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Site Reliability Engineer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • Around 22 Years of IT experience with various leadership roles and hands on experience on Cloud, UNIX/Linux administration, server automation, OS provisioning, App deployment, configuration management, monitoring, DevOps, scripting etc.
  • Strong communication abilities with history of providing on - site & off-site support to wide range of clients, coordination and leading on site and offshore teams.
  • Experience in fast paced, deadline-oriented environments.
  • HP Accredited Integration Specialist, Server Automation v9, and HPUX Certified Professional.


Operating Systems: Linux distros RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE, Oracle Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Windows, SCO Unix, Freebsd.

OS provisioning: Vagrant, NIM, Cobbler, Kickstart, Jumpstart, Opsware, ISO image.

Virtualization: Vmware, Oracle VM, LPAR, LDOM.

Cloud: AWS, Azure

Config Mgmt & tools: HPSA/Opsware, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Ant, Maven

Monitoring: New Relic, Lpar2rrd, Nagios, Sitescope, HPOpenview, NMON, MRTG.

Scripting: PowerShell, Bash, Korn, Perl, Python, Yaml, Json, Ruby, Awk, Sed

Database: Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Mysql

Middleware: Apache, Tomcat, Weblogic, Jboss, MQ, Cognos.


Confidential, Alpharetta GA

Site Reliability Engineer


  • Siebel CRM Team Member. Responsible for all automation efforts.
  • Built Jenkins Infrastructure for three different windows/Linux environment
  • Installation configuration, upgradation of all Jenkins Master servers.
  • Automate Siebel jobs using PowerShell/shell scripts and run from Jenkins.
  • Wrote pipeline scripts using Groovy and run them as pipeline jobs from Jenkins.
  • Wrote PowerShell/shell scripts for various jobs related to infrastructure for Siebel team Windows and Linux servers
  • Integrated Ansible Tower with all Jenkins servers. Wrote some ansible playbooks.
  • Configured Jenkins Agent/Slave servers on Jenkins and run jobs from agents. Opened firewall ports for Jenkins Master and slave connectivity for different environments.
  • Open change controls for various change activities for the team,
  • Interact with application team as needed to ensure SLA's are met.
  • Open, work and close user stories for the team in Rally.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Principal Consultant


  • Automation, build management, Configuration management, monitoring and log management,
  • Assist in migrating web applications from legacy to AWS cloud using Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Install and configure Jenkins server for various environment.
  • Setup build environments for various on premises Unix/Linux environment and AWS cloud.
  • Work on chef recipes, cookbooks and Ansible playbooks to automate various tasks.
  • Trained new employees and worked with them, 2-3 new developers, on new web projects.
  • Create Docker Containers, configure, and stop/start Containers etc.
  • Debugging Containers, monitoring Docker and Docker logs etc.
  • Implement and configure ELK stack for application teams.
  • Interact with application team as needed to ensure SLA's are met.
  • Creating and updating documentation, knowledge articles and SOP's that enable the team to succeed.
  • Learn new automation, monitoring and configuration tools as and when required.
  • Taking an active role in various tools related projects, speaking up on project calls and ensuring the success of the same.
  • Stepping up to cover work on call, or off shift as required as part of a team rotation.
  • Write various scripts and execute them on all automation servers.
  • Actively participate in various migrations and maintenance activities.
  • Write shell scripts and run as cron jobs for automation server’s performance issues related to server load, disk space etc.
  • Support NAS migrations for various application teams.
  • Work on incident tickets, change requests etc.

Confidential, Chrysler, Michigan

Senior System Administrator


  • Responsible for timely server delivery and meet the SLAs.
  • Work on Projects, Build, datacenter migrations, Support, DevOps, server migrations, server consolidation, change controls, tickets, RCAs.
  • Installation, Configuration, administration and troubleshooting of physical and virtual servers of, AIX and Linux.
  • Installation and configuration of VMs, ESXi hosts and Vcenter server. VM migration using Vmotion. Xen, AFS, and KVM virtualization
  • Install servers, HMCs, patches, tools, utilities, backup and monitoring software, Storage device drivers, various tools and utilities as per requirement.
  • Apply patches, Configure server profiles, micro partitioning. NPIV, Live partition mobility,
  • Operating system upgrades, server consolidation, various types of server and frame migration.
  • Customize server as per requirement for various Databases like Oracle RAC, Sybase.
  • Create volume groups, logical volume, filesystems, raw devices, and ramdisks. Assign Ownership and permissions to filesystems.
  • Performance tuning of server for various databases, middleware, application components.
  • Coordinate with various teams to meet build and support server SLAs.
  • Create the server network diagram and forward them to plant team for connecting Network cables and SAN cables.
  • Open Change Management requests and Service requests. Implement, verify and Close changes. Coordinate with various teams to do a Cluster failover testing.
  • Server Monitoring using various tools like NMON, lpar2rrd etc.
  • Provide support to various applications to cut-over servers to production environment.
  • Configure ILO, Network, swap, dump device, Mirroring, altdisk. NFS, DNS, Sendmail etc.
  • Create/migrate user IDs, groups. Manage users, groups, password etc.
  • Install TNG, Asset Insight, Opsware Client, HPOV, Visual Age Compiler, Java, Netvault, Samba, Smartstart using automation tools.
  • Installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of HMC, VIO, HACMP and PowerHA.
  • Problem Analysis & Recovery, day-to-day maintenance & administration tasks.
  • Open incidents with IBM on issues and follow up on them until resolved. Attend weekly meetings on outstanding issues
  • Schedule Day and night memory scheduling on VIO.
  • Coordinate with Middleware, Database and Application teams.
  • Attend project, server cutover meetings and take ownership of individual tasks.
  • Make DNS updates and aliases during server cutover to production. Work on various server-hardening tasks.
  • Performance monitoring using topaz, top, iostat, vmstat, perfpmr.
  • Performance tuning of memory, I/O, swap. Extensive OS parameters tuning for database servers. Data migration using rsync, tar, cpio.
  • Submit Change controls for DNS update, Port activation, SAN requests and any other prod changes.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

Senior System Admin/Project Leas/Onsite Coordinator


  • Onsite Coordinator and Project lead for ECRM applications. Coordinate with Patni offshore team on daily basis and provide instructions on day-to-day testing activities.
  • During my tenure, offshore team strength increased from 2 to 20.
  • Generated revenue worth 20000 offshore hours.
  • Server administration of UNIX, Linux and Windows for the testing, development team.
  • Coordinate with Operations, middleware, database, network, firewall, storage and Business Analyst teams. LUN mapping and data migrations using rsync.
  • Install Operating system, patches & Monitoring tools and various customer tools.
  • Configure network, storage and create volume groups, logical volumes, file systems
  • Server performance tuning, troubleshooting and resolution. Create User ID and groups.
  • Create SOPs, lessons learned, Best practices documentation.
  • Submit Enterprise change controls. Service requests and Incidents and implement them.
  • Submit bugs/defects during Integration, system testing.
  • Write test case if required and review test cases delivered by offshore team.
  • Attend project meetings and application cutover meetings.
  • Administration of AIX, HP UX, Solaris and Windows server that belongs to GIAS group.
  • Write Shell scripts for automating various tasks.
  • Coordinate with Logistics and IT division for technical assistance.
  • Network administration of GIAS team servers. Create network diagram on Visio.
  • Documentation of existing system and network configuration.
  • Software & hardware inventory management.
  • Hummingbird configuration on Windows XP for Power & Basic users to access GIS applications installed on Sun Solaris servers.
  • Performance monitoring & fine-tuning of servers.
  • Installation, Configuration, & Administration of Sun- Solaris, Linux, SCO-Unix, HP UNIX, IBM AIX, Windows NT Servers.
  • User & Group Management, file system mgmt., performance monitoring, fine-tuning of Sun- Solaris, Linux, SCO-Unix HP Unix, IBM AIX and Windows NT Servers.
  • Installation of Oracle, Compilers, other applications software on different UNIX platforms.
  • Installation of various hardware, software and applying patches for Sun- Solaris, HP UNIX, IBM AIX servers.
  • Administration of Netscape proxy ipchains firewall on Red Hat Linux.
  • Performance tuning, implementing rights & securities, policy editing on Windows NT/2000 Servers. Server monitoring using MRTG.
  • Installation, Configuration & Administration of Cisco/Zyxel routers, switches & modems.
  • Administration of Send-Mail and Microsoft Exchange mail server.
  • Implementation & Deployment of Seagate-Veritas Network Management software.
  • Administration of Anti-virus, Email gateway, Veritas Net backup, Omnibackup, TSM, IIS.


Customer Support Engineer


  • Maintaining Sun, HP & SCO Workstations. Configuring the Servers in domain architecture.
  • Setting up RAS connectivity or remote access client.
  • Installation & Configuration & Administration for Point-to-Point Connectivity / ISDN connectivity over leased lines using Cisco 2501 and Zyxel Routers. Installation & configuration of Mail servers.
  • User Management & Access-Lists to configure security on Cisco routers.

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