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Information Security Engineer Resume Profile

Tarpon, SpringS

OBJECTIVE: To apply my computer experience, skills and business insight towards a career in

Information Technology


  • Ability to identify problems and implement long-term solutions
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technologies
  • Effective communicator at all technical levels and processing platforms
  • Ability to work in high-pressure /critical situations
  • Available to provide weekend/off-hour/on call support
  • Received above average reviews consistently throughout career

EXPERIENCE: 25 years progressive mainframe data processing roles including:

  • IT Audit Focal
  • Logical Security
  • Logical Access
  • Data Security Analyst
  • Senior Operations Analyst
  • Senior Scheduling Analyst
  • Operations Manager
  • Disaster Recovery Analyst
  • Identity and Access Management IAM

Extensive use and knowledge of:

  • Active Directory, Windows, UNIX, Exchange, Progressive IBM HDS mainframe processors
  • Sysplex environments z/OS/OS/VS1, VM SYSTEMS
  • MVS/ESA OS390 JES2, OS/JCL, TSO, ISPF, SDSF, RACF, ACF2, CICS, IMS, IDMS, DFSORT, IBM Utilities, VSAM file structures and backups, BMP Processing, CA1, CA7, CA11, ZEKE, ZEBB, ZARA, JOBTRAC, AutoSys/Jobvision FILEAID, VPS Client server support Arbiter, Reflections AutoSys scheduling system for UNIX/HP agent systems AS400
  • Win 3.1/95/98/2000/XP/NT,MS Exchange, Novell, MSOffice Products. Remedy

IT Audit Experience:

  • Participated in internal and external KCO and SOX audits:
  • Responsible for audit compliance across multiple platforms UNIX/AS400/MVS/AD/Novell . Part
  • of a team that conducted revalidations of data and userids. Provided proof to auditors showing compliance within processes. These processes included provisioning of userids and dataset access along with group and administrator access. Managed issues between team and auditors such as abnormal occurrences and integrity. Support groups being audited with implementation of solutions concerning findings or observations. Involved in developing and executing action plans with Management.


Information Security Engineer/Admin


  • Perform security administration on various platforms and systems, ensuring access is granted in accordance with the Logical Access Control policy, established standards and procedures.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve security system access issues.
  • Answer general inquiries regarding information security practices or security access.
  • Participate in implementation of security related projects for new/enhanced technology.
  • Participate in audit support activities, as they pertain to Information Security, for both internal and external audits.
  • Interface with Information Risk Managers to identify potential access control risk issues.
  • Provide daily customer support in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Develop and maintain good relationships with lines of business. Ensure communication is customer focused and professional. Provide Off-Hours support, as needed, to resolve system access problems during non-business hours or backlogs.
  • Reporting- Perform ad-hoc reporting in support of various LOB initiatives.
  • Process Improvement- Recommend procedural changes to enhance the functionality of the Risk and
  • Security Management Team. Identify opportunities to automate or streamline current processes.

Data Security Administrator


  • Responsible for RACF Database Security in z/OS Sysplex environment using TSO and ISPF
  • Adds/Deletes/Changes. Monitor Infoman and Remedy ticket buckets. Maintain/create
  • Active Directory and Oracle accounts. Member of 24x7 on call support team for off hours
  • Corporate break-fix issues. Responsible for audit compliance and SLA standards.

RACF Engineer


  • Member of an RACF re-engineering team responsible for reporting on auditing issues.
  • Responsible for creating JCL in a z/OS RACF environment and scheduling jobs to run using
  • Monitor RACF groups, Resource Classes and Dataset Profiles for Obsolescence across 9 RACF
  • And IMS Systems.
  • Work with offshore remediation team to clean up RACF databases with unused or stale
  • Profiles, groups and resource classes.
  • Responsible for monitoring problem tickets via MANAGENOW tool that came in as result of any RACF remediation actions.

Security Administrator -


  • Ensure audit compliance across multiple accounts, correcting any integrity issues.
  • Responsible for user accounts inducing password resets, disabling accounts for terminated employees, new account creation, Obsolescence reporting.
  • Maintain reports tracking access administration performance
  • Support AD Group Policy to enforce security policies and password policies

Logical Access/Security -


  • Create/Modify mainframe accounts and dataset access in z/OS RACF environment
  • Monitor and support multiple accounts remotely
  • Responsible for problem and change management
  • Provide data to customers when requested
  • Provide seamless support, training and transition of job function to India support
  • Provide access to CICS and IMS
  • Active Directory and Novell Administration across multiple platforms

Data Security Analyst -


  • Create/Modify Exchange account and data access for employee startups, transfers, terminations.
  • Authorization, firewall, and login/password management
  • Resolve access related issues
  • Create/Modify Unix/AS400 accounts for employee start-ups, transfers and terminations
  • Monitor CICS and IMS

Sr. Scheduling Analyst -


  • Monitor, support and development of multi-image mainframe processing schedule
  • Monitor and support scheduling of mid-range batch cycle
  • Responsible for problem management resolution and inventory
  • Provide primary on call support for batch and Unix environments
  • Develop and implement the consolidation of multi-LPAR Applications
  • Coordinate consolidation of associated business units

Sr. Production Support Analyst - confidential

  • Monitor and support IMS environment
  • Analyze and resolve batch abends in multi-range environment
  • Perform file allocations, checkpoint restarts and IMS region open and closing of transactions and programs
  • Monitor ZEKE/ZEBB scheduling and work centers
  • Support application and system programmers as required

Operations Manager -


  • Supervise subordinates and render performance evaluations
  • Direct system and operations support relative to the maintenance and enhancement of all operating systems
  • Select, guide and train personnel in their assigned functions
  • Coordinate communications between senior management and staff
  • Integrate and support newly acquired companies and related personnel
  • Data Warehousing

Technical Support Analyst -


  • Supervise operators
  • Schedule all batch jobs
  • Maintain RMDS database
  • Coordinate scheduling of staff

Lead Operator -


  • Supervisor of computer room
  • Train Operators, turnover logs, equipment logs and JCL modifications
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Accountable for all IPLS, CICS, IMS activation and deactivation
  • Resolve JCL errors and space abends
  • Perform network dial trouble-shooting and backups

Production Control Analyst -


  • Supervisor of OS/VS1 JCL in an MVS/TSO environment
  • Reviewed and altered JCL for better resource allocation
  • Coordinated production scheduling with operations and programming department
  • Modification of internal financial institution files to meet customer specifications

Computer Operator -


  • Sole operator of OS/VS1 system during business hours
  • Monitor and control submission of batch jobs
  • Assisted online customers regarding problems and inquiries on the VM System

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