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Release/change/deployment Management Resume



  • To be associated in a role of application, source code control, build, deployment, release management within Unix/Linux systems within a progressive organization that gives me scope to demonstrate and update knowledge, skills in accordance with the latest technologies.
  • Expertise in managing and administering Source code control management systems, unix/linux systems including backup and restoration process, establishing and managing SCM standards and processes and in areas of build/deploy/release management


Operating Systems: Solaris 8/9/10, AIX 5, RHEL 5/6, Win NT/XP

App/web Servers: Tomcat, Weblogic, http (ibm/apache), Sun Webserver

Scripting and Misc: Shell (ksh, bourne, csh), batch, cron, XML, Java - Script, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C, C++, Patches and Package Implementation, OS-Upgrades, apache-ant, Jenkins-CI, apache-maven


Confidential, Chicago

Release/Change/Deployment Management


  • Working in the capacity of a release/change/deployment resource for Confidential treasury security services for Investment banking involving in activities viz installation,
  • Configuration and Maintenance of complex java application systems on Unix/Linux environments ; monitor and resolve issues with system processes, installing patches and packages, troubleshooting network connectivity issues; Configuration, Installation and maintenance of application build systems and application server environments
  • Develop, automate system/application tasks with scripts both on OS and application levels

Environment: RHEL5/6, Solaris 10, Apache-Tomcat/http, Apache Subversion, Jenkins, Rundeck/ CFEngine, PEGA PRPC, Weblogic, Oracle

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Configuration/Build/Deployment Management


  • Migration of clearcase repositories to subversion (including labels/branches)
  • Configured Jenkins to automate build process
  • Presentations to user community of subversion usage
  • Building application and deployment on all environments
  • Managing build release areas
  • Managing Packages/patches
  • Merging of subversion branches, and tagging releases

Environment: RHEL5, Win2000/2003/XP, BMC-Bladelogic, Apache-Tomcat/http, Clearcase, Apache Subversion, Jenkins, Tortoise-svn

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Application/Change/Release Management


  • Manage, administer CitiDirect ( Confidential ’s global transaction product) test environments under application and infra related change category
  • Negotiate with business for handling BAU tasks in all test environments (viz hardware maint, disk mirroring, OS upgrades, tech refresh, third party app install/upgrades (viz oracle, java ...)
  • Execute/deploy/verify application component related changes (both incremental and full) and execute/verify complete rollback of application prior to live implementation
  • Execute/co-ordinate middle tier related changes, user management
  • Assess impact of upgrades (viz NAS, frame, db) with senior management and respective implementers
  • Co-ordinate with various external global teams during and post production implementation

Environment: Solaris 10, Win2000/2003/XP, Websphere, Sun webserver

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Clearcase/Change/Release Analyst


  • Administration, installation, configuration, system maintenance, troubleshooting, tuning and upgrading source code management systems and administer backups for UNIX and NT servers.
  • Deploying application related packages and patches
  • Setting up users and access to the environments
  • Track code fixes, config updates in application servers
  • Work in close proximity with production support for application installs and configuration changes

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Clearcase Administration and Configuration


  • Managed the configuration requirements using clearcase, setting up of development and build environments.
  • Administered Confidential Commercial Cards application repositories
  • Building application related modules
  • Upgraded clearcase to version 6.16
  • Migrated repositories across domains
  • Enabled remote access
  • Automated back-up strategy
  • Setting up clearcase clients, user training and generic clearcase ops viz branch strategy, code merging, labelling code are part of frequent tasks.
  • Creating/managing change control for code migration
  • Maintaining clearcase repositories
  • User-support
  • Generic clearcase ops (labeling, merging, branching, view/vob periodic maintenance), patch updates to clearcase, installations on unix and windows, importing code from other source management systems etc.
  • Setting up environment (includes software patches, updates, and installations) on unix, build, release and deploy across envs’.

Environment: Solaris 8, 9 Sun v-440/890, XP

Confidential, Dallas TX

Clearcase Administrator/Configuration Management


  • Worked as Clearcase Administrator for voice based applications and its subsidiaries with a strength of 70+ developers on and off-shore for Confidential retail market solutions.
  • Administrative duties:
  • VOB server maintenance: Backups, health check
  • Creating VOBS and views and their configuration, creation of branches, applying labels
  • Assisting users with code merges, setting up UNIX clients, managing clients
  • Setting up user and group accounts, creation of triggers to enforce rules
  • Patch application to Clearcase
  • Administering view, registry and admin servers.

Environment: Solaris 8, Sun 480R, ultra-4, ultra-80

Confidential, Dallas TX

ClearCase Administration and Build Coordination


  • Source code control, management of product build/releases and software administration.
  • Involved with SCM process including Branching, Merging, Labeling, Packaging, Baselines and Releases.
  • Build and deployment of java, .NET, VB and C++ applications.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of processes and associated scripts/tools for automated build, testing and deployment of the products to various developments.
  • Documenting build and deployment processes.
  • Creating Branches, labeling, merging.
  • VOB and View maintenance.
  • Managing ClearCase client and server hosts and user and group accounts.
  • Creating ClearCase VOBs, and managing their storage requirements.
  • Administering the ClearCase registry.

Environment: Solaris 8, Win2K/XP, Clearcase 2003.6

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