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Azure Consultant Resume


  • Experienced/Certified Cloud System Engineer/ Architecture/administrator both On - Premise & Azure Cloud
  • Experienced with VDC (Virtual Data Centre) to create Datacenter on Azure using HUB-Spoke Model
  • Supported Azure IaaS - PaaS Services such as (Windows Virtual Desktop WVD, Active Directory, RBAC, PIM, Virtual Machine, Storage, Vnet, NSG, DDoS, Network Watcher, Firewall, Policy, Security Center, Log Analytics, Azure Monitor, Automation Acct/Runbooks/DSC, Data Factory/IR, Update Management, Event Grid/Hub, Key Vaults, Site-Site-Vpn, Point-site-Vpn, ExpressRoute, UDR, ARM Template, Power-BI, Site-Site-VPN/ExpressRoute, AppGateWay, LoadBalancer, Traffic Manager, CDN, ).
  • Hands on Experience with Arm Templates & Azure DeVops CI/CD Pipeline
  • Supported Microsoft Enterprise Products "Windows Server 2012/2016, Active Directory, Group Policy, Certificates Authority, Hyper-v, DNS, DHCP, VMware Vcenter Esxi, Office 365", and troubleshooting related windows task both server and workstations.
  • Experienced in Designing, planning, and implementing SCCM Infrastructure site Hierarchy.
  • Experienced in Upgrading Windows 7 to 10 using sccm Bare-Metal, Inplace Upgrade TS with MDT UDI supporting Over 40000 users’ machines.
  • Experience in Building and Administering MDOP Mbam server/client and integrate with SCCM.
  • Experienced in SCCM Current branch and 2012 "Application/packaging, Task Sequence/Imaging deployments-MDT, Troubleshooting, Reports/Queries, Monitoring
  • Experienced Managing and Deploying Monthly Patches (windows updates) Both Server and Workstations using Azure (update Management) and SCCM.
  • Experienced in Microsoft System center Orchestrator to automate tasks related to SCCM, AD
  • Experienced in Microsoft Power-BI Desktop to create Rich Report Dashboard using Sql Database data from both on Premise and Azure.
  • Experienced in Intune hybrid and Stand-Alone, Auto-Pilot
  • Experienced in PowerShell Scripting to automate administrative tasks (scripts, functions, module)
  • Experienced providing supports & assist with end users issue for resources exist both Azure and On-Premise using Service Now Ticket.
  • Experienced Azure Active Directory, Compute/Network/Storage, Identity Protection, MFA, PIM, RBAC, Automation Runbooks, PowerShell DSC, Offce365, Intune, AZ AD B2B-B2C.
  • Experienced using Vmware vSpher Hypervisor Esxi Host and vSpher vCenter Server.


  • Azure Management Group/Subscriptions, Active Directory, Compute/Network/Storage, ExpressRoute, Virtual Network Gateway, Site-Site-VPN, Point-to-site-VPN, Identity Protection, MFA, PIM, RBAC, Automation Account Runbook/ DSC/Update Management, Offce365, Intune, AZ AD B2B-B2C, Docker Container, Windows server 2016 Container, ISCSI Initiator/Target, DAS NAS SAN storage.
  • SCCM 1511-1602-1606-1610-1702-1706-1710-1802-1806 , 1810,1902 SCCM 2012 R2, MDT Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, MDT Task Sequences, MDT Applications, MDT Packages, DISM patched Operating Systems, Windows Deployment Services WDS, MSI, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, VMware, SQL server 2012, Active Directory, LDAP, PowerShell, Windows 7, Windows 8. Windows 10 and Windows XP.


Azure Consultant



  • Help customer to Create (Express Route Circuit/Configure Provider/Authorization/Connection, Virtual Network Gateway, Automation Accounts, Azure Data Factory/Integration Runtime cluster, Chef Servers, Palo Alto Network Firewall egress/ingress stack, Key Vaults, Log Analytics, UDR, Azure Firewall, Windows Virtual Desktop HostPool/SessionHosts, Resource Groups, Service Principle SPN, Azure Policy, Custom RBAC role, Azure Security Center, Virtual Machine, Storage)
  • Help Manage customer’s Azure Virtual Data Center using Hub & Spoke Model with VDC
  • Manage Customer Azure Environment both IaaS & PaaS
  • Create Windows Virtual Desktop Host pools for different Environment in multiple Region process using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline and Build Custom OS Image for All Host pools thru Azure Portal.
  • Created Tenants, Hostpools, App Groups, SessionHosts.
  • Configured AAD tenant with WVD Services
  • Created Multiple Hostpools with vm sessionhosts using Arm Template including extensions (oms, custom Script, disk Encryption), and automate deployment using Azure Pipeline
  • Assigned Users to App groups for specific Hostpools assignment
  • Configured storage Acct/file share for Fslogix user profile
  • Enable Active Directory Integration to Azure Files using Powershell
  • Configured FSLogix on the Session host VMs.
  • Automated WVD to scale in and out using Automation Acct & functions.
  • Create/capture Image and Update image per customers requirement (layouts, apps…etc)
  • Monitor/Manage Hostpools, sessionhost activity, status using PowerShell script
  • Install Remote Desktop Clients app to end users’ machines
  • Help customer by creating resource in Azure using VDC with Arm Template, PowerShell Script along with Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployments.
  • Created Azure ExpressRoute Circuit and configured with Provider Equinix/OracleFastConnect, created authorization for connection with Virtual Network Gateway using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Palo Alto Network Virtual Appliance Egress/Ingress stack instances using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Azure Firewall with its configuration/rules using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Data Factory with selfhosted Integration Runtime connected to virtual machines using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Chef Servers with Backend/frontend/Automator instances using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Virtual Network/subnets/IP Cidr with and NSG with custom rules using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Automation Accounts with Different Runbook using PowerShell script, add SPN as connections & MSI identity to run Runbooks using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Resource Groups that contains (Tags, Key Vault, Automation Acct, RBAC assignment) using PowerShell/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Domain Controller virtual machine with OMS Extensions that connects to Log Analytics using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Log Analytics, and have all azure resources such as (vm, storage..etc) send logs to specific log analytics using VDC/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created custom Azure Policy Definition/initiative using PowerShell/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Custom RBAC roles for Management Group/Subscriptions/RG using the PowerShell/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Created Service Principle SPN in Azure Active Directory with Certificates/secrets getting saved in specific Key Vault using PowerShell/Arm Template/DevOps-pipeline
  • Provided advanced system administration, operational support, and problem resolution for a large complex cloud computing environment in Azure
  • Hands-on experience with: Azure DevOps and Pipelines, Azure Resource Manager ARM Template, VDC orchestration, GitHub, PowerShell Script.
  • Demonstrated history of working within deadlines and ability to work well under pressure
  • Implemented production changes during defined maintenance windows and support on call rotation
  • Provided support to customer using Service Now Ticketing system to Manage and create resources in Azure.
  • Provided Knowledge Transfer Session to customer internal team to educate how to use the tool and resources in Azure
  • Played as team leader to manage a big team from offshore to provide support for customer
  • Created and maintain documentation of relevant operating procedures and processes.

Senior Infrastructure SCCM Engineer



  • Integrated Azure Active Directory with On-premise AD, synced objects to cloud
  • Deploying & configuring Azure site to site recovery for DR and Azure back-up in ON -Premises/Azure Environment.
  • Troubleshooting Azure VM connectivity, Azure Application and Azure Subscription related to the issue as per user request
  • ARM Template development for IaaS, and PaaS deployments. Azure Resource Management and automation with Octopus and PowerShell. Linked template deployments and updating Resources with ARM templates
  • Created Azure Cloud Service to host CMG feature and integrate with on-premise SCCM
  • Created Azure Storage blob with multiple containers to host files, packages
  • Created Azure Storage Files to share files across cloud and on-premise
  • Created Log Analytics Workspace and connected with on-premise servers and analyze the logs using Kusto Query and made niche dashboard.
  • Administering and Managing SCCM environment
  • Helping with design and migrate SCCM infrastructure to new data center
  • Upgraded SCCM 1710 to 1806
  • Managing SCCM hybrid Infrastructure "Sites, DPs, MP, SUP, and Intune "
  • Created Windows 2016 Servers with Roles/feature for Distribution Points, Software Points, Management Points, Content Storage for all application source/package.
  • Installed, Deployed and Managed MBAM Server 2.5 + client to all user end machines, encrypted and deployed keys to MBAM server
  • Managed Active Directory Users and Computer (OU, Security groups, User/computer objects) including Group Managed Service accounts
  • Managed Group Policy with security filter, WMI filters, Item Level Targeting
  • Created Domain Controller and Read only domain, automate Role using PowerShell DSC to automate.
  • Used group policy to maintain the security of company to restrict access for users
  • Created Bare-Metal, In-Place Upgrade, Refresh Task Sequence
  • Managed Monthly Patch using WSUS + SCCM ADR deployed to Test, Pilot, Prod Collections
  • Integrated Azure Upgrade Readiness feature with SCCM for windows 10 upgrades
  • Created documentations for Helpdesk and provide supports to end users too
  • Monitored Devices for Security and Updates Vulnerability using Tenable & Sophos
  • Created Power-Bi Dashboard reports for SCCM Devices, Collections, applications, Encryption, and Deployments
  • Enabled/configured PKI Cert and deployed to all Client workstations
  • Managed SQL SCCM Database, write custom queries for reports, and Backup DB daily, weekly and monthly
  • Created PowerShell Script to Automate most of our daily task
  • Helped to migrate Mobile Devices to MS Intune standalone, created Azure Dynamic user Group, Assigned License to users.
  • Configured MS Intune Compliance Policy and integrated with MS Intune Conditional Access
  • Created different MS Intune Configuration Policy based on company needs to apply and secure the endpoint like enable BitLocker, encrypted disk, save key to Azure, Start Menu customization.
  • Managed MS Intune Application and Application protection Policy for Windows, IOS, Android to protect company data
  • Enrolled Devices with MS Intune Auto Profile User Driven, and Self Deployment
  • Maintained Endpoint devices with Patch using MS Intune Software Updates

System Engineer



  • Working as Cloud Administrator on Microsoft Azure, involved in configuring virtual machines, storage accounts (blob, files), resource groups, virtual networks.
  • Remote login to Virtual Machines to troubleshoot, monitor and deploy applications.
  • Managing Windows 2012/16 servers, troubleshooting IP issues and working with different support teams.
  • Configuration of Microsoft DevTest Labs to migrate the virtual machines from one subscription to another subscription.
  • Managing day to day activity of the cloud environment, supporting development teams with their requirements.
  • Creating Labs, Virtual Machines along with setting up policies and using Formulas and Custom Images to deploy the network.
  • Managed Azure AD Users, Users Group, User License, MFA to authenticate/authorize users based on Identity used with using Conditional Access
  • Created MS. Intune Windows Enrollment Profile for Autopilot User-Driven and Self-Deployment
  • Created Various MS. Intune Configuration Policy for windows workstations based on company needs
  • Created MS. Intune Compliance policy and used Conditional Access to restrict Access and Contents based Authentication/Authorization
  • Successfully Analyzed, Design and Implemented the required Windows image solutions loaded with applications, drivers and patches in a Multi Operating System environment with more than 22 Models and with various set of applications and operating Systems needed around the globe including, United States, Canada, Europe and various Asia Pacific Regions.
  • Integrated Intune with SCCM to manage devices (windows, IOS, Android), and also created Cloud DP to distribute application/packages for Task sequence deployments. We used Intune to deploy policy on devices but used SCCM for device management.
  • Designed and implemented multiple and fully modified Task Sequences, Huge Models Drivers base, completely patched Operating Systems, Applications, Packages, Advanced Configurations, Selection Profiles, MDT, WDS and USB Media, the strategy to implement the solution in any Fossil location as per need with detailed and complete Technical documentation.
  • Provided detailed training to offshore team to handle future challenges through Knowledge Transfer, guides and giving examples from real world scenarios.
  • Created packages using Sccm application, packages, Powershell App deployment toolkit
  • In addition, Complete and comprehensive Deployment and Imaging Project documentation with each and every technical and step by step details to reproduce the solution. (more than 190 pages’ document)
  • Further to extend, Fully modified and extended Task Sequences with several introduced steps as well for Automation, Registry edits during deployments, Domain join and several checks as per Laptops and Desktops plus all the responsibilities in previous jobs, Few to highlight here are Design and customize a complete and functional Application base ready for deployment for all Standard and Non-Standard applications for all Fossil branches including Americas, Europe, Australia and Asian regions with needed security features in present as well as in future with various set of attributes suitable or msi, cmd, bat, and exe related file operations and by using various customization tools for configuration such as Office Customization tool OCT, Adobe Customization tools, Internet Explorer Administration Kit IE, SAP Admin Customization tool to create appropriate application packages. Analyzed, Design and deploy a fully automated Operating System Deployment strategy equally compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 infrastructures for x64 as well as x86 architecture with various languages and with detailed and complete documentation for future reference.
  • Creating and managing OS WIM Files, managing LiteTouhx64 WIM and ISO files, creating, adding and managing complete Drivers database with reference to vendor specific WMI criteria and vendor specified query results during deployment. Adding various RUN Command Line, install an Application, Adding HKLM registry keys, adding various scripts and enabling and disabling various steps in Task sequence phases for Gathering Info, Preinstall, Installing OS, Installing Applications and State Restore phase in the Task Sequences to fully automate the deployment tasks.
  • Scripts including PowerShell scripts .ps, Batch .bat, Command .cmd, Registry .reg to provide appropriate calling procedures for those scripts during deployment.
  • Main tools were mostly the same ones such as WAIK, MDT 2013 update 1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, SCCM System Center Configuration Manager 2012, WSUS, real as well as VM environments.
  • Other routine issues to troubleshoot were AD issues, SCCM inventory and Collection issues, Domain OU issues, SCCM Pre-staging issues, SCCM delays, Managing SCCM DP issues, End point protection issues, SQL Server Reporting Service issues, WSUS issues, SCCM Client server communication issues related with (Patching, Application and OS Deployments and also Client side issues), WDS Windows Deployment Services PXE issues, DHCP issues and to troubleshoot client side and server side logs to identify various failures if any.
  • Solutions included ZTI Zero Touch Deployment, LTI Lite Touch Deployment and USB Media Deployments. The reason for various deployment solutions were due to size, scale of business-function and volume of machines and users for various Fossil branches around the globe. Detailed documentation with all the knowledge and processes involved to reproduce the solution incase in future for the offshore team.

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