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Sr Linux/ Unix Engineer Resume


  • A Unix, Sun Solaris Certified IT UNIX, Red Hat LINUX professional with over 15+ years of excellent skills in Enterprise Infra Structure Support Engineering and experience in system architecture & implementation includes: Automation using Patch Management, Configuring software/hardware, monitoring tools performance, security, implementing upgrades, system hardening, migration, troubleshooting problems, disaster recovery/backup/restore, VERITAS Cluster/Volume Manager, Redhat Volume Manager (LVM), Ansible, Ansible tower, AWS solution Architech, Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, FTP/SFTP, Firewalls, Networks, migration of systems between various organizations and data centers.
  • Experience in 30,000+ Solaris UNIX/Red - Hat Linux servers support, maintenance.
  • 10+ years’ of focused experience in System Administration, System Builds, and Server builds on SUN Solaris UNIX (8/9/10/11), Installs, Updates, Patches, Configuration, Performance tuning on UNIX, system software and hardware including - ZFS, ZONES, LDOM. Managed ILOMs, ALOMs,XSCF, RSC, SC etc.
  • 10+ years’ of focused experience in System Administration, System Builds, and Server builds on Red-Hat Enterprise Linux(4/5/6/7), Installs, Updates, Patches, Configuration, Performance tuning on Linux, system software and hardware including - Logical Volumes (LVM), Red Hat Satellite Network (RHN).
  • 10+ year’ of Experience in using VERITAS Volume Manager, Creating new file systems, mounting file systems and unmounting file systems and SAN storage related problems.
  • 10+ years of Experience in configuring & maintaining Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) and resolving High Availability related issue in production environment.
  • 5+ years’ of Experience in VMWare, VMware ESX (4.x/5.x), vSphere Server, vSphere Client. Along with extensive experience in VM Migration vMotion, VM Storage vMotion, DRS, High Availability (HA), VM Data Recovery (VDR), Site Recovery Manager SRM, P2V, V2P VM Converter, and other virtualization technologies.
  • Strong experience in Troubleshooting/Debugging, Root Cause Analysis, Audits and Performance tuning.
  • Experience in Apache Tomcat, Bea Weblogic application servers.
  • Experience working with shell scripting (ksh, bash to automate administration task.
  • 2 years (approx.) experience in writing Ancible playbook, Ancible Tower, Ancible ad-hoc Configuration Management / automation tool, and Dockers.
  • Experience in in AWS cloud, going to take AWS Solution Architech associate exam.
  • 8+ years of Experience SAP Administration - SAP BASIS, SAP NetWeaver, SAP Solution Manager along with working experience in end-to-end implementation projects, Installed and configuration of Oracle 10g, 11g on Production, SAP ECC6, SAP BW, SAP SRM, SAP HANA, UAT and Dev environment and very close to work with DBA, application team.
  • 2+ years of Experience in SAP s/4 HANA 1.0 (SPS12) Administration- include: HANA Studio/ Cockpit.
  • Experience working with Vendors, opening cases Hardwares, OS and application related issues - Oracle Sun Solaris, Redhat, Veritas, VMWare, IBM, Curvature (thire party).
  • Configuration, administering and maintaining of application services like NIS, NFS, Autofs, DNS, DHCP, Mail, SMTP, SNMP, Samba.
  • Planed and implemented Disaster Recovery/backup/restore.
  • Experience in storage solutions and administration of SAN/ NAS.
  • Experience in fibre channel storage management/ multipathing, server resource management.
  • Excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills with ability to interact with end-users, managers and technical personnel. Also highly accountable team player, strong work ethics and fast learner.
  • Provided production support in an on-call rotation in a 24x7 environment.


UNIX OS: Solaris 8/9/10/11 (Zone, ZFS), Red Hat Linux 4/5/6/7

Virtualization: LDOM, ZONE, XVMOPS, OVM. VMware vSphere 3.5/4.1/5.0/5.5 , ESX 3.5, Workstation 6/7, VMWare DRS, HA and FT, VMware Standalone Converter 3.0, VMware Update Manager 1, VMware VCB, VMware Desktop Infrastructure VDI, VMware View, VMWare Data Recovery VDR, VMWare Site Recovery Manager SRM.

Storage Volume Mgmt.: Veritas Storage Foundation Suite, Veritas Volume Manager, Solaris Volume Manager (RAID 0 / 1 / 5/0+1/1+0), Red Hat Volume Manager (LVM)

High Availability: Veritas Cluster, VMWare HA/DRS, ZFS, SVM, LVM

Solrais Consoles (SP): ILOM, ALOM, SC, XSCF, RSC

ERP: SAP BASIS/NetWeaver 7.5, SAP HANA S/4 (1.0), SAP Solution Manager.


Database: Oracle 11g/10/9/8, Oracle SQL, MS Access, MS SQL, SAP HANA

Web & Application Server: BEA Weblogic 8.1, Apache Tomcat severs.

SAN/NAS: NetApp, Brocade Silkworm 12000/24000 , EMC Connectix FC SAN Switches.

Cloud Computing: AWS solution Architect (Going to take exam soons)

Configuration Management Tools /Auotomation Tools: Ancible Playbook, Ancible Tower, Ancible ad-hoc. Knowledge of Puppet Docker management.

Networking / Securities: TCP/IP, NFS, Autofs, NIS, DNS,LDAP,SNMP, DHCP, FTP, SFTP, TELNET, SSH, rlogin, SCP, WinSCP, SUDO, VPN, UDP, ICMP, IPMP, Teaming, VPN, CITRIX, SAMBA, SNMP, NTP, ACL, iptables. Centiry, Centrify PAM, Centrify DZDO.

Change Management: Service Now, HP-Open view, SAP CHARM

Incident/Problem Mgmt.: Service Now, Remedy ARS

Remote Connectivity: Putty, Telnet, FTP, SSH, SFTP, rlogin, Remote Desktop .

Systems: Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240, T2, T3, T4,, T52X, T-51x series, Sun Fire -v210, v240, v440, v480, v490, v880, v890, E2900, v3800, v6800.Sun M-series hosts - 3000, 4000, 5000, 8000. Dell PowerEdge 2950/6950, IBM Blade Center, IBM p5 p520/p570, SCSI IDE architectures, server.

Languages / Script: Shell/BASH scripting,, Visual Basic, Java, GW Basic, AWK, SED, YAML. Knowledge of Python

Load Balancer: F5 BIGIP LTM

Tools: Red Hat Subscription Manager, RHN, MS VISIO, MS OFFICE (WORD, Excel, Power Point, Outlook.).

Monitoring Tools: Netcool, NetIQ, Nagios, SMURF.

System Hardening tools: Scotia bank Hardening Compliance portal CCM, IS&C Vulnerability Management Serives IP360

Vendors Support / third party: Oracle Sun solaris, Redat-hat, Veritas, IBM, Curvature



Sr Linux/ Unix Engineer


  • Administrating and supporting RHEL 5/6/7 on servers and Oracle Sun Solaris 8/9/10/11.
  • Configure, supporting and troubleshooting external DNS servers running on Solaris 10/11.
  • Updated and streamlined procedures such as decommission and patching of servers.
  • Addressed security and hardening issues reflected by CCM and IP36o.
  • Providing the change management, task and incident management using service now.
  • Decommissing old hardware to migrate to virtualized private clould (VMware virtual machines & Docker).
  • Writing ansible playbook to automate and using Ansible tower, bit bucket for patching, resovolving system security issues .
  • Configuring, administrating, troubleshooting and supported ZFS, zpools, and zvols.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting network configuration on UNIX and Linux infrastructure.
  • Configuring, supporting and troubleshooting NFS, Autofs on Solaris servers.
  • Configuring, troubleshooting and supportng Emulex HBA’s on enterprise UNIX and Linux servers.
  • Configuring and supporting Solaris 10/11 zones & LDOMs on Oracle T4—2 and T5-2 servers.
  • Creating, extending, decreasing Volumes on Veritas, Redhat Linux.
  • Opening case with vendors like Oracle Sun, Red-hat, Veritas to resolve the Hardware, OS and application related issue.
  • Performing SSH/ SFTP access for NAGIOS monitoring of LINUX & UNIX enterprise server.
  • Resolving SSH login issues of Centrified users accouts.
  • Resolving filesystem full issues, performance related issue.
  • Resoloving Veritas volume, Veritas Cluster issues as and when required.
  • Resolving Netbackup issues time to time bases and checking if netbackup is working or not.
  • Setup secure ACL permissions and setup user and group management.
  • Automated the cronjob to delete orlder logs and emailed the list of deleted logs to app groups.
  • Performing patch and package management on Redhat linux and Solaris.
  • Working with vendor Oracle Sun in procing the Explorer reports to diagonose and replacing faulty hardware parts from data centers.
  • Setup Auto Service Repuest (ASR) with Oracle Solaris to auto-case generation when specific hardware fault occur.
  • Working with Vendor Redhat by opening case and providing the sosreport to diagnose and fix the issue.
  • Managing EC2 instances in AWS cloud and work with configuration tools including Ansible, Puppet.
  • Working on Redhat Subcription Manager, create repos and installing package/ upgrading packages.
  • Authored and updated process and procedural documentatation and visio diagrams.
  • Authored scripts for routine and non-routine tasks.
  • Performed 24/7 oncall support.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Consultant (UNIX/Linux/VMware)


  • Build servers, configured, installed tools, applied patches and transitioned servers to production support.
  • Build a two-node clustered master server using VCS and connected to existing Netbackup environment.
  • Build servers for infrastructure support at two strategic data centers.
  • Installed patches to latest patch level, applied patch cluster and installed software packages as needed.
  • Created disk groups, volumes, volume groups and RAIDs using VERITAS Volume Manager.
  • Disk mirroring and RAID implementation using VERITAS Volume Manager and Solaris Volume Mgr.
  • Installed VERITAS Volume Manager and LVMs on Red hat Linux servers.
  • Installation and configuration of Apache Tomcat server.
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of hardware and software failures for various UNIX servers.
  • Install, configure and deploy VMware products such as VMware Work Station, VMware Converter etc. Create / Delete VMs install guest OS.
  • Create clones and templates of Virtual Machines.
  • Create VMware clusters, adding hosts in the clusters, and implemented HA and DRS.
  • Worked with application team to load app to servers, created test environment for Oracle DBA team.
  • Resolved issues using tools netstat, tcpdump, lsof and /proc.
  • Provided server remediation to ensure all vulnerabilities have been addressed.
  • Engaged in the Build, Test, Implementation, Application and pre-production checklist.
  • Created new slices, mounted new file systems and unmounted file systems.
  • Monitored, troubleshoot, and resolved issues involving operating systems.
  • Developed and maintained troubleshooting journal for incident management team.
  • Documented installation procedures, changes required in present environment.
  • Attended team meetings, change control meetings to update installation progress, and for upcoming changes in environment.

Environment: Redhat Linux 5.x/6.x, Sun Solaris 10/9/8,, VERITAS Volume Manager 5.0, VERITAS Net backup 6.5, VERITAS Cluster Server 5.0, Solaris Volume Manager, Puppet, Enterprise Security Manager, Apache, Pentium PCs, Sybase, Oracle, Perl, Weblogic, Webshpere, Apache Tomcate, SAP BW, Informatica, Netcool, NetIQ, Nagios, Hadoop, Netbackup.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Consultant (UNIX/Linux/VMware/SAP Admin)


  • Confidential Client’ globally structured distributed computing environment controlled by Aurora system (Designing a next generation Global Production Unix Environment) which encompasses AFS file system, VMS, Kerberos security, ACL permissions, quotas, OSConf, Pods, Cells and Distributed System Database (DSDB).
  • Followed ITIL Processes and achieved 99.8% SLA as a team member for solving incident, Task and Change Request tickets using many different ticketing systems such as Service Now and Change request tickets.
  • Daily administration of RHEL 4.x/ 5.x/6.x and Sun UNIX 9/10, which includes installation, testing, tuning, upgrading and loading patches, troubleshooting server’s issues.
  • Perform Audits and prepare reports and solutions, which minimize the servers’ issues /downtime/outages 20 -30% and enhance the business continuity.
  • Manage outages, performed Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and resolve all server issues within allowed service levels.
  • Build servers, configured, installed tools, applied patches and transitioned servers to production support.
  • Wrote and maintained shell scripting Perl and Bash.
  • Installed, configured puppet master and puppet agent to ensure central administration, user creation, package update and maintenance of the infrastructure.
  • Manage FTI Perl scripts to transfer ETL data from source to destination.
  • Responsible for server migrations from closing data center.
  • Installed Linux / UNIX servers through kick start / JumpStart.
  • Setting DHCP server, qip and performed PXE boot rc.updates and osupgrades.
  • Created printer ports and assigned IPs.
  • Lead Role in the Patching Management Project. After, patching verified with Application and database team and make sure that System is ready to next business day.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of High Availability Veritas Cluster Servers for failover and redundancy purpose, and resolved Cluster related issues.
  • Managed SAN storage by creating disk groups, volumes, and RAIDs using VERITAS Volume Manager. Also diagnosed the Failed LUNs, Multi-pathing problems and resolved the issues using Veritas commands.
  • Administrated NAS NetApp filers with snapmirror, snapshots, quotas & qtrees.
  • Configured NFS file system on NetApp storage array and replicate the data to the remote Filer using Snap Mirror.
  • Install and manage VMware ESX servers and create VMs and install different guest OS.
  • Create templates from VMs and create VMs from templates.
  • Performed P2V and V2V conversions by using VMware Converter.
  • Worked on Migration like VMware vMotion and cold Migration, Storage vMotion.
  • Operation / Implemenation of SRM - Site Recovery Manager.
  • Monitoring and managing performance of ESX servers and Virtual Machines.
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of hardware software failures for various UNIX servers.
  • Resolved ongoing production issues, coordinated with upper level teams and responded to telephone calls from business users for their issues and tickets.
  • Power cycled and rebooted hosts as per the business needs and user requests.
  • Manage IT Staff relationships to insure service levels and availability of all servers.
  • Install, Configure, and administer BEA Weblogic 8.1 and Apache Tomcat servers.
  • Performed Installation, setup, configuration of SAP HANA database, SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Client.
  • Architected solutions, developed custom processes, reports, and responsible to integrate financials to SAP.
  • Implemented and supported SAP SD, FI, CO, BW modules.
  • Maintain the server monitoring solutions as defined by senior staff members.
  • 24/7 Production and technical support.

Environment: Sun Solaris 10/9/8, Redhat Linux 4/5/6, Window 2003/2008, VERITAS Volume Manager 5.0, VERITAS Net backup 6.5, VERITAS Cluster Server 5.0, Solaris Volume Manager, Enterprise Security Manager, Apache, Sybase, Oracle, Perl, SAP ECC6/BW/HANA, NetApp filer, EMC Storage.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH



  • Installed, Configured, Managed, trouble-shoot Unix Solaris 9/10 and Red Hat 5/6 Servers.
  • Responsible for Active directory, GPO, Domain users, Administrating users and groups and given appropriate permissions and privilege to access our LAN and Domain environment.
  • Performed kernel and patch upgrades.
  • Performed standard administration and monitoring tasks in a highly critical environment involving users in several countries.
  • Installed SAP CRM 7.0 and configured it in both production and non-production environments.
  • Implemented STMS and performed transports.
  • Analyzed CRM, ECC, BI system performance, ABAP short dumps, failed updates, System logs, helped in resolving end user issues.
  • Involved in major production break fixes during CRM implementation.
  • Performed Kernel upgrades and patch updates.
  • Upgraded Enhancement packages (EHP) in various systems and activated them.
  • Performed Installation, setup, configuration of SAP HANA database, SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Client.
  • Involved in SAP HANA Administration including creation and management of schemas for different SAP systems, data model objects, and import/ export content.
  • Performed Backup and Recovery.
  • Good understanding of HANA DB performance, HA, DR, and scalability.
  • Upgraded BW 7.0 to BW 7.3 and migrated to BW 7.3 on HANA.
  • Responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting of SAP HANA.

Environment: Solaris 9/10, RHEL 5/6, Windows 2003/2008, SAP ECC6, SAP HANA1.0.

Confidential, Boston, Massachusetts

Sr. Consultant (UNIX/LINUX/VMWare)


  • Managed team of four consisting of three developers and a QA Engineer. Assigned tasks, set desgn review meetings, and ensured team members’s understanding of requirments and proposed design.
  • Using VMware vCenter, created Data Center Environment by creating VMware clusters, adding ESX hosts in the clusters, and implemented HA and DRS.
  • Installed and configured ESX 4.0 servers on Blade Servers.
  • Performed physical to virtual (P2V) migrations for approximately 500 physical servers utilizing VMware Converter.
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting VMware view.
  • Performed tons of V2V Migration.
  • Created clones and templates of Virtual Machines.
  • Deploying VMs through Templates.
  • Created & Troubleshot Virtual Networks and vSwitches.
  • Responsible for deploying, managing, and maintaining HP Proiant BL series C-class blade servers and DL-series servers.
  • Worked with business clients to evaluate, streamline, and improve current systems, processes, and workflow.
  • Troubleshot any errors found in code using simple PERL scripts.

Environment: Windows 2000/2003/2008 R2, Windows XP/Vista/Win 7, VMware ESXi 4.0 Server, VMware View, VMware Lab Manager. Open filer iSCSI SAN/NAS, HP Proliant Blade Servers BL280C G6, BL460C and 620C Series, Dell PowerVault NAS, SonicWall Firewall, Remote desktop services, NetApp FAS3050, FAS3160, FAS270


Sr. Consultant/ Solution Architect (UNIX/LINUX/SAP Basis)


  • Prepared documentation for development techniques, tools, and technology standards for specific business and technical needs.
  • Created and presentation of technology strateties, roadmaps and project recommendations for senior management.
  • Performed analysis of functional and non-functional requirements on new projects and applications and mapping them to existing standard solution components or new solutions.
  • Provided top tier support for design, testing, performance tunning, deployment and operational issues in enterprise systems.
  • Documented and communicated of test results, selection criteria and technical / business recommendations for new hardware and software platforms.
  • Performed UNIX/Linux administration which includes installation, user administration, file management, high availability, OS and Kernel patch upgrades, performance tuning, network and troubleshoot Unix/Linux OS.
  • Installed and configured of hardware and OS (Solaris 10 and RHEL 4.6) on servers.
  • Build servers, configured, installed tools, applied patches and transitioned servers to production support
  • Involved in all SAP BASIS Admin activities to deliver on time.
  • Performed System Copy Database restore.
  • Performed Client Copies like Local Client copy, Remote Client Copy and Client Export and Import.
  • User Administration like Creating Users, Deleting Users.
  • Background job administration like scheduling background jobs and analysing jobs.
  • Applied Support Packages and add-ons through SPAM/SAINT.
  • Performed Kernel Upgrades.
  • Defined Operation Modes and assigning Time intervals to Operation modes.
  • Management of Table space allocation using BR Tools.
  • Moved Transport requests from Development to Quality and Production using Transport Management System (STMS).
  • Downloaded and applying Notes through SNOTE.
  • Performed System Refresh Restore.
  • Monitored alerts and ABAP short dumps using System administration.
  • Checked CPU utilization and volume space utilization for performance analysis.
  • Daily administrative task include monitoring system logs, Work process, locks and updates.
  • Worked on Config tool and Visual Admin tool in Java stack.

Environment: SAP R/3, SAP BASIS, SAP NetWeaver, SAP BW, Sun Solaris 10/9, RED HAT LINUX, AIX 5.3, 4.3.2, SAP R/3, ORACLE, Windows NT 4.0, VERITAS Volume Manager 5.0, VERITAS Net backup 6.0,Sun Enterprise 4500, Sun Enterprise 450/420R/250, Sun Ultra 250 with RAID, IBM RS/6000, Motorola Machine, Pentium PCs, Oracle 10g, Perl, Remedy.


Sr. Consultant (UNIX/Linux)


  • Installed and configured Solaris8 servers and clients, administered disks usage, configured NFS to support the client-server environment, set up and configured AutoFS file systems to provide support to development community.
  • Provided System administration Sun/Solaris servers (E450 to 10K's).
  • Created file system in VERITAS FS/VM.
  • Monitored and mounted file systems; performed maintenance on corrupted file systems.
  • Created and maintained file system, executed security and printer configuration and realized TCP/IP addressing.
  • Managed users accounts and access privileges, individual and system login scripts on Windows NT and Win2K/03
  • Monitored network activities; supported remote locations and system users. Provided LAN performance optimization, daily backups and common system problems troubleshooting.
  • Administered user's accounts on the system, configured user initialization files to provide a consistent login environment for over 70 users, implemented system security.
  • Administrated DNS, DHCP servers. Created and managed user and group account in User Manager.
  • Supported with x86 / x64 Intel, HP, IBM & Dell hardware like rack-mounted servers, towers servers etc.
  • Responsible for Active directory, GPO, DOMAIN users, Administrating users, and groups and given appropriate permissions and privilege to access our LAN and Domain environment.
  • Installed, configured, administered and troubleshoot VMware server on ESX platform and VMware client, workstation.

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