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Devops Engineer Resume

Bear, DE


I am a dynamic, talented, and DevOps engineer with over seven years of strong expertise in systems administration, System configuration, automating and optimizing mission critical deployment over large infrastructure. Proactively seek ways to in corporate new and creative ideas, while utilizing DevOps tools such as containerization, SCM, CI/CD, cloud automation and orchestrations. Display an outstanding ability to plan, operate, multitask, organize, coordinate, and stay on top on current trends and implement practices that will contribute to the company’s success.


AWS EC2, S3, VPC, Github, Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, TCP/IP, Oracle Virtual Box, bash shell scripting, VMware, Storage: LVM, NAS, Window server 2016.


Confidential, Bear, DE

DevOps Engineer


  • Built and deployed Docker containers to break up monolithic app into microservices, improving developer workflow, increasing scalability, and optimizing speed.
  • Working with Dev team, making modifications on the code using Git VCS to clone, add, commit and push codes from local and master branches to central repositories.
  • Creating new Ansible YAML, Play - books, Roles and bash shell scripts for application deployments.
  • Collaborating with Dev and Prod teams to ensure smooth running of the pipeline.
  • Verify and troubleshoot failed maven builds on Jenkins, verifying artifact id, and date stamps on Nexus, troubleshoot, document and communicate failed builds to the Dev team.
  • Searching and testing open source applications and software to integrate into the infrastructure.
  • Monitor system infrastructure against zero downtime, perform periodic backups, and troubleshoot failures.
  • Collaborate with business partners to perform software enhancing testing and scans.
  • Using Nagios to monitor overall server performance, log management and communicating log messages to appropriate teams in different environments within the organization.
  • Create and maintain fully automated CI/CD pipelines for code deployment (Github, Jenkins & Maven, Ansible, Docker, Docker hub, Kubernetes).
  • Actively manage, improve, and monitor cloud infrastructure on AWS, EC2, S3, and RDS, including backups, patches, and scaling.
  • Hadoop, VMs, Openshif, APIs, SQL

Linux System Administrator



  • System performance tuning and basics in monitoring, analyzing system and application logs, vulnerability assessments, performing upgrades and Patching.
  • Managing physical, virtual, and network storage (LVM's, NFS, SAMBA, NAS).
  • Using command line & software server/application monitoring and process management tools (Nagios, Rsylog).
  • Perform installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of LAMP.
  • User/group administration, file/directory security, authentication and access management (SSH, Firewalls).
  • Analyzing and interpreting system and application log files.
  • Configuring SElinux and Tripwire intrusion detection security software.
  • Configuration and management of network services (HTTP, NFS, SCP NTP).
  • Troubleshoot boot issues, identify and resolve service failures affecting boot.
  • Resolve package management dependency issues.
  • Collect system information to aid in troubleshooting, document resources, monitor for any behavior modifications & intrusion, configure system to send log messages to system centralized host.
  • Installation, configuration, and Hardening of standalone Linux servers.
  • Performing periodic system updates/Patches.
  • Assembled, installed, configured and managed over 20 Solaris servers.
  • Window server 2016 installation and configuration.
  • Hadoop, VMs, Openshif, APIs, SQL


Record center Specialist


  • Good documentation practice
  • UPS and FedEx shipping
  • Training new hired


Help Desk Technician


  • Assist with physical PC workstation moves (PC’s, monitors, phones, etc)
  • Read technical manuals, confer with users, or conduct computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems or to provide technical assistance and support.
  • Maintains bank and network standards to preserve network integrity.
  • Participates in established rotating on-call schedule, providing 24x7 support on a periodic basis.
  • Provide technical assistance and support related to end users, computer systems, hardware, or software.
  • Answer incoming customer calls and provide assistance by phone in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Used remote access to perform troubleshooting when needed.
  • Walked customers through step-by-step process for troubleshooting hardware issues.
  • Assisted customers with anti-virus program installations and virus removals.

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