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Noc Engineer Resume

Warldorf, MD


  • With my brilliant interpersonal, analytical, verbal and written expression skills and, as a network and hardware engineer,
  • I am seeking the position where I can utilize my professional skills in a reputable organization to enhance the vision of the firm in accordance with the rules and regulation of the organization, and also have the ability to take up professional challenges and make use of my technical strength to strengthen the goals of a growing global - minded organization.
  • Ethernet cabling, Frame relay, DHCP, NAT, PAT (NAT OVERLOAD) Configuration of layer 3 routing protocols (RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP). Configuration of Sub-interfaces,802.1q, VLANS, Switchport modes (trunking and access), VTP Protocol, VTP password, ISL, SVI (Switch virtual interface) HSRP, OSI model, TCP model, VLSM, subnetting, Configuring site to site VPN with SDM, Linux, Redhat, TFTP servers, Access-list, Route summarization, Route redistribution, HSRP, HDLC, PPP.
  • Technically strong in configuration of port securities on layer 2 switches as I am well aware of port security’s importance.
  • Network redundancy is of a great importance in the networking domain, so I place a high priority on virtual interfaces .
  • Also can operate at the user level in SAP
  • User accounts creation, management and security in MSCE also administering various types of servers
  • I also install, configure and tune various types of sound equipments ranging from minimum to the largest setup, usage of digital mixing console to do the routing in sound engineering.


  • Led best project Leader, and best team worker in various endeavors Ability and willingness to learn in a fast paced environment so as to meet up with the organizational needs.
  • Positive attitude towards every challenge and, ability to develop and integrate a smart workgroup through an excellent communication manner.
  • Confident and determined to pull through in a fast paced work environment. Work smart etiquette, figuring out the quickest solution to issues at the nick of time.
  • Paying total attention to details, troubleshooting with strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experienced in supporting and providing lead skills in the integration, testing and implementation of projects from inception to completion.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill, ability to relate well with people on all platforms.


Operating systems: Microsoft windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008, Linux, Solaris, Mac os

Routing Protocols: RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP

Network Tools/Management: Solar winds, Netflow Analyzer, HP Openview, WhatsUp Gold OpManager, Linux Utilities, Opnet, Orion, IP accounting.

Network Devices: Cisco routers 2500,2600,2900,3600,4000,6500,7200,7500,7600,10K,12K Juniper M40 and T620 series, Cisco CSS 11000,Cisco ASA

Network technology: (MPLS, frame-relay, and SMDS) GRE, MPLS VPN, PPPoE, IPsec, HSRP, L2TP, PPP, MULTICAST, IPSLA, SNMP etc.

Security Technology: (Cisco Pix/ASA, Juniper Netscreen, IOS firewall), DMVPN, GET VPN, Deep packet Inspection, Intrusion detection system (IDS)/IPS, security policy/audit, Auto proxy, Access control, TCP dump, Packet sniffers, Cisco IOS zone base firewall, Cisco firewall service module (FWSM)

Load Balancers: Alteon web switches 180e, 184 and ACE director (AD3, AD4), Cisco CSS 11000/11500 , Foundry (Brocade) and F5.

Protocols/Technologies: Multicast, IP SLA, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP

Ticketing/CRM: HP Open View, Remedy, Sales force

IPV6 Technologies: Dual stack, Dual stack lite, Stateless auto configuration, ISA TP, 6PE, 6to4 etc.


Confidential, Warldorf, MD

NOC Engineer


  • Configured different routing protocols (static and dynamic) on various customers’ Routers and always achieves a smooth communication within the networking devices. Importantly I always make sure that clients’ edge routers are tightly protected with firewalls and port securities on the switches against intrusions and I configure Virtual interfaces on the routers so as to ensure redundancy on the network, also monitor client’s L2 and L3 network devices.
  • Designed different networks with various IP addressing scheme (VLSM), making my designs very secure and reliable by configuring IPsec tunnels like VPN tunnel and GRE tunnels with the appropriate source and destination addresses and making sure that the required or interesting networks are channeled through the secured path with the proper advertisement of networks into the routing protocols so that the desired communication can be achieved.
  • Installed Cisco routers and switches with various WAN/LAN configurations in respect to the need of different clients and also ping across networks to ensure through connectivity. Configured Site to site VPN on various series of Cisco routers like 2900, 3600, 6500, 7900 etc.
  • Monitored, troubleshoot and resolve issues with Cisco firewall (ASA series) and also configured the appliance alongside senior engineers
  • Deployment and configuration of VLANs on switches with assignment of interfaces into specific VLANs with descriptions according to client’s needs.
  • Performed troubleshooting and resolved client’s LAN network problem at client’s sites within a very minimal downtime.
  • Escalate problems to internal Network engineers and external vendors as required, I have also worked with senior engineers to troubleshoot and resolve a particular scenario where there was a problem with loopback interface as a result of not advertising the interface into the routing protocol.
  • Performed reason for Outage analysis (RFO), I investigated various outage for different client’s with the root cause analysis which mostly aides our decisions and standard solutions to outages.
  • Implemented ticketing tasks with Remedy and Hp Openview, documentation of observations and steps taken towards various network scenarios.
  • I have also worked with senior engineer to install and configure WAP with Aruba 802.11ac standard which gave me an elaborate knowledge of how stronger faster and more reliable it is.
  • I implemented Access-list (standard and Extended) on some company’s routers applying the statement to the appropriate interface (inbound or outbound), more interestingly the named ACL which allows easy statement editing, also worked with group of senior engineers to administer the reflexive ACL.

Skills Used: VLSM, VPN, IPsec, WAN/LAN, Cisco routers, VPN, VLAN, RFO, Remedy, Hp Openview

Confidential, Suitland, MD

Network Engineer


  • Responsible for WAN/LAN managements, System Administration, Network security, backup and disaster recovery, managing Users’ Accounts, as well as troubleshooting network connectivity issues and resolving the bottlenecks efficiently within a considerable amount of time.
  • Configured various dynamic routing Protocols (RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP) on various series of Layer3 network devices and conducting connectivity tests to make sure that certain networks or autonomous systems permitted can interact fluently.
  • Expert with switching configuration on various platforms, configured different and perfectly communicating LAN networks as well as interfaces on L3 devices with the required securities to give access to the outside networking cloud, also configured different types of addresses like, static NAT, PAT and dynamic addresses.
  • Configured VLAN and associated ports with securities to the appropriate VLANs ASA 5505 and ASA 5510 Configured (SSL VPN, Remote Access VPN, Routing, NAT, IPSEC VPN etc) from version 7-8
  • Monitored Networks with tools like: Solarwinds, Netflow Analyzer, HP openview, Orion.
  • Configured HSRP for redundancy and static routes for internet connections back up.
  • Management of network equipments both national and international, this involves
  • Installing sniffers on severs to sniff applications, it also involves using network
  • Management application to capture outage alarms for all managed network devices perform network configuration changes in response to client issues
  • Implemented DNS on servers and DHCP configurations on routers as required

Skills Used: WAN/LAN, RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, NAT, PAT, VLANs ASA 5505 and ASA 5510, Solarwinds, Netflow Analyzer, DNS, DHCP

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