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Datacenter Architect & Engineer (storage/virtualization) Resume


Highly skilled Senior Lead Architect Engineer with more than 16 years of experience in the field. Background includes integrating AD, NIS, DNS, DHCP and CIFS/SMB/NFS, in addition to cloning and migrating VM’s between multi - hypervisors. Expertise also includes creating/managing VM’s using MS PowerShell or VMware ESXCLI commands, designing vSphere/Hyper-V failover clusters, and configuring shared storage for vSphere/Hyper-V/OpenStack nodes. Hands-on skills include creating new disks, Boot-from-SAN, Snapshots, DR backups/replications, Remote SYNC, automated scripting in an iSCSI or Fibre-channel DAS, SAN or NAS storage nodes and troubleshooting problems with MS SCCM & VMware vSphere infrastructure.


Open Source: FreeNAS, NAS4Free, StarWind tools, VirtualBox, Ubuntu OpenStack Conjure-up/Autopilot

Directory Services: Active Directory (AD), AD Group Policy, Domain (DC),Network Information System (NIS)

Network/Protocols: CIFS/SMB/NFS file sharing, SAN/NAS/DAS, VLAN (NAT/Bridged/Host-only), IIS, SMTP/Sendmail/Postfix, DNS, SSH, FTP, HTTP, Windows Firewall, Linux IPCHAIN, iSCSI, FC, FCoE, DeDuplication, Virtual/SOHO WiFi, Remote SYNC

Filesystems: VMFS, ZFS, UFS, NFS, NTFS, (ex)FAT, RAID, File/Block/Object/RDM, VHD/VMDK

Virtualization: VMware vSphere 4.x-6.x P2V/V2V, vMotion, HA/DRS/FT/MPIO, VDI, vSAN, VTLSite Recovery Manager (SRM), VMware vRealize vCloud, VMware Operation Manager, Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V (Azure, SCVMM, SCOM, SCCM), Linux KVM, Wintel, RHEV 2.x-3.x, VMware Workstation, Disaster Recovery, Citrix XenServer/XenCenter/VirtualApp

Operating Systems: ESXi, Windows, Linux (RedHat, SuSe, Ubuntu), Solaris, BSD, Android RemixOS

Miscellaneous: Architecting datacenter with SDLC process, VDP, Scripting in MS Powershell, Batch, UNIX Shell, TCL/TK, ATJOB, CRONJOB, MS Exchange 2003-2016, MS Office, MSSQL, Boot-from-SAN, Proof-of-concept (POC), Authoring DOCs, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Ghost, Veem, Netbackup, BackupExec, ShadowCopy, PPRC, Block/File/Object storage migration

Hardware/Servers: HP ProLiant/Blade/HCI, Dell, Confidential, EMC, Oracle/SUN, Brocade, QLogic, CISCO UCS



Datacenter Architect & Engineer (Storage/Virtualization)


  • Architect & implement SDLC/ITIL process for new or to - upgrade infrastructure with 100% documentation.
  • Architect NAS solutions w/ NFS/SMB/CIFS/ZFS/File/Block/Object/RDM/UCS/HCI MPIO storage.
  • Architect & administer HP HCI, CISCO USC, VMware ESXi HA clusters, VMware SRM, VMware vSphere 5.x-6.x, VMware vSAN Storage/Server Capacity Management & vSphere/HyperV/Citrix VMware NAS Storage vMotion Migration, SCVMM/Hyper-V 2012R2-2016/10 Azure cloud & Linux KVM, P2V/V2V, VMware Converter, VMware vCloud, Windows/Linux SnapShot, Windows Active directory domain controller and clusters, Backup with Veem, StarWind, Ghost, DISK2VHD & MVMC.
  • Configure, test and administer Server hardware, Multi-OS software, VMware vCenter, MS SCVMM, VMware ThinApp, RAID, Exchange/SENDMAIL/PostFix & Windows/Linux/Solaris PostGreSQL/MySQL/MSSQL SQL servers and AD/HA/DR & Homogeneous/Heterogeneous/Metro clusters. .
  • Configure Windows AD user accounts to reflect special attributes for access, network shares and monitoring.
  • Configure MSCS, VPN, AD Domain Controller & Group Policy, for IIS, Firewall, DNS, DHCP, HTTP etc.
  • Automation (POC) w/ PowerShell, Bash, Batch, Tcl/Tk, CygWin/USS/vSphere & CRONJOB/ATJOB scripts.

Confidential, Clearwater, Florida

Infrastructure & Virtualization Engineer


  • Datacenter Infrastructure administration of VMware 5 - 6.x, (vCenter, VDI, HA/DRS/FT, vMotion, SIOC, MPIO, SRM, Homogeneous/Metro cluster) & Hyper-V hypervisors and Block/File/Object/NFS/RDM storage.
  • Building Linux kernel to accommodate 3rd party drivers. They did custom things to suit their security needs.
  • Datacenter Windows s administration AD, IIS, DNS, Domains, HTTP, FTP, Exchange 2013 (recover accidental file deletion & recovery from SQL SnapShot/Cloning, VSS/Shadow-copy, DR & RAID5/6/10/50).
  • Architect and test-run VMs on VMware/vSphere, Hyper-V/SCVMM, Linux KVM & Citrix Xen hypervisors.
  • Configure cyber-security VMs to suit and OpenStack identity software such as Puppet, Kerberos etc.
  • Configure and administer Windows 2008R2-2012R2 to test their AV/malware software, firewall & security.
  • Configure Linux to automate network based Cyber software testing. Both Web CGI & CLI based.
  • Administration of vSphere 5.x/4.x configuration with vCenter (templates, vMotion, performance)
  • IT work with Linux distributions (i.e. CentOS, RedHat, Ubuntu) to manage, configure, deploy new servers/VMs/OpenStack and process monitor with TOP. Predominantly with Dell/HP/ Confidential servers.
  • Datacenter architect test server hardware, Kernel Software, DNS, Active directory, CIFS, NTP, FTP, Apache, SENDMAIL, Kerberos, SSH public/private key, SSL, Identity server IPA & PostGreSQL.
  • Network automation with ATJOB, CRONJOB, vCenter, Tcl/Tk, Powershell & UNIX Shell scripts.
  • SAN/NAS/vSAN/UCS/HCI Storage/Server Capacity Management & vSphere/Hyper-V P2V/V2V Migration
  • Configure VMware Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox and Linux KVM hypervisor environments.
  • Datacenter cleanup with password resets & resource migration including network/FC switches.
  • Administer VM templates, P2V/V2V, VMware Converter, Veem, StarWind, Ghost, DISK2VHD & MVMC.

Confidential, Boulder, Colorado

Systems Engineer


  • Lead Virtualization Research & Development Engineer for VMware 5x/6x, SRM, Wintel, ZFS.
  • Datacenter s Windows AD, MSCS, IIS, HTTP, HA, DNS, Domain, NNTP & AD user/group policy.
  • Test/administer MS Exchange 2010/2013 server role (Client Access Server, Mailbox server, Outlook Web Access), and data migration/cloning & backup/restore/DR (accidental file deletion & recovery from various types of backups, Windows VSS aka Shadow Copy & SAN SnapShot/cloning DB disk, SW/HW RAID - 1 of entire or DB physical disk, VMware HA/vMotion/SnapShot of DB datastore (Block/File/Object) storage migration/cloning/SnapShot) .
  • Windows automation (ATJOB, Batch, Powershell, CygWin, Shell, Tcl/Tk) for Disaster Recovery.
  • Datacenter architect and test different Linux drivers to ensure iSCSI and FC storage array is stable.
  • Lead Infrastructure/Architecture Engineer for Oracle Virtual Box, VMware vSphere 3-5.x (ESXi/vCenter, iSCSI, FC, SRM, Heterogeneous/Metro cluster, VSA replication, MPIO, VDI, P2V, V2V, DRS, HA, FT, Cloning, vMotion, vApp, vAAI, Auto Deployment, Distributed Switch, vSAN, WWPN, WKS/SRV/Player), Redhat Virtualization (RHEV) 2.x/3.x, Citrix XenServer/XenCenter/VirualApp, Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM (2008R2/2012R2) hypervisor, Linux Open Source KVM virtualization and OpenStack public cloud.
  • Setup SAN for 1024+ (8 ESXi) Persistent & Non-persistent VDI sessions w/ HP blade HCI & CISCO UCS.
  • Launch 1024+ sessions and monitor SAN performance of Thin Clients (APPs) on each VDI session.
  • Lead Interoperability (Operating System, vSAN, iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN, Windows HA/ firewall, Linux MPIO, VMware High Availability) Engineer and tech-tip (FAQ, advisory) writer.
  • Certify Site Recovery Manager (SRM) using VMware ESXi & HP iSCSI/FC Block/File/Object/RDM storage.
  • Lead Boot-From-SAN over iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SAS Test Engineer.
  • Lead HP Virtual SAN Application (vSAN) and VMware Integration Engineer.
  • Lead coordinator to VMware for HP iSCSI & Fibre Channel storage products and SRA/SRM.
  • Senior Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Proof of Concept Engineer for HP and QLogic products.
  • Senior Quality Assurance Test Engineer for Harware and Software iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN/NAS (LeftHand, HP, EqualLogic, EVA, 3PAR, EMC), HP G5-G8 & CX7000 blade servers, Window MPIO/DSM, Linux DM-MPIO, Solaris MPIO, ESX/ESXi Host Bus Adapter (HP, QLogic, Emulex) based MPIO.
  • Senior RAID 0/1/10/5/6 Performance Engineer for Windows, VMware, Solaris, BSD and Linux.
  • Datacenter architecture test roles to configure and test out VMware ESXi based SAN environment (aka vSphere) with HP Network Attached Storage (NAS) nodes. Key features to cover are SAN Snapshot, OpenVPN, UBuntu OpenStack, VMware vMotion, VMware vCloud, HA/DRS, vAAI, SRM.
  • Datacenter s lead Proof of Concept (POC) Systems Engineer to support customers and team/project members with UNIX, Linux, Windows and VMware related HP SAN/NAS/HCI and CISCO UCS environments.
  • Infrastructure architecture and administration, project management and capacity planner for Windows, VMware and Linux/Windows virtualization based HP production (Primary, Disaster Recovery environment.

Design, configure and train onshore & offshore IT for Disaster Recovery sites with clustered virtualization.

Confidential, Boulder, Colorado

SAN/NAS/FC designer/troubleshooter


  • Infrastructure hardware & software performance testing and administration (24x7x365 local/international customers) troubleshooting (connectivity, availability & performance) coverage for SAN/NAS/vSAN/FC/ iSCSI/FCoE/Block/File/Object storage (i.e. Brocade/McData/CISCO/QLogic Fibre switches, SCSI/Fibre/SATA Confidential /EMC/StorageTek/Sun/HP disk/tape storage arrays) with VMware vSphere, MS Hyper-V/SCVMM, DISKPERF, IOMETER, IOZONE, IOSTAT, VMSTAT, TOP and PERFMON.
  • Administer VMware vCenter/ESXi, P2V/V2V migration with VMware Converter, Veem, StarWind & Ghost.
  • Datacenter’s Windows/Linux/Solaris OS support/maintenance. Mostly AD, IIS, Firewall, Exchange 2007 SAN DR. Confidential /EMC/SUN/HP/Dell SAN/NAS/HCI/UCS storage connectivity/performance optimization.
  • Linux/VMware IT troubleshooting with UNIX/Windows/Linux/VMware server hardware & software operating systems’ high availability (i.e. driver, cluster, disk/kernel/OS errors, performance, cable, Fibre).
  • Linux/Windows monitoring with Tivoli Netview, AWK, Tcl/Tk & Shell scripts to parse Syslog data.
  • Architect and maintain backups with GHOST, System Restore, Veritas Netbackup, Symantec BackupExec, Windows Shadow Copy and VMware vCenter OVF template/cloning/SnapShot.

Confidential, Broomfield, Colorado

Administrator & Quality Assurance Test Engineer


  • Datacenter administration of Windows/Solaris/Linux/VMware Active Directory, firewall, IPCHAINS, VLAN, SSHD, FTPD, IIS, HTTPD, X - WINDOWS, CygWin, DNS (Directory), HCI/UCS SAN (LSILogic D-series, Brocade, Confidential, StorageTek, EMC Clarion/Symmetrix, EVA, 3PAR, STK robotic tape libraries), HBAs (3ware, Adaptec, Emulex, HP, JNI, LSILogic, QLogic, Silicon Image, Confidential ) with UNIX (IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, RedHat), Windows NT4-2003, VMware ESX, Network Address Translation (NAT) table.
  • Administer/migrate Block/File storage and filesystems (i.e. EXT, HFS, JFS, NTFs, REISERFS, RAID 0/1/5/6/10, SMB, UFS, ZFS) & LVM (i.e. AIX SMIT, HPUX SAM, Linux LVM, NT4-2003, Veritas VxVM).
  • VMware/Windows/Linux/Solaris P2V/V2V migration and live mirroring (PPRC) between storage nodes.
  • Datacenter Administer Solaris/Linux (file share) & Windows (AD, HA, Exchange 2003 SAN SnapShot).
  • Test & manage datacenter s server hardware, OS driver/software ( MPIO, AIX Cambex/HACMP, Emulex Multi-Pulse, Veritas Dynamic Multi-Path (DMP) HP-UX LVM, HP-UX ServiceGuard, MSCS, QLdirect)
  • Automate datacenter backup network/shell scripts & ATJOB/CRONJOB tasks for holidays & weekends.
  • Coordinate with Hardware/Software Developer (DVT) & Engineering (EVT) Validation Test & Support team
  • Configure/upgrade Storage RAID device (0/1/5/6/10) firmware software for Windows/Linux/VMware HA.
  • Look for bugs, troubleshoot, generate reports & register them to the Incident & Change Management Systems.
  • Provide telephone & onsite datacenter Storage/Server/Virtualization/POC support to global customers.
  • Write technical documents (i.e. FAQ, HOW-TO & Proof of Concept (POC)) for customers and support teams.

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