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Jira Admin/engineer Resume


  • 7+ years of experience on JIRA Administration, Jira development, Agile Craft/Jira Align, analysis, design, development, Project management, Agile Methodologies, Collaboration tools
  • Agile Program management, Change management, JIRA - Agile Scrum/Kanban, Bug Cycle management, SDLC design advice using JIRA.
  • Good understanding on integrating JIRA with other products such as Jira Align, Smartsheets, Portfolio, eazyBI, Zephyr, Google sheets etc
  • In-depth Knowledge about Jira Plug-ins, REST APIs & Scripts.
  • Create Customized Dashboards, JQL Filters and shared with teams and used them on gadgets.
  • Creating a change requests, work orders and problem tickets using BMC Remedy tool and getting approvals from higher officials.
  • Experience with Atlassian JIRA installation, administration and maintenance.
  • Experience with Jira 6.x and 7.x environments, with ability to create Jira workflow, screen schemes, permissions schemes and notification schemes.
  • Developed server-side scripts to customize GIT and integrate it with tools like Bugzilla, JIRA and Jenkins.
  • Customized and branded Jira (Server and Cloud) to company's desires
  • Worked with users to fix the internal errors in SVN repositories that halt the migration.
  • Administration and management of Atlassian tool suites, (installation, deployment, configuration, migration, upgrade, patching, provisioning, server management etc.).
  • Manage and Configure Various Atlassian Tools like JIRA, Green Hopper, Confluence, Crowd, Stash, and Fisheye for Agile development in the organization.
  • Experience with Jira bash shell scripting. Tomcat server configuration/tuning and JVM tuning.
  • Experience with test tools (TestRail, HPQTP, test automation tools, etc.) and code repository tools.
  • Familiarity with JIRA add-ons like Gantt for JIRA, Big Picture, JIRA Agile, Structure, Portfolio, Tempo, Confluence, Zephyr.
  • Administrated and managed Atlassian tool suites, (installation, deployment, configuration, migration, upgrade, patching, provisioning, server management etc.)
  • Experience with using REST services provided by Atlassian. Experience with integration of Jira with third-party systems such as Service Now.
  • Supports the integration of existing and new applications within the current infrastructure, including but not limited to: Fisheye, Crucible, Crowd, Bamboo, and Stash.
  • Part of my Responsibilities was to run the SQL and JQL scripts.
  • Worked on Build Automation and Continuous Integration tools like ANT1.8, Maven2.x/3.x, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo and Cruise Control.
  • Hands on Experience in AWS provisioning and good knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Glacier, ELB, RDS.
  • Proficient in Python, Perl Scripting, UNIX Shell scripting, Microsoft DOS and Batch Scripting, Ant, Maven and Make Utility for Unix/Windows NT platforms.
  • Hands-on experience to SCRUM Agile model, XP Practices like Pair Programming and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Experience on Portfolio, Big Picture, Tempo, JEMH, JSU and other plugins.
  • Developed ANT scripts to build and deploy Java web applications and Experience in using frameworks like JUnit for unit testing of the modules, and version control management tools like CVS, Subversion and log4J for logging.
  • Extensively used Jenkins for continuous integration to setup the nightly builds and for deploying artifacts into corporate archive repository.


Atlassian Tools: Atlassian - JIRA and Confluence, Stash, Crowd, Fisheye, Crucible, Bamboo, SVN, GIT, Bitbucket.

Scripting Tools: Shell scripting, Perl, VB Script, Batch script, Ant, Maven, REST/SOAP protocol.

Languages: C, XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Java, J2EE.

Automation Tools: HP QTP, Selenium2.0, TestRail, Selenium web driver, Test NG, chef, puppet.

Job Scheduling Tool: AUTOSYS, Cron

Tools: Urban Deploy, Toad, Service Now, HP Manager

Database: Oracle - SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g.

Software Methodologies: SDLC, Agile, Waterfall

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, GIT

Operating Systems: MS Windows 2008/7, UNIX, Linux, MS DOS.


Jira Admin/Engineer



  • Currently working as Atlassian Systems Lead handling JIRA, Confluence 5.10, and JIRA Agile.
  • Upgraded Jira instance from 7.4.2 to 7.12.3 version and confluence to 5.10.8.
  • Creating complex JIRA workflows including project workflows, custom fields, notification schemes, reports and dashboards in JIRA.
  • Responsible for creating complex JIRA workflows, conditions and setting up and maintaining JIRA, using Advanced scripts (Groovy & JavaScript) to extend workflow capabilities both front-end and back-end, for large enterprise JIRA environments.
  • Development knowledge to integrate JIRA and ITSM Remedy and WorkFront tools for synchronizing tickets in both systems.
  • Installed and Configured Jira Align for business users.
  • Documented the connection between Jira Align and Jira using align connectors..
  • Integrating JIRA with Agilecraft for Portfolio Management(Scaling beyond JIRA Team to Program/Portfolio/Enterprise level)/ JIRA Portfolio and using SAFe standards.
  • Involved in gathering the requirement when migrating from the JIRA to ServiceNow
  • JIRA customization and plugin development.
  • Worked on Bamboo- Build triggers and Build dependencies.
  • Test new versions of Atlassian tools and plugins to ensure compatibility.
  • Created custom plugins & setup the plugin development environment by installing SDK and maven plugin development project
  • Integrate Jira with GitLab for better visibility over development processes.
  • Implemented Integration with DevOps, CI/CD tools like Bitbucket, GitHub, Bamboo, and Jenkins.
  • Experienced in installation, configuration, usage and management on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Jenkins and GIT for application servers.
  • Create and customize JIRA projects with various schemes, complex workflows, custom fields, screen schemes, permission schemes, and notification schemes to support projects.
  • Ability to provide off-hours coverage and support for maintenance during outage windows.
  • Prepare and maintain up to date documentation for internal and external customers detailing a configuration of deployed solutions.
  • Configured and monitored distributed and multi-platform servers using Nagios.
  • Integrated JIRA with Splunk for ALM team to alert and submit a ticket for various issues in the application development phase.
  • Worked on setup and integration of Test Case Management tool for jira called qTest Manager
  • Working knowledge of HP ALM/QC, HP QTP/FT/UFT, versions 11 and 12; HP Sprinter version 12.
  • Administering GIT source code repositories and suspended dormant inactive users on daily basis.
  • Integrated Jira with 'Git Integration Plugin'.
  • Migrated DevOps infrastructure with Atlassian.
  • Performed an In-house Jira plug-in development using the Atlassian SDK and Rest API.
  • Participate in requirement gathering efforts with stakeholders for new requests and enhancements.
  • Collaborate with DevOps and infrastructure teams to create automation solutions.
  • Troubleshoot automation issues and find practical solutions to address barriers, enabling forward movement in the application lifecycle.
  • AWS EC2 and Cloud watch services. CI/CD pipeline management through Jenkins. Automation of manual tasks using Shell scripting
  • Committed code changes written in ScriptRunner for custom groovy scripts utilizing ScriptRunner to create an automated and dynamic ADSS request form.
  • Created and managed product backlog of clearly defined and prioritized Features, Epics and user stories.
  • Created customized HP ALM reports based on user request.
  • Created Google storage buckets and maintained and utilized the policy management of these buckets and Glacier for storage and backup on Google cloud.
  • Create various projects and dashboards based on the team needs by utilizing the Rest API.
  • Develop and conduct HP Quality Center guidance and trainings as necessary.
  • Maintenance and additions of new projects, fields, workflows to HP Quality Center data elements.
  • Provide configuration and administrative support of self-hosted (server) JIRA and Confluence.
  • Troubleshoot and fix errors common to JIRA Applications and Application servers.
  • Administer JIRA instances on a day to day basis. Research and implement Atlassian best practices.
  • Manage user, groups and role permissions to projects.
  • Installed and configured qTest for JIRA Test Management.
  • Created custom dashboards, advance filters and formula-based fields.
  • Implement JIRA align for S&D's portfolio reporting in an effort to better align in the teams and stakeholders to the increasingly agile environment emerging within the organization.
  • Excellent strategic direction and approach for IT Service Management ( ITSM) Change Management global process.
  • Customized Atlassian JIRA 7.13.1 and Atlassian Confluence 6.13.1 by developing various plugins like zephyr, event listeners and scripts in Java, JavaScript, Groovy Script, Jelly Script and JSON.
  • Developed the tools to upload attachments, Linked defects, Requirements in to QC 10.0/ ALM 11, 11.5 and list Manager Tool to import the list values in to the QC.
  • Creating Cloud Watch alerts for instances and using them in Auto scaling launch configurations using Jenkins AWS Code Deploy plug in to deploy to AWS.
  • Actively develop and improve JIRA skill set by keeping aware of JIRA industry .

Environment: Clear Case, Jira 7.x/6.x, GIT, Remedy 7.5, ANT, Maven, Grails, Jenkins UAT, Jenkins Enterprise, UNIX, Linux, J2EE,ServiceNow,Splunk 6.3 iLog JRules, PERL, Nagios, Python Scripts, Teradata, Windows/NT.

Jira Admin/Developer



  • Contracted to serve as the JIRA Systems Administrator for the international JIRA/Confluence infrastructure, including all associated programs, plugins and systems.
  • Involved in gathering the requirement when migrating from the JIRA to ServiceNow. customized both JIRA and Confluence to integrate into the pre-existing systems with an eye towards making the programs extensions of their systems, and not hindrances to their systems.
  • Working in Integrations and migration of Servicenow with JIRA (bi-directional integration).
  • Created users on Active Directory, synched the users on Jira and assigned groups and spaces
  • Installed and managed plug-ins for Jira and confluence in production environment.
  • Experienced in installation, configuration, usage and management on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Jenkins and GIT for application servers.
  • Expertized in using ScriptRunner for JIRA to run groovy scripts, administration / maintenance of scripts, powerful JQL functions and scripted fields.
  • Managed JIRA Add-ons and Worked on Setup JIRA for Helpdesk/Tickets.
  • Published Jira gadgets and dashboards on confluence page.
  • Setup Dashboards build Filters using JQL.
  • Setup Continuous Integration environment using Jira, Bamboo, Bit bucket and ant script.
  • Created custom plug-in & setup the plug-in development environment by installing SDK and maven plug-in development project
  • Worked with Jira Service Desk 3.0.x to set up service desk, creates service desk request types, and make queues for service desk teams.
  • Review, clean-up, management and configuration of JIRA accounts and worked with different teams like LDAP, Network, and Infrastructure & application.
  • Set-up a production-ready JIRA server, with strategy for periodic backup, high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Create one or more Splunk configurations in Jira administration interface to access Splunk Enterprise.
  • Manually migrated JIRA from 4.1 to 5.8 standalone JIRA on Linux server.
  • Up gradation and Migration of JIRA, Stash/Bit bucket, Bamboo.
  • Provided end-to-end support for HP ALM users.
  • Configure the JIRA workflow for the project for improvement processes for screens, workflow procedures and reports of applications as per business requirement.
  • Administered AAFES JIRA standard practices document as a part of sprint planning, conducted workshops to assist the implementation team to determine the user story points.
  • Analyze the existing code using JIRA apps such as ScriptRunner, Power Scripts to understand the gap.
  • Maintained JIRA team and program tech lead with Change management review dashboards.
  • Worked as team JIRA administrator providing access, working assigned tickets, and teaming with project developers to test product requirements/bugs/new improvements.

Environment: Atlassian Suite (Stash, Jira 5.x/6.x, Confluence, crowd), Clear Case, GIT, Remedy 7.5, ANT, Maven, Grails, Jenkins UAT, Jenkins Enterprise, UNIX, Linux, J2EE, iLog JRules, PERL, Python Scripts, Teradata, Windows/NT

JR.Jira Admin



  • Worked on JIRA customization such as creating Issue type schemes, Complex Workflows, Field Configurations.
  • Experience in development with Perl, Python, PowerShell or other scripting languages.
  • Created and Modifies Existing Permissions schemes, Screen schemes and Notification schemes for all projects as per Team's requirement.
  • Creating project for testing team based on Zephyr plug-in.
  • Working on JIRA Agile projects like Creating Scrum/Kanban boards, configured columns, Filters and Reports for Sprints.
  • Creating a change requests, work orders and problem tickets using BMC Remedy tool and getting approvals from higher officials.
  • Performed migration of application from v6.x to 7.x and also upgraded WebLogic instances from 6.x to 7.x.
  • Connected Fisheye to the mercurial repository on Bitbucket for overview of source code and also setup Crucible for code review.
  • Worked on JIRA installation and upgrade and Performed JIRA configuration and Achieved JIRA setup for Helpdesk/Tickets
  • Worked on JIRA Service Desk workflows which includes project workflows, screen schemes and permission schemes.
  • Up gradation and Migration of JIRA, Stash/ Bit bucket, Bamboo. Created/Managed Users and Groups in Jira.
  • Installed and managed plugins for Jira and confluence in production environment and Installed and Managed JIRA Add-ons.
  • Worked with JIRA Service Desk to set up service desk, create service desk request types, and make queues for service desk teams.
  • Setup Jira "Timesheet Report" plugin, to help users for time-tracking on their dashboards using a JQL or by configuring manually.
  • Upgraded all the plugins and applications (stash, confluence, Jira, fish eye) and synced with the old production applications.
  • Investigating the Jenkins logs and troubleshooting to fix the issues for failed builds.
  • Implemented Crowd 2.x with Single Sign On for the Atlassian applications.
  • Developed an Automated Build & Deployment Process across large Java projects using ANT/Maven.
  • Created user accounts, and technical documents documenting JIRA project configurations provided training sessions.
  • Worked on JQL (Jira Query Language) filters, Dashboards, Gadgets for users.
  • Creating reports, charts and dashboards for JIRA with eazyBI Plugin and managed documentation for DevOps pipeline using Confluence.
  • Worked as team JIRA administrator providing access, working assigned tickets, and teaming with project developers to test product requirements/bugs/new improvements.
  • Assisted portfolio management in defining portfolio/project scope, resource demand, benefits and risks during the discovery phase; spearheaded discovery efforts.
  • TestRail supports integrating with all major JIRA versions, including JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server 5.x - 7.x.
  • Monitor Jira logs when performing migrations, troubleshooting users’/system issues.

Environment: JIRA 7.1, Jira, HPQTP, Service desk, Bitbucket, Stash 3.3, Crowd 2.x, Confluence 3.0.x, GIT, JQL, SQL Ant, Maven, PERL, portfolio, Shell Scripts, UNIX, Linux, VMware, Zephyr, Infrastructure 4/5.

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