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Vops Engineer Resume



  • Creative DevOps Engineer with close to 4 years of experience as Linux System Administration and DevOps Engineer. Proven knowledge in System Configuration, DevOps, AWS, Ansible, Bash scripting, Git, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes. Background in Nursing - BSN; Seasoned Problem-solver offering leadership, Goal oriented, decision-making, teamwork, time management skills. Bilingual; French and English.


  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting
  • DevOps pipeline (Git - Jenkins-Ansible-Docker-Kubernetes)
  • Version control systems; Git and Git registry
  • Continuous integration: Jenkins-Jenskinsfile
  • Automation and deployment: Ansible
  • Continuous monitoring: CloudWatch (Aws)
  • Containerization; Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Bash Scripting configuration
  • Bilingual in English and French


DevOps Engineer

Confidential, DE


  • Establish a complete DevOps pipeline (Git - Jenkins-Ansible-Docker-Kubernetes).
  • Building Docker images and pushing them to Docker registry.
  • Creating Ansible Play-books (yaml file) and Ansible roles for application deployments
  • Automating the deployment docker images to docker registry using Jenkins (CI/CD)
  • Deploying codes to tomcat server through maven projects using Git and Jenkins.
  • Building AWS infrastructure in the AWS cloud using VPC, EC2, IAM, Route53, S3, ELB etc.
  • Creating Ansible-playbooks to provision AWS resources like EC2, VPC, S3, subnets using Ansible
  • Writing yaml files for deploying Docker images using Kubernetes
  • Applied best practices at all times and encouraged others to do same, which helped to maintain effective security.
  • Evaluated software development project plans and recommended adjustments.

Linux System Administrator

Confidential, DE


  • Configured and updated Linux servers with latest releases and patches.
  • Installing configuring and hardening of Linux servers using CIS-benchmark guidelines.
  • Importing and exporting files and directories from one server to another
  • Managing Network configurations on Linux servers
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting Apache Webservers
  • Performing installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of LAMP stack server
  • Managing user/group administration, file/directory security, and authentication and access management
  • Configuring and managing Load balancers using HA proxy
  • Writing bash scripts to automate tasks that performed frequently on Linux servers
  • Performing periodic system updates and debugging bash scripts
  • Scheduling cronjobs to update system, clean up logs, reboot servers and run scripts to perform a specific task

Supplemental Math Instructor/tutor



  • Employed teaching and learning strategies that challenged abilities, interests and intellectual curiosity of students.
  • Customized instructional plans to meet needs of different students.
  • Developed and implemented evaluation methods which measured student progress toward outcomes fairly and consistently and in accordance with assessment requirements of division.

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