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Sr. Network Engineer/admin Resume


  • Network Engineer with 14+ Years’ of experience in design, implementation, configuration of Cisco Routers, Switches, F5 Load Balancer, Cisco Wireless, Checkpoint& Palo alto Firewalls. Troubleshooting network related problems in Enterprise& Data Center Networks.
  • Hand - on experience F5 Load balancers on LTM, GTM, BigIQ centralised solutions.
  • Experienced in configuring and Troubleshooting BIG-IP F5 load balancer LTM, Creating Vip’s, Nodes, Pools, Pool members and iRules on BIG-IP F5 LTM.
  • Knowledge on F5 Application Security Manager (ASM).
  • Packet Analysis using Wireshark.
  • Hands on Experience in Data Recovery, and Backup ucs files to backup servers using control-M scripts.
  • Managing Wireless infrastructure of Cisco Wireless Lan controllers and Wireless Access points across the Datacenter and Campus network.
  • Provisioning of Cisco LWAP and configuration of Wireless LAN controller.
  • Experience on Checkpoint & Palo alto firewall.
  • Hands-on experience configuring and troubleshooting of routing protocols as RIP v1/v2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP routers and so on.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring, and maintaining Cisco Catalyst Switches (2900, 3500, 7600, 3700 series, 6500 series, 3650, 9300, 9500), and Nexus 2k, 5k, 7k & 9k.
  • Knowledge of Subnetting IPv4/IPv6 addresses and IP address management.
  • Proven ability to administrate and control the operation.
  • Providing networking, design, installation and maintenance services.
  • Responsible for switching tasks such as VTP, ISL/ 802.1Q, IPsec and GRE Tunneling, VLAN, Ether Channel, STP, RSTP and PVST+.
  • Extensive support for LAN, WAN, WLAN including IP address assigning and Configuration and implementation.
  • Experienced working on network monitoring and analysis tools like, SOLAR WINDS, CISCO works, Spectrum, RIVERBED and Wireshark, Spectrum and Net Brain.
  • Extensive knowledge in different networking protocols DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, WinSCP, Quality of Service (QOS), PAP, CHAP, HTTPS, ICMP, TCP, UDP.
  • Installation and configuration of Line cards and troubleshooting Network.
  • Excellent communicator and ability to relate well with people at all levels.
  • Flexibility of working well as part of a team and independently.


F5 Load Balancers: LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, Enterprise Manager and BigIQ.

Firewalls: Cisco ASA 5520, Zywall USG 100, Firewalls/VPNs ASA, PIX, Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator.

Wireless Technologies: Cisco Wireless Controller 5520, 5080, Cisco Wireless access point 1572,2702 and 3802.

Switches: Cisco L2 & L3 Switches (2900, 2921, 3550, 3560, 3750, 4500, 5000, 5505, 6509, 3650, 9300, 9500), Nexus 2k, 5k, 7k, 9k.

LAN Technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet, VLAN, Inter-VLAN Routing, VTP, STP, RSTP

Routers: Routers (1700, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3200, 3600, 3700, 3800, 7200, ASR 1001x, 4331, 2911)

OS products/Services: DNS, DHCP, Windows (2000/2003, XP), UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, VMware, Hyper-V.

Protocols/Services: Routing Protocols (RIP v1 & v2, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), QoS, HSRP, VRRP, TCP/IP, load balancer, Proxy servers, IPSec, MPLS, PPP, VoIP, SIP, H.323, IPV6

Network Management Tools: Wireshark, Netflow Analyzer, HP OpenView, Cisco Works, Ethereal, OPNET, SolarWinds, Spectrum, Infoblox, Cisco Prime.

Tools, Software’s: VM ware, Virtual Box, Cisco packet tracer, GNS3, Cloud computing concepts, Software Defined Networking, MS Visio.



Sr. Network Engineer/Admin


  • Configuring Installing and Implementing F5Products, LTM-5050,5250,10250,iSeriesi2800, i5800,i7800,i10800, GTM 2200, i5800, VCMP and VM’s
  • Licensing and provisioning of F5 modules such as LTM, GTM, VCMP (Virtual Cluster Multi Processing).
  • Setting up New provisions of VIP’s for DEV, STAGE and PROD environments as per the request submitted by App/Web engineering.
  • Coordinating post-application-migration sessions with Network, Application Support, and firewall Teams to identify issues related to Application migration.
  • Handling various trouble tickets, firewall rule changes, assisting other teams to bring the device to production, making DNS changes in InfloBox and routing changes.
  • F5 BigIP pools, monitors, profiles and VIP's configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Live VIP's cutover from local traffic manager to Global traffic manager.
  • Configured different load balancing methods on F5 LTM & GTM and worked on one-connect profiles and HTTP compression and several persistence profiles.
  • Engineering and configuring Virtual Server, Pools, iRules, Profiles, Persistence, and monitor on F5 LTM.
  • Configurations to F5 GTM wide-ip's.
  • Maintenance and analysis of the F5 network for any possible up-gradation.
  • Extensively worked on code upgrades for LTM, GTM and BigIQ, with current N-1 version across all Data Centres up to date on the environments.
  • Extensive knowledge in configuration via CLI (TMSH and advance shell). iRules scripting using TCL (Tool command language) for HTTP redirection, redirection of HTTP traffic from one data center to another data center, content based redirection.
  • Good knowledge on basic iRules scripting and debugging scripting to perform load balancing decisions
  • Creating custom profiles, health monitors, and configuring SNAT pools, syslog and SNMP.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience regarding F5 BIG-IP LTM VIP configuration with health check.
  • Experience in managing the load balancers in a high-availability infrastructure.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with hosting SSL certificates on F5 platforms.
  • SSL certificate renewal using Venafi tool.
  • Migration of SSL certificate renewal in lower environment using venafi automation.
  • SSL certificate renewal for all the environments DEV, Stage and Prod and F5 Device certificate renewal.
  • Configured SSL offloading, Client, Server and pass through for custom applications per business needs.
  • Extensive Knowledge in configuring on Security findings and Mitigate the weak ciphers as per PEN test reports on SI, DEV and Prod environments.
  • Good knowledge on TLS protocols.
  • Collaborating with Application owners, Network, DNS, and Firewall Teams, to migrate applications from non-PCI to PCI or SNS zone and traffic cutover to new environment.
  • Configure the GTM WIPs.
  • Implemented F5 LTM and GTM changes using CLI (TMSH and advance shell) configurations and Experienced in administration of F5 infrastructure.
  • Design and deployed F5 LTM and GTM load balancer infrastructure per business needs from the ground up approach.
  • Traffic failover based on customer requirements.
  • Hardware refresh project - Onboarding and Certifying new F5 device to replace End of Support, End of Life legacy F5 appliances
  • Working with F5 vendor for critical issues and RMA’s for hardware replacements.
  • Configuring new hardware or replacement of faulty hardware and follow the RMA process.
  • Troubleshoot Infrastructure Network related issues in terms of F5 related issues across the Confidential Data centres.
  • Working with Vendors for touch services to resolve issues.
  • Perform Packet Capture (TCPDUMP) using Packet Analyzer to analyze Network/Systems Issue on F5 related issue with Wireshark tool.
  • Working on Problem records and Problem tasks for critical and repeated issues.
  • Follow the change process for all changes which we made on production on daily basis.
  • Have complete understanding centralized Load balancer on BigIQ and F5 Enterprise load balancer for all kind of monitoring and pull the inventory on environment.
  • Performed backups and restoration of data to NAS server using Batch file through Task Scheduler.

Environment: F5 Load Balancer-LTM-5050,5250,10250, iSeriesi2800, i5800, i7800,i10800, GTM, APM, BigIQ Infoblox, Wireshark, Service Now LTM-5050,5250,10250,iSeriesi2800, i5800,i7800,i10800, GTM 2200, i5800, VCMP and VM’s


Sr. Network Engineer


  • Experience with managing the completed end to end solutions.
  • Working on Layer 2 and Layer 3 Network Designing, implementing protocols such as BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, STP, VLANs and troubleshooting, which involves Cisco routers, Catalyst 3560 CX,6509 E, 3650-24A, 3650-CX, 9300-48A, 9500-40X series and Nexus 7k,9k series switches in multi VLAN environment using inter VLAN routing, HSRP, ISL-Trunk, & Ether-channel.
  • Troubleshoot Infrastructure Network related issues In Target environments for stores, Distribution centers, HQ Locations and Data centers
  • Configuring new hardware or replacement of faulty hardware like Cisco Switches/Routers, Wireless Access Points.
  • Involved setting up the TFTP server for backing up the IOS images and configuration files of Cisco Routers and Switches and troubleshooting the file servers.
  • Experienced Tech Support as it relates to LAN system.
  • Working with Cisco TAC for critical issues and RMA’s for hardware replacements.
  • Switch experience includes Cisco Catalyst switches: CISCO 3750, 4500, 6500 series switches and Cisco Nexus switches 7000 and 7700 series.
  • Troubleshoot and hands on experience on security related issues on Checkpoint, IDS/IPS, Palo Alto firewalls.
  • Support day-to-operations of firewalls (Policies, Route, NAT, VPN Implementation & Troubleshooting).
  • Implement all changes to security infrastructure in accordance with standard procedures and change control policies and procedures
  • Modify the configuration properties to achieve the maximum security for your enterprise - Rule, Remediation activity.
  • Configured DNS IP address assignment for A & PTR records using InfloBox.
  • Used Infoblox for DNS management of network infrastructure.
  • Configured Routers for OSPF, EIGRP, BGP protocols.
  • Hands on experience and Good Understanding of OSPF, BGP, MP-BGP, MPLS-VPN.
  • Network Deployment of constructed, implemented, tested and launched various network nodes featuring BGP, OSPF, MPLS and VLANS using RSTP, gateway redundancy protocols HSRP, GLBP and VRRP.
  • Provided technical support for full setup, debugged the problems of OSPF, switching and HSRP.
  • Switching related tasks included implementing VLANs, VTP and configuring and maintaining multi VLAN environment and inter-VLAN routing on Fast-Ethernet channel.
  • Configured Object Grouping, Protocol Handling and Code up gradation on Checkpoint Firewalls.
  • Configured and monitored Firewall logging, DMZ’s and related security policies.
  • Trouble Shoot Firewall (Checkpoint) Related issues on traffic flow.
  • Troubleshoot traffic passing managed firewalls via logs and packet captures.
  • Configuring rules and maintaining Checkpoint Firewalls & Analysis of Firewall logs.
  • Configuration of IP-Sec VPN tunnels to remote sites using IKEv2.Using tools like cisco works, we can monitor the remote sites connectivity.
  • F5 BigIP pools, monitors, profiles and VIP's configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Live VIP's cutover from local traffic manager to Global traffic manager.
  • Configured different load balancing methods on F5 LTM & GTM and worked on one-connect profiles and HTTP compression and several persistence profiles.
  • Engineering and configuring Virtual Server, Pools, iRules, Profiles, Persistence, and monitor on F5 LTM.
  • Configurations to F5 GTM wide-ip's.
  • Installed and configured f5 Big-Ip LTM and GTM to provide Load Balancing across multiple datacenters.
  • Troubleshoot Load Balancer (F5 LTM, GTM) related issues.
  • To secure configurations of load balancing in F5, SSL connections, Troubleshooting SSL related issues .
  • Managing Wireless infrastructure of Target Corp which consists of 44 pairs of Cisco Wireless Lan controllers and 70000 Wireless Access points across Stores, OSBR, DC and HQ locations.
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Wireless Engineer for Wi-Fi connectivity Support for various locations.
  • Migration from Autonomous Access Points to Light weight Access Points across all Target stores.
  • Monitor, analyze and troubleshoot on Cisco Aps (1572, 2702 and 3802) and wireless controllers (4400, 5508 & 5520) through cisco prime.
  • Successfully completed Code upgrade project of 4400 & 5520 & 5508 wireless controllers across Target environment.
  • Connect with Vendors and receive the latest security vulnerability information and perform code upgrade on devices for security bug fixes, configuration and Technical assistance.
  • Knowledge of 2.5 GHz & 5 GHz radios, CAPWAP, Mobility Anchors, Client Roaming, AP groups, Root, Mesh and Local AP, AP power Level, Channel, SNR, RSSI, 802.1X with EAP TLS, Co-channel & Adjacent interference, HA Pairing, Guest wlan, Power Injectors
  • Knowledge of wireless security features including Access-lists, WPA/WPA2, RADIUS and TACACS
  • Co coordinate with Vendors for raising RMAs.
  • Responsible for service request tickets generated by the helpdesk in all phases such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, patches and fixes with all around technical support.
  • Performing network monitoring, providing analysis using various tools like Riverbed, Spectrum and Syslog.
  • Provide on 24x7 on call support to ensure stable operation.
  • Performed coordination, guidance and help field technicians remotely who are on-site performing the hands-on work (e.g. wiring, racking, equipment. relocation, etc.)
  • Experience on tools such as Cisco Prime Infrastructure to design and support WLANS.
  • Monitoring and Analyzing of firewall,IDS,AV,URL Filtering and Server logs on 24*7 basis
  • Generating periodic Reports From Collected logs
  • Consulting Services to improve the security infrastructure
  • Recommending remedy to minimize security threats and Loop holes
  • Alerting the customer in case of any security breach and recommending a solution or workaround
  • Documentation of Incidents
  • Continuous Log monitoring of Security products
  • Periodic reporting on the security events and trends
  • Incident response services to minimize the damage in case of a threat materializing Establishing proactive and reactive strategies

Environment: Catalyst 3560 CX,6509 E, 3650-24A, 3650-CX, 9300-48A, 9500-40X series and Nexus 7k,9k series switches, F5 Big-IP LTM, GTM, APM, ASM, Checkpoint R75, LAN,HSRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, VLAN, MPLS, STP, RSTP, CISCO WLC, LWAP, Cisco-Prime Infrastructure, Infoblox, Spectrum, Service Now, Microsoft-Visio, Wireshark.


Member Technical Staff


  • Regression Testing of Routing features on Cisco router, ASR and 12K series routers.
  • Manually Upload the Firmware to test beds with contains Cisco Switches, Routers and traffic generators before regression kick start.
  • Different approaches to trace the bugs in IOS image such as manual testing.
  • Well diverse in Fix based testing, feature based testing to improve the bug count of the team.
  • Sending Test Status Report and defect reports on weekly basis.
  • Executing Test Cases manually for failed cases.
  • Adjust the test cases based on the test bed architecture.
  • Maintaining of the test bed which include Routers, Switches and Traffic Generators.
  • Troubleshooting the problem with test bed.
  • Coordinating with Technical team for any new provisioning of the Test beds.
  • Client Interaction for new integration and weekly meetings for test cases reviews.
  • Automated test cases using Earms tool.
  • Debug the scripts in case of any issues reported.
  • Pause the automated test cases using sleep timer in the script.

Environment: Cisco Switches, ASR, Cisco 10k and 12k Platforms, Tcl/Tk, EARMS and ATS .


Network Engineer


  • Managing For all Andhra banks network with Cisco Routers and switches .
  • Maintaining & Configuration of Cisco Routers & Switches
  • Job duties included resolving WAN issues
  • Configuration, Implementation & Troubleshooting of channelized E1, ISDN PRI & ISDN BRI
  • Proficient in trouble shooting leased lines and ISDN using debugging tools
  • Good understanding and hands on various routing protocols - RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF & Static routes
  • Good experience in project management and customer management
  • Excellent communication, presentation, negotiation and inter- personal skills
  • Hands on Layer-1: Copper cabling installing including patch and crossover cables, as well as crimp down RJ 45 connectors.
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation for installations and Implementations.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan for network equipment (Cisco routers and switches) in Core and Distribution locations of WAN.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan for data traffic flow during the scheduled/non-scheduled network breakdown.
  • Responsible for Trend Analysis of Leased Lines for Utilization of links and providing suggestions for up gradation of bandwidth
  • Handling the Network Uptime as per SLA
  • Diagnosing and resolving network faults
  • Installation and Configuration of Routers, switches and asynchronous modems
  • ISDN call setup/tear down/debugging and their configuration
  • Trouble shooting and testing of leased lines/ISDN connectivity
  • ISDN as backup operation - setting up dial back up and testing the back up
  • Responsible for Trend Analysis of Leased Lines for Utilization of links and providing.
  • Knowledge on RAD, MMLN, ASCOM modems

Environment: OSPF, EIGRP, Cisco Routers 1800, 2600, 3500 and 3600, RAD, MMLN, ASCOM.

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