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Devops And Azure Cloud Engineer Resume


  • Around 6 Years of experience in IT industry comprising of Cloud Computing, DevOps Engineering, Linux Administration, VMware and AWS. More than 3 years of experience in Amazon Web Services and Azure Cloud including migrating infrastructure to AWS and Azure cloud and maintenance of production web infrastructure.
  • Designed and Implemented the DMZ architecture in Azure Cloud for the applications that are publicly accessible by considering all the Azure security services (Firewall, DDoS, Network Virtual Appliance).
  • Experience in dealing with Azure Services - Windows and Linux VMs, Virtual Networks, Resource Groups, Express Route, Traffic Manager, VPN, Load Balancing, Application Gateways, Auto-Scaling, ARM templates, Disks, Tags, Azure Advisory, Azure Monitoring, Key Vaults, Recovery Services Vaults.
  • Experience in configuring the Azure Networking services (Vnet, Subnets, Network Security Groups, Application Security groups, VPN gateway, Firewall, Route Tables, Network Interface, Load balancers, Application Gateways)
  • Experience in designing and deploying AWS Solutions using EC2, S3, VPC, Auto-Scaling, EBS, SNS, SQS, Route 53, Elastic Load balancer (ELB), Auto scaling, Lambda, Elastic search, Container services ECS, worked at optimizing volumes and EC2 instances and created multiple VPC instances.
  • Experience with all phases of software development lifecycle (SDLC) and agile development methodology.
  • Worked in various levels in the infrastructure team on Installation, configuration and administration on Redhat-Linux (5x, 6x& 7x), CentOS (5x, 6x and 7x), Ubuntu (7x, 8x, 9x & 10x), SUSE Linux (9x, 10x & 11x), AIX (V5.3 & 6.1), Redhat Satellite 6, and Windows Environment like Windows Server 2008-R2/2012-R-2.
  • Experienced in administration and deployment of applications on Apache Webserver and Application Servers such as IIS, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere etc.
  • Created and used Ansible Playbooks in Ansible Tower and integrated Ansible tower with Jenkins to deploy code to different servers.
  • Used Ansible and Ansible Tower as Configuration management tool, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploys critical applications, and proactively manages change.
  • Excelled on creating AMI (AWS Machine Images) that utilizes ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) and Auto Scaling. That Auto Scaling fired up new resources those will by default bootstrapped with the Ansible Server.
  • Managed different infrastructure resources, like physical machines, VMs and even Docker containers using Terraform It supports different Cloud service providers like AWS and Digital Ocean.
  • Experienced in branching, tagging and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN) on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Expertise in using build tools like MAVEN and ANT for the building of deployable artifacts such as war from source code. Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects.
  • Worked with bug tracking tool Jira and configured various workflows, configurations and plugins for setting up Jira.
  • Used Chef to manage Web Applications, Configure Files, Database, Users, Mount Points, and packages and responsible for creation and management of Chef Cookbooks and setting up Chef Workstation, Server and Clients.
  • Experience with container-based deployments using Docker working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker registries and Kubernetes.
  • Experience in creating Docker Hub, Docker Images and handling multiple images primarily for middleware installations and domain configurations
  • Strong experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) methodologies with Jenkins, GIT and Nexus repository
  • Integration Jenkins show traces of SonarQube runner execution and displayed results in sonar dashboard.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash), Ruby, Python and PowerShell for setting up baselines, branching, merging, and automation processes across the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN), Stash and TFS on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Proficient in Networking and configuring TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, NIS, SAMBA, LDAP, HTTP, SSH, F5, SSL, SFTP, SMTP.


Operating Systems: Linux Red Hat (4.x, 5.x, 6.x), Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Unix, Windows 2000/2003/XP/VISTA/7, AIX

Version Control Tools: SVN, GIT, GITHUB, TFS, CVS and IBM Rational Clear Case

Web/Application Servers: Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and JBOSS

Automation Tools: Jenkins/Hudson, Build Forge and Bamboo

Build Tools: Maven, Ant and MS Build

Configuration Tools: Chef, Puppet and Ansible

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c, DB2, MS Access and SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2005

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Remedy, HP Quality Center and IBM Clear Quest

Scripting: Shell, Bash, Perl, Ruby and Python

Virtualization Tools: Docker, VM virtual Box and VMware

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cloud watch, Splunk

Cloud Platform: AWS EC2, VPC, ELB, RDS, Route 53, ECS, EBS, Cloud Formation AWS Config and S3, Microsoft Azure

Languages: Scripting Language ANT, NANT, Shell, Bash and Python Programming Languages C/C++, Java, C#.Net, VB.Net, PHP and PL/SQL



Devops and Azure Cloud Engineer


  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying micro services and lambda functions using Jenkins CI server. Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jar used during the build.
  • Automated deployment using configuration management tools like Chef and Ansible to provision Azure VMs to enable continuous Deployments and manage all existing servers and automate the build/configuration of new servers.
  • Installed Jenkins/Plugins for GIT Repository, Setup SCM Polling for Immediate Build with Sonar Type Nexus Repository (Nexus Artifactory) and deployed Apps using custom modules through Chef.
  • Used Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to deploy, manage, delete all the resources together using a simple JSON script which involve number of azure services.
  • Developed Azure ARM Templates to provision infrastructure ( Infrastructure as a Code .) in Azure cloud environment. Customized Existing Json templates and repeatedly deployed applications in Web and Application Servers.
  • Deploying the PaaS DB (Platform as a Service) for the migration of Databases on On-prem and Azure Iaa S (Infrastructure as a Service) hosted DB.
  • Responsible for using the (ARI) Azure Reserved instances by segregating the VM sku family to make the VMs cost efficient.
  • Implemented data and storage management solutions in Azure ( SQL Azure, Azure files, Queue storage, Blob storage) .
  • Configured the Azure storage accounts to enable soft delete and enabling the Encryption for the data at rest by using the keys provided by Microsoft.
  • Generating the SAS tokens for the storage accounts to be accessed and configuring the access to the storage account by limiting to selected networks.
  • Migrated the unmanaged disk to managed disk for all the VMs in Azure Cloud to decrease the maintenance and increase the performance of the VMs.
  • Implemented idea of secret management for micro services and creating service and ingress rules for each micro service. Worked on setup the Kubernetes sandbox on Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) for testing the different features.
  • Design and implement Kubernetes applications on Azure Container Service (AKS).
  • Implemented various Docker components like Docker Engine, Hub, Machine, Compose and Docker Registry. Developed RESTful API for Cloud Management solutions based on Kubernetes platform.
  • Worked with Docker Management platform, leveraged Custom Docker Images as Containerized Apps within the Docker Engine as Multi Stack Application like LAMP.
  • Automated deployments, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, provided container-centric infrastructure by Kubernetes.
  • Involved in continuous integration and continuous deployment system with Jenkins on Kubernetes container environment, utilizing Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment for the system to build and test and deploy.
  • Built containers using Docker engine and Docker Machine environments, to deploy the micro services-oriented environments for scalable applications, with the help of Docker files to build the micro-service applications.
  • Used Docker for packaging applications and designed the entire cycle of application development and used Virtualized Platforms for Deployment of containerization of multiple apps.
  • Configuration of the Recovery Services Vaults to back up all the VMs and PaaS DB daily after hours in Azure by setting up the Backup policies.
  • Configured Cost Management service to monitor expenses of Azure accounts. Implemented scheduler using runbooks in Azure Automation accounts for resources in cloud to cut down cost in non-production environments.
  • Implemented Key Vault in Azure to store secrets related to Database and app services and used them as part of infrastructure as code to communicate with resources.
  • Responsible for Implementation of tagging on all the Azure resources to logically organize the resources. Categorized the resources into groups for monitoring the billing in Azure and scheduling the non-Prod VMs to be shut down during off hours.
  • Designed and Implemented the DMZ architecture design for the applications that are publicly accessible by considering all the security services ( Firewall, DDoS, Network Virtual Appliance ).
  • Configured and upgraded the Azure route-based VPN Gateway to make a connectivity from On-prem to Azure cloud ( hub and spoke ). Enabled the Active-Active and BGP with the private ASN .
  • Implemented the Azure Firewall on the hub to monitor all the incoming and outgoing traffic from Azure to On-prem by configuring the routes and associating the route-tables to the subnets .
  • Configuring the load balancer for the backend serves and Application Gateways for the Front-end servers as it supports the URL based routing for the incoming traffic.
  • Utilizing the Azure Advisory service and managing all the recommendations provided by Azure on High Availability, Security, Performance and Cost.
  • Managing the IAM access roles by setting up the Security Groups/ Distribution list in the AD (Active Directory) and providing the access to the resources as per the requirement.
  • Configured Monitoring across all the VMs in Azure to monitor CPU usage, Network, Data in and Out. Setting up the alerts for all the VMs depending on the usage or unavailability.

Confidential - Durham, NC

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Defined AWS Security Groups, which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances. Worked on Multiple AWS instances, set the security groups, Elastic Load Balance r and AMIs, auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available systems.
  • Wrote and edited Python scripts to totally automate AWS services which includes web servers, ELB, Cloud Front distribution, database, EC2, security groups, S3 bucket and application configuration, these scripts create stacks, single servers and joins web servers to stacks.
  • Used Ansible / Ansible Tower as Configuration management, to automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manages change and wrote Python Code using Ansible Python API to Automate Cloud Deployment Process.
  • Created and used Ansible Playbooks in Ansible Tower and integrated Ansible tower with Jenkins to deploy code to different servers. Developed Ansible Playbooks using YAML and JSON scripts for launching different EC2 virtual servers in the cloud using Auto-scaling and Amazon Machine Images (AMI).
  • Used Ansible Playbooks to install, configure and run the Openshift cluster components and for updating the patches on running cluster. Implemented Infrastructure automation through Ansible for auto provisioning, code deployments, software installations and configuration updates.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes.
  • Created a new continuous integration stack for a web application based on Docker and Jenkins, allowing transition from dev stations to test servers easily and seamlessly. Deployed Jenkins for CI/CD, creating jobs with DSL plugin and automate the jobs using polling techniques.
  • Built and deployed EAR and WAR files with custom configuration settings using Maven Tool Kit and further deployed the archives into Apache Tomcat Web Server and WebSphere Application Servers.
  • Setting up the Nexus repository and adding the Sonatype nexus plugin to the Jenkins and configuring the job to upload the artifacts to the nexus repository, to maintain the version controlling of the artifacts.
  • Administered and deployed HTTP web server and Apache Tomcat Servers in deploying web applications on a clustered environment on Tomcat and JBOSS to maintain the clusters and load balance through Shell scripts.
  • Automated the Migration of Jenkins server to AWS and moving of the jobs from the SCM Git and Analyze and resolve conflicts related to merging of source code for GIT and further configuring with SonarQube to test the quality and analyze the bug fixes.
  • Create Docker application images that use s2i assemble, run scripts and Dockerfile methods. Developed custom Openshift templates to deploy the applications and to create the Openshift objects build, deployment configs, services, routes and persistent volumes.
  • Managed the services and resources for the users and managed the permissions for allowing and denying the services using IAM roles and assigned individual policies to each group.
  • Build servers using AWS, importing volumes, launching EC2, RDS, creating security groups, auto-scaling, load balancers (ELBs) in the defined virtual private connection.
  • Migrated the current Linux environment to AWS/RHEL Linux environment and used auto scaling feature and Involved in Remediation and patching of Unix/Linux Servers. Optimized volumes and EC2 instances and created multiple AZ VPC instances.
  • Used version control system GIT, which includes Git branching strategy like developing branches, staging branches, master, push, pull requests and code reviews are performed.
  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying micro services and lambda functions using Jenkins CI server. Installed and administered Artifactory repository to deploy the artifacts generated by Maven and to store the dependent jar used during the build.
  • Deployed applications (Web-Based) on multiple WebLogic Servers and maintained Load balancing, high availability and Fail over functionality (disaster recovery).
  • Implemented Security groups for inbound/outbound access, network ACLs for controlling traffic through subnets, Internet Gateways, NAT instances and Route Tables to direct the network traffic and to ensure secure zones for organizations in AWS public cloud.
  • Maintained JIRA for tracking and updating project defects and tasks and used Rally tool for tracking user stories and backlogs.
  • Able to create scripts for system administration and AWS using languages such as BASH and Python, created Lambda functions to upload code and to check changes in S3, DynamoDB table.
  • Managed and installed Monitoring Tools like Cloud Watch, Splunk, AppDynamics to monitor the logfiles, Network Monitoring, Log trace monitoring and the hard drive status.
  • Built CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins jobs to create AWS infrastructure from GitHub repos containing Terraform code and wrote new plugins to support new functionality in Terraform.

Confidential - Columbus, IN

Build Release Engineer


  • Initiated responsibility for administering the SVN and GIT servers which included install, upgrade, backup, adding users, creating repository/branches, merging, writing hooks scripts, performance tuning, troubleshooting issues and maintenance.
  • Configured the user's accounts and restrict the Permissions for Continuous Integration. Supported Development team to resolve build failures related to environments Participated in the release cycle of the product which involved environments like Development, QA, UAT and Production.
  • Worked on multi project jobs in Jenkins and used pipeline plugin to manage them. Implemented the setup for Master slave architecture to improve the Performance of Jenkins . Managed Maven POM files and Involved in editing the existing Maven (pom.xml) files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Configured web servers like Apache and application servers like Web logic, Tomcat, WebSphere, JBOSS to deploy the artifacts generated from the code cloned from GIT and Integrate with (CI) for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Successfully designed and implementation with operational tools for release management, automated code development, configuration management and monitoring and maintain documentation for the build systems, infrastructure and processes.
  • Updated and managed Maven build configurations and Performed integrated tests and managed GIT branching and merging for older projects in multiple releases and build artifacts as EAR, WAR, JAR files on to Apache Tomcat Web Server and WebSphere Application Servers.
  • Automated build process for new projects with ANT and Maven POMs and integrated them with Nexus to store the artifacts using Shell scripts to automatically compile, package, deploy and test J2EE applications to a variety of Web Sphere platforms.
  • Worked with different applications and application servers, deployed the artifacts to Tomcat web server and WebSphere application servers, IIS.
  • Created automated builds for visual studio .NET applications using Jenkins and managed the build automation code in TFS repository. Good understanding of .Net framework with knowledge on C# & ASP.NET and deployed applications on IIS server.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks as the entry point for Ansible provisioning, where the automation is defined by tasks using YAML format. Ran Ansible Scripts to provision Dev servers and used Ansible server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Automated the front-ends platform into highly scalable, consistent, repeatable infrastructure using high degree of automation using Ansible, Jenkins.
  • Configured JBOSS ON including inventory, Administration and Monitoring Modules for identifying and cataloging Middleware assets and monitor status, memory and disk usage of JBOSS Applications and configured JBOSS , including JMS, JDBC and Security. Deployed the J2EE products in JBOSS Application server.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure using OpenStack . Familiar with OpenStack concepts of user facing availability zones and administrator facing host aggregates.
  • Installed configured and deployed Openstack solutions on servers and controlled them by using Keystone, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Horizon, and Swift. Worked on Openstack, installing, configuring VMs, installing Tomcat, MySQL, Apache servers and integrating them.
  • Developed OpenStack infrastructure with automation and Configuration management tools such as, Puppet or custom-built cloud hosted applications. Involved in writing parent pom files to establish the code quality tools integration.
  • Handled JIRA tickets for SCM Support activities. On top of that used Artifactory repository tool for maintaining the Java based release code packages.
  • Installed and Configured Atlassian Tools like JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, Fisheye and Integrated these tools for a streamlined Agile Workflow and Project Collaboration .

Confidential - Newark, CA

Linux System Engineer


  • Installation of Solaris 8, 9 based servers with Jumpstart and RedHat Linux EL 4.x based servers using Kickstart in development, test and production environments.
  • Installed/ upgraded patches, firmware (OBP), and security (Kernel) patches for all applications in installed infrastructure.
  • Experience with SAN Arrays like creates Storage RAID groups and LUN’s and assigning them to the servers.
  • Managed users, groups and permissions, configured LDAP and given sudo access in test and development servers. Allowed password less logins for authorized users on servers.
  • Troubleshooting Linux network, security related issues, capturing packets using tools such as IPtables, firewall, TCP, wrappers, NMAP . Responsible for Basic Router Configuration and network equipment (Cisco, Linksys, Net gear, DLink, Brocade Switches.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving network related issues using various network commands like NSLOOKUP, TELNET, TRACEROUTE, PING.
  • Configuring YUM Server and installing packages by using rpm and YUM. Periodic checks of production and development systems; CPU utilization, memory profiles, disk utilization, network connectivity, system log files, etc.
  • Used format and fdisk / parted for disk configuration and disk crash recovery. Created volume groups and logical volumes from physical volume and managed the partitions of memory.
  • Setup of full networking services and protocols on RedHat Linux 5.x, including FTP, DNS, SSH, DHCP, TCP/IP, ARP, applications, and print servers to insure optimal networking, application, and printing functionality.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained SAMBA, NFS, HTTP, NGINX, and FTP in Linux for accessing and sharing files from the Windows environment.
  • Configuring and Maintaining of Network File Systems like (N.F.S) and Auto mount in networks to access files between Linux servers and restricting them depending on the access the employees need.
  • Installed and configured (Network Time Protocol) NTP server and client configuration for synchronization of timing in all the servers in the organization.
  • Administered Linux servers for several functions including managing Apache/Tomcat server, mail server, and MySQL databases in both development and production. Performance Tuning and Management for Linux/AIX server and working with the application/database team to resolve issues.
  • Installation/Configuration of ESXi 3.5, 4.x servers and applying security patches to the ESXi servers, managing ESXi servers using the vSphere client and vCenter for managing the multiple ESXi servers.
  • Building the Red Hat Linux server in VMware ESX client through vSphere client, working with SAN storage on ESXI servers and assigning the LUNs to the Virtual Machines running on the ESXi server.
  • Administration of repetitive Jobs using Cron scheduling and using bash Scripts to accomplish the task on multiple servers. Performance tuning of Virtual Memory, CPU, system usage in Linux and HP-UX servers.
  • Performance monitoring and performance tuning using top, prstat, sar, vmstat, ps, iostat etc. Process management like monitoring, start/stop/kill various processes.

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