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Professional Network Engineer Resume


Professional with over 7 years of experience in implementation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting of various technologies with proficiency in routing, enterprise switching, security & branch technologies.


Datacenter/Core Switching Technologies: VPC, VXLANs, VSS, StackWise, HSRP, VRRP, VLAN Trunking, SVI, Portchannel, STP, VTP, Portfast, BPDU Guard, UDLD, F5 Big - IP load balancers, LTM, Nexus 9K/7K/5K/3K/2K, Catalyst 6500/4500/3850/3750 X, Meraki 410/210/220, Extreme switches X t/450 Series/X440-G2/VSP 7400, Juniper EX4200/2200, DHCP, CDP, ACL, QoS, SFP+, QSFP, NX-OS, IOS XE, JunOS, SolarWinds, Wireshark, Cacti, Nagios, App-Dynamics, Terra-Form, Pulumi, AWS, Remedy, SNMP, DNS, SSH, FTP/SFTP

WAN/Routing Technologies: BGP, MPLS, OSPF, EIGRP, Route-maps, Prefix-lists, ACLs, Static Routing, Stub Routing, IPv4/6, ARP, TCP, UDP, NAT/PAT, Cisco ASR 1004/1002-HX/1001-X, ISR 4451/3845/2851 , Cisco IOS XRv, Meraki MX 450/100, Juniper SRX 340/210, Juniper vSRX, Cisco IOS XE, JunOS.

Confidential Technologies: Cisco ASA 5555-X/5508-X/ASAv/5510, Meraki MX 450/100, Cisco IPS/IDS, Cisco ISE, Juniper SRX 340/240, Juniper vSRX, Palo Alto 850/220/VM, ACLs, SSH, IPSecVPN, SSLVPN, MPLSVPN, AAA, TACACS+/RADIUS, 802.1x Authentication, Port Security.

Wireless/Branch Technologies: Cisco WLC 5500/3504, Cisco vWLC, Cisco 3702i/1852i/3602i/1142 APs, Cisco Meraki MR 42/33/20 APs, CDMA, GSM/EDGE, LTE 4G/5G, Cisco ISE, TACACS+/RADIUS, 802.1x Authentication, 802.11, WLAN, WAP, SSID, LWAPP, SMTP, VoIP/SIP, QoS, CUCM, UCCX, AWS, Aruba Wireless, Cisco Meraki Cloud-based Dashboard, UPS & PDUs.



Professional Network Engineer


  • Member of a team of professionals responsible for escalation support, ticket resolution, implementation and configuration of enterprise Confidential /WAN environments for datacenters, WAN links, and branch offices.
  • Specific Technologies handled include but not limited to Cisco ISRs/Meraki MX, Cisco Catalyst/Nexus Switches Cisco ASAs, Juniper EXs, Cisco Wireless Confidential Controller, Cisco Access Points, Palo Alto (PAN) Firewalls, Nagios, Solar Winds, EXO S, AWS, Azure, Cacti, Wireshark, VMware, Cisco Unified Communications Manager & Cisco Unity.


Onsite/Field Support


  • Responsibilities included but not limited to day to day administration, support and proactive network analysis and timely communications with relevant technical and non-technical teams, management and third-party vendors.
  • Additional responsibilities include maintaining/refining network schematics, policies and procedures, auditing/enforcing standards, compliances and policies and procedures.
  • Deployed and Supported eBGP & iBGP peering using directly connected networks and loopbacks, ebgp-multihop for MPLS and BGP Multihoming. Managed BGP Peer groups, PREFIX-LISTs, ROUTE-MAPs, ACLs to filter routes.
  • Implemented and maintained both single area and multiple area OSPF routing. Also implemented stub areas to lower the system resource utilization of devices. Utilized link and area authentication to improve security for OSPF neighbors.
  • Provided Escalation Support for BGP and OSPF neighbor and route issues using Traceroute, Show and Debug commands along Protocol Analyzers such as wireshark.
  • Deployed WAN infrastructure Branch to HQ and Datacenter utilizing MPLS and IPSec VPNs.
  • Implemented EIGRP routing on Cisco ISRs and ASAs. Implemented EIGRP MD5 between sites to prevent unauthorized insertion of routes into the domain. Implemented manual EIGRP route summarization to reduce demand on CPU resources, memory, and bandwidth used to maintain the routing tables.
  • Scheduled, upgraded, and maintained recommended SW/firmware for IOS and JunOS devices.
  • Managed StackWise & StackPower, VSS on Catalyst, VPC on Nexus, and MLAG on Juniper for Device Redundancy..
  • Deployed Extreme Extended Edge Switch to bring multiple network layers together into a unified tier.
  • Unconfigured and Configured an Extreme X Series Switch by CLI to enable a new AVB pack.
  • Implemented Enterprise Switching utilizing VLANs, VLAN trunking using 802.1q. Managed VTP with transparent mode.
  • Managed RSTP/STP on Cisco and Juniper switches and priority for root election. Managed portfast, bpdu guard, UDLD.
  • Implemented SVIs for VLANs with HSRP, GLBP and VRRP for gateway redundancy on dist. switches.
  • Implemented Datacenter focused Nexus Switching infrastructure utilizing NXOS with features including, vPC, Fabric Extenders (FEX), Fabric Path and VXLANs. Familiar with SFP, SFP+, QSFP and Optical and copper based cabling.
  • Implemented F5 Big IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) for load balancing Web based applications.


Security Engineer / Enterprise Wireless Specialist


  • Deployed and Maintained Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls including Security Levels, Zones, NAT, ACLs, and Active/Standby HA. Also, implemented NGFW features such as URL filtering and other IPS/IDP functions.
  • Managed an IPSec Site-to-Site VPNs between Cisco ASA5500s at Main Office and Cisco branch ISR specifying IKE Policy, encryption and authentication protocols, access-lists to define VPN traffic, transform sets and crypto-map. Have used both Certificates and Pre-shared Keys.
  • Deployed Zone-based Firewalls on Juniper SRX along with IPS/IDS features and on Cisco ISR.
  • Configured port security, DHCP snooping, and IP ARP inspection for access switchport hardening.
  • Deployed SSL VPN (WebVPN for secure, remote-access VPN tunnel to the Cisco ASA 5500 series for clients.


Enterprise Administrator


  • Implemented Wireless network infrastructures utilizing Cisco WLC with Flexconnect as well as Cisco Meraki APs using Cloud based Dashboard. Also, deployed 802.1X port authentication for Wireless and Wired ports utilizing Cisco ISE.
  • Used ExtremeCloud IQ with SSH as a modular OS to monitor DHCP and DNS Internet access
  • Implemented secure access such as SSH, AAA, Radius, TACACS+ to vty and console ports along with SNMP and NTP.
  • Managed SNMP, AAA, TACACS+, Radius, Netflow, Syslog and NTP for authentication, logging and management.
  • Utilized Nagios XI (customized dashboard, SolarWinds Orion NPM, CACTI monitoring and graph traffic.
  • Widely used Wireshark for troubleshooting and analyzing traffic flow including HTTP and other network traffic.

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