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Sr. Networking Engineer Resume

Dover, NH


  • Network Engineer around 7 years of experience in the industry, which includes expertise in the areas of Routing and Switching.
  • Hands on experience of data center environment and implementation of VPC, VDC and Fabric path on Nexus 9K, 7K, 6K, & 2K Switches.
  • Hands on Experience of almost 3 years with Cisco ASA 5500 series Firewalls.
  • Implementation of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP for Default Gateway Redundancy.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with team members and support personnel and also can act as a mentor to less experienced personnel.
  • Experience in working with Cisco Nexus 9k, 7k, 5k, 2k Switches and Virtual Port Channel configuration
  • Experience in configuring IPSec VPN Tunnels, GRE Tunnels and DMVPN Tunnels.
  • Experience in configuring MPLS VPN in the core.
  • Implemented traffic filters on Cisco routes using Standard and Extended Access list.
  • Experience in implementation of F5 GTM based on topology load balancing methods
  • Worked on F5 LTM, GTM series like 6400 & 6800 remotely under the enterprise network.
  • Worked on F5 LTM/GTM, Big - IP, load balancing, iRules, and WAN acceleration.
  • Hands on experience creating iRules with Tickle Script and applying it on virtual servers to inspect and redirect service ports.
  • Hands on experience with deployment of QKview files in iHealth and monitoring.
  • Worked on troubleshooting issues on F5 LTM related to network, objects and servers.
  • Experience in rectifying issues related to F5 LTMs using F5 support services
  • Expert level knowledge of troubleshooting, implementing, optimizing and testing of static and dynamic routing protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, BGP ability to interpret and resolve complex route table problems.
  • Expert Level Knowledge about TCP/IP and OSI models.
  • Ability to interpret and resolve complex route table problems.
  • Experience in configuring router redistribution between routing protocols and troubleshooting them.
  • Implementation of HSRP, VRRP and GLBP for Default Gateway Redundancy.
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on IP Addressing, Sub-netting, VLSM and ARP, RARP and Ping Concepts.
  • Review the client's Palo Alto configuration and map it to Cisco FirePOWER 9300 features.
  • Knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting complex layer 2 technologies such as VLAN Trunks, VTP Ether channel, STP, RSTP and MST.
  • Experience in configuring HSRP and redistribution between routing protocols.
  • Working Knowledge of WAPs, WLCs.
  • Advanced knowledge on Internetworking, OSI model, TCP/IP, network architecture, system security and firewall infrastructure.
  • In-depth expertise in the analysis, implementation, troubleshooting & documentation of LAN/WAN architecture and good experience on IP services.
  • Reporting the work done in Word/Excel format to superiors.
  • Hands on experience installing and configuring Cisco ISE 1.3 and later upgrading to 1.4.
  • Worked on PKI infrastructure and created timed CA certificates
  • Experience setting up 802.1x wired and wireless networks in NAM (Network Access Manager)


Routers: Cisco 1700, 1800, 2600, 2800, 3700, 3800, 3900, 7200, 7600 series, ASR9k

Switches: Cisco 3550, 3750, 4500, 6500 series & nexus 7k, 5k, 2k, 1000v, 1010

Load Balancer: Cisco CSS, F5 Networks (Big-IP)

WAN Optimization: Cisco WAAS, PPP Multilink, Riverbed

Routing: OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, RIP-2, PBR, Route Filtering, Redistribution, Summarization, Static Routing

Switching: VLAN, VTP, STP, PVST+, RPVST+, Inter VLAN routing & Multi-Layer Switching, Multicast Operations, Layer 3 Switches, Ether channels, Transparent Bridging

LAN: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, CDDI, Token Ring, ATM LAN, Emulation

WAN: Leased lines 64k - 155Mb (PPP / HDLC), Channelized links (E1/T1/E3/T3), Fiber Optic Circuits, Frame Relay, ISDN, MPLS, Riverbed, DMVPN

Voice Cisco: call manager 8.x, 7.x

Wireless: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller (WLC) and 1100, 1200 series Access Points

Firewalls: Cisco PIX, ASA, Juniper Net screen, Palo Alto, SRX, Checkpoint

Features & Services: IOS and Features, HSRP, GLBP, IRDP, NAT, SNMP, SYSLOG, NTP, DHCP, CDP, DNS, TFTP and FTP Management

Ticketing tool & Data Center Tool: BMC Remedy 8 & Nlyte

Security: Cisco ASA, Check point, Juniper SRX, Palo Alto

Operating System: DOS, Windows (95, 98, NT/2000, XP, Vista/7/8/10), Cisco IOS, Pan-OS


Confidential, Dover, NH

Sr. Networking Engineer


  • Hands on experience of Nexus 9K, 7k, 6K, 5k and 2K FEXs and Cisco switch 3560.
  • Configured datacenter technologies like VPC, VDC on Nexus 7010 Core Switches.
  • Configured Layer 2 & Layer 3 interfaces and port channels on Nexus 9508
  • Worked on F5 LTM/GTM, Big-IP, load balancing, iRules, and WAN acceleration.
  • Experience in Cisco switches and routers: IP addressing, WAN configurations.
  • LAN cabling in compliance with CAT6 standards; Installing new hardware and swap out hardware physically.
  • Managed VPN, IPSec, Endpoint-Security, status policy, Application control, IPS, Monitoring, Anti-Spam, Smart Provisioning, DLP using Checkpoint Firewalls
  • Maintenance and configuration of Cisco ASR1000 series and 7200VXR routers at data center and deployment of 3900, 3800, 2951 and 2821 for branch connectivity.
  • Supporting EIGRP and BGP based on the network by resolving level 2 & 3 problems of internal teams & external customers of all locations
  • Performing troubleshooting on slow network connectivity issues, routing issues that involves OSPF, BGP and identifying the root cause of the issues.
  • Design and Implement DMZ for FTP, Web and Mail Servers with CISCO PIX 506, PIX515
  • Building the VPN tunnel and VPN encryption.
  • Involved in Configuration of Access lists (ACL) on ASA firewall for the proper network routing for the B2B network connectivity.
  • To secure configurations of load balancing in F5, SSL/VPN connections, Troubleshooting CISCO ASA firewalls, and related network security measures.
  • Worked with F5 Load balancing, IDS/IPS, Bluecoat proxy servers and Administrating.
  • Provided proactive threat defence with ASA that stops attacks before they spread through the network.
  • Upgrading code on Palo alto firewalls PA5050/3020 to meet company security policy.
  • Support Panorama Centralized Management for Palo alto firewall PA-500, PA-200 and PA3060, to central manage the console, configure, maintain, monitor, and update firewall core, as well as back up configuration.
  • Operate Riverbed Steelhead WAN Accelerators, troubleshooting peering issues and verifying traffic optimization.
  • Knowledge of F5 Best Practices, used iHealth, SSL offloading, Route Domains, GTM Sync Group.
  • Configuring and implementing F5 BIG-IP, LTM, GTM load balancers to maintain global and local traffic
  • Monitoring Network infrastructure using SNMP tools HP NNM, Solar-winds and Opnet.
  • Experience in troubleshooting VLAN, STP (Spanning tree protocol), & Switch Trunk and IP subnet issues.
  • Involved in complete LAN, WAN, Extranet redesign (including IP address planning, designing, installation, pre-configuration of network equipment, testing, and maintenance) in both Campus and Branch networks.
  • Experience working with Nexus 7010, 5020, 2148, 2248 devices.
  • Configure the FirePOWER chassis in clustered and then after HA mode to meet the clients ever changing design requirements
  • Experience with using F5 Load balancer in providing worldwide data and file sharing, continuous internet connectivity, optimized web performance.
  • Configuring and implementing F5 BIG-IP Load balancer.
  • Experience with configuring Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender (FEX) which acts as a remote line card (module) for the Nexus 5000.
  • Installed, configured and set security policies on cisco and checkpoint firewalls, VPN
  • Design and configuring of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers and SRX Firewalls.
  • Hands on experience installing and configuring Cisco ISE 1.4.
  • Experience setting up 802.1x wired and wireless networks in NAM profile editor and Any connect vpn's
  • Worked extensively in configuring, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Check Point R77.XX security appliance, Failover DMZ zoning & configuring VLANs / Routing / NATing with the firewalls as per the design.
  • Provided technical support for full setup, debugged the problems of OSPF, switching and HSRP.
  • Experience with configuring Virtual Server and Configuring Load balancing methods in F5 12.0 LTM.
  • Experience handling tickets with less or no supervision in troubleshooting checkpoint 77.30.

Confidential, Arlington, OR

Networking Engineer


  • Configured RIP, PPP, BGP and OSPF routing.
  • Identify, design and implement flexible, responsive, and secure technology services
  • Created standard access lists to allow SNMP, NTP and logging servers.
  • Documented new VPN enrolments in a database and create standard procedures for further improvement.
  • Troubleshoot traffic passing managed firewalls via logs and packet captures
  • Managed fast Layer 3 switched/routed LAN/WAN infrastructure as a part of Network team. The LAN consisted of Cisco campus model of Cisco 3550 at access layer, Cisco 6513 at distribution/core layer.
  • Configure VRRP & GLBP and VLAN Trunking 802.1Q & ISL, STP, Port Security on Catalyst 6500 switches.
  • Experience working with Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, NXOS for configuration & troubleshooting of routing protocols: MP-BGP, OSPF, LDP, EIGRP, RIP, BGP v4, MPLS.
  • Negotiate VPN tunnels using IPSec encryption standards and also configured and implemented site-to-site VPN, Remote VPN.
  • Worked on Palo Alto firewalls, TCP/IP, UDP Multicast, OSPF, and various network mediums.
  • Deployment, configuration, and management of 802.1x solutions to include Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), ACS, and Cisco Prime.
  • Work with Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP for internal zones of the network.
  • Cisco ASA/Checkpoint Firewall troubleshooting and policy change requests for new IP segments that either come on line or that may have been altered during various planned network changes on the network.
  • Experience deploying BIG-IP F5LTM Load Balancers for load balancing and traffic management of business application.
  • Configuring F5 LTM 8950, 6900, VIPRION 2400 models.
  • Modified internal infrastructure by adding switches to support server farms and added servers to existing DMZ environments to support new and existing application platforms.
  • Responsible for Checkpoint and Cisco ASA firewall administration across global networks.
  • Generating RCA (Root Cause Analysis) for critical issues of layer1/layer2/layer3 problems.
  • Co-ordinated with the Data Network and Security team and came up with possible solutions.
  • Work on Physical site Inventory verification, gather information of various Cisco Network devices and Security Devices to develop Run book and Spec Book.
  • Configuration of F5's Big IP for Application Load Balancing.
  • Configuration and Integration of Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) 1.2.
  • Cisco ASA/Checkpoint Firewall troubleshooting and policy change requests for new IP segments that either come on line or that may have been altered during various planned network changes on the network.
  • BIG-IP products and VIPRION Chassis. Network planning of the racks and the devices along with assigning
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco catalyst 6509, 7613 with supervisor cards.
  • Controlling the URL access by using the Bluecoat proxy servers and also McAfee web gateway.
  • Experience with implementing and maintaining network monitoring systems (Cisco works and HP Open view) and experience with developing complex network design documentation and presentations using VISIO
  • Estimated Project costs and created documentation for project funding approvals.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting network issues between client site and 85 remote sites with legacy switches and routers
  • Performed and presented network analysis as a part of network migration. Involved in knowledge transfer to vendors and provided them network support as required
  • Worked as a single point of contact for the whole migration
  • Configuration and maintenance of EIGRP and BGP network on router 7200 and 6500 MLS.
  • Configuration and maintenance of 3750 stack and 6500 VSS for improved efficiency of the data plane.
  • Configuration and management of NEXUS network in the existing network infrastructure.
  • Created LAB setup with 7k and 5K NEXUS switches for application testing.

Confidential - Monroe, LA

Networking Engineer


  • Responsible for service request tickets generated by the helpdesk in all phases such as troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades, patches and fixes with all around technical support
  • Supporting EIGRP and BGP based PwC network by resolving level 2 &3 problems of internal teams & external customers of all locations.
  • Upgrade Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewall (PIX) IOS using TFTP
  • Performed basic security and ACL administration on Juniper SRX firewalls. That includes day to day rule deployment, troubleshooting using data flow analysis and packet capture.
  • Updated the HP open view map to reflect and changes made to any existing node/object.
  • Handled SRST and implemented and configured the Gateways, Voice Gateways.
  • Configuring HSRP between the 3845 router pairs for Gateway redundancy for the client desktops.
  • Configuring STP for switching loop prevention and VLANs for data and voice along with Configuring port security for users connecting to the switches.
  • Ensure Network, system and data availability and integrity through preventive maintenance and upgrade.
  • Working experience on Juniper J series j230, M 320 routers and EX 3200 series switch.
  • Involved in L2/L3 Switching Technology Administration including creating and managing VLANs, Port security, Trunking, STP, Inter-VLan routing, LAN security.
  • Worked on the security levels with RADIUS, TACACS+.
  • Completed service requests (i.e. - IP readdressing, bandwidth upgrades, IOS/platform upgrades, etc.)
  • Identify, design and implement flexible, responsive, and secure technology services
  • Modified internal infrastructure by adding switches to support server farms and added servers to existing DMZ environments to support new and existing application platforms.
  • Configured switches with port security and 802.1x for enhancing customers security.
  • Monitored network for optimum traffic distribution and load balancing using Solar winds.
  • Validate existing infrastructure and recommend new network designs.
  • Handled Tech Support as it relates to LAN & WAN systems.


Java Developer


  • Provides day to day support for firewall engineering and operations tasks and level 1 & 2 on-call technical support for the Firewall Engineering and Operations team; including assisting peers with issues and escalation
  • Installation Configuration and Troubleshooting of Cisco ASA and Checkpoint Firewalls in the network.
  • Firewall Policy Implementation on Checkpoint R62 and R65 using Provider 1.
  • Migrated Nokia IP 300 to Checkpoint NGX R65 SPLAT
  • Site to site VPN implementation on Checkpoint Firewall R62 with 3DES encryption over IPsec.
  • Installing, Monitoring and Maintaining Local Area Network.
  • Implemented Windows NT domain, domain name services E-mail, Web, and FTP services.
  • Installed and configured network printer installation (HP) 3500 series.
  • Installing and configuring the peripherals, components and drivers.
  • Resolving tickets on network and service provisioning.
  • Configuring RIP, OSPF and Static routing on Juniper Routers.
  • Hands on experience with Juniper EX-Series Ethernet Switches.
  • Network cabling, dressing, labelling and troubleshooting network drops onsite.
  • Working on Network support and implementation related internal projects.
  • Provided technical support on hardware and software related issues to remote production sites.
  • Configured EIGRP for Lab Environment.
  • Created VLAN and Inter-VLAN routing with Multilayer Switching.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Installation and Configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches 6500, 3750 & 3550 series and configured routing protocol OSPF, EIGRP, BGP with Access Control lists as per Network design and IT Policies.
  • Experience with setting up MPLS Layer 3 VPN cloud in data center and also working with BGP WAN towards customer.

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