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Atlassian Administrator Resume

St Louis, MO


  • Overall, 6 years of Server/GUI Admin experience as Jira/Confluence Administrator in all On - prem/AWS Standalone/Data Center Severs & Atlassian Cloud and overall, 7 plus years of IT experience. Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills to handle time-sensitive assignments.
  • Day-to-day maintenance/management/support of all Atlassian Servers (prod, staging and dev), Plugins Management, Jira Projects/Workflows customizations, Confluence Spaces, Atlassian Application links, LDAP User Directories, Crowd, trigger development; documentation; software license management, the installations/upgrades of all Instances including with Cloud.


Atlassian Suite: Jira, Service Desk, Confluence

Jira: Atlassian Cloud Jira; Stand-alone & Data Center On-Prem (VMWare) Jira and AWS Jira

Confluence: Atlassian Cloud Confluence; Stand-alone & Data Center On-Prem (VMWare) Confluence and AWS Confluence

Bitbucket: Stand-alone & Data Center On-Prem (VMWare) Confluence and AWS Confluence, Bamboo

Atlassian Databases: PostgreSQL v9.4/v9.6/v10.0; MySQL v5.6/v5.7; MS SQL Server & Oracle v18/v19c


Atlassian Administrator

Confidential, St. Louis, MO


  • Making sure that all systems are healthy all the time and maintaining the system and application level backups, VCS Fail-over and disaster recovery through all N/W, system and DB administrator’s communication.
  • Reporting, Dashboards and Gadget/Macro support.
  • Automation/Customization of workflow post-functions/validators/conditions.
  • Written quite a few groovy/customized scripts for post-functions in the Jira workflows.
  • Intensive Linux usage (Jira servers) and Jira GUI Automation rules on a daily basis.
  • Jira AWS Data Center Upgrade from v.7.11.2 to v.7.13.9 and then v.8.5.1 (Data Center Enterprise versions) in both Test and Prod environments.
  • Migrated the Jira/Confluence data from one Atlassian cloud instance to another and then merged the final consolidated single Cloud instance data into the Corp Jira instance. First performed these two-step migration procedures on a Staging instance and then documented all challenges/issues during this migration process and finally executed the Production cut-over of the migration seamlessly.
  • Cleaned up the unorganized projects’ workflows and setup all best practices to maintain better data integrity.
  • Written a bunch of REST API tools & Groovy scripts to customize Jira and to integrate Jira with other applications via webhooks. Written Jira API Tools to auto-move Service
  • Desk tickets of one issue type to a Jira project of another issue type and to extract the list of Jira users with the respective Jira Groups and Project Roles.
  • Installed and configured Zephyr Test Management plugin.
  • Mentoring the Junior Engineers in the team with all aspects of Jira Administration.
  • A staunch believer of thorough documentation of all Installation/Upgrades Runbooks, Admin related tasks, Atlassian Tools Best Practices/Policies/Procedures and FAQ’s in the Confluence wiki pages.
  • Bringing in quite a few Jira Best policies/practices to make the Centene Corp Jira instance stable and reliable.
  • Always curious and enthusiastic in trying out new things such as Confluence Clustering (Production), Jira Data Center (Staging) & Service Desk (Staging); Thoroughly Results & Customer oriented thinking.
  • Being “Go-to-person” for all best practices of the Atlassian Tools.
  • Introduced and worked extensively on the Asset management Insights application and integrated it with the Corp Jira instance.

Jira Administrator

Confidential, Bloomington, IL


  • Administered Jira/Confluence Applications as a member in the Atlassian Tools Administration team.
  • Performed all Jira Administrative related tasks including the workflow enhancements and managing the Prod/Dev/Staging environments.
  • Created customized reports in both Jira Software and Confluence pages using newly created plugins, in-built Jira gadgets and third-party plugins such as EazyBI/Time in Status etc. Introduced a few Jira plugins such as Automation plugin, Jira Auditor etc. to the team.
  • Handled the GUI support of Fields, Screens, Workflows, Schemes, Permissions, Email Handlers, Plugins & LDAP User Directory management.
  • Rolled out a very recent stand-alone Jira Service Desk to Production (after successfully tested it in the staging environment) to replace our half of our Corp Service-Now IT Support ticketing system. Rolled out SSL/SSO on all Jira/Confluence/Tools servers; Server/App health-check text alerts’ setup.
  • Upgraded Jira and Confluence application from 6.1.x to 6.4.x and from 5.5.x to 5.8.x respectively.
  • Done the day-to-day Jira/Confluence desktop support by working on the daily Jira tickets.
  • Validated the regular backups/restores of both applications on a regular basis.
  • Religiously maintained all Jira/Confluence Administration related documentation (New Jira User manuals, Architectural Diagrams, FAQs, Maintenance Windows/Outages, Install/Upgrade Instructions, How-to articles, to name a few) in the Confluence Wiki pages

Jira Administrator/ Developer



  • Got introduced to in depth knowledge of Atlassian Tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket etc.
  • Handled the GUI support of Fields, Screens, Workflows, Schemes, Permissions, Email Handlers, Plugins & LDAP User Directory management.
  • Jira Developments tasks such as workflow customizations and customized/complicated automation rules and writing API tools to send out the Sprint Completion reminder emails to the assignees and component leads.
  • Done all Atlassian Upgrades from Jira 6.x to 7.1.x, Confluence 5.7.x to 5.10.3. Involved in and driven all core phases of Design, VM Server Configuration.
  • Evaluated the BigPicture plugin and compared and contrasted it with another similar existing Agile/Project Management plugin, Portfolio.
  • Multiple Customizations of Jira workflows/plugins with JavaScript and Java.
  • Day-to-day Customer Support and troubleshooting of errors and issues encountered in the applications and servers; Documented all troubleshooting FAQ’s for users.

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