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Splunk Engineer Resume


  • Splunk developer/Splunk Engineer with 5+ years of experience.
  • Worked with reputed companies across various domains viz. Power, Banking, Finance, Retail and Healthcare.
  • Developed Splunk queries and dashboards targeted at understanding application performance and capacity analysis
  • Knowledge of security threats and vulnerabilities and how to detect and mitigate them, experience in building security monitoring and incident management solutions using Splunk.


Splunk Engineer



  • Designed Splunk Enterprise 6.5 infrastructure to provide high availability by configuring clusters across two different data centers.
  • Installed, Configured, Maintained, Tuned and Supported Splunk Enterprise server 6.x/5.x.
  • Architect and Implement Splunk arrangements in exceptionally accessible, repetitive, conveyed figuring situations.
  • Performed Field Extractions and Transformations using the RegEx in Splunk.
  • Responsible for Installing, configured and administered Splunk Enterprise on Linux and Windows servers.
  • Worked on various components in Splunkenterprise architecture such as Search Heads, Indexers, Deployment server, Deployer, License Master, Heavy/Universal Forwarders etc.
  • Developed Splunk queries and dashboards targeted at understanding application performance and capacity analysis.
  • Supported the upgradation of Splunk Enterprise server and Splunk Universal Forwarder from 6.5 to 6.6.
  • Installation and implementation of the Splunk App for Enterprise Security and documented best practices for the installation and performed knowledge transfer on the process.
  • Worked on installing Universal Forwarders and Heavy Forwarders to bring any kind of data fields into Splunk.
  • Writing Splunk Queries, Expertise in searching, monitoring, analyzing and visualizing Splunk logs.
  • Experience in alert handling, standard availability and performance report generation. Experience in root cause analysis of post - production performance related issues through Splunk tool.
  • Designing, optimizing and executing Splunk-based enterprise solutions.
  • Installed and configured Splunk Universal Forwarders on both UNIX (Linux, Solaris, and AIX) and Windows Servers.
  • Hands on experience in customizing Splunk dashboards, visualizations, configurations using customized Splunk queries.
  • Monitored the Splunk infrastructure for capacity planning, scalability, and optimization.
  • Experienced in using Splunk- DB connect for real-time data integration between Splunk Enterprise and rest all other databases.
  • Expertise in Actuate Reporting, development, deployment, management and performance tuning of Actuate reports.
  • Responsible with Splunk Searching and Reporting modules, Knowledge Objects, Administration, Add-On's, Dashboards, Clustering and Forwarder Management.
  • Monitored license usage, indexing metrics, Index Performance, Forwarder performance, death testing.
  • Splunk Architecture/Engineering and Administration for SOX monitoring and control compliance.
  • Design and implement Splunk Architecture (Indexer, Deployment server, Search heads, and Forwarder management), create/migrate existing Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, on daily/weekly schedule to provide the best productivity and service to the business units and other stakeholders.
  • Involved in standardizing Splunk forwarder deployment, configuration and maintenance across UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Configured Syslog server for the forwarding the logs to Splunk server via network protocols like TCP and UDP.
  • Subject matter expert in best practices, security protocols, PKI, and other security-related issues.
  • Monitored the database (data tables and error tables), WebLogic error log files and application error log files to track and fix bugs.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting various indexing issues by analyzing splunk logs such as splunkd.log, metrics.log ingested as internal index.

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