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It Operations Manager Resume


  • Secure a permanent position as a networking professional that will allow me to fully utilize my skill sets and assist my future employer in achieving their highest potential.


IT Operations Manager



  • Reporting senior to 10 submarine network engineers, with a total subordinate IT staff of 50
  • Directed troubleshooting efforts during catastrophic failure of NetApp RAID array, resulting in multiple network shares down, and loss of 8TB of mission essential data. Efforts resulted in timely recognition of hardware faults and failed drives, expedited acquisition of replacement parts, and providing on site direct supervision in rapid recovery of RAID, saving thousands of man hours in manual data entry and reloading of technical drawing databases. Swift response and recovery allowed for zero loss in productivity during a major ship maintenance period.
  • Developed hardware configuration change to remove high failure rate DNF RAID arrays from Virginia Class Submarine Network platforms. RAID arrays were failing at a rate of 7 units per year Navy Wide, at a cost of $350,000 per unit. Configuration change cost of $27,000 per submarine, with 3 total submarines affected by change. No storage failures have occurred in 5 years since implementation. Realized cost savings to the Navy at $12.2 Million to date.
  • Responded to critical network infrastructure failure of deployed unit in the Western Pacific Theater. Coordinated shipboard efforts between ship executives, network engineers, fiber optic repair technicians, and hardware specialists in order to conduct accurate fault isolation and restore network to 100% functionality within 24 hours of ship arriving to pier. This swift turn around allowed ship to return to sea immediately, performing missions vital to national security.
  • In response to a failed Cyber Security Inspection, completely overhauled inspection preparation and cyber security readiness policies for all units assigned to Submarine Squadron ONE. Implementation of these policies has resulted in six consecutive inspections that have set the new standard for US Navy submarine networks, with the latest result being the highest Cyber Security Inspection grade in the history of the submarine fleet.
  • Provided project oversight for the rapid deployment of the DOD Host Based Security System on all Squadron ONE submarines. This consisted of the installation, configuration, and management of the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management suite, along with the Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, Host Intrusion Prevention, Policy Auditing, and Rogue System Detection software modules. Able to accomplish this task well ahead of schedule set forth by the Chief of Naval Operations.
  • Coordinated the successful software upgrade of 20 submarine networks from Windows 2000 to Server 2003.
  • Coordinated the successful software upgrade of 14 submarine networks from Server 2003 to Server 2008 in a VMware managed virtualized environment.
  • Supervised 48 planned moves of entire network infrastructure from ships to shore based facilities in order to facilitate extended maintenance efforts on board the ship.


Network Analyst


  • Provided training to sailors beginning networking careers. Having graduated over 200 sailors from various courses over a 2 year period, I still receive calls and run in to former students on a regular basis who thank me for the time I spent explaining networking fundamentals to them in terms they could understand. There is no higher award I could ask for.
  • Co - Instructor during initial teaching of Advanced Network Analyst course, teaching veteran network engineers advanced TCP/IP Theory, Advanced Windows Networking, and advanced Routing / Switching concepts. Fully prepared students to successfully achieve certification as MCP, MCSE, and CCNA.

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