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Application Support Resume

Marlborough, MA


Significant knowledge of integrated online systems with 9 years of LANs/WANs, telecommunications networks and expert knowledge in application software development methodology. Microsoft Professional with ability to diagnose and resolve hardware and software issue. Proven ability with Windows operating system (98, NT, XP, 2000, 2003) Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Professional and Internet applications.


An experience jr. level systems administrator seeking a medium to large company. I am looking to build on my current skills and experiences. Primarily in vmware and citrix technologies. I strive in an environment where it is challenging and I am able to learn not only from my peers but from the company.


  • VMware Technology Professional having 6+ years of I.T experience in VMware, SAN Storage, and IT Support. Actively demonstrated strong analytical, troubleshooting and Interpersonal skills with a customer focused approach.
  • VMware Infrastructure 3.x/vSphere Installation & Configuration
  • Planning and Designing VMware VI3/vSphere (ESX3.5/ESXi 4.0/ESXi 4.1 and VMware VirtualCenter)
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of Hosted VMware products.
  • Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment of VMware Infrastructure
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of VMware VSphere4, ESX 3.5 and ESXi Server, VMware View.
  • VMware vSphere client, Virtual vCenter Server.
  • Virtual Networking(Virtual Switches, VM Kernel Ports)
  • And Virtual Storage (Access Control and VMFS Datastores)
  • Creation, Management and Configuration of Virtual Machines, Clone and Templates.
  • Customizing guest operating system on Virtual Machines.
  • Created DRS and Custom roles for users and Administrators
  • High availability, Clustering, VMotion, Storage Vmotion.
  • Server Consolidation with VMware Converter (P2P and P2V Conversions)
  • Snapshot manager and restoring a snapshot.
  • System Administration - Managing Users, Groups, Roles and Access Permissions.
  • Setting up and monitoring performance monitoring and capacity planning.
  • Managing Tasks, Events and Alarms
  • Experienced in implementation, configuration, maintenance and support for NetApp filers using Data OnTap CLI and Filerview.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills and working experience with customers, end users and colleagues. Demonstrated ability to work in both individual and team environments.
  • Highly Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: MS Project, PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word and Microsoft Productivity applications.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, with particular emphasis on clear, detailed Business Requirements into Functional Specifications, and generating reports for management.
  • Adapts to new systems and environments quickly, takes ownership of all duties, meeting management skills, Good work ethics, Group and individual based problem solving and decision making abilities.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills and working experience with customers, end users and colleagues. Demonstrated ability to work in both individual and team environments.


Server Virtualization: VmWare ESX Servers, ESXi 4.0.1, ESX 3.5, VCenter, VSphere, VMotion, VConverter, HA, DRS, Power CLI.

Storage Management: Navisphere 6x, Data OnTap FilerView, Connectrix Manager, Solutions enabler, NetApp Snapmirror, Veritas Netbackup.

Operating Systems: Red Hat Enterprise LINUX 5.0, Solaris 8/9/10, HP - UX 10.x/11.x, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows XP

Tools: Microsoft Visio, Siebel, Microsoft Web Expressions/Dreamweaver, COCOMO (Constructive Cost Model) tool, UCCDiff testing tool, Code Count testing tool, Eclipse, DART, Web sphere Data Interchange V3.2.1, WYSIWYG editor

Application & Servers: Windows Server, Apache Web Server

Databases: Oracle 10g, SQL, MySQL, PL/SQL, DB2

Programming/Scripting: Html, CSS, PHP, UNIX

Network & Storage Protocols: ISCSI, FTP, NFS, NTFS, HTTP, TCPIP, DNS, DHCP


Confidential, Marlborough, MA

Application Support


  • Assisted with the development and design of helpdesk application
  • Using object to establish the function of each module or class
  • Implement class, subclass, conditions, forms, actions and workflow to piece together the infrastructure
  • Assist IT department with IIS, database, network and server
  • Run reports for management and executive team
  • IssueNet Administrator
  • Create and support Citrix application
  • Troubleshoot Phoenix application
  • Internal and external phone support nation wide

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

System Administrator


  • Build local area network peer to peer
  • Setup POP email accounts.
  • Purchase/build and configured systems
  • Install mortgage software and test.
  • Build and support print server.
  • Backup company data.
  • Diagnose and resolve hardware/software related issues.
  • Quickbooks Administrator
  • Setup and Configure wireless

Confidential, Newton, MA

System Admin/Support


  • Supports Exchange server 2003, Firewall, Application server, Windows XP, Windows server 2000, Window server 2003, monitor servers, network environment.
  • Perform daily backup using BackupExec v10x and Secures offsite storage.
  • Creates Active Directory user accounts and groups.
  • Set security levels, designs Group Policy.
  • Maintains Hardware and Software support for end - users.
  • Troubleshoots Network, Wireless, VPN, Remote support
  • Provides Saleslogix, Printer and Phone support
  • Administers company facilities.

Confidential, Marlboro, MA

LAN Support


  • Primary liaison between Development Engineers, Configuration Management and Quality Assurance/Customer Satisfaction Teams.
  • Collaborate with software team leaders in the resolution of network related issues.
  • Successfully managed employee and contractor network user accounts and security policy.
  • Administer Ghost to Multicast/Unicast images
  • Installed SQL and Oracle databases as specified by development engineers.
  • Responsible for all five engineering computer lab.

Confidential, Burlington, MA

IT Manager/NT Administrator/Tech Support


  • Responsible for hiring and managing Confidential IT Consultants, Oversees Exchange Server, DNS, WINS and DHCP support for company accounts.
  • I was also responsible for diagnosing and resolving Network, Firewall, RAS and SalesLogix issues.
  • Also I managed the purchasing of company Hardware/Software, created user/group accounts and assigned proper rights/permissions.

Confidential, Burlington, MA

Jr. level NT Administrator


  • Backed up company wide data.
  • Configured Dell/ Toshiba laptop, desktop, Servers as specified.
  • Created and Managed users/groups accounts
  • Assigned permissions and rights for NTFS resources.
  • Added new users on an Octel phone systems.
  • Ghosted laptop and desktop for users.
  • Resolved printers, email (Outlook) and networking problems using TCP/IP.
  • Purchased and installed new Software and Hardware as required.

Confidential, Billerica, MA

Tech Call Coordinator


  • Answer internal calls that were received on a national basis.
  • Troubleshoot user hardware and software issues via telephone.
  • Assisted clients in resolving problems with the network and with resolving application software problems using Windows 95/NT, Aspect WinSet, Clarify5.0, VIPER, RAS, Office Suite, AnitVirus and mail servers.

VmWare Admin

Confidential, Walnut Creek, CA


  • Vmware Administrator
  • Installation and configuration of ESX server.
  • Server migration physical to Virtual using Hot and cold cloning technology in vmware
  • Creating cluster in vmware
  • Configuring High Availability (HA), DRS.
  • Creation of template
  • Consolidation of Physical servers
  • Deploying virtual servers using template
  • Cloning of virtual server
  • Rules creation.
  • Creation of backup policy,alert configuration of backup policy.
  • Configuration of Vmotion, virtual switch,Vlan in Virtual center.
  • Maintenance of virtual center server.
  • Providing and maintaining user access in VC, configuring mail alert for any failure in HA,DRS,CPU or memory.
  • Patch management usding vmware update manager for esx server.
  • SAN space allocation for esx servers host .Scanning and configuring LUN for ESX server.
  • Trouble shooting issues related to ESX host,Vc,VCB,HA,DRS,Vpxa,vmware update manager
  • Updating documentation of complete process.
  • Monitoring Vmware backup
  • Disk Space increase using vmware converter.
  • Importing of virtual server using Vmware converter.
  • Testing and Implementin disaster recovery
  • Installation, implementation and migration of CLARiiON CX3 - 40, CX3-80, and CX4-960, into a Storage Area Network.
  • Performed LUN management, metaluns, RAID groups, storage groups.
  • Installed and configured SAN with EMC Director Switches/Edge switches and Zoning all Servers.
  • Created aggregates/volumes/qtress/quotas and export NFS shares to Solaris, HP-UX hosts
  • Administered NetApp FAS270, and FAS960/3070
  • Allocated CIFS and NFS shares from Netapp filers.
  • Troubleshoot NFS and CIFS issues and fine tune the filers for optimal performance
  • Clone the data from production to development environment using FLEXCLONE technology
  • Restored the data from snapshots on the filers in case of accidental deletion.
  • Proactively identified and successfully troubleshoot technical issues in a timely manner.

Environment: ESXi 4.1.0, ESX 3.5, 4.0, VCenter, Cloning, Snapshots, HA (High Availability), Clusters, DRS, EMC CX3-40, CX3-80, CX4-960, Zoning, McData and Brocade fabric switches, Connectrix Manager, Netapp 3020/3040/3070/960/270 , Snapmirror, NetApp snapshot, Flexclone, Veritas Netbackup, UNIX, Autosys Batch Processing tool, SharePoint.

VmWare Virtualization Engineer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Installing, configuring and maintaining the VMware ESX 3.x / Virtual Center 2.x servers
  • Creating, Installing, configuring and maintaining the Virtual Machines, installing Guest Operating Systems like Windows, Linux.
  • VMotion configuration & troubleshooting.
  • Guest OS template creation and User Account Management.
  • Install open source application like Apache, Tomcat.
  • Good knowledge on SAN Integration with VMware ESX server.
  • Good understanding on SAN concepts like topologies, switch zoning (soft & hard), LUN masking on SAN Storage devices, LUN creation and Storage Management.
  • Configuring DRS, HA & Resource Pools in ESX 3.x
  • Configuring ESX 3.x servers to use iSCSI & NAS storage.
  • Configuring and managing VCB backup proxy server.
  • Backup & Restore management of the Virtual Machines.
  • Network Configuration on ESX servers which include Bonds & VLANs.
  • Performance monitoring & tuning.
  • Scheduling of backups and System security.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Interact with our clients to resolve their problems in a timely and accurate manner.

Environment: VCenter, ESXi 4.0, ESX 3.5, VMotion, VSphere, HA, Cloning, Snapshots.

VmWare Admin

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA


  • Vmware /Windows NT/2000 Domain Servers Administration
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining the VMware ESX 2.x / Virtual Center 1.x servers.
  • Creating, Installing, configuring and maintaining the Virtual Machines, installing Guest Operating Systems like Windows, Linux.
  • Deployment and configuration Virtual Servers
  • Monitoring and managing virtual servers
  • Installed, configured and managing network file servers, print servers and maintaining various logs.
  • Maintaining active directory system data and file server volume backups. Monitoring active directory integrity and replication.

System Admin & Storage Engineer



  • Setting up test lab environment and executing tests on different application compatibility.
  • Coordinated in planning, design and deploying the Active directory infrastructure.
  • Documentation of complete process and also involved in writing help and support document for internal users.
  • Coordinated in Planning, purchasing the Infrastructure requirements such as servers and software.
  • Maintaining and monitoring server performance, antivirus logs.
  • Coordinated in integration and deployment of LDAP Active directory
  • Managed UNIX Infrastructure involving maintenance of servers and troubleshooting problems in environment
  • Provided System Support for 24/7 Production, Test and Development environments
  • User management includes user addition, deletion and modifying user attributes in NIS
  • Provided technical support to users, solving connectivity problems
  • Managed disk space and system resources.
  • Storage Administrator on CLARiiON CX4 - 960 using Navisphere 6.X
  • Managed storage including storage provisioning, adding volumes, assigning ports, data movement, maintenance of servers & troubleshooting problems in environment.
  • Created RAID Groups, BIND LUNs, and Storage Groups using Navisphere Manager.
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes and Luns on Netapp Filer using Data OnTap CLI & Filer View.
  • Worked with different teams and NetApp customer support to troubleshoot performance and allocation issues on the NetApp arrays.
  • Created flex clones for testing purposes.
  • Created and managed snap mirror sessions on both volume level and qtree level.
  • Configured and administered Fiber Channel Switches (Brocade and McData) and Zoning.
  • Zoned B-series and M-series switches with Connectrix Manager.
  • Provisioned LUNs to application & database servers.
  • Monitored space utilization & space remaining in storage subsystem.
  • Assisted and documented the operational history, disaster recovery scenarios and the procedure to recover the data being replicated by snap mirror at the remote site.
  • Planned and implemented High availability & Disaster Recovery of SAN Storage.

Environment: EMC CX4-960, CX 300, CX 600, NetApp FAS 960/3020/3040 , Navisphere 6x, Filer View, Connectrix Manager, Brocade & McData switches.

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