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Storage & Backup Consultant Resume



  • Over 8+ Years of IT Experience as Storage and Backup Administration of EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, IBM, HP 3PAR and EMC Avamar,Networker Product Lines which includes Storage and Backup Administration,Technical Design, Implementations, Integration and Configuration
  • Administration,Implementation,Configuration & Monitoring of EMC (VNX, VMAX), NETAPP, ISILON, HITACHI, UNITY, VPLEX, Centera, IBM and HP MSA, EVA, 3PAR, IBM XIV, SVC.
  • Creating RAID Groups, binding LUNs, Creating Storage Group and Registering hosts as per customer Requirements.
  • Experience in Lun provisioning from EMC VNX, VMAX, HITACHI, UNITY, IBM & HP 3PAR, NETAPP for existing and new host.
  • Created Volumes from Isilon storage, creating snapshots, and exporting the volumes to requested hosts
  • Experience in creating CIFS and providing access to the shares.
  • Experience in Allocation & De - allocation of LUNs from different storage arrays.
  • Experience in Vdisk migration and Mdisk group Level and across IO groups.
  • Daily Health Check on all the SAN Arrays and Switches for the multiple accounts.
  • Experience in creating Aliases &zones in Brocade Switches.
  • Defining Zoning for initiators and targets on CLI.
  • Deletion of unused LUN as per the requirement from Clients.
  • Maintenance of existing fiber channel switches. upgrading firmware of the switches.
  • Experience on Incident management, task and change managements.
  • Coordinating with vendor (EMC,HITACHI,IBM,HP,NETAPP) for hardware replacements.
  • Root Cause Analysis for recurring problems, critical incidents and service/server outages.
  • Checking daily and scheduled backups on nodes and do initial troubleshooting to rectify the issues and resolve.
  • Configuring Storage Policies, Global Deduplication Policies, Deduplication Store and Index Cache
  • Experience in Installing the required agents on Servers which need to take backup
  • Experience on Media Agent’s, library configurations & implementation
  • Giving permissions to end users from Admin Console to take backup and restore
  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of the backup client software and schedule backups for various platforms
  • Installing the hotfixes and the Service Packs to update the environment on timely basis.
  • Extending the backup retention on special requests
  • Daily tasks like events checking and job status checking and troubleshooting the backup failures



NetApp: NetApp FAS Series

Hitachi: G600,VSP



Backup: Avamar, Networker, NetBackup

Switches: Brocade & Cisco Switches

SAN Tools: Data Fabric Manager, Device Manager, Navisphere, Unisphere

CLI Tools: SymCli, Time Finder, SRDF, SAN Copy

Host: Windows 2003/2008,VMware Linux



Confidential, Piscataway

Storage & Backup Consultant


  • Utilize technical expertise to manage multiple assignments, including large and critical projects to assure timely and cost-effect objectives delivery.
  • Work in sync with storage engineering team to carry out replication and decommission efforts on both SAN and NAS storages.
  • Work on issues pertaining to connectivity, performance, data growth, etc. with the use of vendor specific tools for a variety of storages.
  • Helping out to clean up the storage to free up the storage which are utilized over 90%.
  • Troubleshoot and fix storage related issues that are escalated by Level 1 teams.
  • Handle escalations and performance issues on SAN and NAS
  • Work on client’s replication environment for data copy between Production and Disaster Recovery sites, ensuring data availability for business continuity.
  • Forecast storage growth from existing trends and suggest storage purchases to the client.
  • Closely work with customer, understand requirements and provide timely delivery of services and meet project deadlines.
  • Configuration and performance tuning on AIX, Linux servers platforms for enterprise solutions for large-scale data warehousing.
  • Install and configure Navi Agent, PowerPath & Solution Enablers on the AIX, Linux, ESX, Solaris, Windows hosts.
  • As a part of day to day activities creating all type of shares like NFS, CIFS, Multi-protocol based on the changes.
  • Creating and presenting File systems to NAS and Setting up CIFS servers and creating VDM’s.
  • Upgrade to the latest code of all different types vendor devices (EMC, NetApp) even FC switches after doing the compatibility checks with current environment.
  • Interfacing between the customer and various storage vendors to plan code upgrades and patch installs.
  • Migrating data by using various types EMC methods like Open Replicator SANCopy, ISI Vol Copy, Mirror view, Snap view, OR, VMWare Vmotion and Storage Vmotion to other storage devices.
  • Performance Analysis of Symmetrix VMAX, VMAX3, CLARiiON, VPLEX, and VNX storage systems using various management software, command line interface and other proprietary tools, namely: Navisphere, Unisphere, InsightIQ, Symcli
  • Designed and implemented and administrating the EMC-Isilon as part of implementation configured the initial node and added the second and third nodes and applied the license, Configured smart connects, smart connect zones, smart pools, smart quotas, snapshotIQ, SuncIQ, and created directories, disk pools, local/global user accounts, NFS/CIFS.
  • Designed, implemented and administrating the EMC VNX 5600, 5800 of storage devices. And as a part of implementation created FAST Cache, FASTVP, Storage pools, RAID Groups, LUNS, Snapshots, Registering the Initiators, File pool creation, Network interfaces, VDM’s, DNS and NTP settings, Device creation, Routes, CIFS and NFS, Checkpoints, Quotas.
  • Administrate Avamar, Data Domain, NetBackup devices and Creating policies for daily, weekly, monthly backups and restorations and daily health check reports.
  • By using backup devices like, EMC Avamar, Networker and NetBackup to Perform routine random restore testing (file level restores, system level restores), and Identify new systems added to the environment that need to be added to routine backup schedule.
  • Storage and Backup automation done by using the batch scripting language
  • Work on ITIL best practices for Incident / CHG / Problem management.
  • Responsible to creating changes with PRQ requests.

Environment: EMC-VNX (Unified), EMC-VPLEX, EMC-DMX, VMX, EMC-ISILON, XtremeIO, IBM XIV, SVC, HP EVA,MSA,3PAR, HITACHI and Backup devices of EMC Avamar, Networker Switch device Brocade and Cisco

Confidential, Houston

Sr Storage & Backup Engineer


  • Responsible for administration of storage arrays EMC (CLARiiON, VNX & VMAX), Unity
  • Storage provisioning in NetApp FAS 2040, FAS 3160,FAS 3040,FAS 3270,FAS 6240 FAS 8040 using root interface.
  • Managing Hitachi (G600, VSP), EMC Isilon(X200, X400, X410) storage.
  • Creating RAID Groups, LUNS, Storage Groups, initiator groups and mapping the Lun’s to hosts
  • Responsible for performing day to day operational tasks like storage provisioning and maintaining high availability as per EMC best practices
  • Provisioning and decommissioning the storage space
  • The problems are Analysed by doing health checks on the array, diagnosing the events
  • Knowledge Creating Storage groups, adding and removing devices in Storage groups
  • Knowledge creating Port Groups, adding ports into Port groups
  • Knowledge initiator group creation, adding and removing initiators into initiator groups
  • Coordinating with Server support team to replace the HBA on host when it fails
  • Performing space reclamations on storage
  • Generated health reports periodically for the entire SAN/Storage environments
  • Performed Zoning operations on Brocade Switches
  • Created Aggregates, volumes (FlexVol), qtrees and Quotas on NetApp Filers. Involved in creating CIFS shares, NFS exports
  • Provisioned storage to customers using both ISCSI and Fibre channel provisioning.
  • Experience in switch firmware up-gradation
  • Good Communication Skills to coordinate with stakeholders and internal support team.
  • Very good knowledge on all SAN & NAS storage arrays like NetApp,IBM, Hitachi and EMC
  • Created Aggregates, Volumes, Qtrees on Filers using DataOntap.
  • Created volumes from the Hitachi Array, exporting the volumes to the requested servers.
  • Performed Host Mirror migration in Hitachi.
  • Performed lun swing activity with in the storage and external storages.

Environment: EMC VNX, VMAX, Centerra, Extreme IO, Unity, VPLEX, Time Finder snap/clone, SRDF/S, SRDF/A, SRDF/AR, NETAPP, HITACHI, IBM, HP 3PAR, Avamar, Networker and Linux

Confidential, Boston

Senior System engineer


  • Provide day to day operational activities for Storage which includes planning, monitoring and administering EMC Storage Arrays like VNX, VMAX, DMX, Unity, Extreme IO, Isillon
  • Deployments of the servers Physical, ESX and clustered from the storage end
  • Mapping/Unmapping LUNs/Meta to specific Directors and Ports as per requirements using SYMMCLI.
  • Allocation/de-allocation of space to Hosts from storage arrays like DMX and VMAX
  • Performing Server migrations using SRDF, Veritas Volume Manager
  • Creating Zones, Aliases, checking configurations of the Brocade switches
  • Performing Time finder operations ( Clone, Mirror, Snap)
  • Raise Incident and Change records for the issues and problem in the existing infrastructure and trouble shoot accordingly
  • Engaging with Storage Vendor (EMC) for issues and follow up the same.
  • Configuring and administering the Aggregates, Storage pools, File systems, volumes, Luns as per project requirement.
  • Administering the NAS & SAN protocols like NFS, NTFS, FC and ISCSI.
  • Administering the storage Lun provisioning thorough FC or ISCSI.
  • Administering and maintaining the zones for Fabric switches.
  • Maintaining quotas on Qtrees as per client requirement.
  • Created Volumes from Isilon storage, creating snapshots, and exporting the volumes to requested hosts
  • Provide day to day operational activities for Storage which includes planning, monitoring and administering HDS Storage Arrays like VSP, USPV
  • Allocation/de-allocation of space to Hosts from HDS Storage arrays like VSP, USPV
  • Creating the Volumes & Allocating the volumes to Host
  • Creating Zones, Aliases, checking configurations of the Brocade switches

Environment: EMC-VNX (Unified), EMC-VPLEX, EMC VMX3, EMC-ISILON, XtreamIO,HP3PAR, Hitachi USP, NetApp mode 7, IBMXIV, SVC and backup devices of EMC- Avamar, Networker and switch devices of Cisco, Brocade and VMWare

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