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Lead Storage & Backup Admin Resume



  • Over Eight years of experience in Storage, SAN, Open systems administration environment, more than Eleven years in IT
  • Expertise in the management of Hitachi Data Storage (HDS) systems VSP, SNM2, USP series, USP - V, HNAS, HUS VM, HUS 110/130/150 and AMS series.
  • Expertise in the management of HDS arrays using Hitachi BOS-V, Device Manager (HDvM), Storage Navigator and Universal volume manager.
  • Having experience in managing in Petabyte environments.
  • Implementation of HDP (Dynamic Provisioning) to create storage pools in HDS.
  • Experience working on Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) in generating reports for Hitachi storage arrays.
  • Expertise in EMC Symmetrix storage arrays VMAX, DMX, Clarion storage arrays and VNX.
  • Hands on experience in management of EMC storage arrays using Solutions Enabler (SYMCLI), SMC, Unisphere, navicli, EMC Control center (ECC).
  • Expertise in implementing real time Disaster Recovery solutions that include EMC SRDF, Time Finder, Snap view, Mirror View and Hitachi Universal replicator, True copy (TC) and Hitachi SI (shadow image).
  • Hands on experience in Virtual Provisioning with VSP using Command Suite, creating DP & DT pools
  • Implementation of Dynamic pools (Combination of SSD, SAS and SATA) for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.
  • Expertise in Confidential DCX and Confidential MDS 9000 series routers and switches (director, core and edge) for the SAN environment.
  • Expertise in using Confidential Fabric Manager, Confidential DCFM, CLI and Web tools, EFCM manager and EMC Connectrix Manager for management of SAN director, core and edge switches
  • Expertise in using HGLM, VxVM & EMC Powerpath, for the configuration of dual path SAN solutions and load balancing.
  • Expertise in the planning and configuration of migration using Tuning Manager and Open Replication
  • Working experience in different flavors of UNIX like, SUN SOLARIS, Linux and Windows.
  • Expertise in implementing multiple tier level storage environment of multiple storage vendors such as EMC, Hitachi and Netapp.
  • Expertise in NetApp Data OnTap Administration with Snapshot, Snap vault, Snap mirror. Allocating FC storage.
  • Implemented NDMP backups. vFiler administration and troubleshooting
  • NAS - CIFS, NAS - NFS, Snapshot, Snaprestore, SnapMirror, Volume(Flex) Management, Upgrades,
  • De-duplication, Operations Mgr, Testing, HW/SW Installation, SAN-iSCSI, LUN Mgmt, Documentation, VMware, Snapmanager for VI, Exchange & SME, Complex Deployment Planning
  • Collaborate with team members and prioritize assignments.
  • Possess very good communication skills


  • EMC VMAX, DMX4/3, 3000/2000/800 , Symmetrix 8830 and, EMC VNX, RPA, Replication Manager.
  • Hitachi VSP, USP-V and AMS arrays. HNAS
  • NetApp 3470 Filers
  • Confidential MDS 9513, 9216, Confidential 7800 SAN switches.
  • SMC, EMC Control Center (ECC), Unisphere TimeFinder, SYMCLI, SRDF, Mirror view, SNAP shots, SAN Copy, Unisphere, Navisphere, Navicli, Celerra Manager.
  • Hitachi Command Suite, SNM, SNM2, Tuning Manager, True Copy, SI, COW
  • Netapp On command 7.1
  • CommVault (Simpana), Netbackup
  • Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX and Windows.


Confidential, MA

Lead Storage & Backup Admin


  • Worked in Hitachi VSP/ USP-v / AMS & HNAS & EMC VMAX/VNX
  • Working on Hitachi enterprise arrays VSP, HUS VM, HUS 110/130/150
  • Implemented Hi Track on HUS VM / HNAS.
  • Generating performance reports using HTNM
  • Implementing HDLM on requested hosts.
  • Worked on Microcode upgrade on arrays & switches along with vendors
  • Huge experience on Hi-Command Suite, Storage Navigator & SNM2
  • Worked on True copy & Shadow Images.
  • Creating CRQ’s and getting approvals from CAB.
  • Working on Storage & Zones allocation, creation and reclamations.
  • Involved in host based migrations & DC migrations from IBM to Verizon.
  • Working on FC cabling issues on physically moving servers.
  • Working on NetApp Fillers 3470 series
  • Worked on Ontap7.
  • Working migrations on physical moving servers, Physical to virtual and virtual to virtual servers.
  • Creating CIFS & NFS share on NAS
  • Creating Q-trees, implementing disk quotas
  • Configured Flex volumes.
  • Very good experience on backups using Commvault & upgraded service packs alone.
  • Installed agents on clients locally & Remotely.

Environment: HDS VSP / HNAS / HUS VM/ HUS 110/130/150 / HNAS / EMC - VNX / Netapp.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Sr. Storage Admin


  • Worked in Hitachi VSP/ USP-v / AMS & HNAS & EMC VMAX / VNX
  • Involved in day to day operations.
  • Generated reports using HTNM
  • Implemented HDLM
  • Used Hi Track to avoid issues on Arrays & Fabrics.
  • Extensive experience in using HCS / Storage Navigator
  • Have good experience in Replication / Migration on Hitachi.
  • Involved in disk & pool performance issues, for data base servers.
  • Having good experience in IBM (SVC/XIV) Arrays to Hitachi VSP / HUS VM /HUS 110/130/150 family.
  • Commanding knowledge on AIX NPIV zoning.
  • Having good understanding on host mode settings on Arrays.
  • Configuring Snapshots / mirror on Netapp filers
  • Created NFS /CIFS share for NAS users.
  • Good experience on Netapp V fillers.
  • Worked with Micro code upgrades with various vendors
  • Worked on Backups

Environment: HDS VSP / USP-V / HNAS / EMC - VNX / Netapp. Confidential .

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. San Administrator


  • Created Storage, Initiator, Port groups. Allocated Thin and Thick storage pools using VMAX.
  • Implementing DR using SRDF and time finder
  • Allocated storage from VNX
  • Maintaining Isilons.
  • Involved in migration project from Clariion / DMX to VMAX.
  • Implemented Dynamic pools (Combination of SSD, SAS and SATA Drives) for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.and FastVP in EMC.
  • Created raid groups, luns, storage groups using VSP
  • Allocated storage from Hitachi ams 2300 array and documented the procedure
  • Managed HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) that include VSP, USP-V and AMS arrays.
  • Administered of Hitachi (HDS) arrays using Device Manager (HDvM), Universal volume manager and Storage Navigator.
  • Implemented HDP to create storage pools in HDS.
  • Experienced in working on Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) in generating reports for Hitachi storage arrays.
  • Implemented Dynamic pools for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.
  • Involved in migrating the data from one array to another using robocopy and rsync tools
  • Allocated storage from DMX and Vmax arrays using ECC, SMC and symcli
  • Worked with EMC and other vendors to troubleshoot issues and co-ordinate the maintenance on the arrays
  • Did regular backups, pushing agent & designed backup schedules using net backup
  • Allocating storage from NetApp Fillers in cluster mode and Regular.
  • Configured snapshots for MS Exchange periodically
  • Created disk quotas using On Tap.
  • NetApp filer’s configuration on FAS 3470. Install and update On Tap 7.x Snapmirror for DR site replication.
  • Maintained Luns, CIFS, NFS shares and snapshots.

Environment: Hitachi AMS arrays, EMC VMAX, VNX Isilons, Clarion, and Netapp Arrays. Confidential MDS family & Confidential switches.

Confidential, San Bruno, CA

Sr. San Administrator


  • Managed that include VSP, AMS, VMAX, VNX, and NetApp Filers arrays.
  • Monitored and configured Hitachi, EMC and NetApp arrays using Device Manager, Universal volume Manager, Storage Navigator SMC, Unisphere and On Tap
  • Created Thin and Thick pools on VMAX
  • Allocated storage from VNX.
  • Worked with Hi Track suite to moniter alerts and taken necessary steps according to the alert.
  • Design and deployment of enterprise storage solutions using storage technologies like EMC VMAX, VNX models of storage arrays.
  • Generated reports for Hitachi storage arrays (HTnM).
  • Implemented HUR (Universal Replicator), Shadow Images and setting up P-vol and S-vol devices for site to site replication in HDS VSP storage arrays
  • Allocated the storage luns from VSP and SNM2.
  • Created raid groups, luns, storage groups using VSP
  • Administered of Hitachi (HDS) arrays using Device Manager (HDvM), Universal volume manager and Storage Navigator.
  • Experienced in working on Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM) in generating reports for Hitachi storage arrays.
  • Implemented Dynamic pools for dynamic tearing in Hitachi VSP.
  • Implemented of HUR (Universal Replicator), Shadow Images and setting up P-vol and S-vol devices for site to site replication in HDS VSP storage arrays.
  • Involved in migrating the data from one array to another using robocopy and rsync tools
  • Allocated storage from VNX and Vmax arrays using ECC, SMC, Symcli and UniSphere.
  • Involved in multiple vendor sales pitch and POC procedures.
  • Involved in 32 bit - 64 bit host based Migration in Netapp
  • Allocated V-Volumes.
  • Worked with EMC and other vendors to troubleshoot issues and co-ordinate the maintenance on the arrays
  • Actvily involved in Backups & Recovery ticket using Netbackup and Commvault.
  • Upgrading service packs.

Environment: Hitachi HUR, VSP, USP-V, AMS arrays, HNAS, EMC Clarion, EMC Vmax, EMC VNX, NetApp Arrays, CommVault Simpana. Confidential MDS 9000 series family. Netbackup & Commvault

Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Storage Admin


  • Created RAID groups on Hitachi AMS, EMC and Net App storage arrays.
  • Performed addition of new storage space to servers, increasing the existing storage space and maintaining the Fabrics.
  • Adding new storage includes creation of new LUNs, storage groups, binding LUNs and making the storage volume available to the servers by zoning the Fabric.
  • Performed Performance monitoring, file system management and performed security audit.
  • Dealt with Installation of the different packages and patches to update the packages on different hosts. reated the users and groups in the network to assigning privileges to the users to access the resources.
  • Performed Backups to tape drives from servers and also performed Restore operation.
  • Managing the disks by creating partitions, new file system for every partition and Mounting the files system to a mount point.
  • Supported in the issues related with DNS configuration, FTP and Telnet applications.
  • Performed the backups and restoration on Solaris Hosts using ufsdump and ufsrestore commands.
  • Prepared Business continuity and DR Process for the company.
  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of DNS, DHCP, RIS, Active Directory.
  • Given Remote support for managing and troubleshooting server using Putty, Telnet, Remote desktop, VNC.
  • Performed patch management and installing third party software.
  • Installed and configured TSM server and installed TSM agents in most of the workstations.
  • Created and modify backup policy creation and Restore Operations.

Environment: Hitachi AMS500/1000, 9980v EMC Clarion CX500/600, IBM 3590/3480/3490 , Fijitsu 3Par, 3480, Confidential 2800 router/2960/2950switches/1240AG, TSM, Veritas Volume Manager, Solaris 8/9, Red-Hat 3.5, Windows 2000/2003 Server

Confidential, Miami, FL

Storage Administrator


  • Responsible for administration of Hitachi SAN and EMC NAS environment which contain data in Hitachi USP-V/VM, AMS2500, AMS2300, AMS2300, EMC VMAX and NetApp Systems.
  • Storage provisioning on AMS and Enterprise systems (AMS 2300, USP-V)
  • Creating Host groups, and mapped Ldevs/ LUNS to Hosts
  • Worked on Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software for thin provisioning of internal and virtualized external storage.
  • Resolving path issues on the servers and document the finding for future reference.
  • Strong experience in building SANs with Hitachi Data storage products USP-V/VM, AMS 1000/2000/2500 Hardware.
  • Created DP-Vols from DP-Pools and presented to different Operating systems platforms
  • Administer and manage the AMS arrays using SNM2. .
  • Performing zoning on Confidential director class switches with Fabric Manager.
  • Choose the appropriate RAID level for high performance and High Availability.
  • Perform daily management activities of Storage Provisioning, performance monitoring and reporting of both storage and SAN environments.
  • Install and configure Power Path software on identified hosts.
  • Generate SRDF/A replication design details based on solution modeling and analysis.
  • Replicated data from DMX 4 to VMAX single engine using recover point.
  • Upgraded netbackup service packs on all clients.

Environment: EMC DMX4, VMAX, CX, ECC v6.1, FAST VP, Data Domain 670, EMC Performance Manager, SMC, EMC Recover Point. Blade servers, Juniper SRX 3600, F5 BIG IP 8900, HP DL380 G7, IBM P740 series, M3, Hitachi USP-V, AMS 2300/2100/1000/500 , Veritas Volume Manager


Operations Manager


  • Integrating systems, network and messaging administration functions, managing system resources and tracking response times to maintain operating efficiency.
  • Planning client networks, managing concerned resources, overseeing proxy and firewall application on Microsoft ISA in addition to maintaining Exchange Server 2003 and 2000 email systems and troubleshooting client mailboxes.
  • Upgrading a Network to Windows 2003/2000 by Upgrading domain controllers, members’ servers. And establish the forest root for the Windows 2008/2003/2000 Active Directory service.
  • Using Group Policy to Manage User desktop Environments and manage software deployment and Identifying solutions to software deployment problems
  • Maintaining the Active Directory Database
  • Configuring Remote Access and virtual private network (VPN) connection and Creating a remote access policy and profile
  • Installation, Configuration, and Administration of MS Exchange Server 2003/2000 and 5.5, and Microsoft ISA Server 2004..
  • Ability to work as a Team, and Lead a Team efficiently. Successful Project completions ahead of deadlines.

Environment: Windows 2003, DNS, DHCP, exchange 2003/2000, Linux Rhel 4, 5


Windows Admin


  • Administration includes managing Windows NT user accounts using Active Directory Users & Computers (MMC).
  • Move users to their proper Organizational units for easy Administration, Delegating administrative responsibilities to department LAN admin.
  • Verify that they get the correct logon scripts based on department, Granting permissions to users, managing printers through HP jet direct admin utility, Overall Administration and security for the NT domains.
  • Centralized administration and support of all Exchange servers, which are under the IT umbrella.
  • Create and manage recipient objects, maintaining an existing Exchange Server organization, including the management of objects in the Site and Server containers in the Administrator program, Configuration of
  • Creating and managing public folders, Define monitored parameters. Perform periodic optimizing and load balancing of Exchange servers. Implementing Exchange upgrades, fixes, and patches. Administer Exchange database restoration..
  • Provide Exchange reporting tools. Performing disaster recovery planning.

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