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Jira Administrator/atlassian Tools Administrator Resume

Herndon, VA


  • 7 years of experience in IT Industry and around 4+year experience with Atlassian Tools like Jira working with Complex Workflows, and Managing Plugins.
  • Experience in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), involved in Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment of Object Oriented, Client - Server, Web-Based, Distributed.
  • Agile Program management, change management, JIRA-Agile Scrum/Kanban, Bug Cycle management, SDLC design advice using JIRA.
  • Create Customized Dashboards, JQL Filters and shared with teams and used them on gadgets.
  • Creating a change requests, work orders and problem tickets using BMC Remedy tool and getting approvals from higher officials.
  • Experience with Atlassian JIRA installation, administration and maintenance.
  • Experience with Jira 6.x and 7.x environments, with ability to create Jira workflow, screen schemes, permissions schemes and notification schemes.
  • Worked with users to fix the internal errors in SVN repositories that halt the migration.
  • Administration and management of Atlassian tool suites, (installation, deployment, configuration, migration, upgrade, patching, provisioning, server management etc.).
  • Manage and Configure Various Atlassian Tools like JIRA, Green Hopper, Confluence, Crowd, Stash, and Fisheye for Agile development in the organization.
  • Full understanding of SDLC and RUP, Agile, methodologies and process.
  • Experience with Jira bash shell scripting. Tomcat server configuration/tuning and JVM tuning.
  • Experience with test tools (TestRail, HPQTP, test automation tools, etc.) and code repository tools.
  • Familiarity with JIRA add-ons like Gantt for JIRA, Big Picture, JIRA Agile, Structure, Portfolio, Tempo, Confluence, Zephyr.
  • Administrated and managed Atlassian tool suites, (installation, deployment, configuration, migration, upgrade, patching, provisioning, server management etc.)
  • Experience with using REST services provided by Atlassian. Experience with integration of Jira with third-party systems such as Service Now.
  • Supports the integration of existing and new applications within the current infrastructure, including but not limited to: Fisheye, Crucible, Crowd, Bamboo, and Stash.
  • Part of my Responsibilities was to run the SQL and JQL scripts.
  • Worked on Build Automation and Continuous Integration tools like ANT1.8, Maven2.x/3.x, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo and Cruise Control.
  • Experience in Agile Program management, JIRA-Agile Scrum/Kanban, Bug Cycle management, SDLC designs advice using JIRA.
  • Proficient in Python, Perl Scripting, UNIX Shell scripting, Microsoft DOS and Batch Scripting, Ant, Maven and Make Utility for Unix/Windows NT platforms.
  • Hands-on experience to SCRUM Agile model, XP Practices like Pair Programming and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Developed ANT scripts to build and deploy Java web applications and Experience in using frameworks like JUnit for unit testing of the modules, and version control management tools like CVS, Subversion and log4J for logging.
  • Extensively used Jenkins for continuous integration to setup the nightly builds and for deploying artifacts into corporate archive repository.


Project Management Tools: Atlassian - JIRA and Confluence, Stash

Scripting Tools: Shell scripting, Perl

Database: Oracle - SQL Languages C, XML, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Java, J2EE

Job Scheduling Tool: AUTOSYS, Cron

Tools: Urban Deploy, Toad, Service Now, HP Manager Software Methodologies SDLC, Agile, Waterfall

Version Control Tools: CVS, SVN, GIT

Operating Systems: Windows XP/7, UNIX, Linux



Confidential - HERNDON, VA


  • Responsible for administration, maintenance, upgrades and enhancements to JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and integrations with other tools or plugins.
  • Administration of Atlassian toolset and DevOps related Integration Tools (Teamcity, Bitbucket)
  • Administration of Atlassian Add-ons and 3rd party integrations, plugins, and extensions
  • Vet the security of those add-ons and integrations, etc.
  • Gather requirements for business processes, and determine ways to optimize/improve JIRA/Confluence build and configure complex workflows and screen, field, security, and notification schemes
  • Develop metrics dashboards and advanced filters in JIRA to provide end-users and business leadership with meaningful operational/performance metrics and status reports
  • Implement Atlassian Tools upgrades, and partner with other IT staff to coordinate infrastructure maintenance and system migrations.
  • JIRA Agile (formerly Greenhopper),installed plugins for Confluence, experience maintaining custom Java custom reporting in JIRA
  • Develop & maintain custom JIRA workflows based upon business requirements
  • Created custom permission schemes, notification schemes, screens, and similar configuration changes on a project by project basis.
  • Provided User Management and support for 1000+ local and remote users, manage system access across groups to ensure compliance, and maintain best practices.
  • Created and manage security schemes, permission schemes and configurations
  • Interface with development groups within organization as the IT liaison for Development Cycles/Software.
  • Collaborated effectively with other technical teams to exploit new technologies to enhance the applications and service infrastructure - determine ways to improve the JIRA/Confluence
  • Train, guide, and assist end-users in use of JIRA/Confluence
  • Worked with Atlassian support and PS when needed to fix, maintain, improve
  • Managed change control, including appropriate rollback plans, for our Atlassian suite.

Technical Environment: JIRA 7.1, Jira, HPQTP, Service desk, Bitbucket, Stash 3.3, Crowd 2.x, Confluence 3.0.x, GIT, JQL, SQL Ant, Maven, PERL, portfolio, Shell Scripts, UNIX, Linux, VMware, Zephyr, Infrastructure 4/5.


Confidential - EDISON, NJ


  • Analyzed an existing JIRA installation, provide formal proposals for improvements, and implement changes to realize greater efficiency, productivity, and reliability in a fast-paced product development environment
  • Developed advanced JIRA workflows and permission scheme, notification schemes, Screen scheme.
  • Troubleshoot to resolve problems in an existing JIRA installation and implement all approved changes.
  • Work with development and leads to review testing approaches and ensure solutions support enterprise goals
  • Work with management, developers, quality engineers, and product managers to gather requirements and define workflow for a new project, then implement in JIRA.
  • Install, configure and administer JIRA and Confluence and other development tools
  • Responsible for user management, security, configuring fields and screens, configuring workflows.
  • Work with software engineers, database administrators, quality assurance staff and project managers to ensure a coordinated approach to processes, procedures and use of technology/tools
  • Configure dashboard and generate reports on various format including Pie Chart, Average Age Chart, Heat Map on statistical data including Resolution, Time Spend etc.
  • Evaluate, Install, and configure various JIRA plug-ins systems based on the requirement.
  • Create custom fields and configure to use it in different Field Configuration and Screen.
  • Configured the system to be highly available and to have a proper backup strategy to minimize down time.
  • Document procedures that meet, and to develop documentation to guide as well as train employees on continued administration and use of the JIRA system.
  • Kept the executive team informed of project progress, issues, risks and status.

Technical Environment: JIRA, Confluence, WebLogic, AWS (Amazon web services), GIT, Linux, Jmeter, SVN, ANT, Maven, VMware, MYSQL.




  • Recognized for keeping JIRA and Confluence up 99.99%, which was instrumental in achieving ISO 20000/27000 certification for the company.
  • Coordinated with over 10 Business Units that included 300+ projects to develop JIRA Migration Plan, and worked on implementing it for successful upgrade of JIRA 5.2 to the JIRA 7.0.
  • Create complex JIRA workflows including project workflows, field configurations, screen schemes, permission schemes and notification schemes.
  • Manage user permissions to tools according to the needs of projects and teams.
  • Administer the system including but not limited to setting up new users, groups, projects, and configurations.
  • Develop application by customizing fields, permission and workflow.
  • Create customized dashboards for teams.
  • Develop confluence pages.
  • Set up the new common ticketing and version control environment.
  • Experience providing training to development teams on how to track, plan and analyze using JIRA.
  • Day-to-day management and administration of Atlassian tools, including workflows, user accounts, custom; fields, dashboards, reports, security schemas, issue schemas, project creation, etc.
  • Develop metrics dashboards and advanced filters in Jira to provide end-users and business leadership with meaningful operational/performance metrics and status reports.
  • Setup JIRA Sandboxes and test new plugins and add-ons to ensure compatibility.
  • Work with stakeholders to determine ways to optimize/improve Jira setup and workflows.
  • Provide training to technical and non-technical teams to use Atlassian tools.
  • Use JIRA third party add-ons for extending the functionality of Atlassian Tools.
  • Technical Environment: JIRA, Confluence, Java/J2EE, Jenkins, AWS, Apache HTTP, Jama.


Confidential - SANTA CLARA, CA


  • Establish corporate network infrastructure with administration privilege level on: Domain Controllers, Window Servers 2012, Active Directory, VPN, CentOS 7 and AWS cloud environment.
  • Provide technical software, hardware and network problem resolution to all Mac and Windows computer users by performing question/problem diagnosis and guiding users through step-by-step solutions.
  • Daily usage on variety of software management tools: vSphere, Veeam, ADT, Barracuda (Email Filter Management), Google Admin, Atlassian (JIRA and Confluence), Teamviewer (Remote Desktop Management), Teledynamic (VoIP), Apperian (Mobile Application Management).

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