi master’s, hubs, and consumers.
  • Creating Multi Master Replication Agreements between Sun DS 5.x & Sun DSEE 6.x
  • Written scripts to migrate users from one branch to another branch modifying the attributes, domains.
  • Separating single DS instance database to Multiple DS Instances.
  • Created cron jobs for redundant routine tasks such as backing up db files
  • Creating LDAP instances using Binary backup files from one host/machine to other Host/machines.
  • Configuring Optimal Performance Tuning Operating Systems and Directory Servers (kernel parameters, TCP/IP stack parameters, system cache, search algorithms, operational size limits, indexes, and import, database, entry cache)
  • Executing Backup and Recovery Strategies for directory data (offline, online, binary, LDIF, LDIF filtered)
  • Resolving backup and recovery issues in a high availability and replication environment (backup files, change log, transaction log, retro change log)
  • Executing Monitoring and Recovery Strategies using key performance measures, monitoring tools, UNIX shell/Perl scripting.
  • System status monitoring (CPU usage, memory usage, swap activity, process size, disk activity and usage)
  • Directory server monitoring (process, response, access logs, errors logs)
  • Database activity monitoring (resource usage, database cache performance, entry cache usage, transaction logs)
  • Extending the existing schema when necessary by creating custom object classes and custom attributes using the proper existing object classes and attributes.
  • Monitoring replication status and maintaining replica and master synchronization
  • Enabling replication and creating replication agreements
  • Adding/modifying new entries in directory server.
  • Creating access permissions for entries in directory server. Reconfiguring and tuning new instances of directory server with backup files
  • Deployed & configured policy servers to authentication & authorization
  • Provided backup support for siteminder tasks
  • Troubleshooting siteminder & ldap issues.
  • Rotating backup and log files.
  • Support for Web-services (Sprint Web services Security)
  • Monitored Aix/Unix servers performance and checked memory usage statistics, swap activity, disk activity, network activity, process activity
  • Determine the root cause, implement solutions, apply patches to resolve authentication, authorization, and performance issues
  • Used Access Control Instructions (ACIs) to create access permissions for entries in directory server

Environment: Sun One Directory Server 5.2, Sun One Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.x, Solaris 8, 9, 10, Unix Administration, F5, UNIX Shell scripting, Perl scripting, Telispark, Atlas, Aepona, IDM, Web-services, Netegirty SiteMinder 6.0

LDAP/Siteminder Administrator,

Little Rock, Arkansas,


  • Conducting Analysis and Planning for LDAP implementation
  • Extending the existing schema when necessary by creating custom object classes and custom attributes using the proper existing object classes and attributes
  • Designing the Directory Tree Architecture
  • Implement multiple data center database distribution strategy
  • Securing directory access using X.509 s, SSL, global and local password policies, ACIs and attribute encryption
  • Capture and document performance requirements and usage patterns
  • Performing Benchmark Tests, stress-test performance on bulk load, search, write, entry replication
  • Network monitoring (network bandwidth), system monitoring (CPU, RAM, Hard disk), and application monitoring (statistics, logs)
  • Implementing High Availability and Fault Tolerance Strategies
  • Implement replication strategies for HA and Failover using MMR, write failover, load balancing, directory proxy
  • Written many Shell Scripts and TCL scripts to automate the monitoring administrative activities
  • Installing and configuring Web Agents to protect and manage access to enterprise resources
  • Configuring User Authentication Stores and Policy Authorization Stores on LDAP
  • Configuring Authentication and Authorization to support HA, Failover and Load Balancing
  • Develop custom HTML form authentication scheme using JavaScript and HTML
  • Develop Active Expressions in Java using the SiteMinder Authentication and Authorization APIs
  • Managing System and Domain Administrator accounts
  • Managing Policy Servers and Policy Domains
  • Implement Policy-based Security using Web Agents, User Directories, Realms, Authentication schemes, User Sessions, Rules, and Responses to protect, manage, authenticate and authorize access to enterprise resources
  • Configuring User Sessions to support for SSO over single multiple domains
  • Configuring authentication support for X.509 s over SSL
  • Configuring distributed authentication and authorization stores using directory mapping
  • Configuring Responses to enable web content personalization
  • Perform Functional, Regression, Stress and -based Authentication tests
  • Conduct proactive and reactive performance tuning for Operating Systems, Web Agents, Policy Servers, Policy Stores, User Stores to meet and maintain operational requirements (process, thread, connection, cache)
  • Determine the root cause, implement solutions, apply patches to resolve authentication, authorization, and performance issues, as well as provide feedback to Netegrity on SiteMinder product bugs

Environment: SunOne Directory Server 5.2, Netegirty SiteMinder 6.0 (Policy Server 6.0sp2, WebAgent 6QMR2cr6), Solaris 8, Windows 2003 Server, Apache, Java Script, mySQL server.

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