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Sr. Aix Administrator Resume


  • Highly qualified System administrator offering 7 years of experience working with AIX operating systems, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and IBM SAN, contributing innovative methodologies and alternatives to the growth of the company having excellent client relation skills and the drive to complete tasks effectively and efficiently.


  • IBM AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1
  • IBM PowerVM Virtualization.
  • IBM HACMP/ PowerHA Cluster 5.2/5.3/5.5/6.1
  • Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.3/5.5/6.1/6.2
  • IBM Tape Libraries 3584, TS3100 (3573), TS3200 (3573), TS3310 (3576)
  • SUN STK Library (SL8500 &9310)
  • Data Protector Tools - IBM Tivoli Data protection for SAP, Oracle and Exchange.
  • Brocade/Mecdata SAN Switches
  • IBM Storage DS8000/8100, DS4200/DS4800 and SAN Volume Controller (SVC).
  • IBM p6-550/p6-570 and p5-595/p5-510/p570/p550/p51A, Blade Centre HS21, JS21 and Power 7.
  • Application W eb Sphere, IBM HTTP Server, Tivoli Directory Server, IBM MQ Series, Lawson, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), Symantec NetBackup, IBM Maximo.
  • Data base - Oracle 9i/10g/11g and DB2.
  • Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM), IBM System director (SD) and management console (SDMC)
  • Network Protocols TCP/IP, FTP, NFS, DNS.



Sr. AIX administrator


  • Designed the Overall Architecture in Visio (High & low level design) for the implementation of IBM PowerVM (VIO 2.2), HACMP (PowerHA 6.1) and IBM system director 6.2 in IBM Power7 Blade center and the same has been implemented successfully from scratch.
  • Implemented IBM PowerVM virtualization technology in Power7 blade server from the scratch based on the clients requirement. During the implementation, coordinated with the storage team for NPIV configuration and installed VIO 2.1 server in SAN disk.
  • Implemented dual VIO server with help of System Director (SD) and configured necessary resources (Memory, CPU & IO).Configured NPIV and installed VIO 2.1 server in SAN disk. Created virtual fibre and Ethernet adapters in both VIO servers and the same have been mapped with client LPARs for redundant.
  • Prepared the implementation document for VIO server upgrade from VIO 2.1 version to VIO 2.2 through NFS file systems. After upgrade ensured that everything fine.
  • Created logical partitions (LPARs) with virtual resources such as memory, CPU and IO as per the Lawson application team requirement. Created virtual fibre channel adapters in VIO server and created the same adapter from the client side and map both the adapters in VIO server and configured the NPIV for client LPARs and installed the AIX 6.1 operating system in SAN disk.
  • Installation and configuration of AIX 6.1 operating system through NIM, DVD and alternate-disk
  • Implemented IBM HACMP (PowerHA 6.1) two node clusters with two different physical power7 blade servers based on the client requirement for Lawson application.LVM management such as volume groups, file systems and logical volumes has been configured as per the Lawson application team requirement.
  • Implemented IBM system director (SD) 6.2 in Windows 2008 R2 server. Discovered and configured the IBM power7 blade servers for monitoring, and supporting the administration task such as creating dual VIO server and other task. Configured SDMC software appliance on VMware ESXi 4.
  • Worked with Lawson application team during the application implementation and ensure all the requirement met related to system and given the administration support for issues Raised.
  • Prepared the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) document for PowerVM and PowerHA based on the client requirement and the same has been submitted to the client for approval.
  • Worked in OPASv3 BMC Remedy tool for raising incident and change request for weekly server downtime activities.

Environment: IBM Power P704 Blade servers, IBM AIX 6.1, IBM System director 6.2, PowerHA 6.1, OPASv3 Remedy, EMC symmetric VMAX, Brocade switch, EMC networker backup, VMware ESXi.

IT Specialist



  • Installation and configuration of AIX 5.3/6.1 through NIM, CD/DVD and alt disk inst.
  • Creating a VIO server through HMC based on the client’s requirement and installing the VIO server either in internal disk or in SAN disk (NPIV configuration).
  • Creating the logical partitions (LPARS) with the necessary virtual resources (Memory, CPU and IO) as per client’s requirement.
  • Creating virtual adapters in VIO server and mapping it to client LPARS for Installing the OS either in virtual SCSI disk or SAN disk.
  • Installation and configuration of NIM. Maintaining the export directory in NIM server and taking the regular mksysb backup through NFS file system for all the servers. In case of server crash, recovering the data with the help of mksysb backup through NIM server. Updating the maintenance level (ML), service packs (SP) and fix patch through NFS file system.
  • Installation, configuration, migration, upgradation and troubleshooting of HACMP 5.4/5.5. Worked with application team during the system outage and maintaining the server availability with help of HACMP.
  • HACMP administration support such as stopping & starting the clusters services and Logical volume manager (LVM) configuration such as creating the volume group, logical volume, files system, mirroring root VG and extending and reducing the volume group. Replacing the internal hard disc in case of hard disc failure.
  • HMC activities such as managing servers and adding the new host to the HMC and taking regular HMC backup in either DVD or remote NFS system. Monitoring event logs on daily basis and taking the necessary action if required.
  • Worked with other product (Web sphere, TAM, MQ, Oracle and Tivoli monitoring) related activities such as user administration, backup/restore, changing files systems size and owner permissions.
  • Maintained availability, increased capacity & performance of production machines by upgrading their hardware & firmware
  • TSM 5.3 installation, configuration and administration for backup/restore. Monitoring the daily backup schedule for server/client and sending the report to client.
  • Installation and configuration of TDP products such as Oracle and DB2 for daily data base backup. If necessary working with data base and application team for any restoration.
  • Configured Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM) for daily offsite backup and recalling the offsite tapes if any restoration.
  • Installation of TSM Storage agent and setting up TSM LANFREE environment.
  • DS 4800 SAN storage configuration such as, alias, zoning and adding host to the storage. Monitoring the storage event logs and taking the necessary action if anything goes wrong.

Environment: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.5, AIX 5.3/6.1,p5-520,p5-51A,HMC,DS4800 Storage, IBM 3584 Tape Library, Brocade Switches, Web Sphere Portal, Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Oracle, DB2,Tivoli Enterprise Console(TEC),Tivoli Monitoring(ITM).

Sr. Infrastructure Engineer



  • Managed more than 50 TSM Servers with the help of server graph and configured more than 8000 TSM BA & TDP clients. Monitoring daily TSM Server and TSM client Backup status. In case of backup failure, the issue will be escalated as a ticket and the same will be solved within the given S.L.A
  • Defined administrative schedules for administrative operations in TSM Server. The schedule includes Migration process, backup storage pools, TSM DB backup , volhist backup, devconfig backup, expire inventory process.
  • Managing TSM database and Recovery log like defining additional volumes and mirroring of DB & recovery log.
  • Troubleshooting Recovery log, Database and Storage Pool related issues. Checking reclamation process status for optimized scratch tape generation on daily basis.
  • Identifying tape volume errors and restore data from copy tape volumes. Remove the same from storage pool and checkout the volume from library.
  • Worked on 3 Sun StorageTek Libraries, with 5000 slots capacity with 9940B and T10K tapes and IBM 3584 LTO Library with 400 slots.
  • Handled all types of Media Management, such as Bad tape recovery, Duplicate tape recovery.
  • Attended daily Onsite Lead/Manager/Team Lead/Tech Lead meeting and updating pending issues. Attended critical MML calls for Sev1/Sev2 issues.
  • Planning TSM backups with required retention periods and defining the policy domains and management class accordingly. Binding of client’s data to required management class to store the data in predefined storage pools like Disk, sequential storage pools and copy data from primary storage pools to copy storage pool for offsite.
  • Configuring TSM operations like expiration, migration, reclamation, collocation and media management etc.
  • Ensuring Scratch tape availability, performance monitoring, troubleshooting with any kind of backup and tape Library related issues.
  • Configuring the TSM Storage agent and setting up TSM LANFREE environment.
  • Installation and Configuration of TDP for Oracle and mySAP.
  • Performed an Annual DR Exercise recovered TSM Server and TDP for Oracle, mySAP and BA clients.
  • SAN storage administration support such as creating alias, zone in brocade & mecdata switch and allocating the LUN for host servers in SVC, IBM DS8100/DS4200 .
  • SVC storage administration support such as adding host, creating virtual disk and allocating LUN to the host.

Environment: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Symantec Netbackup, DS8100/DS4200 Storage, SAN Volume Controller (SVC), TPC, Brocade/Mecdata Switches.

AIX Server Engineer



  • Experience with installation, configuration, upgrade and administration of IBM pSeries servers.
  • Handled the servers through multiple HMC for various environments such as Development, Quality, and Production supported for SAP application.
  • Created VIO servers and client LPARs based on the client’s requirement and installed AIX 5.3 operating systems in client LPARs through NIM server.
  • Installation and configuration of NIM server and updating the maintenance level (ML) through NIM server or NFS file systems.
  • Set up and configure the virtual recourses (SCSI, Ethernet and FC) and assigned it to client logical partition.
  • Configured cron job schedule for monthly mksysb backup through NFS file system and taking the NFS file system backup in tape and sending to offsite location for recovery.
  • Worked with SAP team during the installation and supported part of server administration such as user and LVM administration.
  • Installation and configuration of HACMP 5.4 two node cluster. HACMP administration support such as extending the volume group (VG), increasing the file system and stop & start cluster services during the outage.
  • Moving the resource from one node to another during the maintenance activity, and roll back to normal after completion of activity. Ensured the HACMP cluster services and resources after outage.
  • Installation and configuration of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) in AIX 5.3 and configured the disaster recovery manager (DRM) based on the client’s requirement.
  • Monitoring the daily backup and sending the report to client’s. In case of failed/missed backup, creating RCA report and it will send to the client’s.
  • Installation and configuration of TDP for mySAP and Oracle RMAN. Configured daily incremental and full backup for BA and data base.
  • Ensured the scratch tapes and taking the offsite backup for daily basis and sending it to offside location. Recalling the expired offsite tapes and configured with TSM server for reuse.
  • SAN storage administration such as alias, zone, adding new host and allocating LUN based on the client’s requirement in DS8000 Storage.
  • Configuring backup of HMC critical data and SAN switch configuration for in case of recovery.

Environment: IBM AIX v5.3, v6.1, p6-570, p5-520, p5-595, HS21, JS21 Blade Center,IBM xSeries servers, HMC, NIM, DS8000 Storage, Oracle, DB2, Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC), Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), IBM 3584 Tape Library, Brocade Switches, and SCSI Tape drive.

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