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Sr. Sccm Engineer Resume

Irving, TX


  • 8 Years of IT experience in Windows Installations, Application Packaging, UAT Testing and OS deployments for Windows Workstations and Servers.
  • Extensively worked on MSI Application Packaging using Install Shield, Admin Studio … (Flexera products) and WISE Package Studio … .
  • Experience in creating, testing, deploying and troubleshooting Windows Installer (.MSI) package installations.
  • Experience in creating Transforms (MST), Patches (MSP) and Merge Modules (MSM) etc for use with MSI's.
  • Worked proficiently on VB Scripts, Wise Scripts, PowerShell and Batch Script for customizing applications.
  • Strong knowledge on Windows Registry, File System Services, ODBC Connections and COM objects, Devices, Security, Active directory services and other facets of Windows OS
  • Good experience on App - V 5.1/5.0/4.5 sequencing for virtualization applications.
  • Experience in virtualizing applications using VMware Thin app … .
  • Extensively worked in Citrix XenApp environment and Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Handful experience in creating the global software deployments/patch updates using SCCM.
  • Resolved application compatibility issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 by creating SHIMS using Microsoft's Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT).
  • Experience in building Microsoft Office Applications using Office Customization Toolkit (OCT) and adobe applications using Adobe Customization Wizard.
  • Experience in using Windows Installer SDK development tools like Orca to work with MSI's and debugging for package review/cleanup.
  • Strong experience in package validation, conflict resolution using Conflict Manager to detect and resolve the software conflicts between the packages.
  • Design and implementation of the upgrade of SCCM 20012 R2 SP1 to SCCM 1606.
  • Provided support for SCCM Client, Hardware and Software Inventory Issues.
  • Configured Discovery methods, Boundaries, Software update point (SUP), Distribution points (DP's).
  • Created the Software updates group and deployed to Workstations and Servers.
  • Configured Security Patch Deployment Packages using SCCM 1606/2012 and WSUS.
  • Expertise in generating reports using SCCM 1606/2012, as well as SQL Reporting Services.
  • Experience in Windows \ Linux andMac systems users.
  • Experience in deploying the Office 365 proplus to Mac (ISO) systems by using SCCM 2012.
  • Strong experience in package migration from windows 7 to windows 10 using SCCM 1606, SCCM 2012.
  • Experience in creating and deploying windows 10 Golden Image (.WIM) using VMware, MDT.
  • Experience in Extension of SCCM 2012 to the Intune.
  • Administration and maintenance of Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003 environments.
  • Basic knowledge in Networking Protocols like TCP/IP, FTP, and SMTP.
  • Experience in create and regulate LAN/WAN andserveralerts to monitor system health.
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral/written communication skills, willing to learn, accept the challenging environment and confidence in delivering the results.


Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows server 2012, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2003, Windows XP, Mac.

Packaging Tools: InstallShield, Admin Studio (Flexera products), APP-V, VMware, VMware ThinApp, LANDesk, Citrix xen app, SCCM, SCOM, WSUS, SMS, Orca, Novel Zen Works, Geny VDI.

Technologies: Windows Installer (MSI), Active Directory, and Group Policy (GPO).

Imaging Tools: MDT, Ghost, VMware, PXE.

Languages: C, XML, SQL, T-SQL and VB Script, wise script, PowerShell, Batch Script..

Databases: Oracle, MS Access, SQL.

Debugging Tools: Filemon, Regmon, Install watchpro, ACDC, Process Monitor, ACT 5.6.


Sr. SCCM Engineer

Confidential, Irving, TX


  • Design, Implementation and Administration of the SCCM 1606 infrastructure upgrade.
  • Installed prerequisites such as ADK 1606 and SQL server 2014 SP1 for SCCM 1606 upgrade.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Site Servers, Management points and distribution points.
  • Expertise in creating client status reports in Configuration Manager and troubleshooted the client health issues.
  • Assisted in planning for an Operating System upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Responsible for creating windows 10 Golden Image (.WIM) according to client policies and customizations.
  • Expertise in creating Windows 10 Golden Image (.WIM) using MDT.
  • Worked on deploying the Windows 10 Gold Image (.WIM) using SCCM Task Sequence and added LOB applications, drivers, language packs and applications to Task Sequence.
  • Created SCCM Queries for existing applications and uninstall package for lower version applications.
  • Virtualized applications using App -V and published them to UAT and Production environment.
  • Created and deployed IE11 upgrade package to end user machines and setup Group Policy settings in servers.
  • Created Process for enabling all users with an Office Pro license.
  • Deployed Office 365 to end users through SCCM 1606.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting Office 365 pro plus deployment issues.
  • Deployed Applications and Software’s in silent mode to workstations and servers.
  • Automated repetitive tasks in SCCM such as distributing and deploying the package to associated DP's and device collections using PowerShell.
  • Experience in automating applications using PowerShell, Batch Script and VBScript.
  • Troubleshooted the deployment and distribution issues occurred in the process.
  • Expertise in monitoring application and OS deployments.
  • Worked on weekly vulnerable reports that are generated by Qualys Vulnerable management tool and resolve them.
  • Developed a process to patch and support clients using Software Updates Management in SCCM and WSUS.
  • Deployed Microsoft updates, security updates and Service packs to workstations and servers through SCCM 1606.
  • Experience in integrating WSUS to SCCM.
  • Worked on third party application patching and integrated SCUP to SCCM.
  • Experience in managing Alerts from SCOM forSCCM servers.
  • Experience in Installing, Configuring, Maintaining of Windows Servers 2003, 2008 and 2012.
  • Managed and administered security functionality, practices and procedures of McAfee Security Suite.
  • Created a uninstall package of McAfee agent and deployed through SCCM.
  • Experience in integrating Bitlocker with OS and setup the group policy settings.
  • Created custom SQL reports for monitoring site servers and Asset Management information.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a very good team player with the ability to work independently.

Environment: SCCM 1606, SCCM 2012 R2 SP1, SCOM, MDT 2012, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Bitlocker, McAfee, App - V 5.1, PowerShell, Batch Script, SCUP, WSUS, Internet Explorer 11, Office 365, Windows Installer, Active Directory, Group Policy, Application Compatibility tool kit.

SCCM Engineer



  • Responsible for Evaluating/Validating and resolving the requests.
  • Participated in gathering requirements for packaging from Business Users and Application owners and communicate accordingly once formally approved.
  • Tested the applications to ensure the applications are compatible with multiple operating systems.
  • Using Install shield & Admin Studio 2015 (Flexera products) packaged the applications and several software’s in MSI format.
  • Created transforms (.MST) using Admin Studio 2015 to the original vendor Windows Installer setup package (.MSI).
  • Experience in migrating applications from Windows 7 to Windows 10 compatible version.
  • Created Golden Images (.WIM) of Win 10 OS using MDT and VMware Tool.
  • Extensive worked on Registry, Security Permissions, and folder structures.
  • Worked on PowerShell and VBScripts for the package building and automation.
  • Used PowerShell scripting for packaging silent application installations.
  • Tested the applications before rolling out to UAT.
  • Worked with the end users to troubleshoot problems with the packaged applications.
  • Deployed applications to the end user machines through SCCM 2012.
  • Experience in package and deployed the office 365 proplus to Mac and Desktop systems by using SCCM 2012.
  • Ensured all Office 365 products installed on client IT systems has end-to-end optimal performance, capacity and availability.
  • Worked on Microsoft App-v server and client deployment.
  • Designed and implemented WSUS patch management and Windows updates, OS Deployment through SCCM 2012 Server.
  • Experience in patch requirements and develop action plans for execution of patching updates that will remediate vulnerabilities as expected.
  • Experience in creating and deploying distribution points (DP’s) and management points (MP’s) using SCCM.
  • Experience in Trouble shooting MP, DP and WMI related issues.
  • Expertise in creating various custom reports for OS deployment and Software deployment.
  • Installation of all the Server Roles of SCOM 2012 in Single Server and Single management group.
  • Responsible for production support of Active directory (AD),GPO, Domain users, Users and groups and given appropriate permissions, shares and privilege to access LAN and Domain environment.

Environment: InstallShield 2015, Admin Studio Express 2015 (Flexera products), Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows server 2003/2008/2012 , App V 5.1, VMware work station 9.0, SCCM 2012, WSUS, Office Customization Wizard, PowerShell, VBScript, Windows Installer, Intune, MDT 2012, App - V 5.1, Orca, ACDC, Active Directory, Group Policy, Office 365, Application Compatibility tool kit.

SCCM Engineer

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ


  • Worked with wise package studio 8.0, install shield and Admin Studio (Flexera products) for packaging and re-packaging legacy setup into MSI, merge modules (MSM), patches (MSP).
  • Review package request and worked closely with the business owner to check on compatibility and other issues.
  • Responsible for creating install and uninstall package for Windows 7 Applications.
  • Testing windows installer packages in different windows systems by using VMware and also on separate test machine.
  • Responsible for Customizing the Applications based on users request.
  • Used VBScript, PowerShell for Custom actions and created components and associated with feature as required.
  • Created, modified and customized windows installer (.MSI) packages using Process Monitor.
  • Used GenY VDI'S for virtual packages.
  • Built Upgrades and Patches (MSP) according to the package requirement.
  • Experience in creating the permissions to Folders and Registries.
  • Responsible for creating Wise scripts to automate the install of several vendors provided Exe's.
  • Expertise in deploy applications using Citrix Xen App Desktop.
  • Worked with Symantec packaging console to stream and assign the packages to the tester profiles.
  • Experience with orca to customize the Windows installer packages.
  • Involved in meetings, documenting the standards and procedures employed for packaging and testing the packages.
  • Used automated compliance testing tool to resolve ICE errors.
  • Experience on creating Golden Images (.WIM) of Win 7 OS using MDT and SCCM.
  • Deployed Win 7 Golden Images (.WIM) to End user machines through SCCM 2007.
  • Experience in package and deployment the applications in Mac and Desktop systems by using SCCM 2007.
  • Deployed McAfee EPO server for antivirus protection and end point protection through SCCM.
  • PushedSCCM2007 client to all end clients and debugged the failed PC's.
  • Packaged applications are managed by Group Policy and Deployed by SCCM Tool.
  • Deployed windows installer packages and virtual packages to workstations and servers through SCCM 2007.
  • Worked on creating various custom packages, Task sequences for Operating System Deployment (OSD).
  • Troubleshooting the packages that fail during Deployment thoughSCCM 2007.
  • Developed process to patching and support clients using Software Updates Management inSCCM.

Environment: InstallShield 2011, Admin Studio 10.0 (Flexera products), Orca, Windows 7, Windows 2003/2008, SCCM 2007, MDT, VMware work station 7, Citrix Xen App Desktop, Windows Installer, Process Monitor, Filemon, Regmon, VB Script, PowerShell, McAfee, Auto IT, GENY VDI's.

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