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Azure Architect / Sfb Engineer Resume

Redmond, WA


  • Excited to put my technical passions and skills to use in a full - time position in the field of Cloud Architect, Network Administration and System Solutions Specialist.
  • Former Veteran Teamster and Union Representative, bringing an uncanny ability to communicate and collaborate with diverse populations to problem-solve and negotiate solutions.
  • I am skilled at resolving conflicts inherent in ever-evolving work environment. I see problems as challenges and failures as lessons.
  • Having fed a love and curiosity for computers with decade of self-learning and recently acquiring my Confidential, I am ready to unleash my inner geek Seeking position that allows me to use my technical knowledge, as well as strengths as a creative and divergent thinker and skilled team-builder.
  • I am eager to learn and contribute


Azure Portal Administration

Windows Server/ Client Administration

Powershell Automation

Firewall / Security Center

Cisco IOS

R&S protocols


STUN/TURN Administration






B2C and Notification Hub



Packet Tracer/GNS3

C&E and BI

Apache Spark/Kafka

Data Analysis/ Surveying

Interest Based Communication

Records Keeping


Confidential, Redmond, WA

Azure Architect / SFB Engineer


  • Understanding the goals and expected outcomes for Cloud environments is key to unlocking the cost savings, efficiency, resiliency/redundancy and security.
  • Utilized Azure migrate to analyze and prepare assets on a planned trajectory.
  • Cloud based environments that are fully established have metrics to evaluate quota overages, compatibility and issues with ongoing services and subscriptions. IaaS complete migrations of VMs, multiple databases and complex networks to Azure. Proactive incident management protects customer and product image. Security center based adaptive application control policies. Key vault management policies to maintain security within cloud apps.
  • Deployed AKS to scale multiple Docker container application across a cluster of hosts. Managed critical health, monitoring and maintenance on agent nodes. Utilized ARM templates for setup and configs.
  • Worked with development team to move code repositories from GitHub and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and release management from TeamCity to Microsoft Azure Visual Studio Team Services. Was frequently responsible for performing build releases and am familiar with SDLC.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Freelance Network Engineer and Consulting Specialist


  • Introduced Microsoft Azure and its key components and features such PaaS, IaaS and SaaS to the client.
  • Installation, Configuration, Administration, Maintenance, Azure Architecture from 2018, PXE and network imaging. GPO and driver configuration and rollouts for small/medium businesses. Azure Active Directory administration and migrations for full Cloud implementation or hybrid environments.
  • I implemented Confidential for VM access spanning multiple VNETS. I have utilized ARM templates for multiple IaaS deployment VMs.
  • Identity Access Management and RBAC, Well versed with Lync and SFB client sign in.
  • IM, SIP registration, Signaling and VoIP protocols as well as PBX. AAD and O365 migrations and configurations. SQL data pipelines management and migrations.
  • I have consulted on Web App and SharePoint migrations/ development/ administration. SQL database administration utilizing Data Factory and DataLakes for redundant data services.
  • Cable management, multi-mode fiber and Coaxial, testing and hardening functionality, IP configurations, MFA as well as ADFS solutions for wireless/mobile devices, encryption.
  • Subnetting and summary routing.
  • DHCP/DNS. EIGRP/OSPF as well as conceptual understanding of BGP and SDN control and data planes.
  • Deployment services, PXE imaging and deployment of several systems, with a suite of applications for educational purposes.
  • Troubleshooting driver compatibility issues and post-Deployment analytics for verified deliverability.
  • Chain of custody accounting practices.

Confidential, Blue Bell, PA

Dell DCSE Systems Engineer


  • Supporting warranty break fix repairs for the greater Seattle region of any and all Dell branded product.
  • Repairs included ticketing for replacement of motherboards, LCD's, HDD's, CAC readers.

Confidential, Tewksbury, MA

Systems Engineer


  • Ticketing systems and customer engagement
  • Warranty PC /Printer repair and troubleshooting
  • Warranty TV repair and troubleshooting

Confidential, Tukwila, WA

Business Representative


  • Contract negotiation/administration for key industries and labor groups
  • Costing out compensation proposals that are reportable to stakeholders are a part of budgeting and regularly measured.
  • This skill crosses over to dozens of areas of BI and Analytics with Cloud having a high perspective control.
  • Conflict resolution arbitration and mediation

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