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Atlassian Administrator Resume


  • Working as a role of Atlassian Administrator, but my Expertise is best as JIRA administrator. Configured JIRA, JIRA service desk, Confluence, Bit bucket and bamboo for numerous Clients from Installation to maintenance.
  • Good Knowledge on JIRA Installation in all platforms Like Cloud, Server and Data centre, and Cluster Setup in two JIRA instance to data Sync.
  • Very Good Exposure on migration between Cloud and JIRA server, also Windows to Linux and JIRA up gradations and Migrations.
  • Good exposure on groovy scripting and able to write own script also maintaining my own blog for scripting - bitbucket.org/nagarajureddy
  • Maintaining JIRA Cloud instance end to end: Customized JIRA Project creation including Issue Types, Workflows, Screens, Custom fields, Notification/Permission schemes, Filters, Dashboard, Agile boards.
  • Maintaining Users, team and portfolio level access and Configured filters and Dashboards based on requirement.
  • Configured an agile project for their development teams who follow the agile methodology for development. Configured many scrum, Kanban boards according their requirement.
  • I have Migrated Cloud JIRA to CG internal Server, and setup Production and Stage JIRA.
  • Apart from Configuration, also conducted training for different team on how to use JIRA.
  • Groups were already using JIRA, and I working as a JIRA Administration and Development end to end user support: Customized JIRA Project creation including Issue Types, Workflows, Screens, Custom fields, Notification/Permission schemes, Filters, Dashboard, Agile boards.
  • Configured Service desk project including Customer Portal, SLA, Automation, request types, queuesConfigured many scrum, Kanban boards according their requirement.
  • Modified “PDF plug-in” and “Better Excel plug-in” as per organisation request with using groovy script.
  • Maintaining Issues link between Sales force and JIRA. Upgraded JIRA Software from 7.3.2 to 7.8.0 JIRA Service desk from 3.3.1 to 3.11.0
  • This was one of the best in my career with Fitch, where I worked from the requirement gathering, configuring, delivering till support and maintenance.
  • Maintaining JIRA & Confluence Instance, Creation of JIRA customized Projects based on user request, and creating spaces, pages in Confluence.
  • Installing plug-ins and maintaining the licenses troubleshooting the problems in JIRA& confluence.
  • Upgraded JIRA from 5.2 versions to 7.0. Migrated JIRA software projects to JIRA service desk project. Configured their JIRA service desk projects with customer portal access and agent access. Reports for each project in the organization.
  • Involved with JIRA installation and configuration.
  • Creating JIRA projects and create/Managing Users and Groups permissions. Prioritizing workload and resolving tickets based on Service Level Agreements and Installing plug-ins and supported as a JIRA admin end to end users.
  • I have configured incoming mail handler for their process where customer sends a mail to their mail server then automatically ticket will be created in JIRA.
  • Upgraded the JIRA from 5.4 to 7.3.2. And helps to JIRA reports.


Create-on-Transition and update-on-Transition Add-on

Configuration Manager for JIRA

Service Rocket JIRA connector

JIRA suite utilities plug-in

Script runner for JIRA

Email this issues plug-in

Backbone Sync for JIRA

Outlook email for JIRA

Dynamic forms plug-in extension for JIRA service desk

Automation for JIRA

Tempo Timesheet plug-in

JIRA Misc. custom fields

Zephyr plug-in.

Portfolio for JIRA



Atlassian Administrator


  • Installation of Atlassian Tools including: JIRA server, Cloud and Datacenter, Confluence, JIRA Service desk, Bit bucket, bamboo
  • Configuring JIRA, Confluence, JIRA Service desk end to end user
  • Excellent knowledge of JIRA agile Boards: Scrum & Kanban
  • Creating JIRA Advanced filters and Configuration of JIRA Dashboard
  • Providing JIRA administrator and support
  • Excellent knowledge JIRA workflows using advanced features such as Post functions, Conditions, Validations and Properties.
  • Experience in configuring Field configurations, Notification schemes, Screen Schemes, Permission Schemes in JIRA Projects
  • Good Exposure in implementation of Screens, Custom Variables
  • Partner closely with business stakeholders to understand, analyze, document, plan and prioritize optimal solution that are aligned with our strategic goals.
  • Lead major and minor JIRA and plugin upgrades as needed
  • JIRA Migration from Server to Cloud
  • Projects migration from other tools to JIRA
  • Perform bulk Issues Create/Update from CSV imports.
  • JIRA templates/Workflows Migration to standard one
  • Creation of new JIRA users and JIRA groups and maintaining
  • Good knowledge JIRA Projects migration from one instance to another
  • Troubleshoot issues and provide support for day to day user requests
  • Providing ongoing support and configuration maintenance
  • Gather requirements for business processes, and determine ways to optimize/improve JIRA/Confluence/Bit bucket build and configure: workflows, screens and fields scheme’s as well as identify where functionality can/cannot meet user requests.
  • Manage user permissions and projects roles for JIRA, confluence and other tolls
  • Work directly with cross-functional agile team to understand their specific JIRA needs and provide guidance and solutions.
  • Work with Management and JIRA admin peer to create a ticket-based process for handling incoming JIRA and confluence request.
  • Good knowledge of configure and maintain JIRA incoming and outgoing email handler.
  • Troubleshoot, Identify and resolve JIRA issues reported by end-user
  • Recommend, test, install, and configure JIRA plugins and add-ons needed
  • Linking GIT Repositories to Fisheye Projects
  • Restarting JIRA, performance monitoring of JIRA instances and checking log and backup files
  • Managing Users in Crowd Directories
  • Good knowledge with JIRA application to confluence, bit bucket and bamboo...etc.
  • Creating Spaces, providing Confluence user access and roles
  • Experience with providing user management, training and support for JIRA.
  • Train with JIRA admin peer to learn program procedures and best practices
  • Develop training for groups of JIRA users and conduct classes on a regular basis
  • Develop guide and documentation for JIRA features and best practices
  • Develop documentation around JIRA admin process and procedures
  • Coordinate with JIRA admin peer and cross-functional agile teams to provide JIRA guidance, suggestions and solutions as needed
  • Work with JIRA admin to audit, improve and automate processes and workflow as need
  • Ability to build collaborative relationships across the organization.
  • Ability to analyze, review and document current functionality to determine potential areas of improvement

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