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Devops Engr Resume



AWS: (Cloud Formation, Codepipeline, Cloud watch, IAM, EC2, EBS, RDS, VPC, S3, EFS, ELB, IAM, SQS, SNS, Auto Scaling, Route 53

CI/CD Pipeline Automation: CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, Jenkins, Maven, Junit, Selenium, Sonarqube, Jfrog Artifactory

Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, ECR, Fargate

SCM Tool: GIT bash, Github, Gitlab, SVN

Cloud Computing: Docker, kubernetes

Migration: Packer, EC2, S3

Configuration Management: Ansible, Puppet

Provisioning Tools: Terraform, Cloud Formation

System Monitoring: Splunk, Tivoli Ominibus, Nagios, Zabbix, Cloudwatch

Operating Systems: Red Hat Linux 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8/ Sun Solaris 9 and 10/ Windows 10

Virtualization: Vmware Esxi, Vsphere Client, Oracle Virtual Box, Vagrant

Storage: iSCSI, SAN, LVM, Logical Swap, NFS, Autofs, EFS

Ticketing Tools: ServiceNow, Jira

Web Server Administration: Apache Tomcat, Jboss

Scripting Languages: Bash, Ksh, Perl, Python, Ruby, Curl

Patching: RHEL/Centos/Ubuntu/Windows & Solaris

Network: LAN, WAN, VPN

Secure File Transfer: Kitework System Administration

Security: Iptables, Firewalld, Selinux

Others: Kickstart, NTP, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, SSH, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP,FTP, ICMP, IP, TCP, Rsyslog.


Confidential, SilverSpring

DevOps Engr


  • Worked with Database Administrators, Web server Application Managers, Product Team, Software Developers to maintain the development and production infrastructure for Health Information Systems.
  • Implement weekly deployment of new codes from lower environments to higher environments using automation platform such as AWS CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy and CodeBuild to support CI/CD Code Development lifecycle.
  • Attended kubernetes training for docker containers migration project from docker swarm to kubernetes cluster.
  • Created docker image and uploaded to AWS Elastic Container Registry.
  • Hosted docker containers on AWS Elastic Container Service using AWS Fargate.
  • Integrated python using boto3 SDK to enable execution of python program on AWS Environment.
  • Modified security policies on ELB to block weak CBC SHA ciphers for remediation of security vulnerability.
  • Resolved expired SSL certificate security vulnerabilities on endpoints running on docker container in AWS environment
  • Modified AWS WAF security policies to remediate weak cipher issues on public facing endpoints.
  • Resolved security vulnerabilities for apache multiviews arbitrary directory listing on endpoints running on docker container.
  • Disabled TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, SSLv2 and SSLv3 on endpoints running on docker container to resolve security vulnerability.
  • Addressed security vulnerabilities for HTTP Trace/Track methods allowed on endpoint running on docker container
  • Configured AWS EC2 Instance log streaming for cloudwatch reporting.
  • Monitored and responded to alert notifications for cloudwatch logs
  • Supported applications on different platforms such as On - Premise data centers, Iaas, Paas and Saas.
  • Administered changes on Gitlab and created merge requests for change deployment using puppet configuration.
  • Implemented performance monitoring using Zabbix dashboard.
  • Reviewed and resolved incident tickets on weekly sprints using Jira application.
  • Implemented and administered SVN centralized version control system.
  • Installed strong SSL Ciphers to jboss application.
  • Supported in the building and deployment of new AMI and provisioned new EC2 Instances using AWS cloud formation.
  • Defined new endpoints on AWS Route 53 and mapped to Load Balancers
  • Administered different routing policies using AWS Route 53
  • Installed 3rd party software’s on different environments
  • Ability to work with AWS Console and CLI
  • Proficient is scripting using bash shell
  • Created python code to find all EBS volumes in an account that are not set to be deleted when their EC2 instance is terminated.
  • Ability to follow process and create process where there is none
  • Experience in handling and securing sensitive information and data
  • Set up and maintenance of linux servers and services, networking, credentialing, high availability and load balancing solutions.
  • Knowledge of high availability and disaster recovery methods for complex applications deployed in multiple regions.
  • Knowledge of all standard system administrator functions such as server build outs, monitoring, patch/security updates (including Microsoft), antivirus, backups, restores, asset management, 24X7 support


DevOps/Linux Administrator


  • Worked with Database Administrators, Web server Application Managers, HPC Clusters Team and Software Developers to maintain the development and production servers
  • Attended training on introduction to container management using kubernetes.
  • Attended and concluded Ansible Automates seminar in DC by Redhat
  • Attended and concluded DevOps course (CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins and Gitlab Enterprise version)
  • Attended and concluded AWS Solutions Architect courses and AWS SysOps Administration course in NIST.
  • Attended and concluded training on the implementation of automation and provisioning tools (Ansible, Packer and Terraform)
  • Resolved Database Production server kernel panic issue on RHEL7
  • Resolved Oracle Database auto-start failure on database DEV & PROD environment.
  • Resolved Tomcat application auto-start failure for multiple applications.
  • Administered Patching of kitework server and Implementation of kiteworks system administration for secure file transfers.
  • Supported Kitework Team in troubleshooting and resolving file integrity alert issue on nfiles secure transfer utility.
  • Supported Firewall team in identifying and resolving firewall requests.
  • Supported Vmware Virtual Infrastructure team to fix virtual server snapshot related issues.
  • Mounted rails and Nodes in data centre for HPC Clusters and provisioned multiple Physical Machines.
  • Installed Multiple 3rd party applications eg apache tomcat, jango, PGI and Intel compilers for HPC Clusters
  • Redhat Satellite server administration including patching of virtual machines from satellite server.
  • Provisioned RHEL7 machine from redhat satellite server and migrated MYSQL and old RHEL6 instance data drives.
  • Installed and configured SSSD on Database Dev & Prod Environment to replace Centrify Active Directory.
  • Requested LUNS from storage team to administer logical volume management
  • Retired decommissioned linux virtual machines and Updated CMDB to baseline my environment for proper Database server documentation
  • Configured Splunk forwarder and monitored splunk reporting for log files.
  • Resolved issues resulting from vulnerability compliance scan on linux environment.
  • Wrote Ansible playbook for DBA team to provide patching solutions for Database Dev and Prod Enviroment.
  • Wrote scripts and provided automation solutions for external and internal facing Database Production machine patching cycles.
  • Administer patching on Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Ubuntu and AWS EC2 Instances.
  • Resolved package dependency issues for different architectures during patching
  • Installed and configured new oracle 12c database server for autostart failure testing
  • Implemented Active Directory Administration for user accounts and supported in planning LDAP Domain server upgrade.
  • Promoted Life cycle environments, built host collections and modified provisioning and partitioned templates on redhat satellite server.
  • File System Management, Unix host Security Management, System Service Management, Password aging administration, User account management etc.
  • Configure AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Groups and Users for improved login authentication.
  • Configure an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Subnet Group for isolation of resources.
  • Implement AWS High-Availability using AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), which perform a balance across instances in multiple Availability Zones.
  • Assign AWS Elastic IP Addresses used to work around host or availability zone failures by quickly remapping the address to another running instance or a replacement instance that just started.
  • Define AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.
  • Developed and implemented a migration plan to migrate On-premise applications into AWS Cloud infrastructure.
  • Created and manage S3 buckets and policies for storage, backup and archiving to Glacier
  • Implement detailed monitoring of cloud environment and notification system using Cloud Watch, and SNS.
  • Created SNS, Cloud watch IAM roles, S3 Buckets on AWS
  • Used python to create and propagate hashed user password to multiple instances on local network.
  • Resolved java application auto startup script failures with jboss and tomcat.
  • Created docker containers and hosted on ECS cluster using EC2 instances.
  • Created docker images and hosted image on dockerhub repository.
  • Created docker volumes for persistent storage on host system.
  • Created CI-CD pipeline using Jenkins and integrated sonarqube, junit, selenium, git and artifactory for testing presentation
  • Quick learner with the ability to rapidly adapt to new environments

Confidential, Wayne, PA

UNIX /Linux System Administrator


  • Was among a group of system administrators responsible for maintaining the development and production servers, and supporting a team of database administrator, web server application managers and software developers
  • Gained extensive hands-on experience
  • Managed a Red Hat satellite server for repository management
  • Administered puppet automation for configuration management
  • Monitored Splunk dashboards for external facing applications
  • Coordinated hardware and software installations and upgrades to ensure work is performed in accordance with company policy
  • Administered BEA WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Sun One / iPlanet servers for server configuration, application deployment, and performance tuning, including troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Configured name- and Internet Protocol (IP)-based virtual hosts using Apache
  • Created Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and digital certificates for secured communication between applications
  • Provided 24/7 on-call supports for development, production, and performance monitoring
  • Worked with UNIX shell scripts, KornShell (ksh) / Bash, and Perl scripts to automate system administration jobs
  • Developed Cron jobs for scheduled tasks like providing server status and other maintenance
  • Implemented standard file backup and restore procedures using NetBackup
  • Documented NetBackup reports and remediated NetBackup failures
  • Worked extensively with UNIX (Sun Solaris), Red Hat Linux, and Windows NT / 2000 / 2003
  • Runs scripts to deploy applications and backup / restore app server configurations
  • Installed and configured JBoss Application Server 4.3 GA on Red Hat Linux 5.5 and 6.0
  • Deployed and troubleshot the JBoss application on Red Hat Linux 6.0
  • Coordinates and monitors troubleshooting to isolate and diagnose common system problems, documents system events to ensure continuous functioning, and recommends courses of action and implements them as approved
  • Oversees the installation of the client department-specific applications and systems, ensures installations are in accordance with appropriate operating procedures, and determines revisions or updates to installation as needed
  • Builds new servers, customizes the servers in accordance with the application requirement, and conducts installation, configuration, monitoring, and performance tuning
  • Installed and configured Apache web servers, Tomcat application server, and WebSphere App server 6.1, and deployed applications on it
  • Installed and configured Tomcat application server with Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Web Server in Developer (DEV), Cat, pre-production, and production environments
  • Administered UNIX host security management and file system management
  • Installed Solaris 9 and 10 specifically on Sun Enterprise 2900 servers
  • Installed and configured RHEL 6 specifically on HP ProLiant servers
  • Supported a third-party application with Tomcat 6.0 on RHEL 6
  • Supported application teams during isolation tests, elevations, migrations, network segmentations, network isolations, and initial program load (IPL)
  • Implemented Apache migration from Sun Solaris
  • Deployed a Java-based application using Tomcat 7.0
  • Built Apache Web Server 2.4 on Red Hat servers
  • Created and modified virtual host containers for multiple websites
  • Managed Red Hat drives using Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Migrated data between data drives
  • Created logical volumes and mount points for Oracle database installation
  • Assigned permissions to Oracle directories
  • Created Oracle user and group accounts
  • Managed other user accounts in Solaris and Red Hat systems
  • Renewed SSL certificates for multiple websites
  • Implemented password aging
  • Administered Network File System (NFS) on Sun, Red Hat, and Linux servers

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