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Storage Engineer Resume

Wayne, PA


  • EMC Powermax, VMAX AF 950FX, VMAX3, VMAX40K, VMAX20K, Unity, Isilon, ECS, VNX, CLARiiON, Centera, Vblock, XtermIO
  • EMC Unisphere, Symcli, SRDF, ViPR, SRM, Veritas Netbackp, NetApp 2554, 3160, 6080, 6210, 6250, 8040, NetApp Unified Manager
  • NetApp snapmirrror, CDOT; 3PAR V800, V400, T400, HP P9500, HP P9000, EVA, HP Storwize V7000,HDP/TPVV, DS 8800/8700/6800
  • SVC 2145 (SAN Volume Controller), XIV, Gen3 /Gen2, DS5300/5100, DS4800/4700, CSM, HDS USP - V, AMS, 95XX, HSSM
  • Cisco MDS 9710 & 9513 family, DCNM, Brocade, ISL, Trunking, Storage components Emulex & QLogic (HBA, SFP)
  • Multi-Pathing software & MPIO, ITIL, IBM DS8K, DS5K and DS4K Storage Manager, XIV GUI, DSCLI, XCLI, SVC GUI & CLI
  • HP 3PAR IMC, Hitachi storage navigator, QLogic SANsurfer software, IBM TPC,Unix, AIX, Windows IBM AIX V7.1, V6.1
  • Solaris 11/10/9, HP-UX 11.X, SUSE Linux, RHEL, Networking, Database, VMWARE, ESX, PURE Storage


Storage Engineer

Confidential, Wayne, PA


  • Adminstration, Configuraton and Installation of various storage arrays EMC Powermax, All Flash, VMAX3, 40K, VNX, Unity, Isilon, ECS; NetApp 7-mode, CDOT FAS8000, ONTAP 9 and IBM 8880; PURE storage.
  • Data Center Consolidation.
  • Migrate Windows, Vmware, Linux and Solaris hosts data from EMC VMAX3, EMC All Falsh to Powermax (Storage based as well as Host based migration)
  • Create Initiator groups, Port groups, storage groups and Masking view to allocate new storage.
  • Decommission legacy EMC storage arrays.
  • Design Business Continuity (BC) infrastructure. Setup DR replication between Production and remote site using Synchronous SRDF.
  • Centralize storage management: EMC ESRS and CloudIQ application configuration. Capacity management and performance troubleshooting.
  • Quaterly upgrade code on storage arrays.
  • NAS File System configuration, NFS and CIFS share creation; Set quota, snapshots on VNX5700, VNX7600 and Isilon 8.x
  • EMC Isilon Administration and configuration. Setup SyncIQ, performance analysis and troubleshooting via InsighIQ. Working with SnapshotIQ, SmartDedupe, SmartConnect.
  • CloudPool configuration and setup ECS as archival object storage from Isilon.
  • Private cloud configuration using EMC ECS and retrieve object data through AWS S3 browser.
  • Working knowledge of Cloud Storage services - AWS S3, Storage Gateways, EFS, EBS, Glaciar.
  • Experience with VMware and AWS services (EC2, S3, EBS, EFS, VPC, IAM).
  • EMC Unity All Flash array configuration and administration of block, NFS exports, CIFS share.
  • Configure Unity SAN Copy pull for data migration.
  • NetApp CDOT installation, configuration, and migration from 7-mode to Cluster Data Ontap.
  • Setup NetApp qos as per application requirement.
  • Create NetApp SVM and configure intracluster and intercluster lifs.
  • Upgrade NetApp OS - ONTAP 9.x. Snapmirror setup for DR setup.
  • NAS storage administration and troubleshooting. CIFS and NFS share creation.
  • Cisco SAN management. SAN switch migration, Smart Zoning, cleanup, backup configuration, setup automated scheduler jobs, slow drain analysis.
  • Centralize SAN management: Cisco DCNM configuration and upgrade.
  • Managing Windows and Linux management hosts.
  • Cisco MDS and Brocade DCX switch administration, configuration and troubleshooting: create zones, device aliases, npiv/npv.
  • Hands-on knowledge of VMware - Storage vmotion, datastore creation, VM creation, monitoring vm performance, cluster consolidation and finding storage detail.
  • Storang communication skills: Conduct weekly meetings with vendors, explain business requirements and impliment into environment. Work with various application teams.
  • Manage Sev1 and Sev2 call. On-call availability as per schedule.

Storage Administrator



  • Architect and configure Data Storage Infrastructure environment depending on application utilization.
  • Administrate, maintain and troubleshoot storage products Powermax, VMAX All Flash, VMAX3, VMAX2, VNX 5500/5700, Unity, XtremeIO, Isilon, ECS, eNAS, HP 3PAR, and IBM Flash storage products.
  • Participate in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Implement migrations using SRDF Sync, SRDF ASync and SRDF STAR.
  • Configure an active local replication or point in time snap according to application requirement.
  • Work on storage products using RAID knowledge, Storage Tiering & Storage Architecture concepts.
  • Assign and configure Storage of VMAX and VNX (Block & File) using SYMCLI and Unisphere.
  • Create Host, Storage and Port Groups to manage a single application with Masking Views.
  • Create NFS/CIFS NAS shares and allocate to appropriate platform.
  • Create, assign and reclaim LUNs when required.
  • Working with AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows Operating Systems to support load balancing (using PowerPath) and failover features.
  • Design and configure storage in VMware, Oracle and SQL environments.
  • Very good understanding of Networking.
  • Cisco and Brocade SAN Switches configuration, administration and migration.
  • Analyze port utilization for maximum usage. Upgrade cisco DCNM server.
  • Upgrade SAN switches and automate regular tasks.
  • Performance analysis on SAN and NAS environment
  • Check for Bottlenecks in the case of latency.
  • Analyze root causes for all issues.
  • Monitor/Analyze performance using SPA, Performance Manager, Unisphere, SRM, CloudIQ, Cisco DCNM, Brocade Network Advisor.
  • Troubleshoot performance issue on storage arrays.
  • Generate reports to review storage environment.
  • Collect and review Logs\Heat maps when required.
  • Strong knowledge of ITIL, change management, incident management and problem management.
  • Prepare KB articles, RU reports and SLA reports

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