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Principal Storage Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Extensive experience in management of data center engineer, network systems, and web application support.
  • In - depth knowledge and experience in IT infrastructure planning, capacity analysis, and system implementation.
  • Solid skills in database administration and network administration in large scale enterprise environment.
  • Experience in SAN/AD/Exchange/Sharepoint/Network architect and implementation application system integration.
  • Detail oriented manager with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Designing/Managing/Supporting/Network Infrastructure/Applications
  • Product Strategy Creation & Execution
  • Budget Management Client Relationship Management Program/Project Management Executive-level Presentations
  • Communications Strategy
  • International Strategic Alliance


Confidential, ATLANTA, GA

Principal Storage Engineer


  • Planned, designed and implemented enterprise solutions involving VMware, HyperV, NetApp, Linux 6.5, AIX 7.1 with MPIO, and Microsoft 2003/2008/2012. Experience with the design, architecture and implementation of virtual infrastructure environments using VMware VI, Virtual Center, DRS and HA. Hands on experience with iSCSI, NFS and Fibre Channel protocols on NetApp storage, created initiator groups for VMware and HyperV.
  • Upgraded diskshelves, ACP firmware, Clustered Data Ontap 8.2.1 on FAS 3240/6210/6220/8040 for both source and destination sites and brocade switches.
  • Used Veeam backup and replication v6 for Hyper-V and VMs snapshots, initialized and scheduled resynchronization via Hyper-V Manager, check the VHD and replica VMs, create a diff disks for the replica VHDs, compared and synced the VHDs, merged the resync changes to the VHD, delete the recovery points.
  • Designed and configured 6 nodes cluster with 8 vServers, aggregates, volumes, LUNs, NDMP backup layout including NetApp Clustered Data Ontap 8.1.3 Snapshot/FlexClone/SnapMirror, Snapvault, CIFS/NFS (NAS), 10GB iSCSI/Fibre (SAN) using the latest NetApp SnapDrive/SnapManager suite of tools. Managed databases over 500 TB including replication monitoring, and scheduled jobs monitoring.
  • Configured monitoring and reporting tools such as Insight OnCommand 6.4/DWH/OnCommand Insight Reporting Connection, Balance 4.1, OnCommand DFM5.2, and Netapp My AutoSupport, Netapp nSANity collection, Perfstat v8 (Converged), FMC Data Collector.
  • Daily health check commands on Netapp 4 nodes clustered Data Ontap 8.1.3 with remote DR snapmirror and snapvault site are cf status, cluster show, sysstat -m -c 60 -s 1, sysstat - x, statistics periodic -node against each node, aggr show -state offline, vol/aggr show -percent-used >80, lun show -state offline, dashboard alarm show, net int show, snapmirror show -state broke-off, snapmirror show -state uninitialized, snapvault status, igroup show -vserver, statistics show-periodic -object fcp lif:vserver -instance vServer counter read data|write data, df -i -percent-inodes-used >80.

Confidential, ATLANTA, GA

Sr. SAN/NAS Storage Engineer


  • Documented operation procedures for daily administration tasks of provisioning and reclaiming storages. Used Sharepoint to record all provisioning service providers’ portal and service operations portal. Used Netapp SAN Screen 6.4.1 to troubleshoot storage related issues and reporting such as performance, single path violations, blocked hosts, disk utilization, storage pool capacity, storage pool over-commit, volume IOPS, volume response time, high fabric port usage, disconnected WWN zone members, replication capacity mismatch between source and target volumes.
  • Supported/administered of storages covering IBM DS8700, SVC, XIV 114/A14, EMC CX4-960/4-120, NetApp NAS array N 5300/6070/7900 , and EMC Isilon X200-2U and Isilon IQ 108NL, Symmetrix VMAX-1, VNX 5700 tier 1, 2, 3 storage arrays across four Data Centers.
  • Used Cisco MDS 9513 fabric switches DCNM SAN 5.2 with 48 ports per module, 13 modules with 4gig/8gig SFP GBIC to assign fabric ports and reclaimed ports for Atlanta, Durham, Orlando, and Richmond.
  • Administered virtual storage environment that utilizes IBM SVC 8 nodes clusters with more than 2500 hosts, 4600 virtual machines, 83 storage pools, and 37 various storage arrays using approximately 6.8 PB of storage on highly redundant 8 nodes SVC clusters tasks included global mirror replication, consistency group, flash copy, allocating/reclaiming storage, expand vdisk, storage management, storage subsystems, storage pools.
  • Plans and schedules the engagement’s installation and configuration F5 ARX nodes for Atlanta, Richmond, and Orlando to manage shares redirections (volume groups) using namespace protocol such as CIFS and NFS.
  • Launched OnCommand System Manager for claim and reclaim storage such as aggregates, volumes, Qtree’s, Snapshots, SnapMirror, Snapvault, vFiler, disk assign, create LUN, FlexClone, Fiber FCP, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, SIS deduplication for volumes, NDMP NAS backup, NetApp Protection Manager for backup, NetApp SAN Screen for performance troubleshooting and reporting.
  • Designed/implemented exchange 2010 with 3 active/3 passive mailbox servers with 7,000 mailboxes,7 databases per server, and 1,000 mailboxes per database, 1.8GB/.12 iops per mailbox, 1DAG with 2 database copies, 2 nodes cluster using a pair of FAS3220 storage controllers, Clustered Data Ontap 8.1.2, 512GB flash cache per node, 60 SAS 900GB with RAID-DP.
  • Configured Cisco MDS 9513 fibre channel switch includes create zones, add members to the zone, create zone set, add multiple zones to a zone set, active the zone set, and save the configuration.

Confidential, ATLANTA, GA

Data Center Manager


  • Served as primary point of contact on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis, in charge of coordinating critical systems and disaster recovery procedures directly impacting the stability of data center operations.
  • Ensure that all replication technologies being used are monitored, functional and capable of business recovery.
  • Received and approved from a Disaster Recovery perspective, installation of changes to any of the production systems and platforms are concurrent in Atlanta, Austin, Oklahoma City, and Durham data centers locations. Maintained and tested Disaster and Business Recovery procedures.
  • Developed policies and standards to govern testing for internal and regulatory compliance. Provided technical leadership to identify needs, root cause analysis, and resolve critical issues. Introduced standards for customer service, implemented support processes and procedures, increased collaboration across the team, and strengthened communication with users, improving overall customer satisfaction and problem resolution.
  • Developed future IT strategy and business case documentation for purchasing and implementing new capabilities. Delivered excellence in customer service through situation analysis and timely resolve of escalating problems.
  • Managed my team to support through cross of Systems Ops and PROD Control staffs on system upgrades, DR tests, Commvault Enterprise backup/restore, Foglight/Intrust reports/monitoring, and data migration projects.
  • Implemented/supported Cisco ASA G interface firewall IPsec site-to-site tunnel between 2 ASAs, SSL VPN remote access for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, isakmp policy, authentication pre-share, crypto isakmp key, access-list permit, crypto ipsec transform-set, crypto map ipsec-isakmp, set transform-set, set peer, match address. Access-list ip-qos extended permit ip (inside/outside), class-map qos, description qos policy, match access-list ip-qos, policy-map qos, class qos, police output/input, service-policy quos interface inside/outside, show service-policy.
  • Setup and configured SCCM Operating System Deployment (OSD) for Windows XP and Windows 7, this also included managing all task sequences/images for the different HALs on XP as well as Windows 7.
  • Managed migration project successfully with a new Active Directory design by redesigning software deployment, OU structure, User security and domain local, global and Universal group, and centralization for AD/DCs 2008.
  • Managed centralized domain after migrating from, several child domains and sites all over the world including DHCP/DNS issue. Active Directory configuration, administration, and management. Included creation of organizational units, users, security groups, distribution groups, group policy implementation, domain forest/tree, DFS, AD schema, and dealing with AD related scripts.
  • Configured Riverbed Steelhead using management console 8.0.1to create In-Path rules for Packet-Mode optimization, NAT IP address mapping, TCP, HTTP, NFS, CIFS, MS-SQL, and FCIP.
  • Provided VMware SME service delivery and process management lifecycle expertise used to facilitate the architectural planning, scoping, and implementation execution of a new deployment of vSphere-vCenter to the existing ITIL v3 global datacenters with emphasis on decommissioning and replacing existing legacy VMware hardware environments that consists of ESX versions 2.5, 3.0, 3.02, 3.5 and vCenter 2.0/2.5 and replacing all legacy ESX hosts with vSphere 4 managed by vCenter instances for a global ACS client located in the U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico remote offices as well as providing high level technical advice for other various ACS’ clients.
  • Configured vCenter and managed VMware ESX 5.0 HA/DRS Cluster, Resource Pool, limits a Resource Pool based on virtual machine workloads, monitor HA/DRS cluster behavior, configured Storage DRS and Datastore Clusters.
  • Installed CommVault Simpana 9.0 CommServe MediaAgent, File System, iDataAgent with administration tasks of configured storage device, storage policy, and performed backup and restore.
  • Implemented and supported Oracle 11g R 2 4 nodes RAC database and Oracle GRID infrastructure on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5.
  • Developed and maintained Linux RHEL 5.5 servers. Provided effective services in IT environments through integration, optimization, installation, troubleshooting, upgrading, security, monitoring, and recovery of Linux components and system administration.
  • Configured SQL Server 2005/2008 R2 Enterprise. Used SQL Profiler to debug deadlocks and other database inefficiencies. Worked with Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) and SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Manager . Responsible for setting up database mirroring over multiple servers. Created DTS/SSIS packages, SQL Agent jobs, Maintenance Plans, and SQL Reporting Services.
  • Implemented/supported high availability solutions with SQL Server including Clustering/Replication/Log Shipping.
  • Coordinated schedules for staff meetings to discuss departmental issues, project initiatives, and action plans.
  • Manages corporate RDBMS data center operated by Oracle Enterprise RAC Server on HP-UX Unix and Linux operating systems platform. Developed strategic plan for data center operation and capacity expansion.
  • Managed multiple projects such as Active Directory 2003/2008, Windows Domain Controllers and Domains consolidations, applications deployment on Group Policy Management, FSMO, DNS/DHCP/WINS migrations, Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Quest Password Manager, Centralize WSUS, upgrade VMware vSphere 5.0, and RFP for new SAN/NAS storage arrays systems, and upgrade HP UX/Linux firmware.

Confidential, ATLANTA, GA

IT Network Manager


  • Led and developed a 24/7 team of 12, responsible for identifying call patterns and trends, declaring outages based on call volume, and coordinating cross-departmental activities to resolve downtime outages, impairments, and other issues.
  • Additionally responsible for forecasting call volumes and call center staffing requirements, routing calls among 3 call centers, and providing technical and operational guidance to our 3 call centers.
  • Use strong planning and organizational skills to priorities based upon business objectives and service level agreements while still maintaining business revenue goals.
  • Responsible for hire/terminate/performance appraisals, and managing App. Dev. Support, Helpdesk, Network Operations, Server Infrastructure and Desktop Support. Staff of 12 with 8 direct; up to 2 outside contractors, and other IT sites managers.
  • Designed and implemented VPN/Firewall ASA 5520s and Cisco Catalyst 6506 and 2960 switches. Configured RIP, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, VLAN, Trunking, VTP, STP, MST, ACL, remote VPN access with IPsec and site to site tunneling and on Cisco ASA 5520 with ASDM 6.1.
  • Configured SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle 11g to perform backup, restore, recover, and cloning. Installed the NetApp SRA to the SRM server, license the Netapp SnapMirror, created and mounted an NFS volume, enabled and configured SnapMirror, and configured the SRM Array Manager.
  • Setup cisco Nexus, storage VLAN for NFS, NetApp controller 2,000 seat physical configuration, network setup of Netapp Storage Controller, configure NFS trunk, configure Netapp storage controller's SSH configuration, configure flexscale for performance acceleration module, configure virtual machine datastore aggregate, create a volume to host the template virtual machine, configure snapshot copies and optimal performance, create the volumes for hosting linked clones and CIFS user data, install Vsphere, VMware Vcenter server, configure service console for redundancy, configure VMware Kernel NFS port and Vmotion.
  • Used VMware View Manager 4.5 to create VMs for View Desktop Deployment includes Automated Pools that contain Full VMs, Linked-Clone Desktop Pools, Microsoft Terminal Services Pools, Provisioning Desktop Pools, and Setting Power Policies for Desktop Pools. Configured vCenter server and View Composer, configured Settings for Client Sessions, Disable/Enable View Connection Server, and configured View Connection Server Settings.
  • Created Storage Pools, File Systems, Virtual Volumes, CIFS shares on BlueArc SAN Storage RAID 10 array with System Drives of 400TB SATA and Fibre. Setup Replication Rules and Schedules Policies to replicate data from old domain to new domain.
  • Configured software iSCSI load balance multipathing to vSphere datastores includes: created the vmkernel interfaces, used iSCSI management tools to allow interfaces to connect, configured the software iSCSI initiator to use the new vmkx iSCSI ports, configured round robin path selection for all iSCSI datastores.
  • Redesigned/configured CommVault Galaxy Intelligent Data Agents, Media Management, Drive and Library Management, Disk to Disk backup (BlueArc), Disk to Tape (ADIC Scalar i500 tape library) backup, Data Aging, NDMP, Reports, Scheduler, Storage Policies, Multiplexing, create New Backup Set, Prune Job, and many others.
  • Designed/installed Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise edition included Webhead-Front End IIS 7 and SharePoint application, Back-End SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise clustered servers with Index, Query, and Excel, BDC, My Site, and Central Admin application on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise servers.
  • Installed/configured VMware vSphere 4.0 hosts, clients, Windows 2008 VMware Data Center failed over cluster consist with features HA, DRS, VMFS, Raw Device Mapping, Host Monitoring, VM Monitoring, and Enhanced VMotion Compatibility.

Confidential, SANDY SPRINGS, GA

Active Directory/Exchange Administrator


  • Directed international technical teams (Chile, Vancouver, North Hampton, Stockholm, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Changsha, Bangalore in deployment, installation and administration of the worldwide WAN/LAN including all aspects of the data links and computer systems.
  • Designed Active Directory 2003/2008 DNS/DHCP/WINS/IIS6&7, and Exchange 2003/2007. Installed, supported, and migrated to Vmware ESX 3.5 host cluster with Exchange 2007 CCR cluster of 14,000 users with 43,000 mailboxes including Distribution List for all corporate systems nationwide.
  • Used Solarwinds for port scanner, monitoring applications/devices, and IP Management tool.
  • Configured EMC MailXtender for compliance archiving purpose and Symantec Enterprise Vault for non-compliance archiving. Configured OWA to use SSL /IronPort to use TLS X.509 for email encryption. Implemented Custom Recipient Policies, restore an Exchange 2003 database to a Recovery Storage Group.
  • Configured ESX 3.5 server includes: Setup target discovery IP addresses by using Static Discovery. Setup CHAP parameters for the hardware initiator. Added iSCSI storage accessible (Disk/LUN) type through hardware initiators. Added a new iSCSI target that ESX 3 host can use a dynamic discovery session. Edited layer 2 security policy, traffic shaping policy, the failover and load balancing policy. Configured DNS and routing through the VI Client.
  • Configured CX3-40/CX3-80 CLARiiON storage device, create RAID groups, create and binding LUNS, register the servers connected to the iSCSI NS40 Celerra SAN, and create storage groups that contain the servers and LUNS using VirtualCenter 2.0 (MUI) for the ESX 3.0 server. Used VMWare Converter tool to migrate VMware client to ESX 3.5.
  • Configured EVMS for Linux-HA (configured CCM services, created communication channels, tell Linux-HA to active EVMS. Configured EVMS for failover. Managed system logging with syslogd, scheduled jobs with crontab.
  • Assessed for SOX compliance of current Active Directory 2003 and Exchange 2003 environments.
  • Designed/installed/configured Cisco ASA 5505 routers, Cisco Catalyst 3750/3760, Aironet Autonomous 1131AG and Lightweight 1231G Access Points, Wireless LAN Controller for HREAP, WCS for centralization site.
  • Installed/configured Project Server 2007/Project Portfolio Server 2007 on Windows 2008 VMware on ESX 3.5 host cluster with MS SQL 2005 (Reporting, Analysis, Published, Archive, Draft databases), Sharepoint Services 3.0, Front-end, and Application servers.
  • Configured IBM DS TB with SAN Volume Controller clustered, EXP810 disk shelves, Cisco Brocade switches FCs clustered/load balance, and for Rev Mgt. Project with LS42 blade center servers (Windows 2008, SQL 2005 with clustered, Qlogic SANsurfer 5.0.1b37, Subsystem Device Driver DSM 2.4, Storage Manager 10 Client).
  • Installed/configured Configuration Manager 2007 for primary and secondary sites on Windows 2008 server VMware ESX 3.5 host clustered. Deployed exe and msi packages to clients’ workstations, WSUS for Windows updates.
  • Performed Red Hat Linux OS installs and upgrades. Maintain system updates with RPM and up2date utilities. Troubleshot hardware/software issues and maintained system configuration.

Confidential, WORCESTER, MA

Application Engineer


  • Gathered all pertinent information to create reports for presentation on department objectives to management at monthly measurement meetings.
  • Responsible for identifying and problem solving infrastructure and system issues along with recommendations to top levels management.
  • Designed, documented and managed the conversion from NetWare 5.1x and 6.1x to Windows 2000 in a LAN/WAN implementation project.
  • During the migration the following services were added to some or all of the sites: DNS, DHCP, WINS, IIS 4.0, Network Printing, Internet access through a proxy server and NT RAS using TCP/IP.
  • Installed/configure Dell PowerVault NAS with RAID 1, 5, 10. Mapped the NAS to Oracle 9i Users and Groups, mounting the NAS Share on the Oracle 9i server.
  • Successfully lead projects Siebel/Beacon Y2K compliance, migrating from one machine to other, adding hardware and upgrading UNIX, Oracle 9i (TOAD), and Powerbuilder applications and Environment.
  • Used Veritas Cluster Server to manage single critical database instance to large multi-application clusters in networked storage environments. Supported for up to 32-node clusters (16 nodes for AIX/Unix) in storage area.
  • Installed LDAP Directory Server on PCQLinux 8.0 to serve e-mail addresses to Outlook Express.
  • Migrated all Servers/Desktops/Laptops/Applications from Novell to Active Directory with almost no down time.
  • Designed, documented and managed the conversion from NetWare 5.1x and 6.1x to Windows 2000 in a LAN/WAN implementation project for 45 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada with no disruption to network services.
  • During the migration the following services were added to some or all of the sites: DNS, DHCP, WINS, IIS 4.0, Network Printing, Internet access through a proxy server and NT RAS using TCP/IP.
  • Planned and designed Active Directory integration, multiple forest deployment, general administration, and organization infrastructure in Exchange Server 2000. Created/managed address lists in Exchange 2000 server. Mail-enable/mailbox-enable users and configured users for email/instant messaging/chat services.
  • Managed front/back office IT systems, tape backups, Veritas NetBackup for Unix, Backup Exec, and LAN administrations (Lotus Notes 5.0.8, Novell Admin (5.1, 6.1), NT/2000/XP, SQL 2000, Solaris 8.0.

Confidential, WESTBOROUGH, MA

Sr. Technical Analyst


  • Provided technical support includes telephone, online, and email product support and serve as the primary support liaison between the company and the customers for electronics manufacturing products such as servers, storage systems, workstations, notebooks, and peripherals, routers, and switches.
  • Demonstrated leadership and worked independently to resolve complex technical problems, including escalation to our product engineers as necessary.
  • Provided guidance, supported and trained to service engineers on failure analysis to interface with end customers their product problems, issues and solution.
  • Served as Level 2 Support on specifically assigned products or lines, and work with Product Management, Engineering Dept., and outside sources to obtain .
  • Utilized that to then train team members for Level 1 support.
  • Managed and maintained a local area Windows NT network with over 2000 clients comprised of Windows 95/98/NT 3.51 & 4.0, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, and SQL applications.
  • Installed and configured Veritas Cluster Server on Solaris, with Veritas Vol. Manager, Oracle Enterprise Agent.
  • Network Architect and Admin for Windows 2000 Domain containing services including but not limited to Active Directory, Exchange Server5.5/2000, Citrix Server, Remote Access (VPN), SQL Server, DNS, WINS, and others.
  • Installed and configured operating systems such as Windows NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris 2.6 & 7.0.
  • Used NT, Unix, & Novell Mgt. Console 3.0.2 servers to manage files, logs, as well as backups and recovery.

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