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Lan/wan Intern Resume

Washington, DC


To apply my theoretical information technology skills to practical applications. In addition to employing the latest technology to improve business process, reduce expenses and increase revenue.


Provided network support for various information technology departments including Network Communication Services (NCS) Metro Enterprise Monitoring Center (MEMC), Network Operations Center (NOC) and Data Center and Infrastructure (DCI), within a major transportation system.


Computer Languages: Python, HTML, PHP, SQL and JavaScript

Databases: Microsoft Access, MySQL

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows and UNIX

Tools: CA - Spectrum, Putty Connection Manager, TeratermPro, RackWise Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Vizio, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint


LAN/WAN Intern

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Configured system hardware, software, and network components to meet specific department standards.
  • Installed wireless access points with Network Communications Services (NCS).
  • Created and configured new switches and routers with Network Communication Services utilizing Putty Connection Manager.
  • Monitored, updated and managed over 3,600 network devices within the Confidential system, including threshold tolerance, power consumption, asset property and asset location.
  • Supported server operations within the Data Center and Infrastructure (DCI) by accurately identifying over 2,000 network devices, ports and switches.
  • Utilized content management systems (Rackwise and CA - Spectrum) effectively to mitigate the risk of network service interruption.
  • Supported disaster recovery team within the Metro Enterprise Monitoring Center (MEMC) during network alarms and system alerts.
  • Assisted with notification and escalation of network alarms in the Metro Enterprise Monitoring Center.
  • Assisted with configuration and data entry for an ITILv3 change management system.
  • Assisted with trouble tickets in the Metro Enterprise Monitoring Center.
  • Used key analytic and computer programs, including Microsoft Excel, similar spreadsheets and databases to manage network devices within the Confidential network.
  • Prepared and configured new network devices entering Confidential by installing ghost images in order to meet specific department standards.
  • Performed information technology audits which included device cost, power consumption, warranty information and other device properties at various Confidential locations.
  • Supported Metro Information Technology Security (MITS) by confirming network alarms and device owners.
  • Assisted in the application of current computer, wireless, mobile, network and communications security technologies for the Metro Information Technology Security.
  • Documented reports of network failure and recovery in the Metro Enterprise Monitoring Center.
  • Assisted with interviewing potential vendors for department specific programs, prepared reports and made recommendations.
  • Assisted with data center maintenance including UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) upgrades and server upgrades.

Graduate Student

Confidential, Millersville, Maryland


  • Successfully performed work operations in connection with providing telecommunication services, Fios and network deployment.

Infrastructure Engineer

Confidential, Woodbridge, Virginia


  • Installed and configured customer routers in preparation for activation of Confidential services.
  • Inspected, repaired and maintained existing Confidential network infrastructure
  • Developed close of business reports via Confidential software applications.
  • Gathered information and made appropriate recommendations based on customer requirements.
  • Developed work drawings of commercial projects for business accounts utilizing Confidential software applications and Microsoft Vizio.
  • Conducted data audits for customers to determine business requirements.
  • Researched customer business requirements and developed solutions via intranet (V-Web).
  • Read and interpreted engineering reports in preparation to assist customer.
  • Re-engineered over 100 work projects saving the organization 4% allocated for the contracting budget by decreasing outsourcing.
  • Earned Confidential Perfect Attendance Award five years in a row.
  • Streamlined business processes decreasing repetition within the organization thus saving the organization over $500.
  • Expanded customer by referrals which directly impacted sales by 3%.
  • Provided customer focused, profit driven management in order to maintain daily operations within a leading retail chain.

Department Manager



  • Created P.O.S. (Point of Sales) information utilizing company software.
  • Assigned more than 10 employees according to personnel strengths, experience and business requirements.
  • Reviewed department bookkeeping and accounting reports with an operating budget of $20,000.
  • Customized department documents with profits of over $8,000.
  • Interviewed potential suppliers and vendors.
  • Audited inventory worth over $10,000.
  • Interacted effectively with a variety of different customers and co-workers
  • Worked 10-12 hours of overtime according to business requirements.
  • Assisted other associates to enhance customer experience while patronizing the business.
  • Managed multiple employees effectively and within the assigned work budget saving the organization $1200 annually.
  • Increased sales 20% in department through cross-merchandising with various in-store departments.
  • Saved company over $1000 annually by performing internal audits.
  • Reduced waste by 15% through effective product ordering saving the organization over $4,000.

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